Pet Mod [Gen 8] Crossover Chaos

This one won't get the slate bonus, but ah well.
“I'm going to stop you, Brother. As your sister, it's my duty...”

Pokémon: Olivia
Origin: Paper Mario: The Origami King
Type: Fairy
Ability: Magic Circle - When using a Fire-, Water-, Ice-, or Ground-type move, Olivia can adapt that move's type as a secondary typing until she uses another move.
Notable moves: Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower, Flame Charge, Ice Beam, Icicle Crash, Earth Power, Earthquake, Surf, Liquidation, Protect, Work Up, Play Rough
Signature move: Reinforce - A Fairy-type move that sharply raises Olivia's Defense and Sp. Def.
Z-Move: Reinforced Origami Hammer - A 240 Base Power Fairy Z-Move. Requires the move Play Rough and the Olivium Z.
Stats: 90/70/85/90/95/115 (BST of 535)

Reasoning: Okay, this is gonna get spoilery. Olivia is pure Fairy because towards the end of the game, her brother remarks "I made you too perfect. Too pure." Dazzling Gleam also falls in line with this. Magic Circle is a reference to the Magic Circle mechanic from the game, and Flamethrower/Flame Charge, Ice Beam/Icicle Crash, Earth Power/Earthquake, and Surf/Liquidation reference the Vellumental bosses (which she masters the Bibliofolds of near the end). Protect is there because she helps protect the Mushroom Kingdom, Work Up is there because she gets quite literally worked up over her brother's villainous schemes, and Play Rough is there because she is proven to be able to use physical combat when she helps Mario beat the living daylights out of Olly. Reinforced Origami Hammer is also there for the same reason as Play Rough. Reinforce is there because origami can be re-folded and renewed.
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Heads-up: In Age of War you play as a base and the goal is to destroy the enemy base. The base has HP, gains experience and attacks with turrets. In other words, to quote ToadBrigade, technically it's playable so why not.

Pokémon: Stone Age Base
Franchise/Origin: Age of War
Type: Rock
Ability: Long Reach / Skill Link / Slow Start
Moves: Attack Order, Defend Order, Wood Hammer, Barrage, Megahorn, Eruption, Ancient Power, Stone Edge, Rock Blast, Egg Bomb, Bone Club, Bone Rush, Bonemerang, Shadow Bone, Stealth Rock
Signature Z-Move: Volcanic Cataclysm: Requires Eruption. Calculated using the user's higher attack stat.
Stats: 60/80/120/40/45/5 (370)
Reasoning: The Stone Age Base sends out cavemen, slingshot men and dino riders (thus the slate bonus) against the enemy. Its long-range defensive options (turrets) include slingshots, egg throwers and catapults made of bone. Every Special move is unique to each Age, so I turned each one in a Signature Z-Move. In this case, the Special is dropping volcanic rocks that look more like meteors on the enemy.
Evolves into the Medieval Age Base.

Pokémon: Medieval Age Base
Type: Rock
Ability: Long Reach / Skill Link / Steadfast
Moves: All of the above + Sacred Sword, Arrow Shot (See Orion), High Horsepower, Pyro Ball, Tar Shot, Iron Defense
Signature Z-Move: Flaming Arrow Raid: 180 BP, Rock-type, Physical, requires Arrow Shot, burns foe.
Stats: 100/90/135/50/65/5 (445)
Reasoning: The Medieval Age sends out swordsmen, archers and mounted knights against the enemy. Its turrets are catapult, fire catapult and heated tar. This age's Special is a rain of flaming arrows. Steadfast is there to represent the knights. High Horsepower because of the mounted knights. Pyro Ball because the flame catapult literally has a rock in it.
Evolves into the Renaissance Age Base.

Pokémon: Renaissance Age Base
Type: Rock
Ability: Long Reach / Skill Link / Artillery
Moves: All of the above + Flash Cannon, Magnet Bomb, Explosive Cannon
Signature Move: Explosive Cannon: Searing Shot clone, but instead of 30% Burn chance, inflicts damage for two turns on all non-Fire-type opponents. Affected by Bulletproof.
Signature Ability: Artillery: x1.5 power for moves affected by Bulletproof.
Signature Z-Move: Light Force Shield: requires Flash Cannon. Sets Reflect and Light Screen for the user's side of the field.
Stats: 110/100/135/80/90/5 (520)
Reasoning: The Renaissance Age sends out duelers, musketeers and cannoneers against the enemy. Its turrets are small cannon, large cannon and explosive cannon. This age's Special is some sort of Christian blessing that creates a holy shield.
Evolves into the Modern Age Base.

