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i did want to say that i reskimmed the whole thread and in general the reasons for a no lynch were sound. because of the smaller nature of this setup we have to be a lot more careful with our lynches and we cant afford a d1 mislynch right now. however my main issue is we basically dont gain much pressure on people from this decision because of the non-threatening nature and because of that i think we need to focus on getting people to talk through votes or just calling them out on scummy/weak posts.
Theres pressure on people all the time in a NOC because things you say yesterday can come back to bite you in the ass the next day. Knowing this, its pretty clear that even if it were decided very early in the day that we were going to end up no lynching no matter what, you can still pressure people and interrogate them based on the scummy stuff you think they are doing, because of the fact that just because a new day happens doesnt mean you are wiped clean of all the scummy stuff you might or might not have done yesterday. This obviously includes all the town stuff, too.
Ok, there's not much to go off of, yet, but from what I've seen, I'm gonna propose a Houndoomsday-Walrein scumteam. Why? Well, HDD's bad math and gradual reversal seems not dissimilar to a scum realizing his plans have been foiled, and trying to distance himself from it. Walrein because of his Lynch -> NL reversal.

I want them both to reply to this. Also, FoS on LW for only interacting with us collectively, rather than individually in significant like everyone has somehow... except maybe HDD.

If I missed something major, I plead some fatigue and a minor headache. Go ahead and say what I missed.
Untrue, I called out zorbees specifically on his point of rating voting no lynch over not voting at all and voted him for it, and till now we have yet to discuss actual players in this game, we only have talked about collective ideas, like no lynch vs rand and if the miller should come out or not, I will obviously talked about collective matters in a collective manner. I may be misusing the word collective here.
i fail to see how a reversal, especially one such as mine where it wasnt a knee-jerk, but a slow persuasion by other players is all that scummy. if it were so there would be no point in arguing because no one would change their mind. im going to need you to elaborate on why you think that me being persuaded by good points is that big of a deal? i changed my mind over a 24+ hour period of time and it was because i realized that one of the things i thought i knew about nocs (always lynch d1), was completely wrong. as i said before it was the case in the game i played, and the game i had read.

the bad math in the beginning is inexcusable but youre reading too much into that, i had just finished calc hw and was all mathed out for the day haha

in general i think your accusation was a bit baseless and that you have been looking too hard to find scum. just because someone changes their mind hardly confirms their mafian intentions!

THE_IRON_KENYAN i understand that, i just personally think that not using our votes to pressure right now is a bit of a wasted opportunity to add in more pressure to get more reads, however i guess we'll have to agree to disagree, as both sides are valid, its just a matter of philosophy


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[quote="Aura Guardian, post: 4843260, member: 43094"
Walrein because of his Lynch -> NL reversal.[/quote]
What? Where have I ever advocated no lynching?
Oh, wow, other replies too.

Walrein: Sorry, misread posts 31 and 60, I need more sleep. Retracting accusations of Walrein
Lightwolf: Ok, missed that page 3 post, sorry. But I still want to see more interactions with different people.
Houndoomsday: What you said is mainly a reason for what you did, and it seems reasonable, but it also just seems like a little warning flag to me. Yes, opinions can definitely change, but I think it might be best to take note of them.

This is what I get for trying to uphold a "I'll have more later" while with a headache... eesh. At least I got responses, and not all of my stuff was "wow, headache wrecked." I'll probably be a lot more able to do stuff tomorrow if I see something, but logic-ing stuff out and getting a feel for people is probably off the table for me for the rest of the night. *checks, briefly* yes, another day to debate, wonderful.


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I think its a bit weird that A_G calls out people for going from lynching to understanding no-lynch when he pretty much did the same thing.

Other than that, I don't think much happened over the past 24 hours that is really worth mentioning.


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AG is definitely eager to cast suspicion on others, even if he promptly backs off from his accusation, he's still trying to seed a bit of doubt in our minds.

I would like to know other players' interpretations of AG's aggressive posture, please discuss.
did bt just retcon my genius plan

what a bastard
I'm sorry but you seem to be taking a lot of credit for something I distinctly remember mentioning and outlining. I honestly can't say if I find it just annoying, or somewhat scummy.

As I skim the thread, as well, AG is posting a possible Hdoom/Walrein team? Well, I think half of that might be worthwhile. Walrein saying "oh no my plan to help the village" regarding the miller, when afaik he said more or less exactly what I had on the subject, seems like a potential thing to later push when suspicion is cast on him. "I can't be mafia, I wanted the miller to out and help the village!" As it turned out, BT's ruling ruined said plan, but had it not, and the miller claimed, Walrein would still have been able to say "good my plan helps" and presumably appear town, thus dodging the inspect?

Which brings me to AG, now. If AG is bringing up a Walrein/Hdoom pair, and Walrein does in fact end up being scum, then AG would look pretty town in the event of a Walrein lynch. In a game where only two mislynches will lose the game for us, him looking significantly town even for one cycle is overwhelmingly powerful. Add onto that the fact that AG could potentially have a role that doesn't show up upon Cop inspection...

So atm I think Walrein+AG as Hooker+Godfather respectively has some merit. Obviously the first thing to come to mind is "The mafia wouldn't throw one of their own away like that!" but if sacrificing the identifiable one makes the other seem squeaky clean, then I would think it's a viable strat. This is even more viable when a number of players (myself included, yes) have expressed interest in a No Lynch day.

Furthermore, reading a few more posts down, Yeti and zorbees also have some qualms with AG's behavior, so I'm not the only one.

The key reason I'm not focusing on Hdoom is because of Walrein's quoted post, but the same logic COULD apply for him.

