Pet Mod [Gen 8] Crossover Chaos


Pokémon: Maxwell
Franchise: Scribblenauts

Ability: Prankster
Moves: signature moves (see below), all entry hazards, all weather, Arrow Shot, Fireball, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Bomb Throw, Bomb Blast, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Hurricane, Air Slash, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Surf, Waterfall, Boomburst, Hyper Voice, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Fly, Steel Roller, Flash Cannon, Smart Strike, Power Whip, Sacred Sword, Earthquake, Earth Power, Scale Shot, Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor, Brick Break, Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, X-Scissor, Signal Beam, Moonblast, Dual Wingbeat, Scorching Sands, Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Psyshock, Psycho Cut, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Meteor Beam, Rock Blast, Confuse Ray, Electro Ball, Dark Pulse, Ice Shard, Grass Knot, Rising Voltage, Corrosive Gas, Triple Axel, Iron Defense, Flash, Heal Bell, Milk Drink, Thunder Wave, Moonlight, Cosmic Power, Spiky Shield, Cotton Guard, Defog, Will-O-Wisp, Nasty Plot, String Shot, Whirlwind, Tailwind, Toxic Thread, Gastro Acid, Swords Dance, Morning Sun, Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, Leech Seed, Rock Polish
Stats: 80 HP/80 Atk/80 Def/80 SpA/80 SpD/80 Spe (480 BST)

Plain |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Normal added to their typing.
Strong |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Fighting added to their typing.
Winged |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Flying added to their typing.
Poisonous |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Poison added to their typing.
Insectile |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Bug added to their typing.
Ghostly |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Ghost added to their typing.
Rocky |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Rock added to their typing.
Metallic |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Steel added to their typing.
Groundable |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Ground added to their typing.
Grassy |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Grass added to their typing.
Burning |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Fire added to their typing.
Aquatic |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Water added to their typing.
Electrical |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Electric added to their typing.
Telekinetic |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Psychic added to their typing.
Icy |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Ice added to their typing.
Dragon-Like |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Dragon added to their typing.
Evil |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Dark added to their typing.
Lunar |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target (user or foe) has Fairy added to their typing.

Reasoning: Maxwell has a magic notebook, and everything he writes in it becomes real. He can use the notebook to create nearly anything, even galaxies. He can also control anything he creates. From Scribblenauts Unlimited onwards, he can also apply adjectives to others by writing the adjectives down. Adding adjectives to something adds properties to it. The whole plot of Scribblenauts Unlimited happened because Maxwell played a prank on somebody, which is why he has Prankster.

Pokémon: Morrigan Aensland
Franchise: Darkstalkers

Ability: Levitate | Cute Charm | [HA] Steelworker
Moves: Astral Vision, Crunch, Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Pursuit, Knock Off, Moonblast, Play Rough, Draining Kiss, Deploy Missiles (see Galleom), Steel Wing, Bullet Punch, Smart Strike, Fly, Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Dual Wingbeat, Leech Life, X-Scissor, U-turn, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Shadow Punch, Night Shade, Psycho Cut, Extrasensory, Dream Eater, Drain Punch, Brick Break, Drill Run, Giga Drain, Flame Charge, Fireball (see Bowser), Hone Claws, Lovely Kiss, Roost, Will-O-Wisp, Spikes, Swords Dance, Sweet Kiss
Stats: 82 HP/112 Atk/82 Def/112 SpA/82 SpD/100 Spe (570 BST)

Astral Vision |
| 8 PP | Gives the user a Parental Bond effect for 3 turns.

Morrigan Aensland @ Life Orb
Ability: Steelworker
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Deploy Missiles
- Knock Off
- Drill Run
- Astral Vision / Swords Dance / Hone Claws
Reasoning: Morrigan is a succubus who feeds on life energy and souls. Her signature attack is Soul Fist, a soul fireball. A powerful attack she uses is Finishing Shower, that involves missiles. With Astral Vision, she creates a copy of herself that can copy her attacks. She can create metal weapons like spears, claws and drills, and turn her body parts into them. She can fly with her wings, which also transform.

Pokémon: Sol
Franchise: SMITE

Ability: Levitate | Flame Body | [HA] Solar Power
Moves: Radiance, Disapparate, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Mystical Fire, Heat Wave, Fiery Dance, Incinerate, Burn Up, Fireball, Flame Charge, Fire Punch, Burning Jealousy, Solar Beam, Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Morning Sun, Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp, Cosmic Power, Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Agility, Flash
Stats: 70 HP/100 Atk/70 Def/110 SpA/110 SpD/90 Spe (550 BST)

Radiance |
| 16 PP | Heals 25% damage, and burns opponents that make contact this turn.
Supernova |
| 20 BP | Z-Move. Requires Fire Blast and Solium-Z. Hits 8 times.

Chalice of Healing: Heals 12.5% damage the first three turns the user is out. Refills if the user switches out.
Sol @ Solium-Z
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Fire Blast
- Dazzling Gleam
- Thunderbolt
- Dark Pulse

Sol @ Chalice of Healing
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Flash / Lovely Kiss
- Cosmic Power
- Radiance
- Flamethrower
Reasoning: Sol is the Goddess of the Sun. Her real body is being chased by Skoll, but she fights using a manifestation of herself, which is made of fire. It attacks with fire, and floats around everywhere. She has low health and physical protection in SMITE, translating to low HP and Defense here. Her basic attack is weaker, but her abilities are decently strong. She has higher movement speed, as well as having a faster attack speed. Radiance is a move where she creates fire around herself, which heals her and attacks by burning. Supernova is her ultimate, where she brings down eight pillars of fire. Her victory animation has her dancing around (Fiery Dance), and also kissing a warrior (Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss). Cosmic Power, Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse and Thunderbolt come from some of her skins.
Had no idea what to submit last slate, but now that it's Anything Goes, I have a load to drop.

It's back and better than before. (?)
Pokémon: Demigod of Rock
Type: Rock/Electric
Ability: Solid Rock / Punk Rock
Signature Move: Rock Out - Rock, Special, 90 BP, 95% Acc, 10 PP | Sound move.
Other Moves: Accelerock, Rock Blast, Rock Climb, Rock Polish, Rock Slide, Rock Smash, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rock Wrecker, Stealth Rock, Metal Sound, Metal Burst, Iron Head, Overdrive, Boomburst, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Roar, Screech, Sacred Fire, Parting Shot, Extreme Speed, Magma Storm, Dragon Dance, Destiny Bond, Sand Tomb, Gunk Shot, Taunt, Toxic, Sticky Web, Judgment, Close Combat, Wild Charge, Perish Song
Z-Move: Scourge Dropkick - Rock, Physical, 185 BP | Deals super-effective damage to Steel-types. | Base: Rock Slide | Z-Crystal: Guitarium Z
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/100 | 600 BST
Reasoning: Considering he is a deity of rock, he has "Rock" in his typing, Abilities, moves, and signature move. The half-god aspect of him inspired the 100-all-around base stats, and his Electric typing relates to Overdrive and how rock music is usually associated with electric guitars. His preferred songs are metal (ironically) and he lives for music, hence the connection with "Metal" moves and sound moves. Iron Head is for the helm that he wears. Z-Move is based on the final sequence of the game's Quest Mode where he finishes off a mechanical monster while Sudden Death is played. The rest of the moves relate to the songs in his post-game tier (and partly the artists thereof).
Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants: Sacred Fire | The Dillinger Escape Plan: Parting Shot
Speeding (Vault Version): Extreme Speed
Fury of the Storm: Magma Storm | DragonForce: Dragon Dance
Nemesis | Arch Enemy: Destiny Bond
Deadfall: Sand Tomb | Snot: Gunk Shot
If You Want Peace... Prepare for War: Taunt
Chemical Warfare: Toxic
Black Widow of La Porte: Sticky Web
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due: Judgment
This Day We Fight: Close Combat, Wild Charge
Sudden Death | Megadeth: Perish Song

Or how about a different Rock-type?
Pokémon: Spire
Type: Rock/Fire
Ability: Sturdy / Mountaineer (from CAP) / Mega Launcher
Signature Move: Magmaul - Rock, Special, 100 BP, 95% Acc, 10 PP | Boosted by Mega Launcher. Combined efficacy with Fire (i.e. Flying Press variant). If the user is Spire, then this burns the target.
Other Moves: Charge Shot (from Samus), Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Power Gem, Ancient Power, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Lock-On, Zap Cannon, Flash Cannon, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam, Sonic Boom, Psywave, Charge Beam, Defense Curl, Rollout, Rock Blast, Rock Polish, Flame Charge, Rapid Spin, Burn Up, Scald, Will-O-Wisp, Stealth Rock, Spikes
Stats: 105/80/95/145/95/85 | 605 BST
Reasoning: From a handheld spinoff of a critically acclaimed side series, Spire is nigh identical to Samus, so numerous aspects are borrowed from her: base stats, Mega Launcher, the primary effects of Magmaul, and most of the movepool (the rest of which is derived from Coalossal or extrapolated). He is a rocky creature immune to lava, thus Rock/Fire with Sturdy. Mountaineer is based on his alt form, Dialanche, which is capable of scaling walls. His signature weapon is the Magmaul, which shoots out flaming rocks and, if used by him alone, deals residual damage after a charge shot.

