Final Fantasy III Mafia- Warriors of Light and askaninjask Win!!!


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Hey guys I suggest holding off the voting until you all have a chance to think about this. AKA: Don't just follow the leader quite yet eh?
Attack UncleSam

You guys are idiots being fooled by this guy, WTF are you thinking claiming to a neutral, for god's sake!!! I have already outlined why he can't be what he claims, and now you follow him? God you are idiots

[03:34:41] <UncleSam> everyone needs you dead basically
[03:34:42] <UncleSam> lol
[03:34:49] <UncleSam> cause only two factions can win

[03:37:38] <LightWolf> Really
[03:37:44] <LightWolf> so 3 factions can win?
[03:37:54] <Acklow> Well, yes
To clear things up, UncleSam is trying to get me lynched, by telling the crystal factions that only two factions can win at the same time, but after asking Acklow, he confirmed that this isn't true.

Clearly he lied, and if you doubt me, nothing is easier than asking Acklow himself. Also seriously, trusting a neutral? This is why the Standard of Standard games has been falling UncleSam, who1d want to play like this...


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I can confirm that.

Let this be known, Hosts like me DO make mistakes. I am HUMAN. And this game is NO exception.
I'd like all moi votes to be retracted, unless you want to be branded as WoL, I have been inspected, the Nepto wc has been confirmed. The US wc? Nope never has been, you guys still played sheep and went to him, but yeah that is past.

US tried to lynch me and him clearly, because that is his own personal wc, also logically if the nepto are crystal friendly, then US must be, OMG WoL friendly! I'm not saying he is, but it is likely, unlike the nepto wc, which has been confirmed though inspection. Do you really want to risk your info being in the hands of a possible enemy, and lynch a faction that is your friend?

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