[Beginner] Mob Mafia - Game over! The M.O.B. win!



I'M "Vladdy" on IRC.

Hope this helps.

Also, ginganinja--you lie. I'M the thief. My flavor is a Giant Flying Pumpkin that Shoots Laser Beams out of its A$$. Yes, the $$ were in the PM.

All claim.
26 and a half hours to deadline; cereza, CharizardKiller, and Rayquaza2233, you need to get on IRC before Night 0 ends, or you will be subbed out. Also, still missing a bunch of night actions. If you do not send your night action in, you will be subbed out. If you do not have a night action, or don't want to use your night action, send an Idling PM.
A QT is the same thing as a thread here. the point of the irc is foe people to talk to each other at the same time. So no, its not the same. If it soesn't work on your phone, try mibbit, since it works on ipods iirc.
About 13 hours to deadline, those who haven't sent their night action in should do so NOW. If your night action is not sent in, you WILL be subbed out. If you do not have a night action, or won't use it tonight, you STILL MUST SEND A PM titled, "Night 0 - Idling". Overall, people are being very active :) But there are a couple who still need to send their night action in.

It’s a beautiful morning; the sun is rising, birds are chirping, and the water is calm. A loud voice BOOMS though the ship, waking everyone. Still half-asleep, but not for long, everyone rushes to the deck of the ship, where the voice is coming from. No one can figure out where the voice is coming from, but its message is clear.

Loud voice said:
LET'S DO THIS!!! GO M.O.B!!!!!!!!!


The voice finally calms down, as some of you start to get a headache. The General, once again standing in the front of the ship, uncovers his ears to speak. “Good morning everyone!” Please, find a seat as our newest chef brings you breakfast.” You all look around, and smell a wonderful smell, until the door to the cabins opens, and reveals Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson walking out with protein shakes and BACON. “We have bacon for food, and protein shakes to keep you energized and ready. Enjoy!” he says as he returns through the door to get the rest of the food. The General, his mouth now half-filled with bacon, begins to speak as the food is served.

“It appears that we have not lost anybody tonight, as should be expected with a guard protecting anyone. The only exception is, I don’t see ginganinja anywhere; Guard, go find ginganinja!”

The guard, who seems strangely familiar, nods and runs off to search the ship.

“As I said last night, I fear that T.O.M. and J.E.R.R.Y. agents have snuck aboard. Now, I’m sure everyone is in agreement that Democracy is the best form of government, correct? After all, we are fighting against a Republic, a few Monarchies, and a couple Dictators, none of which seem to work. Therefore, we will vote today to kill one suspected enemy agent, so they cannot follow us to our destination. Only one a day, because if we start killing everybody who even remotely appears to be suspicious, we might take out several of our own.”

“But, General,” muttered LifeAdmiral, “we already found an enemy agent and voted on it last night.” A couple other people nodded in agreement.

“Well, who did you choose?”


“WHAT???” The General was surprised at their claim of loudkirbyking being an enemy. “Are you sure about this? I don’t think we should...” The General was interrupted by a loud, almost robotic voice.

auramaster said:
It’s obvious lkk is Mafia! If you won’t kill him, I shall!

The Guard emerged just then, with a terrified look on his face. “I couldn’t find ginganinja anywhere! Could he hav-” The guard was struck by a lightning bolt before he could finish his sentence. The General pulled a piece of paper from his pocket...

Role PM said:
Dear loudkirbyking,
you are loudkirbyking.

You are a Smogon user who only goes online to play Mafia. You are becoming well known for your paranoia, and your love of meteors. Your only friend, auramaster, asked you to be the Guard for the M.O.B., and since you had nothing else to do, you accepted the role.

At night, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, “Night X - Being paranoid”, you will look around for anyone who looks like they are about to kill somebody, and attack them with meteors until they give up.

You are allied with the M.O.B., you win if all threats are eliminated.
The General glared furiously into the sky, angry at whatever caused the lightning bolt.

auramaster said:

The General sighed, then addressed the crowd once more. “We will be voting someone to kill today. Do not make a rash judgment. I would rather do nothing then kill a fellow M.O.B. member.”

It is now Day 1. During the day, you are to vote for someone to be lynched by posting "lynch <user>" in bold. You may also vote "No Lynch". Day 1 ends 48 hours from this post, or when majority is reached and the grace period has ended.

Also, ginganinja has disappeared. You can still talk to him by PM or IRC, but he cannot post in the thread, or something very bad will happen...

Do not post, or discuss the game, until all night results have been sent out.
Why is it that everytime I say don't post, someone posts...

Anyway, all night results have been sent out. If you did not get a night result, then your action succeeded. You may now start lynching.
Sorry for Double Post.

If Town is to survive in this game and win in the end we need to be organised. For this to happen we need a Village Leader. I have offered to step up and take the role. I claimed in irc and under some questioning from a few people they agree that I check out. My role PM is as follows.

auramaster said:
Dear ILoveLiza,
you are Jar Jar Binks.

You are a Gungan from the planet Naboo. Despite being naive and extremely clumsy, you eventually become a senator in the Galactic Republic to represent your home planet. You joined the M.O.B. to help bring peace to the world.