"Pi-pipipi, pi-pipipi! ♪" (Party Mode victory chant)
Pokémon: O
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: Cloud Nine / Drizzle
Signature Move: Line Clear - Steel, Physical, 80 BP, 100% Acc, 10 PP | Super-effective against Steel. Clears hazards from the user's side of the field. +10 BP and +25% drain per hazard layer cleared, but no higher than 120 BP and 100% drain.
Other Moves: Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Hurricane, Chatter, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Overdrive, Volt Switch, Charge Beam, Weather Ball, Hidden Power, Acrobatics, Fly, Rapid Spin, Rage, Ominous Wind, Outrage, Icy Wind, Rain Dance, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Charge, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Rest, Sleep Talk, Recover, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Thunder Wave, Magic Coat, Defog, Tailwind, Whirlwind, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Teleport
Stats: 64/80/128/80/128/64 | 544 BST
Reasoning: O here is the sidekick of a spaceship captain who specializes in cleaning up tetrominoes, sets of metallic-looking blocks that bring Steel to mind. As for Flying, he floats upon a cloud just like Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. This cloud is normally calm (Cloud Nine) but gets dark and thunderous in response to his anger (Drizzle, Rain Dance, Electric moves). Other cloud-related moves include Hurricane, Weather Ball, Icy Wind, Defog, Tailwind, and Whirlwind. Tetris is about building up (boosting moves, hazards), clearing garbage (Line Clear, Rapid Spin, Swallow, Recover, Magic Coat), and attacking opponents (other offensive moves). Chapter 6 of the story proves that he is capable of sleeping (Rest), and he's rather chatty despite his incomprehensible speech pattern (Chatter, Sleep Talk). As he represents the O tetromino, he has a number of moves starting with O: Ominous Wind, Outrage, and Overdrive. Volt Switch and Teleport are nods to Swap Mode in the game, Rage is demonstrated concurrently with the lightning in his cloud, Rapid Spin is more akin to his victory animation, and Trick Room and Wonder Room are inspired by the general wackiness of the game.

"When I'm not fighting, I'm training for the next fight. It is all that I live for."

Pokémon: Walmart Walhart
Type: Steel/Ground
Ability: Conquest (Prism Armor clone)
Moves: Axe Strike (from Camilla), Iron Head, Smart Strike, Metal Claw, High Horsepower, Stomping Tantrum, Bulldoze, Bone Club, Return, Frustration, Strength, Slash, Double Hit, Superpower, Sacred Sword, Submission, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Fury Cutter, Fury Attack, Icicle Spear, Chip Away, Cut, False Swipe, Thunderbolt, Rage, Taunt, Protect, Swords Dance
Stats: 125/160/110/30/70/90 | 585 BST
Reasoning: A Conqueror from the West, a big boss in the second arc of the game. His base stats are calculated the same way as those of Camilla, except HP (*1) because that would make his BST undesirably high. He is an armored and mounted unit, the former obviously Steel and the latter...well, because of High Horsepower, I went with Ground. Conquest is his signature Skill, nerfed because outright negating weaknesses without a quad is kinda broken. The movepool is partly influenced by Corrin and Camilla, being sword and axe wielders while Walhart can wield both (as well as lances), and I threw in some additions relating to his Steel/Ground typing and combat in general.

So spoilerific, yet so submittable.
Pokémon: Edelgard von Hresvelg (Eviolite-compatible)
Type: Fire
Ability: Steelworker
Moves: Fire Lash, Axe Strike (from Camilla), Incinerate, Flamethrower, Night Shade, Dark Pulse, Giga Drain, Dazzling Gleam, Return, Frustration, Strength, Slash, Double Hit, Superpower, Sacred Sword, Submission, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Fury Cutter, Smart Strike, Fury Attack, Icicle Spear, Chip Away, Cut, False Swipe, Thunderbolt, Arrow Shot (from Orion), Air Slash, Close Combat, Fire Punch, Dragon Claw, Comet Punch, Mega Punch, Meteor Mash, Shadow Punch, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Mega Kick, Swords Dance, Teleport, Recover, Heal Pulse, Wish
Stats: 90/110/70/90/70/80 | 510 BST
Reasoning: Base stats are calculated exactly the same way as those of Corrin and Camilla, using Noble stat growths for this stage. Fire-type because Fire is the first black magic she learns, and in Part I she takes on a secret identity as the Flame Emperor. Steelworker because she isn't armored but is most proficient with axes and swords. In FE3H, units can equip a wide variety of weapons depending on their class and weapon experience. (For the sake of simplicity, let's say that Edelgard can equip whatever, whenever.) Therefore, I took most of Walhart's movepool and added Arrow Shot for bows, Air Slash for Hexblade, punching and kicking moves for brawling (including Dragon Claw because of the gauntlets called Dragon Claws), Teleport and Recover for Combat Arts Swap and Healing Focus, Fire Lash for physical STAB, and less conventional moves for the magics that she learns by gaining Reason and Faith experience.
  • Black Magic: Fire (Incinerate), Bolganone (Flamethrower)
  • Dark Magic: Luna Λ (Night Shade), Hades Ω (Dark Pulse)
  • White Magic: Heal/Recover (Heal Pulse, Wish), Nosferatu (Giga Drain), Seraphim (Dazzling Gleam)

Evolution: Emperor Edelgard
Type: Fire/Steel
Ability: Imperial Lineage - If the user is switched in during a turn, then the user takes half damage from special attacks for the rest of that turn.
Added Moves: Sacred Fire, Raging Storm*, Magma Storm
*Steel, Physical, 70 BP, 70% Acc, 5 PP | Priority +1. 30% chance to flinch.
Z-Move: Raging Flames - Fire, Physical, 190 BP | Creates a sea of fire for 4 turns (like Fire Pledge + Grass Pledge). | Base: Sacred Fire | Z-Crystal: Adrestium Z
Stats: 105/130/80/110/80/80 | 585 BST
Reasoning: After the subject matter of the first inline spoiler is brought to light, Edelgard becomes the emperor of Adrestia. Her base stats and added Steel typing are based on the Emperor class, boasting armor and obviously better stat growths over the Noble class. Her Ability effect is translated from the Res +4 on Wait effect that Imperial Lineage gains when it upgrades to its plus version. Sacred Fire is a nod to her promotion to Emperor, Raging Storm is the special Combat Art of her signature Hero's Relic (Aymr) (roughly translated for the sake of balance), Magma Storm is a rough translation of Flickering Flower (the Combat Art learned through Emperor mastery), and her Z-Move is the Gambit of her signature battalion (Supreme Armored Co.).

Mega Evolution: Emperor Edelgard-Mega (Stone: Adrestianite)
Type: Dark/Steel
Ability: Hegemon Husk - Hard-coded on Emperor Edelgard-Mega. Her Fire-type attacks become Dark-type, and she takes half damage from Bug-, Fighting-, and Fairy-type attacks.
Stats: 105/120/130/100/140/90 (-10 Atk, +50 Def, -10 SpA, +60 SpD, +10 Spe) | 685 BST
Reasoning: As a last resort against the Kingdom of Faerghus, Edelgard had the power of her two Crests pushed to the limit, leading her fiery side to be extinguished and make room for her fate as a monstrous existence, hence Fire ==> Dark. Hegemon Husk is the name of the enemy that she has become, and the resistance aspect of this Ability comes from Monster Effect Null, an ability (in FE3H terminology) that she is guaranteed to have in this form. Because this Hegemon Husk is an NPC, instead of going by stat growths, I compared the stats of the final standard enemy Edelgard in Verdant Wind and Silver Snow to those of the final boss of Azure Moon to find a slight Speed buff and obligatory HP buff in exchange for defenses (especially physical) and power...although HP is stagnant in Mega Evolution, so she gets highly increased bulk instead.
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resubbing hungry ghost

"Did you come for cherry blossom viewing? We do have a few empty places."
Pokémon: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Type: Ghost/Grass
Abilities (Casual): Gluttony / Cursed Body / Perish Body
Abilities (Serious; This one's for Ubers): Analytic / Flower Veil / Perish Body
Moves: Petal Blizzard, Petal Dance, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Flower Shield, Infestation, Mind Reader, Foresight, Perish Song, Night Shade, Strength Sap, (Casual Only) Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, (Serious Only) Quiver Dance
Stats (Casual): 108/72/64/104/108/64 [BST 520]
Stats (Serious): 120/92/64/140/120/64 [BST 600]
Reasoning: Casual and Serious formes because there's plenty of VERY flavorful additions that would break her horribly and she's the first boss of one game and the final boss in another, the former being the later game where she's CLEARLY holding back and just testing your player character. Ghost/Grass because she's the ghost of a human from a thousand years ago whose corpse was used to seal off the Saigyou Ayakashi, a malicious sakura tree that lured in prey with its beauty only for said prey to expire under it. Gluttony and Stockpile (+Related moves) because she likes eating. A lot. Cursed Body because of her lore, Perish Body because the lives of everyone around her are always at her mercy, due to her power to instantly kill any person in the vicinity, though that power never comes into use. Analytic, Mind Reader, and Foresight because she's much smarter than her ditsy demeanor would suggest, possibly even beating out her close friend Yukari Yakumo, who pretty much constantly shows a nice display of 98532904385 IQ. Infestation and Quiver Dance relate to butterflies, which her danmaku takes form of. Perish Song because death powers and she has a spellcard named "Subtle Melody 'Repository of Hirokawa'". Petal moves because of power over cherry blossom petals and stuff. Flower Veil because of her "Flowery Soul" spellcard and lore. And then there's Giga Drain and Strength Sap. It's probably powers over death, but Giga Drain certainly gets STAB and Strength Sap does let her weaken the strength of people like a ghost would. Shadow Ball and Night Shade are common among ghosts so she gets those. She moves very slowly in Imperishable Night when focused (Which she will be as part of the Netherworld team), but has a wide spread and long range and at full power can just snap people dead. Her stats are all divisible by four because “four” and “death” are homonyms in Japan and she has death powers.

