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Hi, welcome to my thread intended to host a bunch of stuff that technically qualifies as art. I thought long and hard about what to make for my two thousandth post. I eventually settled on making a thread for my art. I'm not good by any means and I'm not going to pretend like I have any clue what I'm doing >_<. I'm proud with the progress I've made over time, but I only do this because it relaxes me. One of the few things that brings me joy is just drawing, and I thought it might be a nice way to catalogue it all and share it I guess. Thanks for clicking on this thread, and I hope you have a lovely day.​

wooloo i drew which im actually rly happy with

spinda bc Meri Berry likes spindas

mime jr is super cute and i liked drawing this a lot he looks like an ice cream sundae in a good way.

5 min karrablast without any reference. rushed but its still scary ;w;

drew a buizel for HML am bc he likes buizel

shiny breloooooooom i love breloom and i tried a perspective i wouldnt normally try

lapras i drew for erperis without even knowing them at all bc alice/djokra asked me to and i do what im told

raichu surge surfing

birthday heracross for Djokra who is super cool

mimikyu using a wacom tablet, everything else here is using my ipad & apple pencil which i find considerably easier and better.

i'd play an octillery elefun

drugtrio. yes, drugtrio.

krokorok wearing crocs

birthday bellossom, i drew for kaori 's birthday

birthday sylveon, i drew for Milkshook 's birthday

ti asked me to make snake art i tried to make a zyg, im actually pretty proud of how this turned out but i would've done the text better.

i initially planned to lead the "helvetica hydreigons" coming into ompl 2019 but i ended up switching to the klink shamers which is objectively better. thanks TheCoastsOfToast for both ideas.

this is a zacian on a ladder.

i tried to get the mewtwo shading perfect because i was practicing blending everything in. it looks like i just copied a mewtwo image over and pasted it which works.

nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa shogi, the shogi cats from 3-gatsu no lion

stupid panda. i love him.
As this is my 2000th post I'd like to shoutout a few people specifically, even though I recently made an RMT and shouted out everyone there, these people genuinely deserve another shoutout thanks to them being great friends through it all. Thank you to everyone for making my time on this website so amazing, but also special thanks to these special people.
Meri Berry Djokra kaori Lilburr vivalospride kjdaas anime sans GL Volkner Milkshook Tack :] Kit Kasai TheCoastsOfToast Nat yogi

But overall, thank you to everyone. I wouldn't have stuck around so long on this website if the people weren't generally super nice & great, so thank you!!!
hi i might as well add a few random drawings ive done over the last month

belated birthday gift for my good friend vivalospride since he loves this 2 year old log, which was me spouting shit one day about sm uu
[00:29] #Chloe: hydreigon is rly s
[00:29] #Chloe: and deserves to be there
[00:29] #Chloe: bc its rly good
[00:29] %bdov: doesnt blissey, togekiss, and like every fairy type wall it
[00:29] #Chloe: those arent good
[00:29] #Chloe: anymore
[00:29] #Chloe: since viv runs araquanid
[00:29] #Chloe: which hard counters both

i drew this for my good friend Kit Kasai bc she likes litwick and shes cool and yea!!

In The Hills requested i make an om matchmaking banner and let me do whatever with it so here's a blissey falling in love with a toxapex

i made a cheap quick 350 cup banner 4 years ago that is still being used on the thread to this day, so i made a new one!

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