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Not a promise, I'm just gonna call it.
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Is there any way there can be a compromise to make BLT a little longer while also not completely destroying the plan put in place for group play in this iteration of BLT?

I propose an elongated playoff format where instead of 4 teams making it to playoffs, 6 teams make it to playoffs: the top 2 teams from each division get a bye to the semi finals, and the 2nd and 3rd place teams duke it out in the "quarter finals"

This would help stretch out BLT giving more of the players more of a fulfilling BLT experience, while also granting more excitement over the extra 2 playoff spots. There still remains some exclusivity to playoffs while making the BLT rounds more engaging for more players.

I was spit-balling this and although I got absolutely no support from anyone that heard this idea, I think it's worth posting
Alright everyone, Cycle 4 has come to a close. Not long now until we kick this off for real.

So the this cycles set of qualifiers are as follows

Pokemon e3
Hunter Marimo
Poison adhesive
le sabreur
sw is cool
Big Air
Slimes are hot
The Eighth Hokage

With Walls Personal Sub (BelmontGabriel) dropping from a qualified spot to a sub position both Slimes are hot and The eighth hokage take the qualified spots.

Ok so the complete subs list is as follows

Cycle 1

Mysterious M

Cycle 2

Barely Lit
Sharp Ladder UU

Cycle 3

Alice Shimada
Kaladin Kholin
Walls Personal Sub

Cycle 4

Hell Rayquaza1

Due to bdov's drop out of the tour, player Kingofcrimea will move into the qualfied players list for the 1st cycle and Blizburgh will move into the 1st cycle subs list

Other sub changes have been made with this cycle of qualifications, please refer to the above list for the most recent and updated version.

Now, onto the other matters, the check-in time for this cycle is shortened due to when the Auction draft will be held. Players that have qualified this cycle will have until Thursday 23:59 -4 GMT. Any player that fails to check-in will lose their place and it will be handed to the first sub in line.

The Draft this year will be held on the 7/07/2018 at 1500 GMT -4.

The topic that Jrdn has brought up will be discussed and a decision will be made at a later date before the tour starts.

Congratulations to all whom have qualified this cycle.
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