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June 1st:

Immediately after Keldeo and Pelipper dropped, the council began to discuss the possible impacts of both rain and of Keldeo as a whole. Several sets were theorized with their possible effects on the metagame being discussed in the process. We talked about specs, toxic variants, and even CM taunt sets. We largely believed drizzle to be broken from the get-go, but Hogg cautioned us to be patient, asking for the council to test out drizzle in case of its potential brokenness being predicated on a single mon that could be banned, rather than drizzle by itself. We discussed how several rain abusers could prove to be unhealthy for the meta, such as mantine, barraskewda, ludicolo, heliolisk, and drednaw.

June 2nd:

Moute brought up CM taunt keldeo, while CBU mentioned the viability of specs+toxic keldeo. Moute believed keldeo to not be inherently broken, while CBU mentioned how he believed rain to be largely unhealthy. We then briefly talked about DLC and possible drops in the future. More keldeo sets were brought up, while Adaam pushed for a wholesale drizzle ban. Adaam then asked us how we were checking Keldeo on our builds, to which he mentioned how he lost to a mixed set with icy wind and megahorn. Accel brought up how AV Reuniclus and Jellicent served as passable counterplay. Adaam then mentioned how he believed we didn't have sufficient counterplay for Keldeo in the tier's current form. Misa then mentioned how she believed rain to be broken as a playstyle, with her and hogg both posting the rain teams they've used on the ladder. Later, roamer brought up how he believed Keldeo to be ridiculous in its current form, noting its viability versus the vast majority of the tier. Rillaboom was then briefly discussed by Hogg and Freeroamer.

June 3rd:

I asked what our plan was going forward on pelipper/drizzle, to which hogg asked the council if we needed more time to see whether drizzle by itself was broken. We decided on an extension regarding the vote, to allow more time to test the playstyle and the mons. CBU mentioned how he believed the playstyle to be inherently broken because of its abusers. Scope Shot Inteleon was brought up, while AV reuniclus was discussed as a possible means of counterplay to rain. Donphantastic then brought up Drednaw's viability as a swift swim abuser, while TDK mentioned specs Pelipper as a viable option on rain. Keldeo was briefly brought up, with Adaam wanting to see it in play outside of rain.

June 4th:

Hogg brought up his experiences with Snipe Shot Inteleon and how he enjoyed using it on rain builds. Drednaw sets were then discussed, with members like CBU, Adaam, and Freeroamer noting the viability of the mon. Freeroamer mentioned how we should expedite a drizzle vote with ULT finals coming up, to which several council members expressed their support. More rain mons were discussed, while the possibility of drizzle Politoed being broken was also brought up, which led to numerous members wanting a wholesale drizzle ban.

June 5th:

IP mentioned being ready to vote on drizzle.

June 6th:

Moute asked when we were voting, DLC was discussed.

June 7th:

DLC further discussed, Hogg and TDK mentioned that they were writing up the Drizzle vote. Hogg mentioned council minutes, i volunteered to write them.


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Covering June 8th till now:
  • HAs dropped for Rillaboom, giving it Grassy Terrain. Some cheesers discussed the viability of Raboot with Libero
  • Drizzle vote happened and it was unanimously banned
  • Accelgor stepped down from council :psycry:. Lilburr will be taking his place
  • With DLC looming, council discussed any possible quickbans, zeroing in on Chansey. Nothing else seemed problematic
  • TDK called yeezyknows a simp.
  • Some speculation about what drops UU might get from OU. This discussion mainly focused on if Scizor was good enough in OU to stay there this generation.
  • Grassy Seed is beginning to emerge as a monstrous threat on Pokemon like Reuniclus and Necrozma. Donphantastic mentions how Necrozma is a potential suspect candidate. Adaam, Moute, and Freeroamer all mention that Grassy Seed in general is overbearing and can warrant a potential Rillaboom suspect.
  • DLC drops. Moutemoute really dislikes Chansey. Council decides to vote on a Chansey quickban
  • Council discusses over how the new moves affect the tier. People mention how Indeedee and Barraskewda get better, while Rillaboom emerges as a top tier threat.
  • TDK owns vivalospride


