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Yes, and thank you Ace. But the question is, how can I make it look less like a football player and more like a counter to 5 of the top 10?
Final Submission

Main Design:

Supporting Material:
Front, side and back reference material
Penciled Water Manipulation

This Pokemon design originated as an idea to have a water counterpart to the fire/fighting bird Pokemon Blaziken. This "hidden" flying part of the design allowed an excuse to give this project flying type moves of which many CAPs are weak to and helps further the goal to counter top Pokemon within CAP. I also disliked the idea of another super bulky looking water type Pokemon such as Swampert so a thin water bird was ideal.

The stork was picked instead of the crane to allow bright colour shemes into the design and to go for the less obvious which resulted in surprisingly good red and blue markings. Obviously since this Pokemon was going to be at least somewhat defensive I gave it large, thick and stiff sheild-like arms and bulked up the body and legs from what it would otherwise be without ignoring the elegant aspects of the stork. I eventually envisioned that this creation would be a calm creature outside of battle, meditating on one leg and becoming one with its surroundings.

End comment:
There are many aspects of this design that may turn voters off but if all your qualms are in the bulkyness i'm sure that the sprite artists will come up with their own interpretations of this design. As for the others, I can do little about. If you want something different then feel free to choose this but no matter what the decision is i'll be happy with the majority's vote. I'm proud of this design and that's all that matters.

Good luck to all.

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Wow Wyverii... it's beautiful. It gives off an elegance lacking in a lot of the other posted designs, apart from perhaps KoA's merman. I especially love this middle pose:

It looks so very proud, majestic and powerful all at the same time.

Excellent job, as always =).

Wyverii definitely has my vote now. I was going with Caladbolg's for a while here, but seeing all of the poses together with that new picture won me over. Go stork go!


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Scale's tilting slowly... but I'm still torn. However, that is a great pose Wyverii, and it's the most unique I've seen this whole CAP.
Alright, I'm still working on my idea, but I think I've gotten somewhere. I hope I can win at least some people over.

If anyone wants to help in any way, that'd be great.
Well, SOMEBODY needs to do a pirate Pokemon. After all, pirates are the first things to come to mind when you think of a warrior of the sea.

A squid's head makes a wonderful base for a pirate's hat, without actually being a hat. With multiple arms, it can pull off Fighting attacks quite easily. Of course, you'll need the trademark cutlass and hook. The front two arms can be used as fist for punching moves.

Blacking out an eye can give it the effect of an eyepatch, although whether it's necessary is the question. A skull shaped design can carry make the pirate hat look more obvious, although it may be too heavy handed.
This is win!

Seriously this is the kind of thing Pokemon designers should go for, its great!

A little suggestion though, give it one of those swanned off pistols (he could be a mixed attacker) in one tentacle and that way the pokedex could say that he always keeps his right closed eye in order to take a quick shot.

Oh yeah and no skull is necessary, the hat looks great.
Main Design:
I normally don't quote artwork because of...I don't remember the exact reason why it's frowned upon; however, I couldn't resist. This is truly amazing! This pose alone is really making it hard for me to choose 3 top favorites let alone 1!


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Final Submission

Main Design:

Supporting Material:
First Stage
Second Stage
Third Stage, Trident Fighter Mode
Ready to attack!

I decided to make another CAP pokemons for this community. My English sucks, an for me is more difficult express my feelings than others artist.

For me, a Water/Fighting pokemon must have new elements. We have seen a lot of species in Water types [from turtles to beavers, birds, ducks, etc] and we have seen a lot of combat types in Fighting type [from CQC, Meditation-based-combat, Blade combat, Boxing, Kickboxing, etc] So It's difficult create something totally new. But I think my design is near to this.

Atlantimon is a mix of new concepts, mythology, and a decent work that you can see in the evolution of this concept.

My CAP6 fights with its hands, head, but, It can use its tail like a weapon too. Its tail is a marine-based-weapon; a trident [ Symbolizing the sea legends, Poseidon's stories, etc].

Its color also aren't the usually used by Water pokemons.

I made it like a warrior, ready to decentralize the actual metagame. This was my very first inspiration for made a CAP pokemon, and I try to focus on that.


-My CAP has "hidden" Dragon Type.
-Its tail can be used as a new signature move.
-It might be adapted easily to differents stats spreads.

I want to use Wyverii's words:

"There are many aspects of this design that may turn voters off but [...]i'm sure that the sprite artists will come up with their own interpretations of this design."

I think the same for my design.


