Fulgrate Art thread.

She is hard to draw, this isn't quiet the way I see her in my mind. When I can draw a character exactly as I see it in my mind, then I'm able to draw them faster.

It's the lady from the last post. She uses a bow and shoots arrows made of ice that she generates herself with her freezing abilities.

Looked at my notes and realized the main character ogre has a different head shape and I was erronously using the head shape of the bald ogre, who is a separate character and a rival to the main ogre.

The top sketches was me trying to remember what his head was suppose to look like, then the ogre expression row was after finding the notes. Funnily enough, it looks like I hadn't strayed too far from the original Yuki-Onna design. Her rival is that Hex type sorceress lady. That's their weapons layed out, Bat, Bow, Wand, Club.

Yuki Onna before I looked at the notes:

Rival Knights.

The Five Armors, although the knights themselves through out the land are known as "The Five Swords" for possessing the sacred armors, although don't be fooled, as they don't work together or anything:
Laser barrage.

100 hits in a second. An advantage to using energy based melee weaponry, they're as light as a dagger, thus faster attack rate, and the length of a sword once active. Drawbacks include energy drain and depending on the users element, lack of impact force.
I had to delete and reupload the comic, since it was just 1/3rd of it, and the dialogue was different around where the old one ended. I'm up to two episodes now.

Episode 01: Revenge is a dish best served microwaved.

Episode 02: The worms beneath your feet.

It's a comedy. ; D

Anyway, I'm out at sea, so I only get like 1 to 3 hours of internet a week. The usb has enough material to last me till I get back. I just gotta format it and re-write the dialougue, the old one just sucked really bad.
This is a code red, Episode 04 has escaped it's cage:

If the fans will it, it will definitely go some place, hopefully a great place, but a place none the less.

Hear me out, whoever reads this, I'm gonna need you to spread this series as far as you inhumanly can. Tell your friends, tell your dog, heck, tell your enemies!

Because only you can spread forest fir- err, I mean spread awareness of comics.
My style has changed yet AGAIN, but this time, I've finally found the style I was looking for, gotta refine it a bit more, and gotta work on the Knight and Princess's designs.

Height comparison:

These two need some work, I might add some elements from their predecessors, who knows.
Did some more designing of the protagonists, still not quite done, I might mix elements from their last pic with this newer version.

Depending on how their designed will determine their height compared to other characters. The Princess should be between the height of the Pixie and Kappa, but ended up being the same as Pixie initially. As for the Knight, still 50/50 on wether he will be tall or short.


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