Anyway it's enough to make me retract my RVS vote, finally.

unvote, vote Walrein


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1. That post was mostly a joke lol, since when do I ever bitch about hosting decisions

2. While it's true that you discussed the pros and cons of the miller claiming, my intention was more to outline a potential plan of action for D1 that, yes, involved a miller claim. Semantics? Maybe, but my intention with my posting was not in any way related to your post.

My thoughts on AG: he seems really scatterbrained right now, and he's posting with Pokemonrocks777 levels of coherency, albeit his grammar is much better. Perhaps once he gets over his "headache" he'll post things that elicit a reaction out of me that isn't simply "the fuck you talking about?"


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I will say, however, that daentm's above post seems pretty townie to me. Why? He's actually stating an opinion on another player in the game. All we have so far is five pages of "should we lynch" and "should this guy claim", and I applaud daenym for stepping up and actually devoting a post to player analysis. That's not to say that his opinion of me is the only player opinion posted in the entire game, but it's the first really detailed bit of analysis, so town points for that.

I would like to see more player analysis out of TIK and Houndoomsday in particular, and I would like for AG to elaborate on his above assertions.
Just a friendly reminder that you can't edit posts. TIK can tell me what he did later.

Votecount 1.6

Walrein (1): Daenym
Yeti (1): zorbees
zorbees (2): Houndoomsday LightWolf
Daenym (1): Walrein

Not Voting (2): Yeti Aura Guardian

Majority is 5 out of 8.

Deadline is at 6:00 PM EST which is in 15 hours and 30 minutes. No majority is no lynch.
Regarding extensions: Yes or no?

I feel like even though the miller thing is off the table, it did generate discussion that's notably more useful than most of what came before. Now that there might be something to go on, I'd hate the day to end somewhat prematurely :/


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Oh my RVS vote is on the guy I just called town. Awk.

Unvote, Vote Houndoomsday I'd like to see more out of him.


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I agree that I would like to see more content from HDD, I think I've been calling for him, and LW, to speak up for a while. Not gonna use my vote atm but I second the prod for some detailed analysis from him. So far his post on this page was an attempt to defend himself but I would like to see some accusations from him if possible.
Regarding extensions: Yes or no?

I feel like even though the miller thing is off the table, it did generate discussion that's notably more useful than most of what came before. Now that there might be something to go on, I'd hate the day to end somewhat prematurely :/
yeah I had this in mind too because the miller thing did take a while

extending to 3:00 AM EST should be fine, which is in 24 hours
honestly im having trouble posting because every other player has much more experience and many of the points i want to make have already been made by another player, but thats not a good excuse

im not going to spend too much time on AG because I feel like im in danger of going into OMGUS mode, but i did feel like the accusation against me was a little weird. ive explained why before, but then right after he seems to give in and say it was only a "warning flag", which is a little weird. i hope his headache gets better soon :toast::toast::toast:

daenym seems to be posting great reads, seems very townie to me, and id like him to keep it up, not too much to say there

yeti seems to be posting a bunch of great, condensed, logic. despite not writing til he manages to contribute more than most other players, which is a good trait to have.

TIK and LW havent spoken much recently so im not going to read them until they make a couple good posts

honestly like i said, im having trouble figuring out what to write about. i dont like to post in the beginning few days because there isnt as much to write about, and when you combine that with this being a game with all more experienced players, im having trouble posting much. if whoever wants me to talk more could post specific questions/things they want me to write about, id be happy to do it after school tonight
Sorry about my scatterbrainedness yesterday, I felt like I needed to post, but with the school year and having to wake up early (the price for no Friday classes), I lose most ability to think after classes, which is when I'm most able to post. Add in that I'm starting to need caffeine, and that what I have of it wears off towards the end of said classes... yeah, not a good combo for posting, sorry. I'm mostly better now, and am about to go through the thread to see what else to say.
So I'm having a really bad morning.

I've already given my thoughts on Walrein and AG, so I won't rehash that.

Hdoom comes across to me as more noob-town than anything else. The one thing I'm not really a fan of on his part, however, is the pretty quick attempt to return to a no-lynch discussion after the miller claim was off the table (post 99). While I don't think it's inherently scummy, I think it's been shown that there's enough on the table to have a better discussion than lynch/no lynch.

Regarding LW, since the miller claim is off the table now, would you mind just sharing whatever thoughts you said you'd had on the subject that you kept back? I'm interested.

All of TIK's sizable posts seem to be him defending his support of not lynching. Again, in this game I don't find the support of no lynch to be scummy in itself, but if you happened to take a stab at something else it wouldn't hurt.

Both Yeti and zorbees haven't done anything that stands out in my mind as leaning one way or the other, though their suspicions of AG are in line with my own, as I said earlier. Both of them tend to set themselves up as "I kind of think this, but not so much that I couldn't be convinced otherwise", which leaves them free to switch and not get called out on it too much.
Ok, first: I seriously thought HDD was likely scum, but after reading his reply, realized that I was overreacting, and it should have just been a warning flag, so I posted that correction. Sorry for any confusion there.

I haven't seen much out of Daenym other than an early argument for using our No Lynch now, then lynching later. Oh, then page 4 when he starts with the wondering if miller should claim, which was nixed. And this one page is when he's actually started attacking anyone outside of RVS. Namely, proposing a Walrein/me scumteam... using my post proposing Walrein/HDD... despite me re-reading upon some prods by the three peope I mentioned and realizing the gaping holes in my idea, which I fast retracted.

Oh, then he made a new post while I was typing this up, and that new post was reads on everyone else, so this post is sort of obsolete... erm. But why did HDD say Daenym was doing great reads when I only say 2/7 reads... I just looked it over, and aside from the two strategy things put forward, that was the only read (now there's more...). Regardless, I was gonna say FoS on Daenym, but his recent post has convinced me otherwise. I will have to look into what he just said about TIK, though.

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