Pokémon: Modern Age Base
Type: Steel
Ability: Long Reach / Skill Link / Artillery
Moves: All of the above + Smart Strike, Deploy Missiles (See Galleom), Bomb Blast (See Pandora), Bomb Throw (See Pandora)
Signature Z-Move: Bombardment: requires Deploy Missiles.
Stats: 110/115/135/100/105/5 (570)
Reasoning: The Modern Age sends out infantry and tanks against the enemy. Its turrets are modern turret, rocket launcher and advanced turret. This age's Special is literally a bombardment.
Evolves into the Future Age Base.

Pokémon: Future Age Base
Type: Steel/Electric
Ability: Long Reach / Skill Link / No Guard
Moves: All of the above + Zap Cannon, Laser Focus, Magnet Rise, Ion Deluge
Signature Z-Move: Space Death Ray: requires Zap Cannon. 200 BP, Smack Down effect.
Stats: 115/120/145/140/145/5 (670)
Reasoning: The Future Age sends out soldiers called "God's Blade" and Blaster, floating tanks called War Machine, and Super Soldier against the enemy. Its turrets are Plasma Cannon, Laser Cannon and Ion Ray Cannon. This age's Special is a space death ray.
Ion Ray Cannon has enough range to hit anything on screen, and will always hit the target, so No Guard comes from that.

Pokémon: Mada (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne)
Typing: Fire/Steel
Ability: Void Expel / Gluttony
Void Expel: Immune to Dark-type moves. This includes Status moves.
Moves: Physical: Double-Edge, Flare Blitz, Drain Punch, Hammer Arm, Counter, Beat Up
Special: Flamethrower, Ember, Lava Plume, Fire Blast, Gust, Air Slash, Hurricane, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Giga Drain
Status: Haze, Teleport, Will-o-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Recover, Life Dew, Heal Bell, Heal Pulse, Wish, Healing Wish, Howl, Swallow, Stockpile, Curse, Confuse Ray, Focus Energy, Taunt
Signature Move: Intoxicate: Toxic clone with Corrosion effects.
War Cry: Noble Roar clone but -2 instead of -1.
Stats: 90/104/116/102/116/102 (630)
Reasoning: "A god in Hindu mythology, created by the sage Chyavana. His name means 'intoxication'. He is said to be able to grow so big, he can swallow all of the other gods."
—Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne compendium
Since Nocturne is an RPG, custom stuff is taken directly out of the game. Mada's stats are scaled up from Persona 5. Mada has lots of coverage because SMT demons can be created by merging two lesser demons, and those lesser demons can be of different elements and have different moves.
Resubmissions ahoy

Pokémon: Edelgard von Hresvelg (Eviolite-compatible)
Type: Fire
Ability: Steelworker
Moves: Fire Lash, Axe Strike (from Camilla), Incinerate, Flamethrower, Night Shade, Dark Pulse, Giga Drain, Dazzling Gleam, Return, Frustration, Strength, Slash, Double Hit, Superpower, Sacred Sword, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Fury Cutter, Smart Strike, Fury Attack, Icicle Spear, Chip Away, Cut, False Swipe, Thunderbolt, Arrow Shot (from Orion), Air Slash, Close Combat, Fire Punch, Dragon Claw, Comet Punch, Mega Punch, Meteor Mash, Shadow Punch, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Mega Kick, Swords Dance, Recover, Heal Pulse, Wish
Stats: 90/110/70/90/70/80 | 510 BST
Reasoning: Base stats are calculated exactly the same way as those of Corrin and Camilla, using Noble stat growths for this stage. Fire-type because Fire is the first black magic she learns, and in Part I she takes on a secret identity as the Flame Emperor. Steelworker because she isn't armored but is most proficient with axes and swords. In FE3H, units can equip a wide variety of weapons depending on their class and weapon experience. (For the sake of simplicity, let's say that Edelgard can equip whatever, whenever.) Therefore, I took a bit of Corrin's and Camilla's movepools and made some additions including Icicle Spear for lances, Arrow Shot for bows, Air Slash for Hexblade, punching and kicking moves for brawling (including Dragon Claw because of the gauntlets called Dragon Claws), Recover for a Combat Art called Healing Focus, Fire Lash for physical STAB, and less conventional moves for the magics that she learns by gaining Reason and Faith experience.
  • Black Magic: Fire (Incinerate), Bolganone (Flamethrower)
  • Dark Magic: Luna Λ (Night Shade), Hades Ω (Dark Pulse)
  • White Magic: Heal/Recover (Heal Pulse, Wish), Nosferatu (Giga Drain), Seraphim (Dazzling Gleam)