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Covering June 20th till now :
  • UU council talked about the potential drops we could get such as Terrakion, Mimikyu or Scizor. We also talked about how the metagame could evolve. Threats such as Kyurem were mentionned but also Snarl Toxtricity who will probably be better with drops such as Palossand. Hogg provided to the council the stats from the Charity Bowl tournament which help us to see what kind of Pokemon could drop but also which ones could rise (Rillaboom and maybe Weezing-Galar).
  • Freeroamer talked about Shell Smash Terrain Pulse Blastoise which can be nice under Psychic Terrain or Grassy Terrain. Other Pokemon which have some potential with terrain support were brought on the table such as Gallade or Terrain Pulse Clawitzer.
  • Lily asked to the council, its opinion on Toxtricity and overall the council agreed that it was managable and will be even more easy to handle after the shifts.
  • Hogg talked about SD LO Superpower Rillaboom and shared a Screens HO with it while Lily complained about Expanding Force Indeedee. On her side, Misa complained about Rising Voltage Raichu-A + Pincurchin by sharing a few replays of Raichu-Alola in action. Moutemoute tried her team and agree that Raichu-A was strong but also said that Electric Seed + Necrozma was even more dangerous in his opinion.
  • Necrozma was rised as an issue and the council tried to see which drops way me able to deal with it. Things like Darkest Lariat Krookodile were discussed. The council also agreed that it was better to wait the drops before taking any action agaisnt Necrozma.
  • UU council talked about which UUBL could be retest alongside drops of july shifts and decided to make a vote on Crawdaunt, Gengar, Gyarados, Obstagoon and Weavile. Following this vote, Crawdaunt, Gengar and Obstagoon were reintroduced in UU alongside drops.
  • Shifts happened. UU council joked about the fact that Scizor didn't dropped but Aegislash did. Hogg explained that UU was going back to beta in order to allow the council to fix it as soon as possible by doing voting slates rather than public tests to rapidly move things into and out of UUBL in an attempt to quickly settle the metagame.
  • Quickly some council members rised some issues for the tier such as Aegislash, Conkeldurr, Gengar but also Scolipede and Terrakion. SkarmBliss was also talked about as a potential issue. Gengar was brought multiple times on the table as a nasty threat which was able to bypass a lot of its checks thanks to Nasty Plot and Focus Blast. The same applied to Aegislash with sets such as Mixed Autotomize, Choice Band, Choice Specs, Air Balloon Swords Dance or SubToxic.
  • UU council talked about nice additions to the tier such as Lycanroc-Dusk, Tyranitar, Tentacruel and Slowking and Pokemon which have become a bit better such as SubCM Keldeo or Choice Band Barraskewda.
  • Multiple members of the council asked to do our first votting slate as soon as possible. Council exchanged to decide which Pokemon should be vote on. Adaam made us gdoc to see which Pokemon were the most controversial.
  • Sabella was added to the council.
  • UU council decided to vote on Aegislash, Conkeldurr, Crawdaunt, Gengar and Obstagoon.
  • Aegislash, Conkeldurr and Gengar were banned and no-other UUBL were unbanned.
  • Scolipede is discussed as the next potential ban. At the same time, some council members explained that we should wait to reintroduce some UUBL Pokemon because it could biaised our opinions on other threats.


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i write too much

-Moute decided that enough was enough and demanded that the rest of us vote to ban Scolipede. Donny P agreed. Everyone else was terrified.
-Concerns were raised about Jirachi; some of the council believe that it is too much for the tier to handle, and some are unsure. It was agreed that we will be keeping an eye on it for the time being, but would not act rashly.
-We talked about the influence of Future Sight + Teleport combinations on the tier and how they benefit wallbreakers, particulary strong Fighting-types.
-Adaam broke his glasses.
-Krookodile's great versatility was mentioned, and we talked about how good it is at blanket checking a ton of threats and keeping rocks up.

-Everyone thought CM Colbur Reuniclus was great for about 5 minutes and then decided it wasn't.
-Moute's move orders made me sad.
-We talked about Ditto's potential in the tier now and decided that it's very good in certain matchups and could be a great pick, but it's hard to fit on a team due to its lack of consistency.
-We talked about voting to re-test Durant and Mamoswine. Some council members thought that we should vote on the rest of UUBL too, but it was decided against at this time to avoid a massive shake-up during UU Open.
-CBU expressed concerns about Mimikyu and its impact on the tier. We agreed that it's gone under the radar somewhat, but are not thinking about taking action on it just yet.
-The council brought up issues we felt were plagueing the tier. People expressed issues with Scolipede. Blissey, Terrakion, Lycanroc-Dusk, and Mimikyu.

-Hogg owned someone on the ladder with a Ditto.