And new sub because why not

"My X-ray specs allow me to see your ignorance!"
Pokémon: Palutena
Type: Psychic/Fairy
Abilities: Prankster / Telepathy
New Move: Heavenly Light (Fairy-type Status move, 15-24PP. For three turns, at the end of each turn (counting the turn this move is used), and until the user leaves the field, all adjacent enemies lose 12.5% of their Max HP at the end of each turn.)
Moves: Mystical Fire, Bounce, Black Hole (from True Zeromus), Hyper Beam, Flash Cannon, Counter, Mirror Coat, Magic Coat, Reflect, Light Screen, Recover, Refresh, Agility, Toxic, Ice Beam, Expanding Force, Dazzling Gleam, Teleport, Magnet Rise, Telekinesis, Psychic, Play Rough, Heal Pulse, Lock-On, Focus Energy, Tri Attack, Protect, Substitute, Double-Edge, Flame Charge, Meteor Beam, Foresight, Confuse Ray, Mimic, Reversal, Mine (from Austin Carter), Self-Destruct, Explosion, Pay Day, Iron Defense, Metronome, Detect, Expanding Force, Endure
Stats: 100/88/60/150/130/72 [BST 600]
Reasoning: Psychic typing, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Psychic because she's got telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and all other sorts of ESP, plus the Power of Flight (hello Magnet Rise). Expanding Force for similar reasons. Fairy because she's a holy presence and is in opposition to the dark forces of the Underworld. Her being the Goddess of Light also helps for both typings, as well as Expanding Force. Heavenly Light damages everything around you for constant, minor damage after use in both Sm4sh and KI:U. This also ties into Dazzling Gleam. Play Rough and Prankster (JP: Frolic and Teasing Heart, respectively) because she has a twisted sense of humor in her interactions with Pit, even going so far as to make a severed Hewdraw head fight Pit for her own amusement (though she likely knew that Pit would come out on top anyway). Heal Pulse from her ability to provide healing orbs during the aerial phase of each stage. Stats lean towards a slow spread, but specially oriented and can deal severe damage because take too long against the Hewdraw and Palutena will annihilate it with the "Sacred Goddess Clobberlaser". Everything else draws from Powers in KI:U, Tri Attack being kinda like a light attack in conjunction with some of the powers that temporarily add status effects to your attacks.
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Resubbing both the Dark-Tainted Tyrant...

Pokémon: Artoria-Alter
Transforms from Artoria through usage of Grail's Corruption. Unlike regular Artoria, CANNOT use Avalon. Loses Invisible Air upon switching to Alter form.
Franchise/Origin: Fate/Stay Night
Type: Steel/Dark
Ability: Saber Class/Unlimited Mana Burst (HA)
Signature Ability: Unlimited Mana Burst: The user's Attack and Defense are increased by 1.2x.
Notable moves: Artoria's moveset minus Invisible Air, Vortigern, Night Slash.
Signature move: Vortigern- Dark-type, Physical, 90 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Boosted by Saber Class. 30% chance to reduce the target's Defense by 1 stage.
G-Max Move, Z-Move, Mega Evolution, etc.: Excalibur Morgan, Sword of Promised Victory- Dark-type, 230 BP, Special. Boosted by Saber Class. Physical if Atk>SpA. Upgraded from Artoria-Alter's Vortigern with Altorium Z.
Stats: 100 HP/120 Atk/110 Def/150 SpA/90 SpD/40 Spe (BST: 610)

Reasoning: Meet Artoria Alter, a version of Artoria who was corrupted by the Holy Grail's mud during the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/Stay Night. As far as Artoria Alter's stats go, it should immediately be clear that they're based on her base form. Specifically, she sacrifices some Special Defense and a lot of Speed for a boost in every other stat (Owing to the fact that her Magic Resistance goes down to B-rank from regular Artoria's A-Rank). Artoria Alter also cannot use Avalon nor Invisible Air, instead gaining a new move signature to her, Vortigern. Its Base Power is identical to Invisible Air's, but it gives up the SE effect against Dark-types to instead have a 30% chance to drop the enemy's defense. This is actually based on the Craft Essence gained for increasing Artoria Alter's Bond Level to 10 in Fate/Grand Order, which, when equipped to Artoria Alter, gives her a 30% chance to reduce the defense of any enemy she hits with an attack.

Artoria Alter's ability is based on the Mana Burst technique that Artoria makes usage of in Fate/Stay Night, which uses her magical energy to amplify her physical characteristics. While regular Artoria has to be more careful with her usage of it in Fate/Stay Night due to her unique circumstances (and the fact that Shirou is not a good Master), being tainted by the Grail also gave Artoria to its nigh-unlimited Mana supply, allowing Artoria Alter to keep it up basically 24/7, hence why it manifests as her hidden ability, providing a simple boost to her attack and defense.

Lastly, there's her Z-Move, Excalibur Morgan. Stat-wise, it's a slightly stronger Excalibur to make up for the lack of a bonus effect, and explained through Artoria Alter's vastly larger Mana reserves. Normally, she would be able to spam this to her heart's content, but THAT wouldn't be balanced at all.

...And the Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel (Yes, that is Yu's actual title from Persona 4 Arena).

Pokémon: Yu Narukami
Franchise/Origin: Persona 4
Type: Electric (Base)
Electric/Normal (Ultimate Awakening)
Ability: Justified/Mold Breaker/Persona Change (HA)/Truth Seeker (Ultimate Awakening)
Signature Ability: Truth Seeker- User's moves ignore type-based immunities and the effects of abilities. Damage taken from Fighting-type moves is halved. User's attacks are special or physical depending on the higher attack stat. Immediately dispels Illusions.
Notable moves: Joker's moveset minus Sucker Punch and Baton Pass, plus Judgment (there's a reason for this) and Zing Zap, Counter, Mirror Coat, Reflect and Light Screen.
G-Max Move, Z-Move, Mega Evolution, etc.: Undergoes Ultimate Awakening (Essentially an Ultra Burst) with IzanaginoOkamiumZ while knowing the move Judgment. His own appearance does not change, but his Ultimate Persona, Izanagi-no-Okami, manifests behind him:

Signature Z-Move: Myriad Truths- Normal-Type, Base 75 Power, Special. Hits 3 times. Always does neutral damage. Upgrades from Yu's Judgment with IzanaginoOkamium Z after undergoing Ultimate Awakening.

Stats: Base- 100 HP/90 Atk/90 Def/90 SpA/90 SpD/90 Spe (BST: 550)
Ultimate Awakening - 100 HP/120 Atk/100 Def/120 SpA/100 SpD/110 Spe (BST: 650)

Reasoning: To celebrate P4G's release to Steam, here's the Wild Card who came before Joker. Yu Narukami, the main protagonist of Persona 4 and its spinoffs. Yu's typing, just like Joker, equates to his starting Persona. In this case, Izanagi, which grants him potent lightning-based abilities (even moreso in the anime adaptation). Justified comes from Yu's strong sense of justice, Mold Breaker comes from breaking through deception to reach out to the truth, even if that truth hurts, and Persona Change comes because he's a Wild Card just like Joker. This is also where most of his moveset comes from, though he doesn't get Sucker Punch like Joker does (Night Slash and Dark Pulse stay however as Magatsu-Izanagi is a Persona Yu has access to), because Yu doesn't fight dirty. He does get Zing Zap for a physical Electric STAB in case he for some reason doesn't use Persona Change OR Ultimate Awakening.

Yu's stats are a bit more rounded than Joker's- He's got slightly better bulk at the cost of slightly less offensive presence.

The main difference between Yu and Joker's moveset is the appearance of Judgment in Yu's, which, when combined with IzanaginoOkamium Z, allows Yu to manifest his ultimate Persona, Izanagi-no-Okami (This is in fact why Judgment is in Yu's moveset). Izanagi-no-Okami's ability is based on Yu as he is in the finale of Persona 4, no longer needing the glasses to see through the fog of the TV World. This lets him ignore type-based immunities (as well as abilities, inherited from Mold Breaker), and also automatically lets him catch any pesky Zoroarks trying to fool him through illusions. He can see the truth, so that just plain won't work. Izanagi-no-Okami has no weaknesses as far as Personae go, and him gaining more weaknesses wouldn't really make sense, so Truth Seeker also shuts off the one weakness Yu would gain from manifesting him.