Evolution: Emperor Edelgard
Type: Fire/Steel
Ability: Imperial Lineage - If the user is switched in during a turn, then the user takes half damage from special attacks for the rest of that turn.
Added Moves: Sacred Fire, Raging Storm*, Magma Storm
*Steel, Physical, 70 BP, 70% Acc, 5 PP | Priority +1. 30% chance to flinch.
Z-Move: Raging Flames - Fire, Physical, 190 BP | Creates a sea of fire for 4 turns (like Fire Pledge + Grass Pledge). | Base: Sacred Fire | Z-Crystal: Adrestium Z
Stats: 105/130/80/110/80/80 | 585 BST
Reasoning: After the subject matter of the first inline spoiler is brought to light, Edelgard becomes the emperor of Adrestia. Her base stats and added Steel typing are based on the Emperor class, boasting armor and obviously better stat growths over the Noble class. Her Ability effect is translated from the Res +4 on Wait effect that Imperial Lineage gains when it upgrades to its plus version. Sacred Fire is a nod to her promotion to Emperor, Raging Storm is the special Combat Art of her signature Hero's Relic (Aymr) (roughly translated for the sake of balance), Magma Storm is a rough translation of Flickering Flower (the Combat Art learned through Emperor mastery), and her Z-Move is the Gambit of her signature battalion (Supreme Armored Co.).

Mega Evolution: Emperor Edelgard-Mega (Stone: Adrestianite)
Type: Dark/Steel
Ability: Hegemon Husk - Hard-coded on Emperor Edelgard-Mega. Her Fire-type attacks become Dark-type, and she takes half damage from Bug-, Fighting-, and Fairy-type attacks.
Stats: 105/120/130/100/140/90 (-10 Atk, +50 Def, -10 SpA, +60 SpD, +10 Spe) | 685 BST
Reasoning: As a last resort against the Kingdom of Faerghus, Edelgard had the power of her two Crests pushed to the limit, leading her fiery side to be extinguished and make room for her fate as a monstrous existence, hence Fire ==> Dark. Hegemon Husk is the name of the enemy that she has become, and the resistance aspect of this Ability comes from Monster Effect Null, an ability (in FE3H terminology) that she is guaranteed to have in this form. Because this Hegemon Husk is an NPC, instead of going by stat growths, I compared the stats of the final standard enemy Edelgard in Verdant Wind and Silver Snow to those of the final boss of Azure Moon to find a slight Speed buff and obligatory HP buff in exchange for defenses (especially physical) and power...although HP is stagnant in Mega Evolution, so she gets highly increased bulk instead.


Pokémon: Histoire
Type: Flying/Grass
Ability: Chronicle - The user's moves have perfect accuracy after three turns (à la Slow Start).
Moves: Wings of Light*, Universe**, Hurricane, Air Slash, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Wring Out, Hydro Pump, Power Gem, Dazzling Gleam, Psyshock, Grass Knot, Hidden Power, Sludge Bomb, Recover, Wish, Heal Pulse, Work Up, Teleport
*Flying, Special, 100 BP, 90% acc, 10 PP
**Grass, Special, 120 BP, 85% acc, 10 PP
Z-Move: EXE Drive: Tome of Histoire - Grass, Special, 210 BP | Item: Neptunium Z | Move: Universe
Stats: 80/80/70/150/100/100 | 580 BST
Reasoning: Planeptune's Oracle, a sort of mentor to the higher-ups of her nation. She flies around atop a book that is an extension of her being, and books come from trees, hence Flying/Grass. In combat, she specializes as a magic attacker and partly as a supporter. Since Neptunia does not have Abilities per se, Histoire's "Ability" is inspired by the motif of her powers taking three of a certain unit of time.

Pokémon: Revenant Grace
Type: Ghost/Steel
Ability: Guardian Spirit - When the user takes direct damage, its Soul Smash, Soul Blaster, or Soul Cannon (randomly chosen per occasion) regains 1 PP if it can.
Signature Moves
  • Soul Smash - Ghost, Physical, 75 BP, 100% Acc, 20 PP
  • Soul Blaster - Ghost, Physical, 75 BP, 100% Acc, 15 PP | Hits all adjacent foes.
  • Soul Cannon - Ghost, Physical, 110 BP, 85% Acc, 5 PP
  • Possession - Ghost, Other, 5 PP | The user's soul leaves its body to possess another. | The user switches out. It and its replacement are cured of status conditions, and its replacement is affected by Safeguard and Trick-or-Treat, which both wear off at the same time: in five turns or if the replacement switches out.
  • Possessed - Ghost, Other, 10 PP | A portion of the target's soul is transferred to the user. | Deals half the target's remaining HP in damage. The user regains HP equal to the damage dealt. Also cures status conditions of the target and user.
Other Moves: Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Smart Strike, Body Press, Brick Break, Low Kick, Low Sweep, Rock Smash, Mega Punch, Strength, Foul Play, Knock Off, Night Slash, Feint Attack, Stomping Tantrum, Night Shade, Protect, Taunt, Torment, Block
Stats: 120/80/120/50/120/50 | 540 BST
Reasoning: Revenant, holder of the Guardian asterisk, is a juvenile spirit (Ghost) who uses a suit of armor (Steel) as a physical form. His signature moves are Guardian skills, and his Ability is the specialty of the job. Other moves are extrapolated as capabilities of a walking suit of armor with a ghastly soul and the motivation to stop at nothing in the name of his blood-stained father.

