[Beginner] Mob Mafia - Game over! The M.O.B. win!

Everyone is seated on a huge ship, sitting outside at simple wooden tables and chairs, enjoying the peaceful sunset while it lasts. Supper is served; slightly burnt hamburgers and rice, with ice water to drink. The ship rocks back and forth gently, as it moves at high speed across the water. After a few minutes, The General stands up to address the volunteers.

"Attention everyone! Thank you for joining this dangerous assignment. First, allow me to introduce myself...

auramaster said:
Dear Coolking49,
you are General.

You are the guys who is in charge of this rise to rid your faction of the T.O.M. and J.E.R.R.Y. faction members. You are amazingly cool but strict and unforgiving as well. A natural leader, some may say.

At any time, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, “Day/night X - Kill <user>”, you will, quite simply, kill<user> with your amazing all around abilities.

Also, at any time, if you ever have an unsolvable problem, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, "Day/Night X - Stop Game", which will cause the mafia game to stop and everyone on the trip who didn’t win to die.

You are allied with The Cohosts. You win if the majority of people playing the game Luv’s your game.

I am your leader for this assignment. We are to deliver top secret information to the leader of the M.O.B., so that they can end this war before any more lives are lost or damage is caused. This mission is extremely top secret, so you will not be told where we are or where we are going. All you are expected to do is follow me."

Meanwhile, in a small bedroom in America, long after World War II ended, a young man watches his computer screen with excitement. "It has begun", he gladly says to himself as he watches The General's speech on his laptop. "No glitches so far, everything's going according to plan. Should be fun to watch". The young man slouches back in his chair, grabs a handful of popcorn, and prepares to enjoy the action. A small piece of paper, containing his description for an online site, was moved out of the way as The General neared the end of his speech.

auramaster said:
Dear auramaster,
you are Super Geek.

You are the world’s biggest geek, and proud of it. You have seen and memorized everything Science Fiction, built a Linux computer from scratch, are an expert in Einstein mathematics, own the biggest collection of comic books in the state, and spend every night role-playing with fellow geeks who wish they could be you. You spent your recent spare time creating a program that will put your favorite fiction and nonfiction characters, along with some of your friend’s favorites, in a Mafia game set in WWII, just for fun.

At any time, if you have a user that doesn't suit your needs, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, "Day/Night X - rsync <user1> <user2>", this will replace <user1> with <user2>.

In addition, at any time, if a user isn't working like it should, you may send a PM to coolking49 and auramaster titled, "Day/Night X - xkill <user>", <user> will be shut down.

Also, at any time, if you ever have a problem, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, "Day/Night X - Google <problem>", you will receive a new power that solves the problem.

Since Linux is naturally immune to viruses and other hostile programs, you are not affected by anything other users do.

You are allied with The Cohosts. You win if the majority of people playing the game Luv’s your game.

The General still stood proud at the head of the boat, speaking of valor and courage to everyone listening. "Finally, be careful. I fear that T.O.M. and J.E.R.R.Y. agents have slipped onto this boat, disguised as fellow M.O.B. members. There are also rumors spreading that one or more people, not allied with anyone, snuck onto the ship, but these rumors may not be true. While I determine if this rumor is true or not, everyone should be on high alert for intruders. Now, finish your supper and get a good nights sleep. I will have a very trusted guard monitor everyone's rooms, so do not worry about anyone sneaking into your rooms. Tomorrow, we will begin searching for sinister agents.

Finally, for those with a forgetful memory, I will nail all rules and guidelines I mentioned to the wall of the ship. Enjoy your meal, and head to your cabins soon; tomorrow, our mission shall begin!" The General, with a very serious look on his face, walks past the tables and hammers a nail through a piece of paper into the wall near his door.

Rules (copied and edited from Randomness Mafia)

1. Every user has a role PM. Role PMs, including fake role PMs, may not be shown to other users on Night 0 (Unless you are Mafia members on the same team), but starting from Day 1 onwards they may be freely distributed. Screenshotting role PMs, or anything else related to the game, is banned. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots or taking screenshots and showing other people, please be sure to report it.

2. The game will alternate between Day and Night, starting with Night 0, and each night will last 48 hours or until all PMs are sent in. There are no deaths on Night 0. There are no deaths on Night 0. Please state what you are doing in the PM title, it makes it MUCH easier to handle. Remember that PMs are to be sent to auramaster AND coolking49. If you’re not going to do anything, send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled “Night X - Idling”.

3. Each day will have a deadline of 48 hours. You may vote to lynch users during the day by posting "lynch <user>" in bold, or "No lynch" if you don't want to lynch anyone. You may change the format of lynching someone if you want, but it must be clear that you are voting for <user>. Once there is a majority as determined by the host, there will be a grace period equal to one fourth of the time remaining in the day, and if the majority is still in place after said grace period, the day will end. Please don't ask about when a majority is reached - once it's time for the day to end, it'll end (provided a host is there to update). If there is a tie in voting, no one will be lynched. All votes for a dead user, or a user who isn’t playing, will count as “No lynch”.