Last but most certainly not least is Izanagi-no-Okami's signature attack, which manifests as a Z-Move. Myriad Truths is the move with which Yu finishes off Izanami, the big bad of Persona 4, and it also appears as Yu's instant kill in Persona 4 Arena and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, but the move's effects actually come from the DLC of Persona 5 Royal which had Izanagi-no-Okami as a summonable Persona, in which it dealt three hits of heavy Almighty Damage. Almighty attacks in the Persona series are unresistable but will never hit any weaknesses, so it made sense to make it always hit for neutral damage when it hits, and for it to hit three times (The original usage of Myriad Truths at the end of Persona 4 also hit three times, so this is consistent).

Lastly, the extra moves that aren't Judgment or Zing Zap. Counter, Mirror Coat, Reflect and Light Screen are based on the spells Tetrakarn and Makarakarn, which protect against physical and magical attacks respectively. In hindsight, I'm not entirely sure why I didn't put them on Joker when I first submitted him.
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Dr. Snapped
Franchise/Origin: Dragon Quest Monster Joker
Type: Dark/Poison
Ability: Dark Absorb (This Pokemon is immune to Dark-type moves and restores 1/4 of its maximum HP, rounded down, when hit by a Dark-type move.)
Moves: Agility, Amnesia, Assurance, Astonish, Burning Jealousy, Calm Mind, Dark Pulse, Double Team, Dragon Tail, Earthquake, Encore, Explosion, Facade, Feint, Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, Foul Play, Fury Swipes, Giga Impact, Gunk Shot, Heal Pulse, Hyper Beam, Iron Defense, Knock Off, Lash Out, Memento, Mud-Slap, Nasty Plot, Night Slash, Poison Gas, Poison Jab, Protect, Psychic Fangs, Punishment, Recover, Recycle, Rest, Sand Attack, Sleep Talk, Sludge Bomb, Snarl, Spikes, Strength, Substitute, Surf, Swift, Swords Dance, Tailwind, Taunt, Thief, Thunderbolt, Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Venoshock, Wave of Disruption.
Signature move: Wave of Disruption -- Removes any boosts applied to statistics and negates statistics boosts and critical hits for the five following turns unless the Pokemon hit by this move switches out. Non-damaging. Bypasses substitute. Bypasses protect.
G-Max Move: G-Max Wave -- Non damaging move that boosts both Dr. Snapped and his eventual allies' best stat sharply, while removing all enemies' statistics boosts.
Stats: 131 HP / 76 Atk / 121 Def / 76 SpA / 119 SpD / 93 Spe (BST: 616)

Reasoning: (Beware, this contains spoilers about the game)

Dr. Snapped is the final boss of the game "Dragon Quest Monster Joker", but he previously was a human, the president of the organization that hosts the tournament that the protagonist plays and most importantly a very well known and experienced scientist. He always had evil purposes, though, and as such he asked for all tournament partecipants to bring him Darkonium shards. When he summons a literal apocalypse at the end of the game, a mistake he made makes him take all of the Darkonium energy in him, changing his appearance entirely and turning him into a monster (as shown in the picture). Because the Darkonium made him stronger, I feel like Dark Absorb is a very fitting ability for him, also considering his ability in-game is attacking twice, and that looks WAY too broken even with 76/76 offenses after all. Wave of Disruption is a spell he actually uses in the game, negating Psych-Up boosts (comparable to stat boosting moves in Pokemon games), and as such it's a better version of Haze that negates stat boosting for 5 turns along with crits unless the opposing Pokemon hit by it switches out, making it easy for a Pokemon with that enormous bulk to stall out other Pokemon.


(Sorry for the bad quality pictures. I couldn't find better ones.)

Pokemon: Lady Luck
Type: Normal
Abilities: Divine Fortune (Lady Luck's attacks cannot miss, always have the maximum number of hits, and always roll the highest possible damage. Opposing attacks will not apply their secondary effect unless they have a 100% chance to apply it (or greater). Cannot be copied, removed, or disabled. Has no effect on Pokemon other than Lady Luck.)
Wheel of Fortune
- Type: Normal
- Classification: Status
- Accuracy: --
- PP: 5 (max 8)
- Effect: For five turns, on each turn individually, a "command" is announced to the opponent. If the foe disobeys the command, they will suffer a punishment, which is also announced to them. These commands can prohibit a random move type, the use of one of the user's moves specifically, switching to another Pokemon, and use of a status move. The punishment for switching affects the Pokemon that is switching rather than the Pokemon switching in, and the other punishments take affect after the move that was selected is used. The punishments include losing 1/8 of your health, the foe recovering 1/8th of their health, you getting affected by a random status effect, you getting affected by a volatile effect (such as Taunt, Torment, Disable, etc.), or, very rarely, loss of 100% of your HP. These punishments entirely bypass abilities.

Fate's Hand
- Type: Normal
- Classification: Status
- Accuracy: --
- PP: 10 (max 16)
- Effect: Calls a random move from a large pool of moves (Metronome pool minus Steel Beam, moves that Lady Luck cannot use, Snipe Shot, moves that KO the user, charge moves, recharge moves, variable damage moves, and all offensive moves below 50 power). If applicable, has a 30% chance to automatically call a move that is super effective on the target.

Divine Sword
- Type: Normal
- Classification: Physical
- Power: 77
- Accuracy: 7
- PP: 20 (max 32)
- Effect: Deals double damage if the foe is at full HP.

Divine Dagger
- Type: Normal
- Classification: Physical
- Power: 7
- Accuracy: 7
- PP: 5 (max 8)
- Effect: Hits 2-5 times. Power increases by 7 with each successive hit.

Divine Megaphone
- Type: Fighting
- Classification: Special
- Power: 77
- Accuracy: 7
- PP: 20 (max 32)
- Effect: Sound move. Has a 40% chance to lower the foe's Attack.

Divine Hammer
- Type: Electric
- Classification: Physical
- Power: 77
- Accuracy: 7
- PP: 20 (max 32)
- Effect: Has a 40% chance to paralyze.

Divine Axe
- Type: Steel
- Classification: Physical
- Power: 120
- Accuracy: 7
- PP: 10 (max 16)
- Effect: Fails if the foe has a Substitute.

Stats: 154/100/101/115/107/77 (Total: 654)
Notable Moves: Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Night Daze, Shadow Ball, Curse, Draco Meteor, Power Gem, Meteor Beam, Fire Blast, Thunder, Discharge, Nasty Plot, Pin Missile, Axe Strike, Sacred Sword, Lucky Chant, Imprison, Metronome, Wish, Icicle Spear, Judgment, Teleport, Telekinesis
Overview: Lady Luck is the physical embodiment of fate and fortune. She is able to bend the odds to her will, and does so to imprison those who seek to earn their heart's desire within her dungeon. She has been alive longer than humanity, and will likely outlive it, and her abilities allow her to do incredibly powerful things. She is observed using a variety of powerful attacks, and is indisputably the strongest character in Dicey Dungeons due to her power over fate. I won't go too far into her kit, but rest assured that all of her moves are accurate to moves she has been seen to do. Her ability is meant to highlight exactly what kind of power she holds over fate, as in-game, she always rolls sixes. And her main signature move, Wheel of Fortune, copies a similar mechanic from Dicey Dungeons. If you have Luck on your side, your foes are going to wind up going against the odds.
Kirby... 2!

Pokémon: Kirby (Smash Bros. Variant)
Origin: Super Smash Bros. series
Type: Fairy
Ability: Gluttony / Dancer
Stats: 70/120/80/120/80/80 (550)
Notable Moves: Inhale*, Frost Breath, Wood Hammer, Head Smash, Smack Down, Accelerock, Heavy Slam, Slash, Psycho Cut, Air Slash, Dual Chop, Sacred Sword, Behemoth Blade, Mega Kick, Close Combat, Mach Punch, Rapid Spin, Triple Axel, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Drill Run, Spirit Break, Taunt
*Inhale: Physical Fairy, 70 BP, 10/16 PP, 90% Accuracy. Replaces itself with the first move of the target's moveset when it hits.
Signature Z-Move: Cook Kirby - Physical Fairy, 140 BP. Drains 50% of the damage dealt. Hits all adjacent foes. Upgrades from Inhale with Kirbrawlium Z
Signature Z-Move (Again): Ultra Sword - Physical Steel, 20 BP. Hits 10 times. Upgrades from Behemoth Blade with KirbultiumZ
Reasoning: Kirby, but he's from Smash instead of his own series. Fairy because he can't actually fly, Jigglypuff was a semiclone of him, and he matches the general aesthetic. Gluttony because that trait of his is referenced quite a bit, Dancer because he dances in all his victory poses and most of his taunts. Speaking of taunts he has those so he gets Taunt. Inhale is his neutral special, I felt that "first move in moveset" was a reasonably simple and accurate representation of "neutral special" for the copying. Frost Breath is from one of his custom specials in Sm4sh that takes Inhale's place. Wood Hammer from his side-special, where he uses a big wooden mallet. Rock moves and Heavy Slash from his down-special where he turns into a rock. Slashing moves and Dual Chop from his up-special, Final Cutter. Mega Kick could be several moves but is primarily his F-smash. Close Combat and Mach Punch from his rapid jab. Rapid Spin and Triple Axel are from his Brawl/Sm4sh dash attack, while Flame Charge and Flare Blitz are from his Melee/Ultimate dash attack. Drill Run is from his downwards aerial. Spirit Break due to his heavy importance to the Spirits game mode. His signature Z-Moves are based off of his Final Smashes. Cook Kirby is his final smash in Brawl which grabs most things on the screen for not that much damage and spawns a bunch of healing items. Ultra Sword is his final smash in later games, which is a barrage of slashes with a big ol' sword. (that's also part of the reason he gets behemoth blade, final cutter doesn't justify that on its own)