Pokémon: Demigod of Rock
Type: Rock/Electric
Ability: Solid Rock / Punk Rock
Signature Move: Rock Out - Rock, Special, 90 BP, 95% Acc, 10 PP | Sound move.
Other Moves: Accelerock, Rock Blast, Rock Climb, Rock Polish, Rock Slide, Rock Smash, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rock Wrecker, Stealth Rock, Metal Sound, Metal Burst, Iron Head, Overdrive, Boomburst, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Roar, Screech, Sacred Fire, Parting Shot, Extreme Speed, Magma Storm, Dragon Dance, Destiny Bond, Sand Tomb, Gunk Shot, Taunt, Toxic, Sticky Web, Judgment, Close Combat, Wild Charge, Perish Song
Z-Move: Scourge Dropkick - Rock, Physical, 185 BP | Deals super-effective damage to Steel-types. | Base: Rock Slide | Z-Crystal: Guitarium Z
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/100 | 600 BST
Reasoning: Considering he is a deity of rock, he has "Rock" in his typing, Abilities, moves, and signature move. The half-god aspect of him inspired the 100-all-around base stats, and his Electric typing relates to Overdrive and how rock music is usually associated with electric guitars. His preferred songs are metal (ironically) and he lives for music, hence the connection with "Metal" moves and sound moves. Iron Head is for the helm that he wears. Z-Move is based on the final sequence of the game's Quest Mode where he finishes off a mechanical monster while Sudden Death is played. The rest of the moves relate to the songs in his post-game tier (and partly the artists thereof).
Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants: Sacred Fire | The Dillinger Escape Plan: Parting Shot
Speeding (Vault Version): Extreme Speed
Fury of the Storm: Magma Storm | DragonForce: Dragon Dance
Nemesis | Arch Enemy: Destiny Bond
Deadfall: Sand Tomb | Snot: Gunk Shot
If You Want Peace... Prepare for War: Taunt
Chemical Warfare: Toxic
Black Widow of La Porte: Sticky Web
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due: Judgment
This Day We Fight: Close Combat, Wild Charge
Sudden Death | Megadeth: Perish Song

Pokémon: O
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: Cloud Nine / Drizzle
Signature Move: Line Clear - Steel, Physical, 80 BP, 100% Acc, 10 PP | Super-effective against Steel. Clears hazards from the user's side of the field. +10 BP and +25% drain per hazard layer cleared, but no higher than 120 BP and 100% drain.
Other Moves: Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Hurricane, Chatter, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Overdrive, Volt Switch, Charge Beam, Weather Ball, Hidden Power, Acrobatics, Fly, Rapid Spin, Rage, Ominous Wind, Outrage, Icy Wind, Rain Dance, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Charge, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Rest, Sleep Talk, Recover, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Thunder Wave, Magic Coat, Defog, Tailwind, Whirlwind, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Teleport
Stats: 64/80/128/80/128/64 | 544 BST
Reasoning: O here is the sidekick of a spaceship captain who specializes in cleaning up tetrominoes, sets of metallic-looking blocks that bring Steel to mind. As for Flying, he floats upon a cloud just like Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. This cloud is normally calm (Cloud Nine) but gets dark and thunderous in response to his anger (Drizzle, Rain Dance, Electric moves). Other cloud-related moves include Hurricane, Weather Ball, Icy Wind, Defog, Tailwind, and Whirlwind. Tetris is about building up (boosting moves, hazards), clearing garbage (Line Clear, Rapid Spin, Swallow, Recover, Magic Coat), and attacking opponents (other offensive moves). Chapter 6 of the story proves that he is capable of sleeping (Rest), and he's rather chatty despite his incomprehensible speech pattern (Chatter, Sleep Talk). As he represents the O tetromino, he has a number of moves starting with O: Ominous Wind, Outrage, and Overdrive. Volt Switch and Teleport are nods to Swap Mode in the game, Rage is demonstrated concurrently with the lightning in his cloud, Rapid Spin is more akin to his victory animation, and Trick Room and Wonder Room are inspired by the general wackiness of the game.
Resub here because I can

