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Personally I never liked Mangastream that much, I always felt it...well, it to me seemed more "clean" or kiddie? Not really sure how to describe it, but Like they try to use a "nicer" version I almost feel. Sometimes it helps for clarity, but not always...I mean unless that's more like how they're intended to be read, but again, dunno myself lol. That's why I try to read 2 different versions at least in case.
And now, how will this change up his Bankai?
predict (in addition to ridiculous Speed + Strength + Black Getsuga Tensho):

-One fires Black Cero at will
-Instant Regeneration
-Full Extent of his "Vastolorde" abilities
-One has ridiculous stabbing power as it's re-inforced by offensive Blud
-protects Ichigo's body with defensive Blud
-ability to absorb (and rapid absorb) surrounding spirit power

Ichigo will be nuts because while Quincy can't use Defensive and Offensive Blud simultaneously, Ichigo will be able to use Offensive Blud + Instant Regeneration simultaneously.


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hisagi's isnt a dual zanpakuto because yamamoto said only kyoraku and whitehair have them atm in soul society back when he fought them


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I'm liking Ichigo's new dual-blade Zanpakutō. As for its form, I'm thinking that it's his Shikai rather than a sealed form, and that White and Old Man Zangetsu's powers comprise the big and small blades respectively.

Also, Kyōraku's Zanpakutō is the only one known to be sealed in two blades rather than one.
whoops-- too many fucking characters to remember the details.

Anyway, Ichigo's sword has never had a sealed form so...

I am a little disappointed that this new Zangetsu has no cloth/chain at the end. Doesn't seem Zangetsu-like without something to spin it with.
there is a theory floating around that ichigo's zanpakutou are going to be used like a bow and arrow

one is larger than the other and we haven't seen that with kyouraku's or ukitake's shikai (plus the quincy blood and all)


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Umm, the blades on Shunsui's shikai are not the same size. Aside from that, I'm hoping that Ichigo's bankai doesn't change too much.

@ projectile spam: My opinion regarding that is the same as Chou's opinion.

e: I redact my previous opinion and would like to see something completely new for Tensa Zangetsu.


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Well i read the new chapter, and FINALLY we have a non boring Zanpakuto for Ichigo. Two swords should be interesting and i look forward to seeing how they work

Also hoping for a totally new Bankai. Tensa Zangetsu sucked-it made Zangetsu become a normal-looking sword, stripping it of its only real distinguishing factor besides Getsuga Tenshou (kind of generic energy slash really). And because it only made ichigo stronger/faster, a lot of the fights after it centered around who had a higher 'power level' rather than anything else. (Speaking of this, Tensa Zangetsu kind of reminds me of Super Saiyan as a powerup.) A new bankai could make his fights more interesting again.
*cue in training sequence with pops over how to use a bankai

Or I dunno, neither Bonze or the mad scientist chick have made an appearance yet, after all Ichigo and Renji are only halfway through their journey up there.


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The two most recent chapters have focused primarily on the Vandenreich. I like how Kubo is giving us exposition about the new villains, and it appears as though the ranking / strength system Yhwach uses for the Stern Ritter use is different than what Aizen used for the Espada. First off, it seems that every Stern Ritter is considered equal under Yhwach, since the arguments between Bazz-B (Stern Ritter "H", the mohawk Quincy) and Jugram Haschwalth (Stern Ritter "B", the bishie) were regarded as "infighting" rather than "insubordination". However, despite their equal rankings, I don't think that the Stern Ritter are equals in strength, since we saw five of them (Driscoll Berci "The Overkill", Berenice Gabrielli "The Question", Jerome Guizbatt "The Roar", and Loyd Lloyd / Royd Lloyd "The Yourselves") die during the Vandenreich's first incursion of Soul Society. Anyways, with that aside, I'm thinking that Haschwalth is the strongest of the Stern Ritter (excluding Stern Ritter "A", Uryū Ishida, for obvious reasons), since he managed to cut Ichigo's old Tensa Zangetsu in half with seemingly little effort on his end. Bazz-B claims that none of them would have minded if he was chosen as Yhwach's successor, adding more fuel to the fire.

Sorry for ranting.
So the question is, what makes Uryuu so special to have survived Juha Bach's (easier to spell/remember than Yh-whatever) ability? And this is still completely ignoring that a true pureblood quincy (his father) still exists...wonder how he'll fit into it all, unless Uryuu truly went cold-hearted and killed him somewhere.


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I'm thinking that Uryū survived Juha Bach's Auswählen since he was the son of two Quincies, one being an Echt (Ryūken) and the other a Gemischt (Kanae Katagiri), thus making him more pure than the other Gemischt Quincies, who probably had only one Quincy parent, and Masaki Kurosaki, an Echt Quincy whose reiatsu was made impure by a hollow (White) and a shinigami (Isshin). Also, I think Juha Bach is trying to keep the existence of Ryūken, the last Echt Quincy, under wraps since he can't take the powers of a pure Quincy. Methinks he intends on keeping the Stern Ritter's minds away from Ryūken with his statement claiming that Uryū was the last Quincy survivor. His statement also leads me to believe that each of the Vandenreich sans Uryū are all spirits Bach gathered.
Kubo: I can't think what to do with the plot... Ah well, let's just fill this chapter with a bunch of random female characters!! Fans always enjoy that!!


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Well, early chapter!

Hmm...lots of info, some Renji for the fan girls (do Renji fan girls exist?) and Captain Commander hijinks!

Soul Fly

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Just about when the plot finally started hitting the sweet point with regards to suspense and development regarding Ichigo and his soul slayer(s)

Why u do this Kubo?

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