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After having a discussion about various CAPs in #cap I figure this would be a nice poll to post (especially since it's never been made to the best of my knowledge).


To date, who is your favourite CAP and why?
I voted Voodoom because it was the one I was really around for the entire process. It's not really helpful from any PR or thoughtful reason, but it's still the reason.
I voted for Fidgit, in terms of appearance; it's one of the purest examples we have of the design fitting to the concept. I look at all the other mons we have, and they're clearly based on something, be it cat, mummy, dinosaur or what-have-you. Fidgit... isn't that. You look at it and go "huwha? what _is_ this thing?", but it isn't anything; it's just a hell of a lot of hands attached to a Punimon sitting on a drill, and for that it is the most intriguing. While basing a CAPmon on an existing thing is by no means bad, with Fidgit you're forced into measuring the worthiness of the design purely on its own merits, and how it relates to the concept. With his myriad mitts, fidgit excels at portraying "utility".

I also voted for Mollux 'cause he's my baby ^^==3
I started participating CAP with Kitsunoh, and I've been lurking and posting since then. I'd say my favorite final product is Necturna, in that we have been very successful in balancing it as a Pokemon, given the high possibility for a Sketchmon to be overpowered. I'd say it's concept was one of my favorites, as it gave us a solid direction. The other concepts were very vague for my liking.


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Hmm... favorite I've personally worked on? Voodoom. Favorite final product for its concept? Arghonaut. But my favorite to actually use? Krilowatt.

And since I'm a competitive battler at heart, I gotta go with Krilowatt. (Which you have spelled wrong in the poll, just saying.)


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Pyroak because I'm doing his prevo project, Fidget because he's fun and adorable as Mos said. I also use him on Battle CaPacity. He's pretty good there too. And then Voodoom and Mollux because I think their designs are excellent and Voodoom worked but in the wrong way, which actually aided us in learning more!
I've only been around for creating one Cap. As such, my desicion is based off of competitive value/fun level. I have to go with Revenankh.


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Tie between Mollux and Necturna. Mollux because, well, I was so heavily involved with him and because he's just so adorable, and Necturna because she appeals to me. In ways. Plus sketch once is cool.
Kitsunoh. It was the first CAP I was apart of . . . okay, the first CAP I lurked for an voted for. But also because it's got a unique and awesome typing which I love, it's design, and because I've started learning Japanese, so now I appreciate the name more than ever.

I derped on the poll, not realising I could vote for multiple options until it was too late. I guess an honourable mention goes to Mollux, because it's design is awesome and it's also cute.
I've been lurking since Generation V CAP1, yet certain Generation IV CAPs stand out for their concept, flavor, and execution, being Revenankh, Stratagem, and Kitsunoh. To me, the fact that I actually like them despite having never been a part of their creation shows that they're well done.

Otherwise, Necturna for its concept and discussions, while Mollux for its unorthodox-ness and flavor. Man that thing is cute.
Stratagem hands down for me, for how clean its concept was and how much we were able to focus and agree on that concept. Something we've been notably struggling with these days. It worked well both competitively and flavour-wise, something that's rare in the process. The days of Strata' are probably long before a lot of the voters' time though.

Honourary mentions to Voodoom for reaching its goal by accident, Mollux for being adorable and Tomohawk for being the closest thing we have to a bird.


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I voted thrice because I am a cheater ;)

In all seriousness, the main question of this thread was a little vague, so I decided to come up with three definitions of "favorite" and pick them in those selected categories. Fidgit would be my favorite CAP overall; it fit its concept nicely, it wasn't terribly broken at its time, and it is absolutely adorable. Despite CAP being in its younger stages at the time, I get the impression that things went well when I read its process threads.

I chose Arghonaut because it is my favorite Pokemon flavor-wise. Aragonbird's artwork is gorgeous and I think it's the most "Pokemon"-looking CAP we've ever created. The movepool matches its boisterous tone and it's a scream to see it play out live in Battle CAPacity. Although its concept was critiqued heavily at its time, I really liked the idea of a Decentralizer, which went on to be the basis of my CAP3 Concept Submission. Also, its pre-evolution is adorable.