"My X-ray specs allow me to see your ignorance!"
Pokémon: Palutena
Type: Psychic/Fairy
Abilities: Prankster / Telepathy
New Move: Heavenly Light (Fairy-type Status move, 15-24PP. For three turns, at the end of each turn (counting the turn this move is used), all adjacent enemies lose 12.5% of their Max HP at the end of each turn. This effect ends if the user switches out.)
Moves: Mystical Fire, Bounce, Black Hole (from True Zeromus), Hyper Beam, Flash Cannon, Counter, Mirror Coat, Magic Coat, Reflect, Light Screen, Recover, Refresh, Agility, Toxic, Ice Beam, Expanding Force, Dazzling Gleam, Teleport, Magnet Rise, Telekinesis, Psychic, Play Rough, Heal Pulse, Lock-On, Focus Energy, Tri Attack, Protect, Substitute, Double-Edge, Flame Charge, Meteor Beam, Foresight, Confuse Ray, Mimic, Reversal, Mine (from Austin Carter), Self-Destruct, Explosion, Pay Day, Iron Defense, Metronome, Detect, Expanding Force, Endure
Stats: 100/88/60/150/130/72 [BST 600]
Reasoning: Psychic typing, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Psychic because she's got telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and all other sorts of ESP, plus the Power of Flight (hello Magnet Rise). Expanding Force for similar reasons. Fairy because she's a holy presence and is in opposition to the dark forces of the Underworld. Her being the Goddess of Light also helps for both typings, as well as Expanding Force. Heavenly Light damages everything around you for constant, minor damage after use in both Sm4sh and KI:U. This also ties into Dazzling Gleam. Play Rough and Prankster (JP: Frolic and Teasing Heart, respectively) because she has a twisted sense of humor in her interactions with Pit, even going so far as to make a severed Hewdraw head fight Pit for her own amusement (though she likely knew that Pit would come out on top anyway). Heal Pulse from her ability to provide healing orbs during the aerial phase of each stage. Stats lean towards a slow spread, but specially oriented and can deal severe damage because take too long against the Hewdraw and Palutena will annihilate it with the "Sacred Goddess Clobberlaser". Everything else draws from Powers in KI:U, Tri Attack being kinda like a light attack in conjunction with some of the powers that temporarily add status effects to your attacks.

And I've been waiting to sub this... >:D

"A month later, we came to this conclusion: There was no such 'beast' in the forest."
Pokémon: Big Bird
Type: Dark
Abilities: Compound Eyes / Keen Eye / Illuminate
New Move: Alluring Lantern (Fire-type Status move. The target's defenses are doubled, but if they fail to switch out immediately, they will be trapped, the doubled defenses will be removed, and all attacks from the user will crit. Kinda like Yawn but much worse.)
Moves: Hypnosis, Dazzling Gleam, Flash, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Night Daze, Night Shade, Dark Pulse, Shadow Claw, Crunch, Psychic Fangs, Fire Punch, Pluck, Peck, Drill Peck, Flamethrower, Hyper Fang, Confuse Ray, Assurance, Throat Chop, Gyro Ball, Nasty Plot, Burning Jealousy, Follow Me
Stats: 120/93/100/100/67/50 [BST 530]
Reasoning: Compound Eyes and Keen Eye because of its myriads of eyes, which allow it to see clean through the forest. It carries a lantern that it used up its feathers on to see in the dark, so that's Illuminate and Fire Punch. (Flamethrower too, considering its JP name is Flame Emission and I can imagine a piece of the flame coming loose) Speaking of the dark, if this thing breaches, it plunges the entire department it's in into darkness, so that's the Ghost and Dark moves. (minus Crunch, but we'll get to that...) In fact, it also helps explain the Dark typing, not to mention this thing's basically if Absol became a serial killer to prevent victims from suffering worse fates, so Assurance might be it trying to beat another possible cause of death to the punch, the motives themselves being NP. It uses its lantern to enchant employees, and eventually they're rendered out of control and head towards Big Bird if not evacuated in time, allowing Big Bird to behead them, hence Confuse Ray, Follow Me, and Hypnosis.
Big Bird is slow and bulky, just like in Lobotomy Corporation when breaching. Crunch, Psychic Fangs, Pluck, Drill Peck, Hyper Fang, and Peck are from how it splits open people's necks with its beak due to the aforementioned reason of preventing said people from suffering worse fates. (Psychic Fangs in particular... Arrokuda and Lillipup both happen to get that move.) There's five tiers of Abnormality in Lobotomy Corporation, Big Bird being a WAW. Considering that WAWs are the second-highest tier of Abnormality, they'd probably best be comparable to mons like Gyarados and Dusknoir, so a BST in 520s-550s would work.
As for how its bulk is distributed and why it's a mixed attacker, here's four damage categories in Lobotomy Corporation: Red, White, Black, and Pale, which respectively pretty much translates into Physical, Mental, Physical+Mental, and Soul-based attacks respectively. Big Bird deals Black damage in containment, so though it may be a bit murky, moves that could be considered Special are more likely to end up as Black damage than as Red damage, so it has fair SpA. Of course, the decapitation habits mean its Attack isn't far behind, and when on the loose, it's stronger against Black and Red damage (the two damage categories that deal physical harm), but weaker against mental and soul-based attacks, the latter category very easily pointing towards a lower SpD. (Defense is 80 / Red Damage Multiplier (0.8), SpD is 80 / White Damage Multiplier (1.2), with said damage multipliers being the most tame resist and weakness respectively) Finally, light moves are attributed to its lantern and how its eyes can be seen in the dark, but along with its 120 HP not being higher, they're also a surprise tool that'll help us later.
As for Gyro Ball, many circular mons get it, as well as things like Skwovet. Fair game for Big Bird. Burning Jealousy because lantern, it's had a rough past, and Thievul gets it too.
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Pokémon: Barbariccia
Franchise: Final Fantasy

