[Beginner] BI-WINNING Mafia - Game Over! SCFiI and Hydrattler Win!


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It's the future, and everything is weird. Several years prior, the MUDS REBELS engaged in a brutal ploy to rip control from the ruling power, SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. The SANDS had a monopoly on virtually everything, though they were prosperous and the world was well off under their control. Needless to say, such complete domination of the global markets did not sit well with some; others were just uneducated hicks looking for a fight.

The latter are why we are here today.

The MUDS REBELS won the fight, taking over the world. But because they are uneducated hicks, their ruling system was terribly flawed, and things went poorly for everyone. The remaining SANDS officials retreated into hiding, plotting their revenge. Our brown, wet-dirt-coated friends rebranded themselves as the MUDS INSTITUTE, seeking a nicer, more civilized name to be called, now that their rebellion days are victoriously behind them.

But this downtime while the MUDS ruined everything left other factions with the chance to rise. The MUDS were so preoccupied with building up their library they paid little notice to the random outposts scattered in remote regions, mostly wartorn countries whose populations had left the scarred lands behind.

Off in the Alps at a nonspecific location, a group known as the SNOWS POLAR GLOBAL, a freak assortment of cold-weather fetishists, mad scientists and global warming prophets gathered, growing in number. The SNOWS had yet to grace the world with their presence, so perhaps, by creating a new Ice Age, they could do what the SANDS failed to hold onto and the MUDS failed to accomplish at all.

Hidden away in Hollywood, amid the collapsed buildings and broken lights, cast astray beside the shattered lives and fractured dreams, yet another group lurked. The STRIKING TERROR AGAINST REBELS & SANDS planned their rise to power. As former celebrities, notable personalities, and utterly talentless hacks, their entire existences were banished from memory when Hollywood, and most of California, was bombed into oblivion. But some STARS survived, and now they want revenge. They want to be famous again, to be loved, to be adored, to have attention. And they're coming for you.

Eventually, tensions broke, and an all-out war began. The SANDS and MUDS swiftly met with destruction, as the SNOWS and STARS realized they could reflect bright lights against ice quite nicely and decided to work together. The two stronger factions destroyed the former titans and began work on their new world order.

That was 2026 when the war ended.

This is 2030.

The STARS have all but vanished - nobody is really quite sure what happened to them, but the bodies never exactly turned up. The SNOWS did nothing to help their 'allies' as something came for them, one by one, and now they are a nonentity in the global fight.

In a world ruled by SNOWS, it's a horrible place. They spend all day making snowmen and ice castles, letting all their subjects freeze to death. Public discontent is high, but not quite as high as with the MUDS and their communist regime, beating out China for government-controlled everything.

And then, suddenly, a flare.

The Sun launches a blazing solar flare off its surface, as scientists had predicted would happen. The flare travels towards the Earth, fizzling out in space, but still hits with enough power to melt all the snow.

Earth's highest peaks remain above water, but the rest of the land is submerged. There are enough mountains to house the survivors of the previous wars, but it's not a pretty sight.

The MUDS REBELS are back to take the world over again, as there's now so much water and dirt they can literally swamp the entire planet. They want their crown back and they will take it by force from a starving orphan, if need be.

This doesn't sit well with the SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC., who have no means of getting to the SANDS at the bottom of the global sea now. They will drain the world of the excess water and go back to acquiring SANDS, a noble goal that had previously brought about monopolization, and, more importantly, prosperity and peace to almost all.

The three titans gather on their respective mountains, formulating their plans and preparing their best warriors, but deep beneath the sea, another entity lurks...

The massive solar flare has not only melted the SNOWS' forced ice, but previous layers, some dating back millions of years. This has released old rulers of the Earth back into the waters, and are they ever ready to get back to it. The Sea Creatures Frozen in Ice take their first swims in millenia, the products of different radioactivity levels in the air, they are huge, and they are mad.

SCFiI are back, and they will not be stopped. Though they are first-time entrants into the modern war for global domination, they bring old methods and strengths that are only seen in fables and legends these days. Will they succeed?

Not if another team has anything to say about it. In the basements across America, ugly, fat nerds were safe from the cold by their sub-ground insulation. But when the solar flare came, it disrupted all internet signals... for more than 5 seconds. Certain people got angry, people who need to... GTFO the Forums. These acne-coated, upset drones swarmed out of their houses and stole their parents' cars, driving up to one of the few mountains in North America to be above sea level. There they gathered, uniting their nerd intellects to get back to their sedentary lives of mediocrity.