-Booty theorised that Ditto and Hatterene would be great choices in the current meta thanks to their anti-offense capabilities.
-CBU is depressed that Tyranitar isn't ruling the meta.
-We ended up voting on Blissey, Scolipede, and Terrakion. We also voted to re-test Durant, Mamoswine, and Primarina.
-Freeroamer called me lucky for the 2385723578th time.
-We talked mostly about Terrakion and decided that, despite its insane offensive presence, it's not too difficult to deal with. Most of us agreed that it's fine at the moment.
-Adaam and Viv flirted.
-Everyone agreed that Primarina is stupid and shouldn't be retested. Tony tried to free it anyway.
-I thought Durant would be fine. Nobody agreed with me. It wasn't fine. :clown:
-We talked about some other UUBL Pokemon, mostly Dracozolt, but decided not to let it roam the tier yet.


-We talked about Reuniclus again. CBU REALLY likes Reuniclus.
-I told everyone that Jellicent is the best mon in the metagame and nobody believed me.
-Rocky Helmet Druddigon was brought up as a neat anti-meta threat.
-CBU got mad at a Galarian Slowbro.

-TDK made a deez nuts joke.
-Mamoswine was brought up a potential problem. We decided that it was fine for now, since we'd be checking on it again within the week anyway.
-Adaam called me woke.

-Adaam brought up Jirachi again. Lots of the council has become increasingly concerned about the warping effects it has on the tier, but it's also got a lot of positives, so we're not sure about whether it'd be better to ban it or to keep it here.
-We talked about the possiblity of Blissey moving back up to OU, and how that would impact the tier.
-Booty invented semi-stall.

-We talked about the possibility of freeing the rest of UUBL again, though nothing came of it yet.
-Tony OHKOed an Eternatus with a resisted hit and got really excited about it.
-Scyther was brought up, and everyone agreed that despite Skarmory's sky-high usage, it's a really good Pokemon in the meta.

-Defensive Talonflame was talked about. Flame Body is broken.
-Durant was brought up again, and everyone seemed to agree that it's really broken even with the new additions to the tier. We talked about Mamoswine at the same time, and most of us seemed to agree that it wasn't really overbearing at all anymore.
-Shift Gear Toxtricity was brought up, particulary mixed variants that use Drain Punch to take advantage of Blissey.
-Mimikyu was brought up again, though this time not as a problem, just as a very good Pokemon.

-UU WCOP was brought up :eyes:
-We questioned whether Inteleon was viable or not. It was not.

-Teleport was brought up more seriously. Slowking in particular was brought up as a huge abuser of the move, but Blissey was deemed potentially problematic too. We don't know if it's unhealthy, but it's definitely concerning.
-Moute has moved on from hating Chansey. He now hates Durant.

-Adaam has now decided that Lycanroc-Dusk is broken. In unrelated news, he thinks Mudsdale is an A+ Pokemon.
-We debated Terrakion vs Lycanroc for a while and decided that Terrakion's general bulk and typing makes it better in most cases, but we also agreed that Lycanroc is scarier to face.
-Haxorus was brought up again, as a Pokemon we could potentially retest. Its newfound access to Scale Shot is conerning, though.
-Adaam got owned by AV Crawdaunt.

-TDK baited us into thinking there was a vote to do and then told us to talk about whether we thought Boots were broken or not as a result of a recent Policy Review thread. Most of us think they're fine.
-CBU hates Volcarona and refers to it as Rona, much to the dismay of the rest of the council.
-Moute mentioned that we should write up another set of Council Minutes soon. I volunteered to do it and then forgot.
-CBU won for WCOP and everyone was proud of him GREECE MOTHERFUCKERS
-We voted on Durant and Mamoswine once more. Moute also brought up Crawdaunt as a potential problem.
-We had a debate about the impact of Slowking on the tier. Some of us feel like it's restricting, some feel like it's fine.

-Surprisingly literally nothing of substance happened but Hogg made goose puns.

-We discussed the viability of hazard-based hyper offenses. The advent of boots has ruined their viability a lot, but Mimikyu makes them pretty viable still.
-The tier leaders brought up the potential of a vote on Terrakion, Lycanroc-Dusk, and Jirachi, as well as a re-vote on the rest of UUBL. Most of the council agreed that the rest of the list is pretty bonkers, though.
-Adaam called Steelix unviable again.
-TDK reminded me to write these up and I spent like an hour doing it.