Ability: Tornado (The user enters their Tornado form when switching in. In their Tornado form, the user takes 50% damage from Physical attacks, except Jump Kick, High Jump Kick, and Bounce, which revert the user to their base form.)
Moves: Stone Touch, Refreshing Winds, Air Slash, Hurricane, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Discharge, Charge Beam, Power Whip, Drill Run, Draining Kiss, Counter, Rapid Spin, Defog, Tailwind, Whirlwind, Lovely Kiss, Sweet Kiss, Thunder Wave
Stats: 112 HP/88 Atk/75 Def/95 SpA/140 SpD/29 Spe (539 BST)

Stone Touch |
| 16 PP | 100% | Works like Yawn, inflicting petrification instead of sleeping.
Refreshing Winds |
| 16 PP | The user and their allies heal 20% health every turn, for three turns. This can't be stacked.

Petrification: A petrified Pokémon can't move; however, the Pokémon can break out from it in 1-2 turns (3 if on Sandstorm), or immediately if attempting to use an offensive Fighting move. The status is also removed if the petrified Pokémon is attacked, but the attack received does 20% more of damage than usual. Rock-type Pokémon are immune to petrification.

Pokémon: Tornado Barbariccia

Stats: 112 HP/88 Atk/75 Def/95 SpA/140 SpD/29 Spe (539 BST)

Barbariccia @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Tornado
EVs: 252 HP / 56 Def / 200 SpD
Bold Nature
- Stone Touch / Thunder Wave
- Refreshing Winds
- Air Slash
- Defog / Whirlwind
Reasoning: Barbariccia is a wind spirit. She wraps her long hair around herself to become like a tornado. In her tornado form, she counters any physical attacks, but jumping on her reverts her. She can use Tornado, Lightning, and Stone Touch. She's also used Refreshing Winds, which heals damage over time.

Special Defense was taken from her six star FFBE SPR, and Attack was taken from her FFI Attack. Defense was taken from her FFIV 3D Defense, and Speed was taken from her FFIV 3D Speed. HP was taken from dividing the HP she had when part of the Elemental Archfiends in FFIV 2D by 1000. Special Attack was taken from combining the Intellect and Spirit she had when part of the Elemental Archfiends in FFIV 3D.

Pokémon: Isaac
Franchise: Golden Sun

Ability: Long Reach
Moves: Earthquake, Earth Power, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Power Gem, Psychic, Psycho Cut, Sacred Sword, Power Whip, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Night Slash, Avalanche, Hurricane, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Eruption, Fire Blast, Bomb Throw, Bomb Blast, Explosion, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Grassy Terrain, Telekinesis, Curse, Tailwind, Defog, Swords Dance, Recover, Whirlwind, Wish, Refresh
Stats: 110 HP/110 Atk/80 Def/85 SpA/85 SpD/85 Spe (555 BST)

Isaac @ Expert Belt
Ability: Long Reach
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Sacred Sword

Isaac @ Choice Specs
Ability: Long Reach
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
- Earth Power
- Power Gem
- Psychic
- Thunderbolt
Reasoning: Isaac is a Venus Adept, meaning he controls the earth. He uses Venus Psynergy, though he can also use other kinds of Psynergy by changing classes.
Venus Psynergy
  • Quake: Earthquake
  • Growth: Power Whip, Bullet Seed, Grassy Terrain
  • Rockfall: Rock Slide, Avalanche
  • Thorn: Spikes
  • Gaia: Earth Power
  • Cure: Recover
Jupiter Psynergy
  • Gale: Hurricane, Defog, Whirlwind, Tailwind
  • Bolt: Thunderbolt, Thunder
  • Drain: Giga Drain
Mars Psynergy
  • Blast: Fire Blast
  • Fire Bomb: Bomb Throw, Bomb Blast
  • Lava Shower: Eruption
  • Starburst: Explosion
Mercury Psynergy
  • Wish: Wish
  • Restore: Refresh
He uses a sword. He also uses Move, which involves using a large hand to move things from long distances, similar to telekinesis.

