Crisis in CK9++ City [Serial Killer Wins]

Thunder~BALLZ You have until March 26th 10pm CDT to present a case for why Heal is the SK and not you. If you don't submit a case (wherein the case must quote, link to, and/or directly reference suspicious posts made by Heal as evidence of why he is the SK) by that time, I will assume your unsubstantiated accusation is SK flailing and vote you.
Yes to above.

One thing I was thinking about, would sk have wanted to lynch mafia yesterday? When tbz voted it was before it was sure fenrir was the vote if I remember correctly.

But I will vote tbz unless he proves otherwise.
I'm not saying wether I know if tbz was actually reading fenrir as scum or not. Just reflecting on if sk had a good guess of who mafia was, would they vote them. We can't really know what tbz was thinking but now I'll just wait bored for tbz to attempt to prove their point.
OK so I looked back at thunder~ballz's case against fenrir and it's one post

Which is on d2, so the only scum revealed was clarinet
I iso'ed clarinet again. There is no mentioning of tbz anywhere.

So that case was bollock

Other's tbz posts, excluding today's, is promise to give read then go submarine and announcing that he was there then went straight to fenrir lynch.
I do not feel inspired by this.
Here's the nested quote from Crabbo's take:

I’m lynching fenrir cause scum called me out yesterday for being inactive but not fenrir /shrug
And here's Heury's take from D3.

All of tbz's posts from most recent to least recent.

"and I am not a PR just a Vanilla rip VOTE FENRIR

havent I been trying to lynch Fenrir for days

nothings from Fenrir’s last post is making me want to get off him

I’m lynching fenrir cause scum called me out yesterday for being inactive but not fenrir /shrug

I promise I’m here today C: LYNCH FENRIR AESIR

am back reading, expect posts within 2 hours

oops sorry for not posting I forgot I was in this and I just got off work"

After looking at both fenrir and tbz, I want to vote tbz, but this can just be tbz's playstyle. Leaning on voting tbz but will vote fenrir of that's what is most wanted.
What really pings me about Thunder is he's not putting his money where his mouth is. His votes are RVS adjacent with how little reasoning they have behind him. And even when he was given an ultimatum to do more than J'accuse and vamoose, he outright refused.

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