Fulgrate Art thread.

Trying to flesh out the character's personalities. The knight turned somewhat savvy yet bold and reckless this time around. The Princess, although looks as tough as the one from No-edge, has a totally different personality. I don't know how to pin it, but when drawing it out, that is how she turned out. Some lineart is based on the 3D models, while some I was freestyling it.

I forgot to mention this, but this particular series name is "Thee'fenders".

I think these two are called Pippin and Gofrid. I need to check the name notes, which have like 10 names to choose from for some of the characters.
I keep forgetting to draw the Draco Desperado. Anyway, here are some more characters I drew over the past few days, and I added more to the brutes pics.

The Orcs name I haven't decided yet, but the elf ladies name is Bronhilga.

You see that pic where an Instant Intern is kicking a buff tomato guy in half? The Entrepenuer above is saying "This amuses me greatly". That guy is actually gonna be the first villain of the L.o.G. that the heroes will encounter. Afterwards, the emo looking Entrepeneur with the Muscular Business guy will arrive later after the other guy fails to start a business on that planet. There is a good number of L.o.G. guys that are buff and muscular due to fitness craze in their culture(like the white guy with the blue business guy in an earlier pic I posted.)

So basically, the pic with all the entrepeneurs, they are the League of Greed. With various members scattered across the galaxy. They are powerful and exploit people and planets for monetary gain. They have an army of autonomous, lifeless dolls called "Instant Interns", which they deploy to the all the grunt work for free. Originally, they tried to use living people to turn into these mindless workers, but eventually they found it more effective to make packets full of dozens of seeds/eggs that when planted, grow interns.

Other groups include the Edgelords, and Emos, as well as various villainous groups made up of different species on different planets, that usually oppress the weak and rule on "survival of the fittest" type laws. Thus, the need for heroes to defend the weak and powerless who just want to go about their daily lives.

The reason for the various Knight/Princess characters is due to Royals being antagonistic by nature as they compete with other factions to take over planets. The main character helps a Royal oppossed to such rules and looking to overthrow the current rules of the galaxy.

Edgelords sometimes come in groups of 3 to 5. Although they might wear a lot of black or dull colors, their jackets are usually colored. A group of 5 will have each member assigned to a different color, and they might do "bad@$$" posing too. A lot of their weapons are very "edgy" and "cool".

Emos need no explanation.

Thee'fenders is gonna be a parody series, with some action.

EDIT: What the spiky hair knight shares in common with the other serious knight, is that they are both serious about their roles. The spiky hair knight thinks he is the chosen one, and thinks he is the hero of the journey. The other knight is a stickler for the rules, and is against breaking them, but overlooks it when the princess he serves breaks the rules, much to the detriment of the pawn knights that serve them.
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Some animations, but I'll have to redo most of these models when I do get around to making a 3D game. They're still good for a pseudo 3D game using sprites, since I can just edit errors out of the frames.

Just trying to design some powerups. Stage 1 powerup = x3 base power, and Stage 2 is x10 power, but I might make it something more like x2 and x5 modifiers instead, or even just x 1.5 and x3. The knight has another powerup that stacks with any stage, and gives an extra 50% more power. The Princess instead has a technique where she gathers all light in the atmosphere wether it's solar or starlight(although at night, the technique takes much longer), to make an attack that can hurt even people dozens of times stronger than her, but takes time to charge up. And in the corners are fusions, with the look depending on who is dominant in the mind at the time of transformation. Modifier is (base+base)x6 or x2.

I don't know if I would use any of these designs, I'm on an off day, so nothing is coming out right. What I see in my mind isn't whats on paper, especially the pixie and gunslinger. Although its better to draw anyway.

Three early arc bosses. Drawg, Mr. Heckles, and Gummy. Gummy is a raging gum creature that can eat energy attacks. He doesn't like that people don't take him seriously due to his name, so he made a vow to make sure that when people hear the words "Gummy" they will tremble in fear, instead of thinking of yummy food. The Dragon's motivation is more power to become a "Final Boss", and the Jester, Mr. Heckles, wants to watch the world burn so to speak.

The Knights full name might be Gofrid Pronto, although I might reverse it or modify it. The Princess name might be Piffin Delyte.(or Piffin Polight, Piffin Plight, maybe even Piffin de Light. A play on words of her element, as well as her parents, a King and Queen.)

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Feral Fury/Beast Mode, haven't really decided on the name of it. It's similar to a BloodKnight's Frenzy, in that it's a powerup rooted in primal rage, and stacks with normal powerups.
The organization, V.E.R.M.I.N., composed of various species who are into garbage and filth, have made an alliance with the L.O.G. (League of Greed), allowing them to boost the power of their troops using special pills they tricked unto the debris dwelling denizens that serve under them(pictured as average roaches). There is a pill for each species. But the roach, due to their highest numbers, have become the main unit for the organization, being well balanced and with the ability to fly.

High ranking members, such as those three picture at the top(Rad Rat, Muave Mouse, and Reek Roach.) oversee operations on a planet, and always reside, with their armies, in the places society hides away it's garbage.

Previously, despite their numbers and widespread presence in the galaxy, they where a low risk organization, but with these new pills, they have become a significant threat on all planets they reside on.
The bird girl that usually appears with an Epee sword. Although she doesn't match the group she is with, so this is a redesign to better match her role in the story. I had this laying around for a few days due to not being able to figure out what weapon to give her, most likely a bracelet or wand that manipulates an element like wind, or something more melee oriented.

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