Fulgrate Art thread.

Been sitting on these for days.

The knight has a 3 slash attack, but I couldn't find the new version as a gif, I'll make later.

Roach Enemies.

Omg these animations are great! They look really smooth and believable. One little piece of feedback that I might have is that on the knight one, there is a point around their hips that doesn't really move and I think it makes the bottom half look a bit less believable. Top half looks great though ^^ And sorry if you answered this earlier in the thread, but what program do you use to do them in? Keep up the good work!
Nerina I used Blender and Mixamo. The latter for the roach, but for the Knight, just manually in blender, thus why it isn't as smooth. Mixamo technology I have watched developed for years, and now it's finally at a point where even toon characters can be used. You'll see what I mean. : < Well, nevertheless, it still requires some basic understanding of 3D programs and some skill with the dope sheet to use and even combine the data of different animations to create a new one, which is fun.

Anyways, here is the more advanced version of the Knight's animation, with a fix to his foot positioning, although, because I made it from scratch, it needs a lot of work.

I'l leaving the Roaches to Mixamo, which left the creation and texturing of the model the most time consuming part. I mostly use sculpting when making characters in 3D(even though the right way is indeed to use edit mode, and work in quads, rather than in tris.)

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I totally forgot to post this alongside that page explaining how their internal organs work and stuff two posts back. Explains more about the reality that these toon people live in.
Some more power-up info. The initial stage is known as "Default". The next stage is "Deluxe", and the final form is "End Game". If there is something more than that, it would be known as "Beyond", and is super legendary. Aside from these three transformations, there are power-ups that stack at any point in their transformation, such as "Bloodknight", Feral Mode, HALO, or Inner Demon. The last two are illustrated on the page.

The multipliers go like this: Default x1, Deluxe x1.5, End game x3. Although, originally those last two where x3 and x5, I might actually go with the latter instead. Power-ups give 20% to 75% more power on top of the transformation already, thus their stack-ability.

By the way, in worlds with garbage regions, lots of pest species interbreed, especially mouse x fly or Rat x Roach.
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Dang, this is some pretty astonishing smooth animation, not too familiar with the software you're using but it seems to serve you well.

That said, what's your long time plan with this vast project? Are you planning on getting the aid of other people to realise it, or will you keep on churning like you have up to this point? The webcomic you did before also seemed like a big undertaking, but at least a comic is something that can provide a good reading experience even if it doesn't get completed. But a game is on a complete other level, and if it were to be completed in the style that you've posted here, would you consider it a worthy competitor of what's already out there?

Sorry for the pessimistic questions, but if you are to see through this to the end and not let all of this concept run out in the sand, then being honest of what you can accomplish on your own is crucial. Don't burn yourself out.
Yeah, the hard part wasn't the animation. It is thanks to how much more advanced 3D technology is now that it allows me to focus more on the character design aspect.

My long time plan is to release small games, and if time permits, a webcomic. OR I might just go full throttle on a webcomic(any previous webcomics I was working on where abandoned a while back, as I realized I couldn't keep throwing myself at a webcomic without adequately preparing, and prepare I did for the past year). It really depends on how much free time I can get that determines my immediate next step. Right now, I'm just churning out sketches, and any 3D stuff relevant to the initial small game(which is a solo game for the Knight, with the enemies being pests from the V.E.R.M.I.N. organization.)

After spending 2 years on Rayburst, I decided to just divide Thee'fenders into several smaller games, to be able to shorten the development time considerably. Thanks to 3D, I can churn out graphics exponentially quicker than I could ever do with 2D sprites, for possibly better quality as well.

As for wether the game would be a worthy competitor to others, probably not, it would just be a simple, fun game. I just enjoy making the game, and it's also partly to get some more experience with the 3D process.

The 3rd or even 5th game down the line, I do plan to give it my all, and possibly get help with to increase it's scope and quality. I didn't think the questions where pessimistic, something must be wrong with me, lol. Thanks for chiming in though.

Right now, I'm thinking of whether to ink and color the comic, or if I want to cover more ground, and just have the comic be at a sketch level, like the example below that I made an hour ago:

If I didn't know any better, I think working in 3D improved my sketching skills significantly, at least for toon type styles.
I do think the skills you get from working in different genres of artwork / different media tend to carry over! It's happened to me a lot over digital painting, traditional painting, traditional sculpting haha. So I won't be surprised to hear that 3d modeling helped you with toon sketching!
Best of luck with your comic and your game! It's always exciting to hear about projects ^^
You've gone through it too, Nerina ? Yeah, I guess having to stare at the 3D version of the character for hours as I worked on them helped me define the style better.

Thank you, I'm excited to work on them and make a game and webcomic that people can find fun and enjoy.

Here are the majority of characters in Thee'fenders:

Although the ones in color are most likely to appear sooner.

I left a long trail of ideas over the years, so I borrow from those as well:


I especially need to expand on the Marksman Association and the League of Greed, and their role in the project's universe.
Now that I've got a playable demo, I updated the description of my gofundme:


Forgot to post this updated digital painting:

I think I'll stick to doing art like in the previos post. I also got two pokefan arts that I've been meaning to post when they are done. They are both paradoxal in nature. : 3
Finished the Dash mechanic:

Type A

Type B

I'f I could keep both, Type A would be a super dash, but it's a simple game, so I gotta pick which stays and which goes. Type A is flashier, but it's drawback is that it might be distracting, while Type B is just plain neat, but I wonder if it's need that radiant effect that Type A has.
Mass Production Vermin Unit, Roach type: LoveBug:

Trying to finish another, codenamed: Dirtbag, that flings poison globs at the enemy.

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