Pokémon: Ethereal Queen

Ability: Queenly Majesty
Moves: Empress Massacre, Cosmic Spear, Sacred Javelin, Dazzled Eye, Prismatic Missile, Spell Reinforce, Astral Maze, Star Barrage (see Nightmare), Air Slash, Dazzling Gleam, Signal Beam, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shadow Ball, Night Slash, Explosion, Roost, Light Screen, Reflect, Teleport, Cosmic Power, Confuse Ray, Recover
Stats: 100 HP/130 Atk/75 Def/90 SpA/75 SpD/130 Spe (600 BST)

Empress Massacre |
| 90 BP | 24 PP | 90% | Ignores boosts to Defense. Hits all opponents.
Cosmic Spear |
| 90 BP | 24 PP | 90% | Hits all opponents.
Sacred Javelin |
| 15 BP | 24 PP | 90% | Hits 6 times. Each hit has a 5% chance to paralyze.
Dazzled Eye |
| 90 BP | 24 PP | 90% | Ignores boosts to Special Defense. 50% chance to confuse.
Prismatic Missile |
| 30 BP | 24 PP | 90% | Ignores boosts to Special Defense. Hits 3 times.
Spell Reinforce |
| 32 PP | Raises the user's Special Attack by 2.
Astral Maze |
| 8 PP | Has -6 priority. Switches out all opponents.
Phantom Destruction |
| 20 BP | Z-Move. Requires Shadow Ball and Holy Wand of Telos. Hits 8 times.

Reasoning: Ethereal Queen appears in multiple Tri-Ace games as one of the strongest bosses. She usually has six wings she levitates with. She uses many moves of various elements.
Azuma Kazuma.png

Pokémon: Spy Fox
Franchise: Spy Fox

Ability: Technician
Moves: Coin Trap, Spy Rust Buster, Fake Out, Quick Attack, Hyper Voice, Knock Off, Pursuit, Night Slash, Brick Break, Power-Up Punch, Counter, Triple Axel, Signal Beam, Pin Missile, X-Scissor, Attack Order, Heat Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Snap Trap, Lucky Chant, Flash, Donut (see Homer Simpson), Spikes, Sticky Web
Stats: 83 HP/102 Atk/62 Def/102 SpA/62 SpD/100 Spe (511 BST)

Coin Trap |
| 8 PP | Traps all opponents.
Spy Rust Buster |
| 70 BP | 24 PP | 100% | Super effective on Steel-type.
Spy Fox @ Focus Sash
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
- Spikes
- Sticky Web
- Donut
- Knock Off / Quick Attack / Power-Up Punch
Reasoning: Spy Fox is a secret agent who takes on various missions. He makes use of various spy gadgets.
  • Cock-A-Doodle Fu Instruction Book: Brick Break, Counter, Power-Up Punch
  • Canned Laughter: Hyper Voice
  • Lucky Charm: Lucky Chant
  • Doughnut Recipe: Donut
  • Ice-Skate Maneuver Diagram: Triple Axel
  • Laser Toothbrush: Signal Beam
  • Prickly Pear: Spikes, Pin Missile
  • Spy Heat: Heat Wave
  • Spy Mint: Dazzling Gleam, Flash
  • Sticky Stun Bun: Sticky Web
  • Swiss Spy Knife: Night Slash, X-Scissor
  • Venus Flytrap: Snap Trap
  • Termite Grenade: Attack Order
The Coin Trap deploys a net to trap foes, and the Spy Rust Buster sprays rust that corrodes metal.
I'll resub four submissions...

Pokémon: Agumon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Blaze
Notable moves: Charmander's moveset, Draco Meteor.
Stats: 50 HP/60 Atk/50 Def/55 SpA/45 SpD/60 Spe (BST: 320)
Evolves into Greymon at level 20.
Reasoning: Here we have Digimon's mascot and perhaps the most notable Digivolution line of all, Agumon, the mascot of Digimon, Pokemon's rival series. Agumon's stats are primarily based on Charmander's. They're a bit higher, though Agumon differentiates itself from its Pokemon counterpart by being physically oriented instead of specially oriented, plus having a Dragon-typing. This is basically meant for a Little Cup-type scenario and should not be used in OU.

Digimon, however, is most well-known for its long evolutionary chains.

Pokémon: Greymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Rock Head
Notable moves: Agumon's Moveset, plus Head Smash, Skull Bash.
Stats: 70 HP/80 Atk/70 Def/75 SpA/65 SpD/70 Spe (BST: 440)
Evolves into MetalGreymon at level 40. Location of Evolution changes MetalGreymon's form.
Reasoning: Greymon's a step up from Agumon, but still not really worth using in competitive play. It might be somewhat good in the lower tiers thanks to the spamability of Head Smash thanks to Rock Head, but still, you're probably better off evolving this thing.