The GTFO will destroy anyone who prevents them from postcount +1ing and beating someone else on WoW.

Everyone else, look out.

There are, of course, some strays who did not feel particularly welcome with anyone, or simply decided to go it alone. Watch out for these loners, who knows what powers they could be packing, just waiting for the right moment to strike and take the crown, all for themself.

Mount Everest, 2031
A bomb drops. As the ashy smoke clears, there emerges five distinct clumps, all armed to the teeth and prepared to fight.

The explosion has left two people dead, however. They were not lucky enough to get away from the bomb's center before it blew, and the large quantity of explosives left them with no chance.

The factions all shrug - these two weren't with them.

Dear kingofkongs, you are Grim

After losing a bet over a sick hamster in the game of limbo, you were forced to become two children’s best friend forever, for eternity. However, instead of being normal best friends, you’re forced to clean up the idiot Billy’s mess as well as being the heartless <snip> Mandy’s friend-slave. And how you hate everything and everyone in Endsville, which is why after you were able to get rid of the contract in court you brutally slaughtered everyone in Endsville, only to end up hosting a mafia game with Queen Elizabeth’s Clone, who you know to be Yeti.

Every Night, (or day depending on when someone’s not sending in their actions) you may PM Yeti and kingofkongs with “N/DX – Show user the business end of my scythe” You will cut user up into tiny little bits, cutting them up so badly they can never be repaired.

Additionally, every day (or night depending on when I want to troll somebody) you may PM Yeti and kingofkongs with “N/DX – Put user1’s soul in user2’s body” You will cut out user2’s soul and fill user1’s soul in user2’s body, subbing them in.

You currently hold the Scythe. As long as you hold this, you can neither confirm nor deny any player’s request.

You are allied with the Hosts; you win if the game ends successfully. In addition, UncleSam may not be subbed in under any condition.

Look at me, I'm a kitty cat! I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat. If I eat them all, I will get fat. Blah blah blah, I'm a kitty caaaaat!
kingofkongs has bit the dust. Someone asks how exactly that's possible, considering he's the Grim Reaper and thus already dead, he IS a skeleton...

A mighty roar trumps as out of a huge whirlpool leaps a giant, three-headed dog. Cerberus snarls at the fool and states HE is the grim reaper. The middle head sizes up the crowd of factions and decides to let this play out. He could kill them all now, but where's the fun in that?

Everyone's attention turns to the second body.

Dear Yeti, you are Queen Elizabeth’s Clone

You are the clone of England’s Queen, the lone survivor of the entire UK when it was heartlessly bombed in an early SANDS vs MUDS conflict. You fight for your tea, crumpets, polo ponies and cricket games, all of which were lost when Britain was reduced to nothing and sank. Because you were stored in one of England’s colonies for safe-keeping, you survived, but you hate the SANDS and the MUDS for destroying the motherland, and the other factions have just pissed on its grave, so you joined up with the DEADS under the assumption you were a zombie.

Every night, you may PM Yeti and kingofkongs with "NX – Tally ho, user, jolly good show". You will invite that user along for a fox hunt on your fox hunting horses, however you will shoot them instead of the fox when you finally find it, which will cause them to lose all memory of the events before this and when they wake up, they won’t know how to do any of their actions anymore.

Additionally, every day you may PM Yeti and kingofkongs with "DX – Make user a knight". You will pull out your crusty old sword and tap that user on the head, which will bring them into the knighthood and give them a second vote, because knights are notable individuals.

You currently hold the Teacup. You can sip tea from this.

You are allied with the DEADS. You win if the DEADS eliminate all threats. Additionally, you must gain access to the BRAINS, and all living team members at the time of winning must have held it, in addition to it currently being in your possession. Your team's details are in the next PM.

Quote: Chip chip cheerio, old sports.
Cerberus smiles. Yeti has bitten the dust, and his outside heads reach down to scoop up both corpses.

"I'll return for the rest of you at dawn and dusk until you're all gone. Sleep well, mortals!" the middle head laughs before lunging off the mountain and back through the whirlpool, which glimmers an eerie red.