4. You can paste things told to you by the host. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM one of the hosts for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

5. If you die, don’t talk about the game to anyone who’s still playing. There may be someone in this game who can talk to the dead or resurrect dead players.

6. It is recommended that new players read through older Mafia games and/or Mafia articles in The Smog before playing. If you have any questions about Mafia, your role PM, or the rules, PLEASE ask auramaster or coolking49. We’ll be glad to help.

7. Some roles do have priority over others, but the exact details are a secret.

8. This is a Beginner game, so there are no items in this game, and all inspection results can be trusted as completely accurate.

9. Only sign up if you know you're going to be at least fairly active. If we notice that you seem to be idle, we reserve the right to have you forcefully subbed out if necessary. We'll most likely nudge first, though.

10. If you find a flaw in your role PM, let us know and we’ll fix it. Also, please note that coolking49 and auramaster have different writing styles, as shown by our role PMs. Not every role PM will have the same style and formatting.

11. Official channel for the game is #mob. IRC is absolutely required. For more information on it, see http://www.smogon.com/irc/

12. coolking49 and auramaster must be informed and given access to any spreadsheets or IRC channels that you create. Also, please talk to us occasionally about the game, it makes for a better postgame :) If you’re subbed out, any PMs you send us that don’t break the rules will be sent to whoever takes over your role. If you don’t tell us what you’ve been doing, and get subbed out, the sub will be in a much worse position.

13. If there is a conflict between your role PM and the rules, the role PM is correct.

14. Don’t assume that anything is too unusual to be true.

Player list:
red kryal/Quagsires
Dark Pulse/Rayquaza2233
cereza/Engineer Pikachu
CharizardKiller/Da Letter El

Dead users:
Athenodoros - T.O.M. - Ability Checker - Lynched Day 1
LifeAdmiral - Wolf - Killer/Mayor/Gains new powers - Slashed Night 1
Manafii101 - J.E.R.R.Y. - Inspector - Burned Night 1
macle - M.O.B. - Forensic - Flattened Night 1
Hextator - M.O.B. - Odd night Psychic/Even night Safeguard - Lynched Day 2
ILoveLiza - M.O.B. - Martyr - Embarrased Night 3
iiMKUltra - J.E.R.R.Y. - Persuader - Lynched Day 4
Thoughts/UltraPorygon/smashlloyd20 - M.O.B. - Odd night Bodyguard/Even night Weatherman - Exploded Night 4
Captain Bagman - M.O.B. - Baby - Lynched Day 5
mewtwo15026/UncleSam - M.O.B. - 1-time Vigilante - Burned Night 5
Xaqwais - M.O.B. - Hooker - Exploded Night 5
shuckles my hero/HitoriRaven/Spiffy - T.O.M. - Kidnapper - Lynched Day 6

Currently sending out the role PMs to everyone, do not post until all role PMs have been sent out. The game will start when all role PMs have been sent out. Don't forget that #mob has been set up to discuss the game, and if you have any questions, ask auramaster or coolking49.
All PMs have been sent out, so it is now Night 0. Night 0 ends 48 hours from this post. During Night 0, you CANNOT share your role PMs, including fake role PMs, with anyone else, unless you are Mafia members on the same team. Also, there will not be any kills tonight.

You must send in your night actions (If any) during Night 0, and get on the IRC channel #mob. If you cannot do thses 2 things within 48 hours, you will be subbed out.

This game is the M.O.B. (Village) vs. T.O.M. (Mafia) vs. J.E.R.R.Y. (Mafia). Enjoy!
Hey, what'd I do? I gots a role PM that says you should let me live!

auramaster said:
Dear loudkirbyking,
you are loudkirbyking.

You are one odd user, and truly, you're usually one to hang out on the internet, play mafia games, and pound auramaster in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. You are a roleplayer, mafia player, video game player, and Pokemon TCG player, and with all of this, you still get made fun of by ginganinja.

At any time, if a user gets on your nerves, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, "Day/Night X - Meteor <user>", you will fire a meteor at <user>, killing them.

Also, since everyone seems to hate you, you've decided to hide. If you post a lynch vote, you will be godkilled.

Because you are just a spectator, you can be kicked many times, but never godkilled, as you're not really in the game.

You are allied with Yourself. You win if auramaster is godkilled, or coolking49 is godkilled.
See? I'm that hidden wolf, just as I said. Anyway, good luck post, and... well, I'd better not post a lynch vote.

Note: This is a fake role PM, I'm not actually in the game. I don't want people wasting night actions on me, and for all beginners, I'm just joking, since they want to lynch me, which also doesn't count, since it's Night 0.
Rayquaza2233 has been subbed in for Dark Pulse. Also, for every sub in this game, they cannot talk in the thread, by PM, or get on #mob for a half hour.

EDIT: This rule is so if a Mafia member is subbed out (Ray may or may not be Mafia), the user subbed in has a little time to make a false claim.

EDITing: Also, lynch loudkirbyking

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