[Beginner] Mob Mafia - Game over! The M.O.B. win!


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Ah well. Aside from WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MAFIA IDIOTS there's not much to say. What a shame. Also, lol flavour. Damn auramaster.

EDIT: Also, Captain Falcon is different to Falco. Wat.
Wait... capton falco =/= falco... Oh yeah. Captain Falco is the guy who looks like Mr. America and Falco is in fox and crew's game. Oh well, guess who wrote that PM?

The ship twists and turns all throughout the night. Many of you ask The General if the ship is trapped in a whirlpool, but he says repeatedly that the ship is safe, and to go to sleep. Some of you sleep, some don’t. Some head to the deck with seasickness. Just before dawn, the ship finally begins to head straight again, and even the most sick passengers finally rest in bed, though not for long. A loud noise shakes the entire ship, nearly tearing it to pieces as everyone, still groggy, stumbles out of their beds. The sound appears to be coming from the main deck, and everyone rushes outside to see what the noise is, nearly blinded by the rising sun. The noise, still deafeningly and painfully loud, becomes more clear.

Loud Voice said:
The voice finally calms itself as you begin to adjust to the sunlight. However, your ears don’t get a chance to rest, as ginganinja suddenly begins yelling, almost as loudly as the other voice, “GET THESE STUPID BIRDS AWAY FROM ME!!!”. You all turn around to see ginganinja running across the ship, being chased by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of birds, all ready to unleash their white bombs on ginganinja. “SOMEBODY HELP!!!”. The General watches calmly as everyone ignores him and has a seat at the tables.

“Listen up everyone, I have an important announcement. We have reached land!”. Everyone begins cheering and celebrating, except ginganinja, who continues to run around looking for an umbrella. “Enjoy your last breakfast on this ship, today we shall start walking to our destination. It will not be an easy trip; we are behind Axis lines, and there is a high chance of running into Nazi soldiers. Now, before we go, we must make sure that everyone is still here. Who’s missing?”

Everyone begins to look around, and quickly notice that 4 people are absent. The first is pretty obvious; LifeAdmiral’s body is found under one of the tables. He has a couple small cuts, and a large slash across his chest. While most of you stare in shock, someone runs into his cabin and returns with a page from LifeAdmiral’s diary.

Role PM said:
Dear LifeAdmiral,
you are Toon Link.

You are the Hero of Winds, a great adventurer with an awesome cartoony look. You currently travel around the world, exploring the land and protecting Princess Zelda. You know the secret that the General is trying to deliver; the General is holding the Triforce of Power. The Alliance of Neutral Countries could use this to threaten every world leader into surrendering, but if anyone with evil intentions gets the Triforce (Or if the General abuses the Triforce) the world will be thrown into chaos. You have infiltrated the M.O.B. to defeat the General, use the Triforce to end the war, and then rehide it where no one will find it. But first, you must eliminate everyone who could help the General in battle.

At night, you may send a PM to coolking49 and auramaster titled, “Killing <user>”, you will slash <user> several times with the Master Sword, killing them.

In addition, you have the Wind Waker. Since you control the winds, everyone is amazed at you, and your votes count double.

Unfortunately, most of your equipment has been lost, but you may get new powers if you can find it. You know that <snip>, <snip>, and <snip> has some of your equipment. Someone else may grab the equipment if they die, but if you kill them, you will definitely get it.

Also, you know that the M.O.B. doesn’t have <snip>, and that <snip> didn’t join the mission.

You are allied with yourself. You win if you are the last player standing.

ILoveLiza, after hearing this, has a weird look on his face. “I don’t remember seeing anyone who has anything special. What kind of equipment could this be?”. The General thinks about it for a minute, before speaking. “Maybe the equipment his diary mentioned is just ordinary things, so that no one else would even notice it. I haven’t heard of any special items either, so there can’t be any on the ship. Anyway, let’s continue looking for the others”. Everyone agrees, and continues to iiMKUltra’s room, but he is nowhere to be seen.

The General, puzzled by his disappearence, sends some of you to search the rest of the ship, while Manafii101 and macle’s cabins are checked. Again, they seem to have vanished. “This can’t be right, there is no way 3 people could go missing in one night. They didn’t escape the ship, as I was watching for anyone who would try to escape...”. While everyone wonders where they could have gone, ginganinja screams again, “I found something, and I’M STILL BEING CHASED BY THE BIRDS! HELP!!!”. The General rushes back out to the main deck, with everyone else following close behind, all asking the same question, “What did you find?”.

“Other then these stupid birds, Manafii101’s body is floating in the water”. You search the nearby ocean, until Manafii101’s body is found just behind the ship. The General runs off the ship and grabs his body out of the water, only to find that Manafii101 had already died. There was a large burn mark on his back, now covered and filled with saltwater. A small piece of paper, saved by being in a zipped up pocket, is found in his pants.