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Okay, I've updated the anemoninja a bit.

-I tried dark red instead of orange as suggested earlier. However, it really didn't turn out too well in my opinion. It clashed pretty badly against the light yellow skin, as well as the blue tentacles, and made the bands stand out too much.

-On that note, I experimented with other skin colors, but none of them worked. Some were close, but made it look pure Water (light blue), Water/Poison (purple) and Water/Grass (green). Darker colors definitely don't work as its skin colors.

-The only thing I really changed on it was the tentacle coloring. I added an extra gradient coloring, and made the light blue the tips of the tentacles. I really liked how it turned out.

The Mantis Shrimp was tweaked a bit as well.

-I attempted a reddish color, but the coloring really did make it look Crawdaunt-like. Instead, I made the dark tan a bit orange-er.

-I decided to compromise on the hat/top knot issue, and made it gray with a black band.

This will be my last chance for suggestions, etc. I will be posting finalized versions of both of my designs after I look over any last suggestions, along with a link to a poll to determine which submission I should use. Once the design is decided, I will compile as much supporting art as possible before the deadline.
I'm a little afraid that after I post this, someone will immediatly post something better than it and everyone's attention would go there. This is my final submission for CAP6. It's the same pic from before but with a little touch up on the shading and I removed a couple of white spots.

Tattoos and biceps, the ultimate in masculine finesse? Most of you won't think so.

As my last convincing post, I must say that a lot of you guys' artwork is pretty cool. A lot of different kinds of great ideas. This eeligator is offensive in the form of punches and bites (but not much more than that), is defensive from being slimy and "dodgy", and is overall bodacious.

I cannot force you to say nice things, but I do ask you to say something. And please don't tell me it looks like a football player mermaid thing.
I think I like CyzirVisheen's anemoninja the most. It is certainly one of the most creative things I've seen--to take a sessile invertebrate and set it up as a viable-looking Fighting (and Water) Pokemon. I can also see it fighting more unconventionally (kind of Medicham-esque and Zen-like) than say, Caladbolg's or Wyverii's. The mantis shrimp is also nice, but I find it too similar to existing crustacean Pokemon. That's not to say that it's bad, but that I would pick anemoninja if not for its creativity, then for the diversity of taxonomic representation alone.

Other than that, Aragornbird, Wyverii, Caladbolg (sorry if I'm spelling your name wrong), and Cartoons! also have nice submissions (in order of my descending preference). I also like the drunken sea lion and the elephant seal brawler.

Edit: Elegy of Emptiness: yours is not bad, but I don't find it as creative and inspired as several of the others one I've listed above (CyzirVisheen, Aragornbird, and nardd for example), or as professionally executed as Caladbolg, Cartoons, and Wyverii's submissions. The fangs and green color immediately remind me of a poisonous snake such as a green mamba--a Poison-type. The emphasis on the jaw reminds me of Feraligatr. Overall, it just does not strike me as a Fighting type. I think it needs more bulk and emphasis in the arms and muscles, and less emphasis on the jaw, to be a bona fide Fighting-type. I like the very muscular tail and the fins on the tail, though--that reminds me of a moray eel. I think I would like yours better if you changed the head shape to look more like a moray rather than a gator or snake.
Final Submission
Main Design

I'm just going to nickname him "praunch" for this. (prawn+punch)

Since only a few people actually said anything about this guy, I'll take it as either meaning that they weren't interested, or nothing major needs to be changed. Both ways lead to this being my final design.

First about the body, it's a cross between a lobster and a shrimp. It wears red padded armor and a headpiece that looks suspiciously like amateur boxing headgear. Its face is secluded inside of the headgear, and I think the simple eyes make it looks like it could pull off being rather unaware.

I picked the color scheme because whenever I think of red, I think of aggression -- plus, it's the characteristic color of boxing gloves; and don't rubberbanded-shut claws serve maybe the same purpose? Yeah, he is only really two different colors, but for every giratina there is a dewgong.

Ever been to a seafood resturaunt where they had those lobsters in a tank with their claws rubberbanded? Well that was my main inspiration for this piece, I'm serious.

I just figured that instead of the bands being there for the human's convenience, I'll have them be the Praunchs' own choice.

Perhaps Praunch is a gentleman and doesn't want to fight like an open-clawed brute? Perhaps he is wearing those bands to handicap himself a-la Machoke? I'll leave that up to the viewer because I honestly don't care. I added it because I wanted to twist up the design a bit and leave him as open to interpretation as possible.
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