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Woah, I'm gone for a week and 10 pages appear! I'll definitely have my submission up by tomorrow.

@xx99: I tried to play around with the design alot, but it just didn't make it. The other one on the other hand I've managed to do it up quite okay. It's probably because of my natural bias to design something like this, though.

My favourites are still the awesome badger, Kukem's ninjaloris and meekhead's humanshape.
Someone said something about supporting material?

Ultimate tag-team!

EDIT: New material!
Because dark pulse is nothing more than a blob of vague energy
Dark pulse without the dark pulse

There we go. It is the first in line of quite a few, and will mostly focus on presenting Jestler's personality. I mean, if I wanna compete with all these top-notch artists, I'll have to make up for my lacklustre technical skill one way or another!

So far some of my favourites are cadalbolg~ his creepy clown, which - at the risk of sounding incredibly biased - is a great concept to base a mon on. swaggersaurus' tanuki seems to be coming along very nicely too, and I'd say definitely go with the first pair of eyes. Kukem's submission is outright badass! And yet he manages to keep a cute element on his design. Major props for that.

There's a lot of other awesome designs, but those are the ones I currently favour. Sorry if I didn't mentioned you, but rest assured, you're all doing a great job!


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I'll be coloring my voodoo doll design soon, but I worked up a supporting design for a baby pre-evolution.

My working titles for these are "Voodoll" and "Voodoom". The baby evo is Normal/Dark and our CAP11 final evo is, of course, Fighting/Dark. Not many dual-typed pokemon change their primary type on evolution and keep their secondary type. But, Onix/Steelix do it and so do Swablu/Altaria, so it's not unprecedented.

The general idea is that the baby version starts out with only a couple of pins, and not too much abuse. It's just a sad little guy. By the time it is fully evolved, it has accumulated quite a bit of punishment, including a cracked eye button and the tell-tale sewing needle right through the heart. Yeah, it's pissed off.

I envision that the sewing needle can be pulled out and used as a sword, and can be used as a wand for casting spells. The pokemon uses its own chest as a "scabbard" for the needle. Same goes for the other pins, which it can pull out and use like throwing knives. Ingame, the placement of the pins would change based on the IV's of the pokemon, much like Spinda's spots change.

Anyway, that's a little supporting material for the design. I'll get a colored version of the main design over the next day or two.
@DougJustDoug: Wow, freaky. I like it!

@C~dog: I definitely like the lizard better, monkeys have freaked me out ever since seeing Toy Story 3.

@Almond Eyes: I like your design, but it looks more like an electric type than a fighting type. I would change up the yellow and blue colors and also make a more vicious face.

@Swaggersaurus: I am very sorry for the late apology, I had been away for a few days. Anyway, I did not mean to imply that you had "ripped off" Lucario, it came out wrong. I'm not really sure what I did mean anymore, but it doesn't matter anymore, because I really like the revised design. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

@Gun6: Sweet design. Looks a bit like a fire type, but I think you might get away with it.

Still waiting for final submissions for cpkmax1108, Kukem, JojoX3 (cool avatar btw), and bugmaniacbob!
Oh, so many awesome ideas...

I'm really glad I have seen those great designs.

Keep up the good work artists, we "non-artist" smogonners really enjoy seeing how creative you are.

Oh, and DougJustDoug's Jack the Ripper and Voodoo doll are some of the most creative designs ever! I'm just not sure if it will win, 'cause there is a lot of good ideas.

See ya.
a few comments for my favourite designs so far..

: I like your panther concept, definitely works for physical/special/fighting/dark.. I liked the colour arrangement on the first cat better, with more white and less gold. Or, maybe a darker blue would work better with the more prominent gold. I like the simplicity, I feel like you acheived the look of a fully evolved pokemon without going heavy on the details.

Buffalo Wings: I really love everything about yours, it's my favourite. It works so well, you really captured fighting/dark I think.

ckpmax: I like this concept a lot but I feel like the fighting type aspect could be brought out more, right now he has a very sly, vampiric look. I think even giving him a more fighty stance would solve this, since his physique could pull of the fighting type.

C~dog: I think your first lizard concept has lots of promise, but I'm not a very big fan of his armour, it's a little awkward. To make it more organic you could maybe have some exposed fused bone in some places, but that merges smoothly with the rest of his skin. I like your first sketch much better than the newer one; the first had more interesting, new ideas, where as the new one is plainer and feels more generic.

Wyverii: I think the raccoon inspiration is great for this. I really like your design too. I really like this concept.

hark: I think the black shadowy substance is better. I think also that if you made it less wispy, and more like a shadow (less fine traily bits, more rounded and stretched, maybe?) it would be more shadowy and less ghosty.
Wow, a lot of these submissions are reeaaally impressive. I dunno how this little guy will stand with the competition, but here he is!

His upper half is equipped with super feline speed, and his lower half's got wheels for that extra speed boost. He's got a bit of an exoskeleton for added defense. The upper half has hands for whipping out those special attacks, and the bottom's got fists for physical attacks. I haven't decided on a color scheme yet. Feedback would be very, very nice :D
I got down to work last night on my "final submission piece". Admittedly, I have been having a pretty hard time coming up with an interesting enough pose. It has actually been rather hard fitting my bipedal with his horn like projections into the 640/640 limit. In the end I decided to go with an action pose that would emphasize my designs fighting side. Here it is then.