At night, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, “Night X - Hang out with <user>”, you will make <user> your new friend and spend lots of time with <user>, but <user> will quickly become annoyed at your clumsiness and target you instead of their original target.

You are allied with the M.O.B., you win if all threats are eliminated.
As you can see I have the chance to potentially redirect a kill to myself as well as potentially clear some roles. If a bodyguard protects me I can do this without much fear of death in the night. I suggest that the best course of action is for people to claim to me so we can organise a day 1 lynch. Then for an investigater to target me night 1 so as to furthur clear me as town. If (which wont happen but still) I should come up as a member of a villanous faction then you can all lynch me day 2.
LifeAdmiral said:
[21:45] <ILoveLiza> ok so apparently I should be vil leader because I claimed my target or something.
[21:45] <ILoveLiza> And becausze I was the only person to actually do anything pro town
01[21:45] <Life> Well, why don't you start with an actual claim?
01[21:45] <Life> I don't like leading at the start of the game, I die too quickly
01[21:46] <Life> Look, we clearly don't have an announcer
[21:46] <Quagsire> Mythology early?
[21:46] <ILoveLiza> I redirect actions to myself
[21:46] <shuckle> wy not?
02[21:46] * Quagsire (~Quagsire@synIRC-99A504FD.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: I LOST THE GAME.)
01[21:46] <Life> So you're a reverse martyr?
[21:46] <ILoveLiza> I'M FRIKKING JAR JAR
[21:46] <ILoveLiza> RAWR
[21:46] <ILoveLiza> idk
03[21:46] * Quagsires (~Quagsire@synIRC-99A504FD.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #mob
[21:46] <ILoveLiza> When you guys tried to explain martyr I got confused
01[21:46] <Life> Here, lemme explain
[21:46] <~auramaster> All night results have been sent out
01[21:47] <Life> A martyr will target person A and force them to target the martyr instead of person B
[21:47] <shuckle> what does a reverse martyr do?
01[21:47] <Life> A reverse martyr will target person A and anyone who does an action to person A will have it redirected to the reverse martyr
[21:48] <ILoveLiza> that sounds like me
[21:48] <shuckle> oh
[21:48] <ILoveLiza> no
[21:48] <ILoveLiza> If I target person A then Person A is firced to target me
01[21:48] <Life> Then you're a martyr
[21:49] <ILoveLiza> ok
[21:49] <ILoveLiza> I'm a martyr
[21:49] <shuckle> lol
[21:49] <ILoveLiza> AND I'M JAR JAR
[21:49] <shuckle> if you martyr'erd a killer
[21:49] <ILoveLiza> So yes I win the coolest person award
[21:50] <ILoveLiza> @ shuckle: why do ytou think I kept claiming my night one target
[21:50] <shuckle> who was it? if you have claimedit?
01[21:50] <Life> It was DMTC
[21:51] <ILoveLiza> I claimed targetting danmantincan
01[21:51] <Life> I have a question
01[21:51] <Life> Why did you target DMTC?
[21:51] <ILoveLiza> Who now obviously doesn't have a kill

02[21:51] * Quagsires (~Quagsire@synIRC-99A504FD.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: I LOST THE GAME.)
[21:51] <ILoveLiza> unless someone targetted me with a protection
[21:51] <shuckle> kills fail night 0
[21:52] <ILoveLiza> do they?
[21:52] <ILoveLiza> kewl
[21:52] <shuckle> yeah

03[21:52] * Quagsire (~Quagsire@synIRC-99A504FD.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #mob
[21:52] <shuckle> its to help balance the game
[21:52] <ILoveLiza> Still nothing bad happened to me so he can't poison or main or some shit either
This is my own gut instinct talking but if the man didn't know that there were no kills on N0 well into D1, then I'm willing to trust him. There's also the fact that he kept saying that he was targetting DMTC all through N0 and if I was Mafia, I would have shut him up long ago.
Look. He's new to Smogon but he's not new to Mafia in general. I mean, if he was new to Mafia, he'd never know how to breadcrumb a possible killer (just in case there were kills on N0 even thought there weren't). It comes down to whether or not you want to trust his character but nobody else has come forward. If we don't get the village organized today and get a Mafia lynched, then we're only shooting ourselves in the foot.

That's my case in a nutshell. I'm willing to put my life on the line and trust him.
From undisclosed Role PM:

"In addition, you have found out that <snip>, Captain Falcon is a member of the T.O.M., and <snip>

11:09 ILoveLiza can i at least have a role claim
11:09 Athenodoros No
11:10 Objection do you mean character claim?
11:10 Captain_Bagman he means name
11:10 Athenodoros Oh
11:10 Athenodoros I'll give you a hint:
11:10 Objection I don't like using role name
11:10 Athenodoros Falcooooon PUNCH!

LYNCH Athenodoros


Official Smogon Know-It-All
Well it seems I don't have much hope here guys. Apparently someone inspected me N0 to get my role name and power and then claimed to ILoveLiza, which seems damn risky to me, but w/e. All I can say is No Lynch and hope that something better than cleaning an inspector comes up.

lol, I'm buggered.

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