Lastly, I voted for Necturna because it is my favorite process that I have actively participated in. I was so skeptical when I saw that we were giving CAP2 Sketch; I refused to believe that we could make something that wasn't broken. The playtest blew me away: Necturna wasn't broken in the slightest. It could dutifully run a myriad of sets well, but none of them broken the Pokemon. It has some solid checks and some good counters once you discover the set. Overall, I think it is a Pokemon that played out very elegantly during the playtest thanks to our careful planning and attention to limitations of power.
I would have to say Syclant, Pyroak, and Stratagem. I haven't been around CAP for very long, but those 3 are the ones I enjoy using the most. That is really all there is to my reasoning.

I am sure the longer I participate in CAP the easier it will be for me to narrow it down to 1 pokemon. I suck at using Pyroak. But I have a soft spot in my heart for it. Reminds me a lot of Charizard in terms of artwork. Being that the first pokemon I played was Charizard (hell, first pokemon I saw was Charizard on the box art) and I chose Charmander for my pokemon, I cannot help but love it.
I really love Cyclohm almost solely for its design. Seriously, Game Freak, you only just made a Dragon / Electric type and a three headed dragon type? Step it up, guys.
Necturna for me, her concept and execution was so elegantly put together and creative, that I couldn't not vote for her. However, Aurumoth is the only one which I have been around for the entire time so far.


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For me I chose two based on a pair of reasons. The first is Tomohawk, who is my favorite end result. Now that is probably largely influenced by it being my first CAP project, but I have always felt some connection to it, whether it be because of the fun I had running physical Tomohawk in the playtest, because of it being the dominant force in the CAP meta I love so much, or because it is by far my best Pokemon over in ASB. There is just something about Tomohawk that always draws me to it. Oh, and there is also the fact that Scratchet is the cutest thing ever.

For my other choice I went with Mollux because to me it was the most interesting process I was involved with. Now, I don't think it necessarily was the most successful or had the greatest end result or even that we learned a lot. However, I do think that it had some of the best discussions I have ever participated in. A lot of people look at the Drought debates and feel they got too heated, but I thought it was great that so many people had such strong views on an issue and were will to put in a lot of time and effort to try and convince people.


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I voted Syclant and Revenankh, reasons being largely nostalgia. I remember all the way back from the very first Create a Pokemon threads the feeling of excitement and being a part of a process that to this very day years later has been refined to the CaP we know today. It was the first time throwing my hand in the ring with contributing artwork, and eventually the sprites for Syclant were selected to be official.

After Syclant, CaP was suddenly being largely discussed in lots of sites and word got around fast. More people got involved for Revenankh, and numbers exploded for Pyroak. After the initial 3, CaP was officially taken off and became a mainstay to the site.

I hold Revenankh close in my heart too because It was the only CaP that I was able to design both the art and sprites lol. Plus I really just liked his design man,

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Syclant for the same reasons as KOA, though the original three are all at the top of my rankings.

Edit: Except the part where KOA contributed to Syclant. I didn't exactly do that.
Tomohawk from a "competitive" angle (by which I really mean how good it is in ASB*); YARRghonaut from a flavour angle.

*My pokemon in ASB are all named after Disney villains and a few have edited sprites. My Tomohawk is Scar and has his own edited sprite:
I've voted... A lot. I was there from the beginning of CAP until Stratagem, when I was pretty much inactive, but I REALLY enjoyed it. And now that I'm playing White and the urge of Pokémon has returned, this is one of the first places I visited.

My votes have gone to Revenankh, because I love everything about it, and I loved using (and abusing) it, Arghonaut because I missclicked since I wanted to vote Fidgit (>_>), and finally Necturna and Auromoth, both because I really like their artworks, and because the idea of a Sketch-once pokémon in Necturna is awesome.

I'm so happy to see CAP alive and healthy.


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My vote goes to Necturna, since that's the one I was involved with the most. It was the first CAP to be PS-exclusive, and I worked closely with the CAP team and personally modified PS to make its Sketch-egg-move possible. It's also the only CAP I have a playtest team for, and I got to use an Adamant 252 Sun-boosted CB V-create against a Ferrothorn, which was fun.

Like the Aurumoth playtest, the Necturna playtest was also an exercise in speed-bugfixing. It was still the early days of PS, and many things hadn't been implemented. After the lockdown for the server restart had started, I realized I hadn't actually implemented Forewarn yet. I managed to get it done before the server restart. :]
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