Cookie Butter

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Pokémon: Blader Dragon
Franchise/Origin: Jewel Master
Typing: Dragon
Ability: Pressure / Anger Point / Sturdy
Moves: Outrage, Thrash, Dragon Rage, Dragon Pulse, Rage, Fly, Dual Wingbeat, Defog, Fire Blast, Shadow Bone, Skull Bash, Bone Rush, Dragon Tail, Breaking Swipe, Draco Meteor, Scale Shot, Dragon Claw, Megahorn, Fireball (See Bowser), Reanimate (See Dry Bones)
Stats: 100/90/90/110/100/80 (570)

By holding the Chaos Orb, the Blade Dragon can transform into the Chaos Dragon.
Form: Chaos Dragon
Franchise/Origin: Jewel Master
Typing: Dragon/Ghost
Ability: Dragon Stubbornness - Effect of Solid Rock, but when the types Fire, Water, Ground and Flying are combined into a move, it becomes weak to all of those types.
Stats: 200/90/70/110/80/120 (670)

Reasoning: This enemy is unnamed in the game. The name "Blader Dragon" comes from the game's Japanese manual (ブレイダードラゴン) though it is called "DragonSpawn" in inlay notes. "Chaos Dragon" comes from the second form's theme name and inlay notes.
In the Japanese manual, the Blader Dragon is called the strongest dragon in the demon world. In the US manual, it's called the Dragon king, so I figured it should be decently strong. It mostly attacks by spitting fireballs but it can also fly around. And I gave it Dragon-type TMs and some TMs that winged creatures get.
The inlay notes mention how its "immense size and speed" are troublesome for the player, but its speed only really picks up in the 2nd form.
The Chaos Dragon has the highest HP in the game by far, around 12 per segment. It is even higher than the final boss. However, it dies in two hits from the Blade weapon, the sword that combines the elemental rings of fire, earth, wind and water.
Pokémon: Tamazoa
Franchise/Origin: Spectrobes
Typing: Rock/Ice
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Odor Sleuth, Detect, Lock-On, Dig, Ancient Power, Rock Polish, Work Up, Revelation Dance
Stats: 55/75/65/50/55/60 (360)
Reasoning: We at the Crossover Chaos community heard your complaints about the Cringe-Ass Blue Baby, so we're now introducing Based-Ass Pink Baby.
"A recently awakened Spectrobe is only in child form. It's like a newborn baby. They can't fight, but they're very useful. They can help you locate buried fossils and minerals!" - Spectrobe: Origins
Rock because it is a fossil. Ice because it is Flash-type in one game (equivalent of Water and Ice), and Water-type in the other, though there's no distiction between Water and Ice in Spectrobes, and its evolutions attack with both types.
Revelation Dance because Spectrobes fossils are awakened through a dance/song, and this one specifically evolves into a dancer.

Pokémon: Tiazoa
Franchise/Origin: Spectrobes
Typing: Rock/Ice
Ability: Levitate / Hit Absorb / Long Reach
Hit Absorb: Every damaging move used by this Pokemon have an added effect of healing by 30% of the damage dealt.
Moves: Prevo's moves + Ice Beam, Icicle Crash, Icy Wind, Ice Ball, Meteor Beam, Accelerock, Ice Shard, Hydro Pump, Waterfall, Liquidation, Dual Chop, Cross Poison, Fury Cutter, Slash, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, Aqua Ring, Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Lash Out, Swords Dance, Cosmic Power
Stats: 80/85/65/75/65/70 (440)
Reasoning: Tiazoa attacks with its blades and tail. As a Flash-type Spectrobe, it also attacks with water and ice. It does a signature cross-shaped attack that extends and becomes long range. Spectrobes: Origins calls it a "balanced, long distance fighter."
In Spectrobes: Origins, Hit Absorb is its Bonus Ability. Technically, Hit Absorb heals by only 10% (when evolved, 15%). However, it affects both the Spectrobe and the player. Since the player doesn't have HP in Pokemon, I just doubled the effect for the Spectrobe.

Pokémon: Gokazoa
Franchise/Origin: Spectrobes
Typing: Rock/Ice
Ability: Levitate / Hit Absorb / Mega Launcher
Moves: Prevo's moves + Water Spout, Water Shuriken, Earth Power, Teeter Dance, Core Blast
Signature Move: Core Blast - Special, Ice-type Dragon Tail, except it is also bosted by Mega Launcher and can't miss.
Stats: 90/85/75/95/85/90 (520)
Reasoning: Mega Launcher comes from the Goka Cannon, a special weapon based on Gokazoa that the player can use. Gokazoa itself at gathering and attacking with energy.
Core Blast is one of the most busted moves in Spectrobes. It's a homing attack with high knockback that sends the enemies flying. Combined with its passive healing, this makes Gokazoa one of the best Spectrobes, and I wanted to capture that with the sub.
Resubs that were changed up:
Pokémon: Black Alice
Typing: Dark/Dragon
Ability: Limber / Suction Cups / Cute Charm
Damaging: Octolock, Octazooka, Gunk Shot, Belch, Poison Jab, Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Poison Gas, Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Foul Play, Play Rough, Crunch, Jaw Lock, Sucker Punch, Knock Off, Brutal Swing, Payback, Power Trip, Pursuit, Power Whip, Giga Drain, Horn Leech, Leech Life, Drain Punch, Bind, Wrap, Ancient Power, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Flare Blitz, Inferno, Fire Blast, Thunder, Earthquake, Tri Attack, Stored Power, Dark Pulse, Explosion, Lick, Draining Kiss
Status: Coil, Glare, Dragon Dance, Autotomize, Attract, Captivate, Tickle, Milk Drink, Nasty Plot, Lovely Kiss, Sweet Kiss, Strength Sap, Ingrain, Recycle, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Growth, Parting Shot, Teleport, Torment, Snatch, Substitute, Trick Room
Signature Move: Monster Lord's Cruelty (Dark-type Spacial Rend).
Stats: 91/95/92/119/100/103 (600)

All forms below are out-of-battle.

Form: Black Alice-Second Form
Ability: Shed Skin / Suction Cups / Sticky Hold
Moves: All of the above
Stats: 103/98/106/130/110/73 (620)

Form: Black Alice-Third Form
Ability: Shed Skin / Suction Cups / Sticky Hold
Moves: All of the above
Stats: 103/118/96/130/90/93 (630)

Form: Black Alice-Second Form-Ultimate
Ability: Shed Skin / Suction Cups / Sticky Hold
Moves: Same as Black Alice-Second Form + All TMs/HMs/TRs/tutor moves.
Stats: 113/108/116/130/120/93 (680)

Form: Black Alice-Third Form-Ultimate
Ability: Shed Skin / Suction Cups / Sticky Hold
Moves: Same as Black Alice-Third Form + Summon Wind Spirit and Summon Earth Spirit (Same as Promestein) + All TMs/HMs/TRs/tutor moves.
Stats: 113/133/106/135/100/103 (690)

