Equal BST Metagame

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FYI for people worrying about blaziken, wooper will cockblock it so fast not even funny
I'm not sure Wooper can handle two +0 Hi Jump Kick, let alone HP Grass for mixed variants. There are definitely checks for each Blaziken set, but half your team might faint just to find out.
Slowpoke both has higher physical bulk than Wooper and resists HJK, and it only barely avoids getting 2HKOd with full investment into physical bulk. Wooper is NOT a Blaziken counter. Hell, I'm not even sure how well Slowpoke would do versus a set that dumps Protect for Shadow Claw: 70x2=140 base power is greater than 130/2*1.5=92.5 base power by enough that Slowpoke ought to suffer a clean KO. Sure, that's not as good against Scarf Krabby, but how are you supposed to know which to switch in? Pick wrong, and you lose a Pokemon.

As said before, Blaziken tore up OU despite having below-average stats (below 600 BST, for reference). It even works in Ubers despite having below-average stats. BST is not the reason it was overpowered. A great movepool, typing, ability, and stat distribution is why it was so good.

Any thoughts on how Kyogre will do in this meta? I think it'll probably be the rainsetter of choice for this meta, what with its Choice Specs set still being capable of laying down some harm. Nothing like in Ubers, though. Similarly, Groudon ought to be the sunsetter of choice simply because it has Stealth Rock. The weathersetters, at least, seem rather boring.
Actually, Vulpix has some merits for sun-setting (I don't mean making the sun set, I mean causing the weather condition) as well. 100 speed lets it run a scarf to revenge kill most unboosted pokemon, something Groudon can't boast. Even though its special attack is low at 77, Sun + Stab will certainly help in that department.

Let's take a look a sun as a whole, shall we? We may have Magby breaking down walls with its great mixed stats, Sun and STAB boosted Flare Blitz and Fire Blast, 104 speed, and considering the fact that most walls have become one sided through this process (I'd include calcs, but I'm unable to download the calculator). Bulbasaur is going to be a deadly sweeper, although Ivysaur may be chosen so you're not outsped by Abra under sun. Bellsprout is a slower, but a lot more powerful version of Bulbasaur. Victrebell could be used for speed, but you really aren't outspeeding anything beyond Spearow, Swellow, and Sneasel (who should be packing priority anyway).

Oh, and a quick fun fact. Tropius, through this process, only loses a single point in HP. Maractus has absolutely no change whatsoever.
I frown upon this. Mainly, because this is impossible on the cartage games unless you were to hack it. Since every other metagame is possible in the actual Pokemon games, this should never be an official metagame due to the fact that this technically isn't Pokemon. Additionally, even with the same base stats, some Pokemon still will be sent into obscurity. Even though eveloutions have superior movepools, the improvements are varied.

I do, however, like the idea behind it, in attempting to give some Pokemon a second chance.
Edited the OP, made it so much nicer..^^

@Iceking above, the fact that it "is impossible on the cartridge games unless you were to hack it" certainly didn't stop people from playing and enjoying Hackmon's, 6-moveslot battling and Street Pokemon. We can only hope this thread generates enough interest and we get the chance to play it in Pokemon Showdown somehow.
oops, my bad. read more into it and streetmon's IS playable in the carts. But the other examples can't, so the point's still valid.
I don't play this metagame, nor do I plan to, I just lurk because its dam interesting.

I think you can play this in game if you were to lower a pokemon's level in game to match another pokemon, I would not see the problem. For example a level 34 Arcues has almost the same stats as Sunkern.

Or course a level 34 arcues is impossible, but using it doesn't require changing game mechanics.
It has Bounce for Ghosts. Still gets walled by Rock and Steel, though.

In any case... the fact that formes don't share base HP irks me. As a result, I've elected to alter the distributions slightly on offenders to fix this; you can see these changes here. Feel free to critique, tell me things I missed, et cetera.
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