[Beginner] Mob Mafia - Game over! The M.O.B. win!


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<+LonelyNess> wtf was that
<@The_Cheeser> wtf
<+LonelyNess> what the fuck
<+LonelyNess> is he doing
<@The_Cheeser> wtf

In addition, I hereby come out as mafia. It is complete rubbish that someone randed me N0 and then claimed to the unconfirmed ILoveLiza. I wouldn't have. I even got hooked N0, so I actually did precisely bupkiss this game. But the reason I'm doing this is to encourage the other mafia to come to me. I think it is confirmed now that I am mafia (ask ILL if you trust him) and we would do very well to work together. Contact me before the day is out so that I can put you in contact with everyone else. We might at least get something positive out of this.

In addition, because it is the only chance of some lynch flavour I will get, Hang, Draw and Quarter the FUCK out of Athenodoros. That mafia scum needs to be reduced to a fine mist.

Engineer Pikachu is subbing in for cereza, because cereza can't get IRC access. Engineer Pikachu cannot post in the thread, talk about the game by PM, or go on #mob for a half hour.

I'll edit in the update after dinner, or AM can do it if he gets on first, but for all intents and purposes Athendoros is dead.



As the day begins, a crowd begins to form on deck. I love lisa quickly spills out what had happened during the morning and previous night for him. Without a doubt, a crown begins to form around the guy with a falcon hat. "Ummm, yeah, I have a falcon hat... I mean head... but that doesn't mean I'm mafia," he spills out. "Yeah it does!" was the reply. "All right, ya got me, but hey, why doesn't everybody who hates this process contact me before I die. Quickly, Athendoros runs into his room and locks the door, while continuing to scream something about mafia members contacting him. Eventually, close to the time in which night begins and the day ends, Tsuk manages to ram through the door, and together you drag him out and chuck him into the shark infested sea. A slip of paper comes out of his pocket (does falco have pockets?), reading:
Dear Athenodoros,
you are Captain Falcon.

You are a famous racer and bounty hunter from the future. Your brash attitude and flashy appearence hides your skills, which have made you the current F-Zero racing champion. You have realized that an Axis victory gives you many jobs as a bounty hunter, so you’ve joined the T.O.M. to aid the Axis powers.

At night, you may send a PM to both auramaster and coolking49 titled, “Night X - Show me ya moves, <user>!!!”, you will taunt <user> into showing you his abilities.

Your team’s details are in a separate PM.

You are allied with the T.O.M., you win if all threats are eliminated.
"You morons, I can fly!" you hear, "I have a plane!" Quickly with a stroke of a master shooter, Coolking49 shoots the plane down. "You morons!" He yells as he does one of those "jump out of plane" tricks you see on TV, "I'm athendoros, I have a Lapras". He lands on the thorny shell of his lapras, and after a couple "ouches", begins to swim away. A voice from above then states, "Lapras isn't god here! I, Auramaster, am! Mua Ha Ha!". A bolt of lightning proceeds to shock Lapras and Falco, being super effective against both. Falco falls into the water, and is promptly eaten by sharks.

Everyone on board rejoices. Except Coolking... he's too cool for the rejoicing thing.

Deadline for actions is in 48 hours (2/16/11 at 9pm +5.5 GMT... Go figure). The night will end then or when all actions are submitted.

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