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-We talked about some potential drops from OU. Choices included Alolan Marowak, Togekiss, Magnezone, Mew, and Bisharp.
-Moute loved CB Krook but his move orders still upset me.
-We talked about Shift Gear + Drain Punch Toxtricity which was cool and all but now Blissey's gone so it's officially unviable
-CBU is even more hinged on Polteageist than before. No matter how unviable we say it is, he finds a way to top the ladder with it.
-Donny P invented boots Mienshao, as evidenced by this chat log:

-Boots Heliolisk was brought up again as a cool mon that we should've used before
-CBU convinced Hogg to run 216 speed Skarmory bc he rly still believes Pangoro is viable. Tony got mad at us for calling it "Turbo Skarm", insisting that it is "Nascarmory" and nothing else.
-I defended CBTar to the grave PLEASE I WANT HIM TO BE GOOD
-vivalospride was owned by Adaam apparently
-There are literally like 1000 lines about SM UU to sift through WE HAVE #oldgens_uu FOR A REASON

-Moute told us we would be losing Crawdaunt and I got really sad
-Adaam uses unviable Rotoms
-Freeroamer bought into the Polteageist propaganda and I blame his British nature entirely
-We talked about freeing Diggersby but nothing really came of it at this point.

-We talked about Magic Room Jirachi. Yes I'm serious.
-We talked about voting to ban some Pokemon - Terrakion, Lycanroc-Dusk, and Jirachi. This didn't end up happening.
-Moute has once again moved on from hating Durant this time. Now, he's angry at Crawdaunt.
-We talked about the possibility of sending out a survey to specific UU players based on a multitude of factors. This survey would gather their opinions on what's most unhealthy in the tier and would be used to influence council decisions going forward.
-Hatterene was talked about after its initially slow growth, lots of us think it was underrated at first and that it's proving to be a very scary Pokemon.
-Jirachi has been brought up as an unhealthy presence but we were hesitant to vote on it bc we think it's something that should probably be a public suspect test.
-I'm a liar

-IP can't count.
-Diggersby was talked about again, this time a bit more seriously, but CBU brought up Mega Kick and scared everyone off so we didn't decide on anything.

-We took an informal vote on what we felt were the most problematic Pokemon in the tier - most people agreed that Terrakion, Lycanroc-Dusk and Jirachi were big issues, and a couple of people expressed concerns about Crawdaunt.
-Flame Body Talonflame is broken apparently

-We talked about time limits thanks to current tournaments like UUWC, UU Open and the upcoming Snake Draft.
-CBU didn't believe that Scarf Diggersby would be viable but then he kept getting smashed by it when we freed it
-Roamer is a liar too

-Fat Cobalion was brought up with Toxic + Volt Switch but nobody talked about it after like 2 minutes :(
-We had a long discussion about the pros and cons of Terrakion and Lycanroc-Dusk.
-We voted on the guys. Tony still wants to free them all. I agreed. Moute was unhappy.
-Everyone thought Ninetales-A would be broken. We had a long discussion about that vs Grimmsnarl, and the respective strengths and weaknesses of each.
-We realised we'd be losing Blissey. Nobody was sad.

-Talonflame was brought up again and Adaam showed us like 10 sets for it somehow

-We talked about WCOP. Our priorities are in the right place.

-Moute gassed Hatterene every day this week but I forgot to say it until now
-Someone brought up Counter Slowking which was great but then they realised it's not actually legal lmao L
-Hogg used max spdef Tyranitar and walled literally every single special attacker in the tier without fail

-We talked about UUWC, specifically a 2nd SM slot vs an ADV slot, but most of the real discussion was kept in the super secret hosting channel :eyes:
-Adaam called vivalospride a simp.

-We further discussed how we would go about our survey thing.
-Venusaur got freed and we spammed Sun on the ladder like the anarchists we are.
-Moute made memes.
-Hogg told us about how fat Tyranitar is again.

-We discussed Diggersby again following its unban since it had kinda gone under the radar in favour of Sun mons, and we felt it was still pretty unhealthy.

-We feared that we might have to ban Charizard but then OU took all the sun guys so we didn't have to
-Donny P owned a Noivern with Rock-type Weather Ball.

-TDK tried to convince us that Centiskorch is viable.
-Adaam invented SD Scizor
-TDK tried to convince us that Centiskorch is viable again like 2 hours later
-We had a discussion about whether Venusaur or Charizard is a bigger issue on sun teams and eventually decided "nah they're both broken this is pointless"

-We voted on Diggersby and Venusaur again and to the surprise of nobody they were banned near-unanimously
-Moutemoute sent this image at least 20 times:

-Everyone loves Mienshao.

-Not much happened but we called SD Diggersby trash.

-TDK asked if we wanted to vote on Chansey if it ended up dropping to UUBL. The council was split, but it didn't end up dropping so we didn't have to deal with it.
-We got Bisharp! Unfortunately it didn't end up making much of a splash at all.

-Someone reminded me to do council minutes aaaand here we are.
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