Final Fantasy III Mafia- Warriors of Light and askaninjask Win!!!


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If I have not spoken to you yet (which is a grand total of six of you at this point), I suggest speaking to me at some point before the night is over. It may be to both of our benefits.


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I need 3 PMs. Please get those in, because I want this game to go faster, and I'm sure everyone else who has sent in their PM also wants this game to go faster. The faster you roll, the quicker the updates, people!

The update will be in 12 hours unless those 3 PMs get in earlier.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
You all awake, as an old man walks into your camp.

"Greetings my fellow friends!" He says, "Have you had a good night of rest? Because while I was trying to get mine, I heard quite a few things.

I heard a voice in the night, singing. I thought I heard a few cries of distress. What a night!!!"

He looks around at all of you. Then suddenly his eyes widen.

"Was there not somebody among you? He seems to have disappeared!!"

You all look around in response to his words, and notice that UncleSam has gone missing!

Some people suddenly felt twitchy and a little nervous.

Seeing that one of your possible compatriots has disappeared, you decided that you should go and attack some of the people camping out close to the battlefield nearby.

Who will be the first victim of today's dangerous slaughter. It is up to you to find out!


Just incase you guys didn't notice, Acklow edited the above post with the update, so you may have missed it if you're just looking for unread topics.

Also, I lied about being unlisted wolf. Sorry to those of you who took me seriously.
midou said:
Happy Day 1 Everyone, I’m sure all of you were as eager for the sun to rise as I was. Today I am going to be leading the lynch against a confirmed Warrior of Light, and hopefully a secondary lynch to significantly weaken the wolf.

I’m going to first claim that I am one of the elemental Crystal warriors. However, at this point it is still extremely unsafe to admit which one. However, I feel safe enough to claim that I am either Earth or Water. Also, this game appears to have many hidden elements. A tip for all factions; the numbers are not what they seem.

I talked with some of you last night, and learned some pretty startling things. I have enough proof for today’s lynch to target Crux. I go back to the numbers. There are 24 players, and 6 factions (4 Elements, Nepto, and Warriors of Light) with very probable neutral(s). You could just say 6 groups of 4, but the neutral(s) make this impossible. My educated guess is that the 4 elements are equal in size, having 4 members each, and the remaining groups having 4 or less. The problem came when there were cases of 5 claims per element.

My source is Uncle Sam. Before he disappeared, he made it a point for me to note that for most elements, he had 5 claims each. You cannot deny that Uncle Sam is very likely to have the most information at this point, as I’m sure many of you claimed to him as I did. I do not have any reason to disbelieve that remark he gave me.

As 4 factions of 5 members each brings the total to 20 players, that would only leave room for a possible 2 nepto, and 2 WoL, no neutrals. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how ridiculously stacked these results are considering the win conditions of all elements require WoL to be killed.

The alternative is that there are 4 informed WoL who are each individually built to mole the hell out of one of the elements, ensuring mass chaos. Crux is prime suspect for one of these WoL moles due to a very startling claim. He appeared to know the job class of one of my contacts in his role pm, but the respective contact had a different name in his role pm which he had already made contact with. All 3 just so “happened” to be in the same faction.

So in closing, I urge the 16 true elemental crystal warriors to set aside our differences for Day 1 and lynch a common enemy. When there are significant enough votes, the rest should vote for Askaninjask, a very likely wolf, and I will explain after sufficient votes for Crux.

There has been an enormous shift in circumstances. Though I do not take back most of the things I said above, Crux does NOT know if he's a WoL or not. I only have myself to blame for jumping to conclusions. The 2+1 pairing was intentionally designed making it look like the +1 is suspicious.

Confuse Sledge
I'm all for voting Crux, but first I'd like to raise a point of mine.

If you know just a little about ff3, then you will realise that all warrior teams come with 4 members, we have 4+1 such teams, which leaves us with 4 unused players... We know that one more faction, the nepto are out there, and let's not forget, a hinted hidden faction, now number wise, we know that it is no faction, if it's just one man, but after using this all up, we are out of players. You should have realised by this point what I'm trying to say with this right? There is no place left for US's claim.

Those who went to him already made the big mistake of giving info to a neutral(sheep), which is unreasonable, since the uniting he offered, could have been archived with less info going out... Oh, well what's done is done. My main problem is that he clearly isn't what he claims, proved by the numbers, and that when talking to me, he tried to do way too much to gain my info, going as far as threatening me, as a neutral that is quite unnatural, especially since his role doesn't require to do so.

So yeah that is about it. Attack Crux
Everything Midou says makes sense with what I know, so I'll not attack crux anymore.
As for what Lightwolf says, well it makes sense that all the crystal factions have 4 people, and that the WoL do as well, which leaves 4 people. And there's no way Nepto only has two people, so I think I have to agree with him as well.

EDIT: Changing attack to Attack askaninjask... or not
EDIT #2: Back to Attack Crux (nvm), not taking any chances on a "possible" wolf
EDIT #3: Attack Askaninjask, can we make up our minds already? (Guess not -_-)
EDIT #4: Attack Sledge
Not necessarily a hidden faction, just hidden enemy(ies).

Btw, anyone who also has had a similar case to the one that I described, please contact me. I doubt this was a specific occurrence.


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Twas a folley of ambition, did I seek out a neutral.
If UncleSam was honest, I desired his support.
But lo did he betray me, treated me like a fool.
And though he cannot defend, here is my retort.

Insurance I sought, for I know myself fickle.
I claimed an ally was a Pinto, and put him in a pickle.
Though in danger's path, this was but a ruse.
A Role PM we sought, for this nightly abuse.

Please believe, if UncleSam was true I would have confessed.
But waking in the morning I found not a Role PM, but this mess!


Now who would CENSORED? There were many suspects to test.
But then what happened next, I could not have guessed.


A CENSORED, and would it elicit surprise,
To find the poison CENSORED, to my bait of an ally?
To UncleSam I apologize, for the power of this CENSORED I harness.
It doth confirm what I suspected, UncleSam is the Cloud of Darkness.

A shame he has departed, we shall deal with him when the day is new.
For I now I offer no objection, and will help to Smite this Crux.
Haters goin' hate.

Anyway, I encourage after 1 more attack for Crux that the rest go towards askaninjask. There was information I found from more than one source about him having a very valuable item for either the Nepto or WoL faction. If you know anything about ultimate weapons in FF, or RPGs in general, we cannot let this happen.

EDIT: Start hitting askaninjask now.

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