Form: Final Form Black Alice
Ability: Elimination / Berserk / Gluttony
Elimination: Moves used by this Pokemon against trapped targets will always result in a critical hit.
Movepool Additions: Same as Black Alice-Third Form-Ultimate, except No Retreat replaces any and all moves that switch the user out, TM/TR/HM/tutor or otherwise.
+Summon Water Spirit: +1 SpA/+2 Eva (banned due to Evasion clause)
+Summon Fire Spirit: +2 Atk/+1 SpA
Stats: 113/133/116/135/110/93 (700)
  • Typing: Black Alice is the 8th Monster Lord, meaning the 8th direct descendant of the manifestation of darkness itself, plus she plotted to control the world (Dark). Her true form and that of her ancestors is that of lamias, monster girls with snake and/or dragon-like qualities, with Black Alice herself having a six-horned snake lower half in her full power form (Dragon).
  • Abilities: Limber, Suction Cups and Sticky Hold due to her tentacles. Shed Skin due to her snake qualities. Elimination because of her battle mechanics in the original game. Berserk because she was called as such in this form, due to her uncontrolled power. Gluttony because of how her runaway power warped her desire to "control the world" into "consume the world."
  • Move: The moves could be split into a few categories, fitting STAB, snake move because lamia, octopus moves because tentacles, drain and poison moves because she wants to consume everything, temptation moves (kisses and attract) from being a monster girl, elemental moves from being a magic expert. Ultimate forms get all TMs/HMs/TRs/tutor moves because she has the genes of all monsters, and can grow organs of all of them. Consider her an eldritch version of Mew.
  • Signature Move: In Monster Girl Quest, summoning the four elemental spirits gives a wide range of buffs to the user. Black Alice's ally (Promestein) mass-produced elemental spirit clones, allowing her and her allies to use them. Black Alice is shown using all four types of elemental spirits. As for the Dark-type Spacial Rend clone, that move "completely erases all traces of the target's existence with its overwhelming darkness."
  • Stats: Her boss stats are pretty well-rounded, but she is said to have "incredibly high powered magic" so of course SpA would be higher. I tried to differentiate between her forms by shifting some points here and there. The difference between regular and Ultimate Second/Third Forms is that the regular is her own power (shown in a boss battle in the past), while the Ultimate form is after she absorbed Goddess Ilias (in the final moments of the game). As for the reason she's so strong, her final form is the 2nd strongest enemy in the original MGQ (the strongest is Goddes Ilias who throws out Big Bangs as regular attacks and who Black Alice absorbed, albeit imperfectly).

Pokémon: Goddess of Chaos Black Alice
Typing: ???
Ability: Mold Breaker
Moves: Same as Black Alice-Third Form-Ultimate, plus regains any moves that switch the user out that she previously had.
Signature Move: Great Disaster (???-type Spacial Rend).
Stats: 113/133/116/135/120/113 (730)
  • Type: In this form, Black Alice is the Goddess of Chaos. In Monster Girl Quest, Chaos is literally nothing.
  • Abilities: Successfully merging darkness and light was thought to be impossible, until Black Alice did it, thus Mold Breaker. Chaos also "consumes space-time itself" so bypassing defensive abilities makes sense imo. (Also except for Multiscale Lugia, Kingprotea and Fluffy Nine-Tails Tamamo, Mold Breaker seems pretty useless and therefore balanced).
  • Stats: By somehow merging light and darkness and becoming the Goddess of Chaos, Black Alice surpassed the power of the other two Goddesses. Chaos consumes space-time itself and leaves nothing behind in its wake, and will continue to consume until absolutely nothing in existence remains. If Black Alice isn't stopped "[...] the whole of all universes will be devoured by the chaos." So this multiversal threat having high BST is logical.

Pokémon: Alicetroemeria
Typing: Dark/Psychic
Ability: Pretend Mage - x1.3 to Dark-type and Time-based moves; Dark-type and Time-based moves can always be selected.
Time-based moves: Ancient Power (also Relic Song and Roar of Time, though Black Alice doesn't get either)
Moves: Same as base Black Alice.
Stats: 91/95/92/119/100/103 (600) (Same as base Alice)
Reasoning: Alice's recruitable form, pretending to be a human mage.
Pokémon: Callie
Typing: Poison
Ability: Dancer / Inky Voice (This Pokemon's sound-based moves become Poison-type moves.) / Tinted Lens
Moves: Parting Shot, Boomburst, Inky Terrain, Terrain Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Poison Gas, Clear Smog, Smog, Poison Jab, Acid Armor, Baneful Bunker, Venom Drench, Venoshock, Steel Roller, Steamroller, Lock-On, Laser Focus, Defense Curl, Odor Sleuth (All these moves are shared between her and regular, post-revisions Inkling. The only moves missing are Hydro Pump and Inkling's signature move, Rapid Splat) + Sing, Perish Song, Teeter Dance, Toxic Spikes, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Attract
Signature Move: Splat Roller (80 BP | Poison | Physical | Lowers opponent's Speed by 1)
Signature Z-Move: Bomb Rush (40 BP | Poison | Special | Upgrades from Sludge Bomb with Calamarium-Z | Hits five times. The terrain becomes Inky Terrain.)
Stats: 80/115/55/95/75/100 (520)
Reasoning: Poison-type because she inks stuff, she loses Inkling's part-Normal because she's not normal, she's a popstar and a special agent. Stats are a slightly altered/buffed version of normal Inkling, because she's, well... an Inkling. Callie's more frail but hits harder because she prefers to go all out, based on her personality and Splatfest themes. Marie on the other hand would more defensive if she were to be submitted. (!_vs._Focus_on_healing). Callie is also physical unlike Inkling because she prefers the Roller weapons. Also why she gets it as a move. Splat Roller lowers speed because it inks the ground, and ink lowers speed. She's also physical because she's even a costume for Mii Brawler in Smash Ultimate.
She gets sound and dance moves because, unlike most other Inklings, she's an idol that... sings and dances. However, she hasn't been shown using many of the weapons that Inklings use, so she doesn't get moves such as Hydro Pump or Rapid Splat. Bomb Rush is a Special in Splatoon, also the only Special that Callie was shown using, thus the Z-Move. Callie's theme song is also called "Bomb Rush Blush" so she is closely related to the move. Splatoon 2 spoilers: Callie gets Perish Song and Parting Shot as references to her being kidnapped and brainwashed during the Splatoon 2 story mode. It is also revealed that the brainwashed Callie is the one responsible for "renovations" in Octo Canyon, adding many traps and dangers to it, that is why I gave her entry hazards. Tinted Glasses is also a spoiler, she is brainwashed by hypnoshades, a pair of special black glasses. Tinted Lens is literally called Tinted Glasses in Japanese.
Resub that I didn't change at all:
Pokémon: Dreaded Giant
True Name: Gusios
Franchise/Origin: Tales of Vesperia
Type: Rock
Abilities: Crystallands - This Pokemon has the resistances, but not weaknesses, of Fairy-types.
Aer Control - Restores 1/8 of its maximum HP, rounded down, for every PP used by the opponent.
Damaging: Power Gem, Stone Edge, Ancient Power, Tail Slap, Stomp, Skull Bash, Boomburst, Stomping Tantrum, Earthquake, High Horsepower, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Surf, Scald, Liquidation, Aqua Tail, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Tail, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Breath, Outrage, Thrash, Iron Tail, Mud Slap, Nature's Madness
Status: Shore Up, Belly Drum, Stealth Rock, Roar, Reflect, Light Screen, Soak, Mud Sport, Aqua Ring, Spite
Stats: 192/111/113/81/44/29 (570)
Evolves into Gnome.

Pokémon: Gnome (Tales of Vesperia)
Type: Rock
Ability: Levitate / Aer Control (see above)
Moves: Same as above, gaining Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Thunder, Thunder Wave.
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/100 (600)

Reasoning: Stats: Dreaded Giant's stats are scaled up from its game of origin. Gnome is the Spirit of Earth, a mythical creature with no defining traits to make one stat higher than the other.
Ability: Crystallands is based on the fact that it created a whole island of crystals. Diancie and Carbink are Fairy-type. Plus, the crystals were created with aer which is, to put it simply, magical natural energy. Fairy is often associated with nature in Pokemon. Aer Control comes from their ability to heal by absorbing said magical energy, which every attack in Tales of Vesperia has.
Moves: The Dreaded Giant itself eats the magical natural energy I mentioned earlier, is made up of it and uses it to attack. He also goes mad because of said energy. Nature's Madness comes form that fact. The rest of its moves are because it's a turtle-dragon thing that uses Water and Earth element attacks in its game of origin, as well as puffing up its chest and hitting on it. As a spirit of nature, Gnome gains control over lightning powers when evolving.
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KirbyRider1337's Yuyuko Saigyouji
Cookie Butter's Callie
Ninetales Dragons' Maxwell

Tough choices here so I voted for stuff that's been resubbed a lot before

Congratulations to Cookie Butter, Neosonic97 and KirbyRider1337 for winning with Callie, Yu Narukami and Yuyuko Saigyouki.

This week's theme is for dinosaurs, dinosaur-like creatures and anything related to dinosaurs. This can range from actual dinosaurs from Turok or Yoshi from Super Mario to Blathers from Animal Crossing for his association with dinosaur fossils. As long as your character has a strong connection to dinosaurs in some way, they are eligible for the bonus theme.

