Fulgrate Art thread.

So Shonen Jump released a paint app, named JUMP PAINT. It's really good, no, it's better than good, it's phenomenal!(I made the picture sideways so I could fit the artwork and program into the screenshot).
"It's a party and you're not invited." - a bug that occured while trying to testing enemies coming out in sets of 3 to 4, but ended up making a scene like this.

The Insolents:

They are the most common minions of the organization V.E.R.M.I.N., they are extremely deluded, and will take on any task given to them, even suicide missions, since they think they are stronger than they are when in fact they are the weakest among V.E.R.M.I.N. warriors. They serve as fodder, scouts, and decoys. They do well on the frontlines with DirtBag support.

As you can see from his "Come at me Bro" pose(which their idle animation will demonstrate), they fear nothing, and underestimate their opponents, even after seeing 100 of their own kind fall already. "Those guys where b####es, I'll take this-" then proceeds to gets roached by whoever roached the 100 before him.
Fulgrate Does JUMP PAINT work with a mouse, or does it require a tablet to be useful? I'm asking because I use mostly MS Paint right now, and it just isn't enough to work with, considering what kind of potential my style can awaken.
Mova Yes, it works with a mouse, and works really well with the tablet(the mouse works unbelievably well within it compared to outside of it too). Yeah, MS Paint is quite limiting, the only thing its got going for it is the algorithm that handles tablet and mouse input, which is way less shakier than Photoshop(Paint Tool Sai and now Jump Paint have superior algorithms).

Anyways, new stuff:

Dragon girl and Puncher Knight.
Jerk Blue guy keeps knight at bay, while Annoying Red Guy shoots Poison shots (Poishots) at him. Team work!!!

Getting hit by Poishots isn't fun.

Aside from shooting beams like a laser rifle, she is able to make energy rings that are essentially a laser looping into itself. Although immobile, it acts as a defensive tool, as well as doing damage to any roaches that try to walk through it. She gets a super version of it as well by charging up her attack for a full second.
Nobody ever says anything about the fairy or kappa/turtle girl design, so I sketched down some alternate designs I've had in my head since June, which I planned to sketch them down in late august, just as planned, since the very last few days of august are neutral for me.
Redesigning several characters now, I should probably make the fairy's eyes back to tear dropped shaped. Everybody else ranges from minor design adjustment to major design adjustment.

Here are how they previously looked:

Ogre and Yukionna: https://i.imgur.com/Mq6jiAg.jpg

I don't know, in the end, I might just leave them as they are, but I sometimes try have a need to redesign and see what I can come up with that might be better.
Game is done. Here is the gp trailer:

Google Play(FREE): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.froton.nightyknight

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nighty-knight/id1297984872?ls=1&mt=8

Let me know what you think. On to the next game, which will be better graphics wise, since I was still experimenting when I made this game. And I don't have the resources or time to replace all the graphics without some sort of external funding.

Does anybody know where I could post this for maximum exposure?
Some webcomic I'm working on as practice for Jump World competition on Medibang. Since it's been 6 months since I seriously sketched, I gotta get back in that groove by drawing a practice story before making something where I'll go all out on. In page 3, you can see the sketches look bad, but 4 and above the sketches look better since I managed to get back into the sketching mentality there, which will result in better pages. I had to resketch part of 1 and 2, then inked them, so I'm re-skething the pages above 7 still. All the pages are still in various states of progress, since the final step for me is to add text.

But it doubles as a story relating to the game, as it is a prequel to how the scenario started. The deal being made is the rich guy selling the rats autonomous, instantly grown, Roachmen.

Sometimes, I want to draw in my older, less cartoony drawing style from ancient internet times. Although there is like 10% of my present toon style in it now.
Back to toon style again. Here's that Kappa girl, with her shell shield. She may someday even find the legendary shield "Samsara", which would boost her defensive power tremendously.

I got my vibe back again after spending an entire day drawing to bring it out. Finally, the gunslinger looks sleek and the knight doesn't look too weird/short, without having to redesign him.

Pew Pew Princess:

League of Greed wannabe members and their butlers:

Without the vibe, my art is just bland and stale, and the gunslinger looks weird instead of sleek.

Shoot, I wanted to draw a bunch of gunslingers, like theres a big strong one with double chain guns, a sniper, and a bunch of other interesting types.
I'm halfway done with the storyboards, but the last of my freelance jobs took some time the last few days and I'm trying to clear out all of them so I can work solely on this and finish it by January 5th. I'm halfway done with the storyboard and it's AMAZING! Makes those comics I posted total poop(but I had to draw them anyway to find a vibe and get the bland stuff out.) Anyways, here's another character from the story, she's definitely in the story as is the gunslinger and knight. So depending on time restraints, I might end up cutting it down from 45 pages to 30 pages and cut out the princess and L.O.G. villain(it's either one of the three above or one in my head that I haven't put down on paper, which is a few, like this big headed business guy or an actual normal looking, but shady type with a mullet, which I just when I'm about to draw, I gotta go somewhere.) Anyways, hopefully I don't have to cut anything. I already got the entire storyboard in my head and it's just a matter of putting it down.

Fairy girl, assistant of the gunslinger at his office.

All those side drawings are from various scenes in the comic, which I put down to show. For example, the far left bottom pose is from this scene(which I haven't gotten to in the storyboards, so why it's not on a normal page layout).

And I wish I could post the opening scene, at first it was bland when I put it down without vibe or dialogue, but after the third re-draw and re-structuring(after I got my vibe back), it become super freaking amazing! I can't wait to ink it!
Hey, I actually made the outline of the comic, it was like 64 pages, then I cut it down to 55, but then decided to just expand it even more after all after missing the deadline for what it was meant for since fate was against me.

A satellite view taken from space of all the pages:

A much closer view, around the page 30s.

Some inked pages, still WIP:

Some close ups of the inked pages, I always just do outlines before doing stuff like backgrounds, which I leave after word balloons.

Some random sketches, quality varies, since sometimes I will put more detail if I think I'll forget how to ink it later:

All the final text is in a document, so ignore the writing on the pages, although it might be close to whats gonna be there anyway.

The gryphon's name might be Teradius Xelkin. The kappa's name is Tortee Iromizu. (or I might go with Kimidori, but that might be too common for a character name).
Sheesh, if I'm not in top form, my ability to do even a sketch fluctuates wildly from my sketches from over a week ago when I was in top form and the conditions are right.


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