Role PM said:
Dear Manafii101,
you are Fagin.

You are a character in the story Oliver Twist. You meet up with Oliver and allow him to hang out with your gang of pick pockets. As the leader, you are the best picker of pockets. The story didn’t end particularly well for you, but you got a second chance with J.E.R.R.Y.

At night, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, “Night X - inspect <user>”. You will pick their pockets and steal the slip of paper that contains their role pm.

Your team’s details are in a separate PM.

You are allied with J.E.R.R.Y., you win if all threats are eliminated.

Everyone celebrates the death of a J.E.R.R.Y. agent, but that still leaves two people missing. You turn around to help search the ship, when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leans over the ship and yells down, “We found macle! Or, at least, what’s left of him”. You all run back onto the ship, and examine his now-flat body, clearly dead. Unbelievably huge tire tracks cover his entire body. A small business card found in his pocket reveals the truth.

Role PM said:
Dear macle,
you are Sherlock Holmes.

You are the most famous fictional detective ever to walk the Earth. You are immensely popular, and whenever someone has a problem they come to you. You have great knowledge in Forsenic sciences, Chemistry, and other stuff. However you don’t know that the planets move around the sun. You did once, but promptly forgot it. I suggest you do the same now. It has no use in your profession. You joined the M.O.B. to solve a mystery for a client.

At night, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, “Night X - inspect<user>”, where <user> must be dead. You will inspect their body, and with your immense knowledge in forsenic sciences, you will find out which faction killed them.

You are allied with the M.O.B., you win if all threats are eliminated.

Everyone nearly falls over in shock. shuckles my hero, already turning white, screams to the heavens, “He’s NOT the Wolf?! MACLE IS ACTUALLY ON THE VILLAGE!”. Then he passes out. After making sure he’s still breathing, the rest of you continue searching for iiMKUltra, but can’t find him anywhere. After a half hour, The General stops the manhunt. “We’ve wasted enough time looking; if he’s alive, he’ll catch up later. For now, we must head deep into the forest, and kill another enemy agent. Does anyone know the identity of another foe?”

Sending out night results now. Do not post until all night res-

ginganinja runs by, rudely interrupting auramaster while screaming, “I STILL NEED HELP!!!”. Another loud, robotic voice echoes from the sky.

auramaster said:
Why, this is fun to watch :)

ginganinja curses the being of the sky, and auramaster decides to be generous, by throwing a large fireball at ginganinja. All of the birds crash to the ship, perfectly cooked, while ginganinja is burned by the hot meat.

:P As I was saying, do not post until all night results have been sent out.
All night results have been sent out. If you did not get a night result, your action succeeded. It is now Day 2. Day 2 will end 48 hours from this post, or when majority has been reached and the grace period has ended.

In addition, Hydrattler has been subbed in for rickheg. Hydrattler cannot post in the thread, talk by PM, or get on #mob for a half hour.

Finally, in case it wasn't obvious, iiMKUltra is missing. He cannot post in the thread, but you may still talk to him through PMs or IRC.

Also, if another Standard game starts up, everyone who has died so far is still P1. From now on, anyone who dies is P2 until the game ends.


It's all coming back to me now
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Quoting in case he deletes the post

Dear ILoveLiza,

you are Leeeeroy Jenkins.

You are an internet meme, characterised by your impaitence, love of chicken and unwillingness to follow your comrades' best laid plans. However, a brave soul such as yourself often comes in useful during a war, so you were recruited by the M.O.B.

At night, you may send a PM to auramaster and coolking49 titled, "Night X - I'm goin' in, <user>". You will run in front of <user>, and any actions they perform will be redirected to you.

You are allied with J.E.R.R.Y., you win if all threats are eliminated.

OK, I'm going to come out - I'm the village inspector, and we have lost a lot of info. However, there is still time to recover, we just need to Lynch ILoveLiza and unite under me! BG, you know who you are, on me. Let's do this! LEEEEEEROY JENKINSSSSS!

Sorry the c/p of the PM is off :/

interesting PM you got there Blissey mind telling us why the fuck it has both M.O.B and J.E.R.R.Y in it???
So Blissey, mind telling us how in ILoveLiza's role PM it states that he was recruited by the M.O.B., but then magically is allied with J.E.R.R.Y.?

Compare it to every other PM posted. It is a fake.

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Good morning, you bastards!
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A mafia martyr is also completely idiotic. If you're scum, you hardly want to redirect inspects on yourself, do you?

EDIT: There are also spelling and grammar errors. "impatience" > "impaitence", and the WC isn't phrased correctly.

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