I would like to work on another piece that could serve as the final submission piece, but I'm not quite sure how much longer we have to work on our art. So, do you guys like it? Do you like it better than the original pose? Is there any other pose that you guys would like for me to experiment with?

I really like the direction you've taken your voodoo doll Doug, I would really like to see more fighting in it though. I'm not really quite sure how to accomplish that, but I really feel like the fighting type is not as apparent for my personal tastes. As for the prevo, very cute! I really like its design and back story. Keep up all the great work!
SEO: That looks amazing. There's something about the size and shape of his hands that's just incredibly fitting for a Fighting/Dark type. That pose is great in my opinion, although your first post was pretty cool too.
Here's my first sketch for CAP 11.

The concept for this pokemon is based of an ancient Egyptian deity, Anubis. Basically, Anubis was the Egyptian god of death, the afterlife and mummification. He was portrayed as having the body of a man and the head of a jackal, or wild dog.

@SEO, I like the original pose better, but to each their own. You've got my vote definetly, just don't forget to the post "Final Submission" when you put it up! :)
Here's my first sketch for CAP 11.

The concept for this pokemon is based of an ancient Egyptian deity, Anubis. Basically, Anubis was the Egyptian god of death, the afterlife and mummification. He was portrayed as having the body of a man and the head of a jackal, or wild dog.

*Picture Cut*
Awesome sketch!

Granted it fits the Fighting/Dark-type well, but an Anubis Pokemon would be too much of a Lucario knock-off imo. =/
I wasn't sure how I felt about the bright teal kinda color at first... but I think I really like it now. Good stuff.

Personally, I like the poses where you have a better view of it's face. The sort of emotionless face is a great part of your design. Although I like your new pose, I'd say the first pose was better for that reason.

Jet black. For sure. I think it's a pretty awesome idea having zero shading on the shadow aura part.

I like both equally, but I think the monkey is more appropriate for the typing.
Final Submission

Main Submission:

Supporting Material:

The Dark Loris Pokemon. It has armour for protection and focusing jewels to channel its powers. A nocturnal Pokemon, it likes to keep to the shadows so that it stays out of harm's way. With its pincer like grip, once it grabs its foe, it doesn't let go.

Possible Examples of how it would look performing various moves.


Seismic Toss:

Low Kick:

Vacuum Wave:

Focus Blast:

Dashing toward an opponet:

Base Evolution:


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Final Submission

Main Design

tanuki ninja/little warrior dog

Supporting Material

Additional Art

alternate poses 1

alternate poses 2

vs weavile

vs gengar

vs dragonite


this pokemon delights in the playing of tricks, and uses its high speed and short stature to dart about causing mischief wherever it goes. it is said that any human able to keep up with this pokemon as it flits away will be led to untold treasures

it is increasingly difficult to find in the wild due to poaching for the high quality fur of its rich, purple scarf

they have been known to latch onto togekiss and occasionally other pokemon to hitch a ride


here's part of my first post introducing the tanuki ninja, edited to appropriately reflect the final product:

the basic concept is of a small raccoon dog (or tanuki, or magnut) mixed with various ninja-esque features

why a ninja? more immediate a connotation than that is the combination of dark/fighting. ninja was the first thing to come to mind! what else to display attributes of darkness and fighting than shadow warriors? as well as this, togekiss is very dove-like, and doves are commonly regarded as symbols of peace. the ninja, then, a symbol of war and terror, is an exact opposite!

i just want to draw your attention to and run you through some of the features. first of all the head is a mixture of the features of a raccoon dog's facial shape and the shape of a typical japanese warrior's helmet, which is a coincidence i wanted to use to my advantage! the shape of the helmet is emphasised in the dog's facial markings, which are of course based on an actual raccoon dog's markings. the ear's protrude from the back of the head to keep the impression of a "helmet", although there is none

the markings beneath the eyes are intended to be a nod of the head to the kitsune, another source of inspiration aside from the tanuki. like the tanuki, the kitsune is tied comprehensively into japanese folklore, and are typically mischievous tricksters. this is the exact sort of thing i have in mind for this mon!

i depicted the raccoon dog riding his ally into battle and forming archetypical ninja "hand seals". the concept of riding togekiss was inspired by the idea of ninja being airlifted by huge kites and dropped into enemy territory, which may or may not be a myth, but is still super cool! this idea is also helped by togekiss's odd shape

i've given the raccoon dog a little spiky fringe as a stylistic touch to spice up the centre of his forehead and he also sports a crescent moon. this serves two purposes. first of all it emphasises this pokemon's nature as a dark type pokemon, but it also resembles typical decorations for ornate japanese armour. i wanted to give the idea of this little dog's youth and vitality, because whilst a ninja i wanted him to look vivacious and cheeky, like a naughty little scamp! how did i do?
I always follow the the Create a Pokemon projects here on Smogon and am particulary interested in the art submissions. This CAP has produced some of the most interesting art pieces I have ever laid my eyes on. SEO's design however has blown me out of the water. I like his original pose the best, but every supporting material and alternate poses have blown me away. I also like the concept behind it. I belive out of every submission, SEO's embodies the fighting/dark to the fullest extent.
All my support is definitely behind Swaggersaurus and DougJustDoug. I really like the tanuki design and the colors look really well together (and it's super cute! ^_^). Doug's looks really interesting (I'm talking about the voodoo doll, frankly, I think the jack the ripper design looks awful) and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Yeah, that's all I have to say. Nothing else.
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