As always submissions for the current slate close in one week.
Have fun!​
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Pokémon: Spinax
Franchise: Fossil Fighters

Ability: Auto Counter (If the user is hit with a contact attack without fainting or being switched out, 3/10 of the damage taken is returned to the attacker.)
Moves: Head Smash, Ancient Power, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Earth Power, Crunch, Jaw Lock, Hurricane, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Shadow Claw, Super Fang, Counter, Rock Polish, Defog, Whirlwind, Stealth Rock
Stats: 120 HP/144 Atk/72 Def/144 SpA/72 SpD/28 Spe (580 BST)

Spinax @ Leftovers
Ability: Auto Counter
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpA
Adamant Nature
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Hurricane
- Super Fang

Spinax @ Leftovers
Ability: Auto Counter
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Defog
- Earthquake
- Counter
Reasoning: Spinax is an altispinax that was revived, becoming a Vivosaur. This works similarly to Fossil Pokemon. Auto Counter is an ability it gets, where it returns 3/10 of the damage from attacks that make contact. It has a couple attacks where it breathes out a lot of air. Its stats here are determined by doubling its Fossil Fighters: Champions stats. 72 attack was doubled to 144 Attack and Special Attack. 36 defense was doubled to 72 Defense and Special Defense. 14 evasion was doubled to 28 Speed. Meanwhile, 480 life points is divided by 4 to get 120 HP.
Last time it didn't save the draft, but this time I'll get it done for sure!

Slate Bonus for this one because come on. You take ONE look at this and tell me it doesn't look like a dinosaur.

Pokémon: Agumon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Blaze
Notable moves: Charmander's moveset, Draco Meteor.
Stats: 50 HP/60 Atk/50 Def/55 SpA/45 SpD/60 Spe (BST: 320)
Evolves into Greymon at level 20.
Reasoning: Here we have Digimon's mascot and perhaps the most notable Digivolution line of all, Agumon, the mascot of Digimon, Pokemon's rival series. Agumon's stats are primarily based on Charmander's. They're a bit higher, though Agumon differentiates itself from its Pokemon counterpart by being physically oriented instead of specially oriented, plus having a Dragon-typing. This is basically meant for a Little Cup-type scenario and should not be used in OU.

Digimon, however, is most well-known for its long evolutionary chains.

Pokémon: Greymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Rock Head
Notable moves: Agumon's Moveset, plus Head Smash, Skull Bash.
Stats: 70 HP/80 Atk/70 Def/75 SpA/65 SpD/70 Spe (BST: 440)
Evolves into MetalGreymon at level 40. Location of Evolution changes MetalGreymon's form.
Reasoning: Greymon's a step up from Agumon, but still not really worth using in competitive play. It might be somewhat good in the lower tiers thanks to the spamability of Head Smash thanks to Rock Head, but still, you're probably better off evolving this thing.



Pokémon: MetalGreymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Steel
Ability: Flame of Fury (Fire-type Steelworker Clone)
Notable moves: Greymon's moveset, plus Steel Beam, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Iron Tail.
Stats: 100 HP/100 Atk/85 Def/95 SpA/80 SpD/50 Spe (BST: 510)
Regional Variant: Depending on where Greymon evolves, MetalGreymon can come in either Vaccine or Virus forms.
MetalGreymon evolves into one of two different Pokemon at level 60. MetalGreymon-Vaccine evolves into WarGreymon, MetalGreymon-Virus evolves into BlackWarGreymon
Reasoning: MetalGreymon is the third member of the Agumon line, and is where the line begins to diverge a bit. See, MetalGreymon actually has two different forms to it. The MetalGreymon that are found on File Island, seen in Digimon World 1, are of the Virus classification, whereas those found on the Folder Continent (seen in Digimon World 2) are of the Vaccine classification. While the difference in their abilities is negligible for now, they'll become a lot bigger once the two evolve into their final forms. They're certainly usable on their own (Though I had to compromise a bit with Bulk so as to make sure Eviolite doesn't make this thing broken), though you'll want to evolve them into their final forms. As for changes from Greymon, aside from the increased stats at the cost of reduced speed, it also gains access to a few Steel-type moves owing to its cybernetic enhancements.

Pokémon: WarGreymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Crest of Courage
Signature Ability: Crest of Courage: User is immune to Critical Hits. Moves' added effects do not activate against the user, the user's Steel-type moves deal 50% more damage and the user's Fire-type moves deal 50% more damage when the user is below 33% HP. Basically Battle Armor, Shield Dust, Steelworker and Blaze condensed into one ability.
Notable moves: MetalGreymon's moveset, plus Gaia Force and Dramon Killer.
Signature Moves
Gaia Force: Fire-type, Special, 120 BP, 90 Accuracy, 5 PP. Ignores abilities.
Dramon Killer: Dragon-type, Physical, 90 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Damage dealt to Dragon-types is doubled (Stacks with type effectiveness).
Stats: 120 HP/120 Atk/105 Def/115 SpA/100 SpD/100 Spe (BST: 660)
Reasoning: WarGreymon is the final form of the Agumon line, evolving from MetalGreymon-Vaccine. Its stats are high all around, including a massive speed increase from the prior form. It also comes with two signature moves. Gaia Force (or Terra Force, as it's known in the west) is a big ol' nuke of an attack. High BP, good accuracy, and it ignores Flash Fire from pesky Heatran to boot. Dramon Killers is basically an enhanced version of Dragon Claw that takes the Dragon-killing abilities up to eleven. It does double supereffective damage against any Dragon-type foolish enough to get hit by this move. This is actually based on the claws' performance against Dragon-type enemies in the anime, as the Agumon who partnered with Taichi Yagami demonstrated when, as WarGreymon, he one-shot not one but two seperate Mega-level foes with his Dramon Killers. The Crest of Courage also serves as the basis for the ability, referencing its wielder's courage and ability to overcome the odds (Basically, it's Hax-proof, retains MetalGreymon's Steel-type STAB and gets Blaze back after losing it after evolving from Agumon).

Pokémon: BlackWarGreymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Dark
Ability: Flame of Fury/Justified/Tough Claws
Notable moves: MetalGreymon's moveset, plus Dark Gaia Force, Dramon Killer, Night Slash.
Signature Moves
Dark Gaia Force: Dark-type, Special, 110 BP, 90 Accuracy, 5 PP. Ignores abilities. Deals Dark- or Fire-type damage, whichever would do more.
Dramon Killer: See WarGreymon.
Stats: 120 HP/120 Atk/105 Def/115 SpA/100 SpD/100 Spe (BST: 660)
Reasoning: BlackWarGreymon is the final form that Virus-type MetalGreymon take on. In comparison to WarGreymon, it has slightly improved coverage, notably the fact that its signature move, Dark Gaia Force (Terra Destroyer to western fans), can be Dark- or Fire-type depending on the situation, which can be very useful coverage. The tradeoff for this however, is that BlackWarGreymon's abilities are inferior to WarGreymon's Crest of Courage for the most part. While Flame of Fury (Inherited from MetalGreymon) Justified and Tough Claws are by no means bad abilities, they're mostly focused on the physical side, which can leave BlackWarGreymon to struggle against physical walls where WarGreymon would not due to its greater versatility.
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New sub here, yay for rarely-seen type combinations from LM3!

Pokémon: Ug
Origin: Luigi's Mansion 3
Type: Ghost/Rock
Abilities: Fossil Change (Stance Change variant. When using Bone Club or Superpower, Ug will leave the fossil to strike. When using any other move (Excluding: Earthquake, Bulldoze, any STAB not named Shadow Claw, Toxic), he will return to the fossil.)
Notable moves: Dragon Tail, Iron Tail, Crunch, Earthquake, Bulldoze, Ancient Power, Hyper Voice, Roar, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Bone Club, Stomp, Dragon Rush, Rock Tomb, Stomping Tantrum, Superpower, Poltergeist, Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, Meteor Beam, Mega Kick, Whirlwind, Ominous Wind
Stats (In Fossil): 90/120/110/85/60/75 [BST 530]
Stats (Out of Fossil): 90/110/120/60/85/75 [BST 530]

