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Fulgrate Art thread.

I finally figured out what sort of attire to give the Dragon girl. A Dragon Scale dress, a soul armor made from her own scales. Gives her a spiritual layer of protection that is good against all forms of attacks, since regular dragon scales are mostly good against physical attacks.

All hero characters so far, excluding wild cards and villains.
Since the work week starts tommorrow for me, I was trying to crank out as much art as possible today. These designs had been in my head for weeks, but I finally got around to putting them down to digital paper(the knight is suppose to have a armored plate under the jacket, but I decided to try that later.

I gave the Fire Knight the "Blue Mantra" sword. The Wind Princess has "Lavender Piety", which does for the mind what swords do for strength.

The previous design of the two(I decided to give the Samurai-esque armor to a different character):

The Knight is of the Gold race, and with the Silver Race of the Fury Knight and Bronze race of the Wind Knight, all that's left is the races of the Holy Knight and the Power Knight. (I'll have to make one of them a mixed race, which are called "Rusties" in the Metallion's culture, the other will be of the Platinum race, most likely the holy knight, to match his "Holier than thou" attitude in both race and element, lol.

All the Knight's so far, with their "Princesses" (The dragon girl is technically not a princess).

The "old version" of the holy knight and his hex princess(upper right of the pic), which both need an overhaul.
This is like the 5th time I redesign the Igknight. I gotta go all the way, beyond the limit, just like what the character represents. He's suppose to be a homage to the over the top, loud, show boating type character.

This newer design dials that in better I think.


Same color scheme, gold skin, orange hair. Anyways, I think I'm close to his final design if this isn't it already, lol. The Princess might be a klutzy type, maybe.
The Fire Knight about to transform into second stage. Basically, all characters in-universe are only using somewhere between 10% and 30% of their full power, so they use tranformations to be able to tap the rest of the 100%. Some just need one transformation to reach 100%, others might transform up to 3 times or more to achieve it. Depends on the different schools of fighting. For Knights, there are only 2 stages of transformation.

His hair is on fire when he is fully transformed, but he has some armor stuff as well when fully transformed.

The guy at the bottom is the Holy Knight, who's Metallion race is Platinum, unlike the Gold race of the IgKnight, the Platinum race is the true upper echelon of their society. The Gold race is still wealthy compared to the lower races such as Silver and Bronze.

The Princess next to him is the Hex Princess, who uses debuffs and curses to fight. She can use them dynamically, for example, if somebody shoots projectiles at her, she can debuff them mid-flight, so by the time they reach her, she can swat them away with her bare hands. She can also use curses to enhance her knight, such as decreasing durability in return for greater speed, etc. The Holy Knight himself uses the Holy element, which is really good at enhancement, as well as healing.

The Holy Knight has a very large ego, as well as being condescending. He is also exceptionally strong so he at least can back up his words with power.
Shoot, ended up drawing the Doom Knight and Power knight instead of the Holy Knight. In the previous pic, bottom, it was the power knight with the hair style and armor of the Doom knight, lol!! But behold, I put his normal hair back(which I originally had sorta but gave him long hair instead failing to realize it was somebody elses.



I have no idea what element the Doom Knight is, might be Plasma, which if it is, he would have a Plasma blade scythe instead of a physical one, lol, and his Princess I'm not sure of yet either. What I do know, is that he uses a Scythe.

The Power Knight has neutral energy, thus no element, but he has sheer power, just karate chopping the air causes a devastating, ranged energy wave. His sword is locked with chains to prevent him from using it in most fights. Where he to use his sword, a single swipe would unleash a torrential energy wave that would reshape the land.

His durability and speed is average though, so he has to use his sealed sword to block attacks.

His Princess I'm not sure on her powers and techniques yet, but her weapon is a wand, and what I'm about to describe might belong to the Doom Knight's Princess who uses a staff, which is capable of both special and melee techniques. Basically the fighting style uses multiple elements like Fire, Lightning, Wind, Water, and so on. Her element is neutral or "magic" or something. The drawback of using multiple elements is that unlike a normal element user that can unleash their technique instantly, a lot of her techniques have conditions, wind up times, or both that have to be met to use multiple elements.

I still might make the Doom Knight the Holy Knight and just make his suit more regal looking than scary, since his race is Platinum, it would make sense.

If the Holy Knight is a seperate character, I'm gonna go with a round eyed, naively dedicated, holier than thou Metallion that has his faith misplaced in corrupt authority. His race would have to be platinum. The Doom Knight might either be gold or platinum. The Power Knight is the Rusty/Mixed Alloy Mutt I was talking about.

The Holy Knight's weapon might either be a Spear, Hand and a half sword, or Lance.

Got him! Here's the Holy Knight, lol. He's practically main character material. IF he does become the main, then his weapon is gauntlet boxing gloves, a bit different from the Wind Knights. If he starts off as an antagonist/wild card then he gets the Lance or a sword. The Hex Princess dresses like a magical girl and either uses gloves, a wand, or staff depending on the Holy Knights role in the story.


If I had gone to sleep without drawing it, the design would have escaped me again, and I'd be drawing out other knights that ain't him, lol. Same for the Princess, I kept forgetting there is a Princess that dresses up like a Magical Girl.

Holy Element is fun since it can do stuff like enhance attack speed, enhance strength, enhance durability, etc, but one at a time. So he can basically adjust himself to suit the tide of the fight.

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