With the first two casualties of the new war fresh in everyone's mind, their blood not yet dry, and a three-headed demon dog just waiting for more meat, the next Battle Royale has begun.

Who will come out on top? The MUDS, SANDS, SNOWS, SCFiI, GTFO, or a lone ranger out to make their name and enact revenge?

That's for you to decide, brave warrior.

Rules, read them

1. While you are alive, feel free to talk about the game. Once you have died, you may not discuss the game with anyone not allied with you. You may not share information you gained after death no matter what.

2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night 0. During Night 0, no one may paste their Role PM. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. PM Yeti and/or kingofkongs for help in faking a role PM.

3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. We are human and can make mistakes. We have tried to keep all text relatively the same, but there may be discrepancies.

4. You may paste things the hosts tell you, but do not anticipate everything we tell you is true. You can paste fake logs; PM Yeti or kingofkongs for help faking a log. Do not impersonate other players or hosts. Do not screenshot anything related to this game.

5. Each Day period will last 48 hours at the start, then be cut to 24 as people die. There is no shortened time for majority because you have Day Actions. There are no grace periods. If all Day Actions are received before Deadline and there is a majority, the Day will end.

6. We will allow stealth lynching if you can successfully pull this off.

7. During the day you must bold your vote and post flavor <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to No Lynch during the day as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will count as No Lynch. If you wish to vote for nothing at that time but have already voted, unbold your original vote and state something along the lines that it is retracted. Any ties will result in a no lynch.

8. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received. This will be cut to 24 as people die.

9. Feel free to target dead users with your abilities. We cannot say if anything will come of this.

10. Priorities have been set beforehand. You don't get to know them.

11. There are items in this game. To give your item away, include "Give ITEM to USER" in the body of your PM. Items can be stolen and there is no limit to the number of items that may be held.

12. Upon the death of an individual holding an item, the item will be put into the SANDS ARENA (a junkyard). You may forego your Day Action to send "DX - Retrieve ITEM". Any items with two or more users attempting to retrieve them will not be removed. There are two items that will be randomly distributed upon the death of their holder and cannot go into the SANDS ARENA.

13. Inform Yeti and kingofkongs of all channels, spreadsheets, etc. you make for this game. Give us access: ask for our emails, our registered IRC nicks are Yeti and kingofkongs.

14. IRC will be of great assistance to you in this game and other users may be very annoyed if you don't have it. It's not that hard to gain access to: you never have to pay to use mIRC if you hit Continue twice, Mibbit is free, etc. Channel: #MUDS

15. Send all PMs to Yeti and kingofkongs so we can both update. If you are choosing to idle, please PM "NX/DX - Idling" so we know you are active.

16. Be active or get out. You will almost assuredly lose this game if you are not active and anyone who could rely on you will be hampered by your inactivity. We will send a warning PM if you do not send a PM a night/day. After that, we will sub you out. We will NOT postpone deadlines if you do not meet them unless you ask us to give you an extra hour to discuss/coordinate.

17. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.

18. We are your hosts and we will be writing the Postgame, so please talk to us about your thoughts on the game. While we cannot confirm or deny any suspicions you may have, we would love to hear them. We would also like reasons for your actions if possible.

19. It is assumed you would like to sub in if you signed up for the game. We will contact you if the need arises.

20. If you post in the thread when silenced or kidnapped, break a posting restriction, or fail to vote for the person you were persuaded to vote for, you will be godkilled. We will be making it very clear what you can and cannot do, should one of these actions be directed your way, so you will have no excuse for not following the guidelines.

21. The official IRC channel will be #MUDS so please join.

22. If you have a non-information role, you will not receive a result unless it fails. If you think you should have received a result PM but did not, you should contact the host that performed the last update, or the other one if they appear to be free to review your case.

23. There are factions. There may also be neutrals. You will have to discover the latter part, as well as just how many factions there are.

24. You have a Night Action and a Day Action. The only way to kill during the day is a lynch, and Night Actions affect only Night Actions, etc.

25. Each faction needs to be holding a specific item at the time of their assumed win to actually win. There are some decoy items. Beware of them.

26. It may help you to review the original SANDS, and Revenge of the SANDS. This game is a simpler version of SANDS with some elements of RotS. You should at least look at their spreadsheets, the links to both games' threads will be given.