Reasoning: OK, so remember how I always gave King MacFrights 50HP? The same method that got two other certain LM3 subs their HP stats would actually make that 45HP, and considering that he has the second-lowest HP of any boss up to that point (third-lowest if you count Morty), well... why do I bring this up? Because Ug's 400 HP, which is twice the amount that King MacFrights has, is perfectly par for the course by that point in the game, so 90HP for Ug. This also happens to be slightly above-average but not overly so. (The other method I mentioned earlier would net him 145HP anyway so uhhh no.) Anyway, back to this dude from a long-lost time. Ghost/Rock because he's the ghost of an ancient caveman that possesses a T-Rex fossil to attack Luigi with, which also explains Ancient Power. As the T-Rex fossil, he attempts to chomp down in whatever's in front of him, Luigi being able to take advantage of this through either a fossilized Pterodactyl egg or Gooigi to keep him occupied and strike with another Pterodactyl egg. This explains Strong Jaw and Crunch. He causes tremors during the fight (EQ, Bulldoze) that cause debris to rain down from the sky (Rock Slide, Rock Tomb) and will even attempt to stomp on Luigi at times (Stomp, Dragon Rush, Mega Kick) and strike with the fossil's tail. (Dragon Tail, Iron Tail) He can also attack with a powerful, possibly sound-based breath attack in the dino fossil (Hyper Voice, Roar, Whirlwind, Ominous Wind), but once the T-Rex fossil collapses, he grabs a bone from it to weaponize against Luigi, and though his strength with it is impressive enough to create a tremor (EQ again, Superpower), he struggles to get it out. Poltergeist is natural since he possesses a T-Rex fossil, with Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, and Stone Edge all as mandatory STABs. (Shadow Claw if mostly because of said fossil) Meteor Beam's here too because all Galarian fossils share it. Yes, even Arctovish.
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Pokemon: **Darkeater Midir** (Dark Souls 3)
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Berserk / Darkeater (Deal 1.25x damage to Dark types and take 0.5x damage from Dark moves.)
Moves: Outrage, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fire Blast, Fly, Dark Pulse, Dragon Tail, Slash, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, Fire Fang, Roar, Heat Wave, Dark Beam (Dark / Special / 110 BP / 5-8 PP / 70% Acc / 30% Chance to burn the target.)
Stats: 110 / 130 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 80
Reasoning: Darkeater Midir is a descendant of the ancient Archdragons, and was raised by the gods to be an immortal defender against the dark. However, he was eventually consumed by the dark, so you have to kill him before he forgets his duty completely. The Dragon type should be self-explanatory. Fire is because he breathes fire a lot throughout the fight, often mixing it in with physical attacks or using it to force the player to change position. Berserk represents the change Midir goes through when he enters the second phase of the battle. He draws in dark power and releases a giant explosion, and then throughout phase 2 throws in a lot more dark-based energy projectiles. The Darkeater ability comes from Midir’s duty to defend the gods against the dark. The extra resistance to Dark moves is also from Midir resisting dark weapons in-game. Midir is known for having an extremely high health pool, so he is quite bulky. The higher SpD is because Midir has resistances to most elemental damages, and also because he takes double damage if you hit his head or use thrust moves. Despite having some quick dashes, flight, and a charge, Midir usually stays mostly still, just moving his head and claws to attack the area in front of him. Strong offenses come from the high damage Midir does, but the much higher attack comes from him favouring physical moves.
Outrage comes from a move where Midir charges across the screen, spraying fire everywhere and slashing wildly in front of him. Dragon Claw and Slash come from some of Midir’s basic slashing and clawing attacks. Crunch and Fire Fang are from his attacks where he lashes out and bites you. Fire Blast and Heat Wave can come from basically any move Midir does where he uses fire, which is a lot. Fly and Brave Bird come from moves where Midir flies into the air and either spews fire or does a swooping attack. Dragon Tail and Roar come from moves where Midir… swings his tail and roars. Dark Pulse comes from the various dark moves Midir uses in phase 2, and Dark Beam is from a couple attacks where Midir shoots a high damage but well-telegraphed laser that makes the ground explode shortly after it has been touched by the laser.

Pokemon: Demon of Hatred (Sekiro)
Type: Fire/Dark
Ability: Intimidate / Moxie
Moves: Overheat, Fire Blast, Headbutt, Stomp, Burning Jealousy, Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, Lash Out, Brutal Swing, Night Slash, Hone Claws, Torment, Perish Song
Stats: 80 / 110 / 90 / 100 / 70 / 85
Fire is because the majority of moves the Demon uses in battle are related to fire in some way. Dark is because the Demon of Hatred used to be a shinobi close to becoming a Shura, which is someone who is eternally forced to kill for no reason. One becomes a Shura by killing too many people and forgetting why they are doing it. The shinobi was saved by his friend when they cut off his arm, but the shinobi was never able to overcome the karmic debt he owed, and when a war started, hatred overcame him and he transformed into the Demon of Hatred. Intimidate is because the Demon does what's called a genroku mie upon starting the battle, which is an intimidating pose used to show extreme emotion and strike fear in the hearts of enemies, as well as the general intimidation one feels upon seeing a beast many times your size that can kill you instantly and move across a battlefield in a second. Moxie is because part of the reason the shinobi became a demon was because he killed so many people. Demon of Hatred is a very aggressive boss, hence the fairly high attack stats on both sides and above average speed. Despite having three health bars, Demon of Hatred has average bulk because of the medium amount of health on each bar. Lower SpD because the boss can be stunned for a long period of time using a finger whistle, and all sound moves are special.
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Pokémon: Surt
Origin: Shin Megami Tensei
Type: Fire
Ability: Conflagate
New Item: Lævateinn (Can only be held by Surt, Flandre Scarlet, (and Loki P5 Form). Boosts the power of Fire-type skills by 50% and can stack with STAB. Blade-based moves will also be powered up by 50% and have a 30% chance to burn the target as well. (If held by Loki, the move of the same name will always go off of Attack and doesn't lower stats, but is 30% less powerful.) If held by anyone else, it will give them the burn status.)
Notable Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Ragnarok, Lævateinn, Eruption, Fire Lash, Fire Spin, Inferno, Flare Blitz, Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Lava Plume, Mystical Fire, Overheat, Searing Shot, Sacred Fire, Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp, Swords Dance, Howl, Roar, Slash, Sacred Sword, Fury Cutter, Flaming Sword, Carnage, Earthquake, Hurricane, Counter, Mean Look, Retaliate, Noble Roar, Attract, Thunder, Great Slash, Hyper Voice, Step Slash, Burning Jealousy, Mist
New Move: Ragnarok: Fire-type, Special, 30 BP, 90% Accuracy, 5 PP, Hits 1-4 times and has a 50% chance to burn the opponent. Hits all targets in a Double Battle.
Stats: 102/110/102/108/102/100 [BST 624]
Reasoning: A big ol knobhead who uses a flaming stick, it's Surt! Fire-type is fucking obvious, as well as Conflagate for the fact that his normal attack in Nocturne has Fire-type added to it. Laevateinn is his signature weapon, and thus is his item, boosting Fire-type moves and augmenting sword moves as well. It can be held by Flandre as well because why not, and speaking of her, he has her Laevateinn move, too. Other than that, a shit ton of Fire-type moves, and others that augment his native-game's skills, like Noble Roar for War Cry and Earthquake for Gigantomachia. Ragnarok is also here, acting like how it did in SMT 4 with it's multi-hit nature, and also a side of having a heavy burn chance.


Pokémon: Mot
Origin: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner
Type: Dark/Normal
Abilities: Intimidate/Wonder Coffin/Beast Eye (HA that's unreleased in all tiers except for AG.)
New Abilities: Wonder Coffin: Immune to almost all types of moves and almost all forms of ailments. Absorbs the damage done by Ice-type attacks and reflects Flying-type attacks, but is weak to Electricity and can still be inflicted with paralysis. (Banned to AG/Ubers)
Beast Eye: The wielder can use 2 actions per turn. The 2nd action is voided if the attack misses or is a protection move.
Notable Moves: Megidolaon, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Body Slam, Assurance, Brutal Swing, Feint Attack, Fling, Foul Play, Mist, Protect, Lash Out, Counter, Night Daze, Payback, Punishment, Pursuit, Snarl, Snatch, Taunt, Torment, Recover, Hurricane, Twister, Fire Blast, Burning Jealousy, Parting Shot, Hypnosis, Hammer Arm, Scythe Slash, Earth Power, Cyclone Slash, Swords Dance, Double-Edge, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Double Hit, Slash, Stomp, Low Sweep, Take Down,
New Move: Megidolaon: Normal-type, Special, 120 BP, 100% Accuracy, 5 PP, Ignores all weaknesses, resistances, and immunities when attacking. Hits all enemies in a Double Battle.
Stats: 100/86/96/102/96/84 [BST 564]
Reasoning: Another dude from the Diet, it's Mot! For being the god of death, Dark makes sense, but also because of notable use of Megidolaon and it's weaker variants, he's Normal type as well. Filter kinda makes sense for being in a coffin, but Beast Eye is here to represent his infamous spam of said move in SMT. In move form, it would be impossible because this is not using the Press Turn system, so an ability makes sense for him to use as such, and like in SMT, if you miss, you lose your chance to move. Stats are, once again, from P5 but doubled and the HP from his PQ2 HP bonus. For moves, Megidolaon is obvious, Nasty Plot for Makakaja, Dark Pulse for Mudoon, various Dark-type moves that seem to make sense. Counter for Avenge, Mist for Dekaja and Dekunda, Hypnosis for some good ol sleep, Protect, because the coffin I guess, a few "twister" moves for Wind, a few Fire-type moves because yes, Parting Shot for one of those moves, and a few moves from others because Mot in P2 had a scythe and had a skill named Mighty Fist, so that makes sense. Also, he has a weird Wonder Guard clone due to being basically preventing anything from doing any (or at least decent) damage unless it's Electric-elemental.
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tyrannosaurus x from robot dinosaurs that shoot beams when they roar.png

Pokémon: Tyrannosaurus X
Origin: Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar
Type: Steel/Dragon
Ability: Levitate
Stats: 80/70/90/120/90/100 (550)
Notable Moves: Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Overheat, Ancient Power, Meteor Beam, Cosmic Power, Fly, Hyper Beam, Roar, Noble Roar
Reasoning: A cybernetic T. rex from a really cheesy flash game. Steel because robot. Dragon because it's a T. rex, like Tyrantrum. Levitate and Fly because it flies for most of the game. Most of its movepool come from... well, shooting beams when it roars. It also landed on Earth from a meteor. Overheat is since its jetpack has fire coming out of it, and also reflects how the "Dino-beam" gets weaker the longer it's fired.

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