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What art should be used for CAP 11?

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I chose to vote for Doug's as I think the design is a very original and well thought out piece. It shows a good mix between Dark and fighting which is quite a hard feat to achieve. I think the back-story is also perfect for such a pokemon and would love to see some of the sprites created for such a beautiful (although slightly disturbing) piece of art.
Voted for Wyverii. Her design lacks the stat spread inconsistencies that every other design has. I particularly love the attitude that it has, which is also similar to Arcanine/Sceptile.

While every one of these is great, a lot of them are so thin that I can't see them taking attacks that, say, Arcanine could. In contrast, OldManDugan's design looks like overkill offensively. I'm aware that SEO's submission is popular, but it gives off the feel of a rejected protoss concept art and I don't know how I feel about that.
I think SEO's design is by far the best. It easily can have special attacks while also looking strong enough for physical ones. Just because the shading is complex doesn't mean it cannot be simplified into a sprite. It also looks pretty fast. Other designs just don't have the depth. (I couldn't think of an adjective that suited better sorry).
Remember to read everyone's supporting material! There's a lot more great art and story behind all of the submissions than just the main design. That being said, good luck to everyone.

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DougJustDoug, even if only for his imaginative concept that wouldn't be too farfetched in Pokemon, and creative ways for reckoning Volt Absorb and Lightning Rod. While I believe other designs could work, I believe Doug's really embodies what this CAP is about, and will make our next steps in this CAP easier.
I voted for Buffalo_wings, because I've really liked his design concept throughout the whole process, I think he fits the mould of a fighting/dark special attacker who can go physical if need be perfectly. But it's looking like the Voodoo doll is going to win, which is fine, I like that one too. Just sucks he already has an awesome name for it, nothing I can come with is going to beat Voodoom.
Buffalo wings definitely gets my vote for a couple of reasons
1. I think it conveys Fighting first then dark b/c the typing is Fighting/Dark
2. Looking at the stat spread buffalo's design looks more specially inclined yet still able to attack on the physical side
3.The concept fits the typing as well: A martial arts sifu=fght/evil=dark
Well, I didn't make it here, but I got more votes than six other people, so I'm happy.

Anyway, I voted for aragornbird. His design doesn't really scream "Special Attacker", but it reminds me of the good old days. Old as in Pokemon based on animals, and old as in the Mayan Civilization.
Wyverii's design hits the stat spread well, and I like the emotionless flavour to play off of togekiss being a 'joy' pokemon.

Also it's not a ninja, which to me is more interesting.
Voted for Kukem. His design creates Fighting/Dark incredibly well. It also has gems on its palms, which leads to very creative uses and contexts for Volt Absorb and some nice flavor text as well. The one reason that Kukem's tops SEO's in my opinion is that Kukem's is more graphic and more defined; SEO's art, while brilliant, is a bit too "muddy", almost.
DougJustDoug's Voodoom is the best. I gave my reasons in the first art poll if you're really interested in hearing them, since they are quite good.

His design does the best job of all other entries encompassing
- a pokemon-like design
- the DARK type
- The FIGHTING-type
- a pokemon which could logically have lightning rod and volt absorb as abilities.
Voted DougJustDoug, because it is a very original idea that hasn't been done before (if my memory serves me correctly). Not only is it original, but it also has an amazing mix, showing it's dark side yet fighting power at the same time. I honestly hope doug wins this one.
darkmattr's supporting art completely justifies Volt Absorb and Lightningrod. The design is also more fitting to me with CAP 11's Dark/Fighting typing than any of the others. Most of the designs are good, but darkmattr's is really really bad ass. I don't see how a voodoo doll, for example, would have 110 base Speed, but that's just me.
Good job again to all the artists!
Yilx because this Pokemon is adorable but fearsome looking as well. Plus it truly embodies a Pokemon that would goe towards Special Attacking. I believe Yilx's Pokemon best embodies the Fighting/Dark type Pokemon! But i still wish the best of luck to everybody else.

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People are using how an art would look in Battle CAPacity as a selling point?


Because Cartoons is too inept to implement any design but Doug's?

Give me a break guys. I'm not sure if it's a bigger insult to Doug or Cartoons!.
voted for aragornbird's design.

I think it conveys fighting/dark type and specially based/fast speed well, while still looking relatively simple and (i know it's cliche) pokemon-like.

Also, as Mektar said, design based on animal always gets a plus from me.


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I voted for aragornbird's design.
It's very distinctive from the other ninja-esque designs, not to mention the colour scheme is also very appealing. It's simple, but not too simple.
Voted Buffalo_Wings.
His design looks the most like a pokemon.
It fits the dark/fighting and special attacking bill perfectly.
Also, it just looks cool
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