27. Your faction has a kill, you are told the cycle you kill on, you will select a user TO PERFORM the kill, a user TO kill, and a night to kill on.

28. Someone on your faction will inherit the Action: Thief upon the set Thief's death, should it occur. You will not know who until your Thief dies.

Player List: 25

Alive (2)
Da Letter El //Orcinus Duo/RoyIII


(not randomized)

Dead (23)
J-man / Tupac / Kill+Hook+Rogue / Inspect+Thief / Lynched D1 / Wolf
red kryal / Giant Octopus / Safeguard / Post Restriction / Rammed with Pirate Ship N1 / SCFiI
Cereza / Serebii / Safeguard / Inspector / Killed in a challenging scenario to pull off N2 / GTFO
Shining Latios / NBC / Safeguard / Vote Negator / Godkilled while kidnapped seeking LS pics D3 / MUDS
Lady Salamence / Cloned Velociraptor / Kill+Hook+Rogue / Inspect+Thief / Lynched D3 / Wolf
Mithril / Michael Bolton / Bodyguard / Death Analyst / Anally raped to death N3 / SANDS
Maxim / Krakatoa / Kill+Hook+Rogue / Inspect+Thief / Lynched D4 / Wolf
Darkpenguin67 / Challenge Accepted / Bodyguard / Lynch Stop+Thief / Shot with a blaster N4 / MUDS
shuckles my hero / Muk / Kidnapper / Redirector / Headshot N4 / MUDS
danmantincan / Lady Gaga / Hooker / Lynch Stop+Thief / Face melted off N5 / SANDS
iss / Lizard with Downs / Kidnapper / Inspector / Bludgeoned to death N5 / SANDS
Human / Garchomp / Safeguard / Silencer / Lynched D6 / SANDS
Nightmare Jigglypuff / Princess Leia / Safeguard / Inspector / Headshot N6 / SNOWS
Dummy007 / Mega Shark / Kidnapper / Inspector / Crushed under a car in a desert N6 / SCFiI
Paradoxus / Sara Sidle / Hooker / Inspector / Lynched D7 / MUDS
Greenwater10 / Big Red / Kidnapper / Lynch Stop+Thief / Face melted off N7 / SNOWS
Walrein / Dunkleosteus / Bodyguard / Lynch Stop+Thief / Choked on engagement ring N7 / SCFiI
makiri / E-Romance (BAN ME PLEASE) / Kidnapper / Detailed Tracker / Lynched D8 / GTFO
Xaqwais / MR SANDSMAN / Kill+Hook+Rogue / Inspect+Thief / Lynched D9 / Wolf
Acklow / Camwhore / Hooker / Lynch Stop+Thief / Face melted off N9 / GTFO
Empoof / Wooly Mammoth / Bodyguard / Vote Negator / BOSSTEALTHED D10 / SNOWS
Paperblade / Married People / Bodyguard / Role Doubler / Drowned N10 / GTFO
HSA / Santa Claus / Hooker / Fake Item Maker / Lynched D11 / SNOWS

Winners: SCFiI (red kryal, Walrein, Dummy007, Da Letter El) and Hydrattler

Mentors (7)
Aura Guardian
Da Letter El

It is now Night Zero. Night Zero will end in 48 hours, 8/21/11, at 4PM PST. Convert to your local time.
Role PMs are going out. You will receive your entire team's PMs along with who your mentor is in one, due to 60-second rule - they are out.
Note it says "Faction details in next PM".. we mean "in that PM". You got what you're getting.

Please start talking with your team ASAP, make a channel on IRC and invite your mentor, your team, and your hosts to it. If your team complains you have yet to talk to them whether by PM or preferably IRC when Night Zero ends, we will sub you out, we have subs. It is important you be there to vote for your team, also, as in all SANDS games, you need to show up to do your part to work for your victory. Get it done.


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[18:19] <~Yeti> lol nobody has posted yet

Fixed it.

Also willing to sub and shit like that



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You may not share role pms at this point with anyone who is not on your team. You may share roles, role names etc... but sharing of exact role pms is prohibited


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you didn't tell us you were game for it :C i at the least wasn't aware you were wanting to mentor or we'd have given you a spot

also all faction members should be reporting in to your team.. channels/spreads/etc are being set up so be sure to go on irc and touch base with your fellow faction members/mentors!!

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