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GriseousOrb is getting Knocked Off Giratina.
At Turn 67, https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9balancedhackmons-1774107476-w4od6p39twwlze8wkyvx0n8xchy3pmlpw

Not sure if it's a bug considering that GriseousOrb was replaced by GriseousCore and the latter does NOT get Knocked Off. Still don't understand why both items are still in the games though... So either the mechanics changed from Gen8 to Gen9 or it's bug.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, The Griseous Orb was changed to work exactly like the Adamant and Lustrous Orb’s, which have been able to be knocked off since Gen 4. Both items are in the game because the Core forces Giratina to be in its Origin forme while the Orb allows Altered Giratina to get the boost. (Karthik)
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On turn 22 of this replay assist calling revival blessing gets interrupted by pursuit similar to baton pass, afterwards it never happens again despite the same conditions being met.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, there is no game with Revival Blessing and Pursuit in it. You'd need to talk with National Dex mods to get the behavior changed (DaWoblefet)
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Mirror Armor should not visibly activate on a killing blow that activates Cotton Down.

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9metronomebattle-1774821702-ywfxyvw11nr3625nu0t8fjqvwxb7kqjpw - turn 5

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8doublesou-1774830119 - demonstration replay

The only ability popups that should play here are for Gossifleur's Cotton Down in both cases. (video 1 with enemies alive to be debuffed, video 2 with everyone else on the field having Mirror Armor)

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leavanny is a physical biased pokemon that learns leaf blade and seed bomb but not wood hammer or power whip. in the builder leaf blade is in the "usually useless moves" section instead of seed bomb
Libero and protein changes in the most recent gen are not implemented (IDK about protein but Libero was not working as intended) in random battle gen 9

BUG STATUS: NEEDS MORE INFO Please provide a replay, these abilities are reported as working in most contexts so it must be a specific interaction or a misunderstanding on your part.
Not sure if this has been reported before, my bad if it has been.
In National Dex BH (and AG I guess) Red Orb Groudon (and Kyogre) are able to Terastalize, but Primal Kyogre is not.
I'm pretty sure this isn't testable in game due to Primals not existing but this feels very inconsistent when the Primal Reversion one is capable of Teraing while the immediately Primal one is not. Also (in separate test) Primal Kyogre holding Blue Orb cannot Tera.
Also would like to know if it is intended that Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent gets priority on Mega Evolution over Terastalize.
Also would like to know if it is intended that Necrozma-Ultra, even without Ultra Burst, is not capable of Teraing (understandable since it requires a Z-Crystal to transform but wasn't sure.)
Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nationaldexbh-1776814416-mh5c9191fig1pate4kbwb1h78ycmpdtpw
Hi there!

There's a bug involving speed on RBY, where slow/para mons are being able to outspeed mons that have higher speed.

I play RBY a lot and this has been happening quite frequently, where mons like Snorlax or even a para Starmie are able to outspeed healthy ones like Chansey or Jolteon.

This is happened in my latest match:

The last 3 turns were a example of that

Turn 41: Starmie is fast asleep appears/happens BEFORE Jolteon's Thunderbolt, even though the latter is faster

Turn 42: Snorlax is able to Rest before Jolteon's attack????? Snorlax is the slowest mon in RBY OU ( with Slowbro), how is it possible for him to attack before Jolteon?

Turn 43: Snorlax is fast asleep appears/happens BEFORE Jolteon's Thunderbolt again (just like Starmie).

As far as I know, this is not suppose to happen

The replay:

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG In RBY, the paralysis Speed drop doesn't reset after using Rest. Your Jolteon was slower than the other Pokemon because of that speed drop (Irpachuza).
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When an ability that activates on switch in is traced, the ability activates before the message saying that it was traced shows up. My bad if this is how it works ingame, just seemed pretty unintuitive.

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - Mechanics (Server)
It doesn't affect gameplay, but the order should be fixed so the "(base: Trace)" shows up on the tooltip. :furret:
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Here is a 9 randbats replay where a mabostiff does significantly less damage to a target with crunch after terastalizing into a dark type than it did before terastalizing (turns 10 and 11). During the battle one of the users suggested they saw a Javascript error in the battle chat which I can't see in the replay.

Stakeout provides a 2x power boost vs switched in pokemon, which is what happened turn 10.


I keep seeing this error pop up on turns after I terastalize. It doesn't show up in replays, and only seems to appear client-side. Started happening today


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When backing up my teams:

After saving them again, all my custom Tera-types got reset, had to go through all my teams and reassign them. Not sure if tera just isn't implemented in this paste format because you can visually see the types in that folder but I really don't want to replicate it to find out because I've already gone though and fixed all of them once lol

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