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What is Doubles OU C&C?
C&C stands for Contributions & Corrections and is the part of the site where we produce analyses. As you might of guessed it, Doubles OU C&C focuses on writing and uploading analyses for Doubles OU. Discussion occurs in the #analysis-discussion channel in the Doubles Discord or the DOU Analysis Discussion Thread on the forums. Below will be the step-by-step process of writing an analysis!

:sylveon: Doubles OU C&C Staff
:pichu: Doubles OU C&C Forum Rules
  • Global Forum Rules apply.
  • Be nice to each other. You can disagree with another user while still being respectful. Don't engage in flame wars. If you see something, say something. Please contact a Doubles OU C&C Forum Moderator with any concerns regarding harassment, bullying, or any other unacceptable behavior.
1. Reserve your Pokemon
Head on over to the DOU C&C Reservations Thread and reserve which Pokemon you would like to write an analysis for by simply responding in the thread with it. The list of available Pokemon is at the bottom of the OP in the hide tag "Analyses Available." All analyses being worked on currently are under "Analyses in Progress." If there are no Pokemon available to be written, don't worry! More will be released soon, and there's other ways to help the section (see the second post in this thread).
  • QC Members (we'll get to them) can reserve as many Pokemon as they want and do not need permission at all.
  • All other users can reserve only one analysis at a time.
  • Badgeholders require permission from dnagerbdager to write an analysis for a Tier 1 Pokemon, while users without a badge require permission to write any analysis.
2. Writing the Analysis
Now that you've reserved a Pokemon, post a new thread in the subforum immediately to help the moderators keep track of everything. Use the "WIP" prefix until you are finished with your initial draft. The Generation 8 Analysis Format details how you should set up your analysis. Make sure you follow the formatting exactly, since it's critical when being uploaded to the Smogon Analysis Dex. Also keep in mind Smogon's Spelling and Grammar Standards when writing. Below is my personal guide to writing analyses.
Here (1, 2) are some examples of successful analyses. Try to follow the same structure!

Your overview should follow four main steps (in order) as detailed below.
  1. 1-2 sentence(s) thesis statement on the Pokemon. Why should the reader use this Pokemon?
  2. Types of teams the Pokemon works on.
  3. Good partners for the Pokemon.
  4. Drawbacks of using the Pokemon.
Set Details
This section is quite straightforward. You simply explain to the reader why the Pokemon carries the move. Be sure to not list basic information! Don't just tell me that Blastoise uses Toxic to cripple threats, tell me how Toxic puts pressure on bulky and set-up threats such as Porygon2 and Dragon Dance Kyurem-B, and helps make up for its lack of offensive pressure. If there's room, you can also expand on why the move is chosen. For example, your first sentence can be about how Genesect uses Iron Head to hit Diancie and Kyurem-B, and then your second sentence can mention how it's used over Flash Cannon to pressure Assault Vest Kyurem-B more effectively.

Other Options
The basic formula here is, "Pokemon can use move/item X because of Y but doesn't often because of Z." An example is Genesect can utilize an Assault Vest to pivot in more safely and switch moves, but isn't as common as Choice Scarf because Genesect is quite lacking without the speed advantage. The one exception to this is alternate ways to use a Pokemon that isn't really a downgrade. For example, you can mention how Rillaboom can run Eject Button on Hyper Offensive structures to gain momentum, and don't need to mention a downside because it operates very differently but yet still effectively when compared to standard Assault Vest.

Also, keep in mind that this is not the only way to write an analysis.

3. Quality Control
Now that you've finished your initial draft, you should change your thread prefix to "Quality Control" and add "(QC 0/2)" to the title. The Doubles OU Quality Control team will then check your analysis for content quality. QC Members will leave feedback on your analysis, which you will then use to improve your analysis. Here and here are some examples of what you can expect. The second post in this thread also details what a QC check entails. Be sure to carefully implement their feedback! If the QC Member has added QC 1/2 to the end of their check, you should add their Smogon Name and ID to the credits section and update the title to "(QC 1/2)". Every analysis needs two QC checks. If the QC Member did not officially stamp yet, you should implement their feedback and let them know when you have so they can check again. Once you have obtained two QC checks, we're off to the next step!

4. Grammar and Prose
First things first, you should change your prefix to "Copyediting" and update the title to include "(GP 0/1)." This is where your analysis is grammar checked. You should tag the account GP Team in your analysis thread so members of the GP team know it's ready to be checked. Sometimes GP checks can take a bit, so be patient! It is strongly recommended you implement the GP check like this. The text version can be found here. Please check out both of these resources thoroughly! Generation 8 Analyses require only one GP check.

5. Uploading
Congrats! After successfully receiving and implementing 2 QC checks and 1 GP check, your analysis is ready to be uploaded on site! Please change the prefix of your thread to "Done" so dnagerbdager, and Memoric know it's finished. You'll see your work on the official Smogon Analysis Dex once it's uploaded. Thanks for contributing to DOU C&C!

Important Resources
Introduction to C&C
C&C Guide to Writing and QCing
Tips on writing an Overview
Guide to the GP Process
Spelling and Grammar Standards
GP Team Queue
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Getting into the DOU QC Team
If you're interested in helping out the section but there's nothing available to write, a way to help is by Quality Checking analyses. There are two types of QC checks: Official ones from QC Members and Amateur (AM) QC checks from non-QC Members. Official checks are the only ones that count towards the required two, but AM checks are still helpful to steer the writer in the right direction. There are two ways to be added to the official QC team:
  • Constantly make good AM checks. dnagerbdager, and the rest of the QC team will notice if you are continuously helping out. If we like your work, we might ask you to join the team and help out from an official point of view or start out on Trial QC.
  • Ask! If you have the credentials and are interested in helping out the section, shoot dnagerbdager a quick DM on Discord dnagerbdager✿#6808 respectively and they'll talk about it with you.
How to QC Check
QC Checking, at the end of the day, is giving your thoughts on the analysis. Is there a section that you think is incorrect or misleading? Is the writer missing a key component of the Pokemon? These are just a few things you can focus on when giving feedback. Here are a few ways to QC check:
  • Bullet Point Feedback
    • You set up sections in the analysis [OVERVIEW], [SET] (there might be multiple of these), and [OTHER OPTIONS] and give your thoughts on the analysis as they come up in order.
  • Direct Quoting
    • Here, you quote the entire analysis and leave your feedback in another color. This is a more hands on approach, where you can directly tell the writer what to add or delete.
  • Over Discord
    • Just talk to the writer! Feel free to DM them on Discord or tag them in the #analysis-discussion and give me your feedback in live time. The only thing I'll ask is the QC member to post the logs of what you discussed when they stamp on the forums.
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