Pokémon: MetalGreymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Steel
Ability: Flame of Fury (Fire-type Steelworker Clone)
Notable moves: Greymon's moveset, plus Steel Beam, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Iron Tail.
Stats: 100 HP/100 Atk/85 Def/95 SpA/80 SpD/50 Spe (BST: 510)
Regional Variant: Depending on where Greymon evolves, MetalGreymon can come in either Vaccine or Virus forms.
MetalGreymon evolves into one of two different Pokemon at level 60. MetalGreymon-Vaccine evolves into WarGreymon, MetalGreymon-Virus evolves into BlackWarGreymon
Reasoning: MetalGreymon is the third member of the Agumon line, and is where the line begins to diverge a bit. See, MetalGreymon actually has two different forms to it. The MetalGreymon that are found on File Island, seen in Digimon World 1, are of the Virus classification, whereas those found on the Folder Continent (seen in Digimon World 2) are of the Vaccine classification. While the difference in their abilities is negligible for now, they'll become a lot bigger once the two evolve into their final forms. They're certainly usable on their own (Though I had to compromise a bit with Bulk so as to make sure Eviolite doesn't make this thing broken), though you'll want to evolve them into their final forms. As for changes from Greymon, aside from the increased stats at the cost of reduced speed, it also gains access to a few Steel-type moves owing to its cybernetic enhancements.

Pokémon: WarGreymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Crest of Courage
Signature Ability: Crest of Courage: User is immune to Critical Hits. Moves' added effects do not activate against the user, the user's Steel-type moves deal 50% more damage and the user's Fire-type moves deal 50% more damage when the user is below 33% HP. Basically Battle Armor, Shield Dust, Steelworker and Blaze condensed into one ability.
Notable moves: MetalGreymon's moveset, plus Gaia Force and Dramon Killer.
Signature Moves
Gaia Force: Fire-type, Special, 120 BP, 90 Accuracy, 5 PP. Ignores abilities.
Dramon Killer: Dragon-type, Physical, 90 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Damage dealt to Dragon-types is doubled (Stacks with type effectiveness).
Stats: 120 HP/120 Atk/105 Def/115 SpA/100 SpD/100 Spe (BST: 660)
Reasoning: WarGreymon is the final form of the Agumon line, evolving from MetalGreymon-Vaccine. Its stats are high all around, including a massive speed increase from the prior form. It also comes with two signature moves. Gaia Force (or Terra Force, as it's known in the west) is a big ol' nuke of an attack. High BP, good accuracy, and it ignores Flash Fire from pesky Heatran to boot. Dramon Killers is basically an enhanced version of Dragon Claw that takes the Dragon-killing abilities up to eleven. It does double supereffective damage against any Dragon-type foolish enough to get hit by this move. This is actually based on the claws' performance against Dragon-type enemies in the anime, as the Agumon who partnered with Taichi Yagami demonstrated when, as WarGreymon, he one-shot not one but two seperate Mega-level foes with his Dramon Killers. The Crest of Courage also serves as the basis for the ability, referencing its wielder's courage and ability to overcome the odds (Basically, it's Hax-proof, retains MetalGreymon's Steel-type STAB and gets Blaze back after losing it after evolving from Agumon).

Pokémon: BlackWarGreymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Dark
Ability: Flame of Fury/Justified/Tough Claws
Notable moves: MetalGreymon's moveset, plus Dark Gaia Force, Dramon Killer, Night Slash.
Signature Moves
Dark Gaia Force: Dark-type, Special, 110 BP, 90 Accuracy, 5 PP. Ignores abilities. Deals Dark- or Fire-type damage, whichever would do more.
Dramon Killer: See WarGreymon.
Stats: 120 HP/120 Atk/105 Def/115 SpA/100 SpD/100 Spe (BST: 660)
Reasoning: BlackWarGreymon is the final form that Virus-type MetalGreymon take on. In comparison to WarGreymon, it has slightly improved coverage, notably the fact that its signature move, Dark Gaia Force (Terra Destroyer to western fans), can be Dark- or Fire-type depending on the situation, which can be very useful coverage. The tradeoff for this however, is that BlackWarGreymon's abilities are inferior to WarGreymon's Crest of Courage for the most part. While Flame of Fury (Inherited from MetalGreymon) Justified and Tough Claws are by no means bad abilities, they're mostly focused on the physical side, which can leave BlackWarGreymon to struggle against physical walls where WarGreymon would not due to its greater versatility.

Pokémon: Artoria-Alter
Transforms from Artoria through usage of Grail's Corruption. Unlike regular Artoria, CANNOT use Avalon. If the move is known, forgets Invisible Air upon switching to Alter form.
Franchise/Origin: Fate/Stay Night
Type: Steel/Dark
Ability: Saber Class/Unlimited Mana Burst (HA)
Signature Ability: Unlimited Mana Burst: The user's Attack and Defense are increased by 1.2x.
Notable moves: Artoria's moveset (except Invisible Air) Vortigern, Night Slash.
Signature move: Vortigern- Dark-type, Physical, 90 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Boosted by Saber Class. 30% chance to reduce the target's Defense by 1 stage.
G-Max Move, Z-Move, Mega Evolution, etc.: Excalibur Morgan, Sword of Promised Victory- Dark-type, 230 BP, Special. Boosted by Saber Class. Physical if Atk>SpA. Upgraded from Artoria-Alter's Vortigern with Altorium Z.
Stats: 100 HP/120 Atk/110 Def/150 SpA/90 SpD/40 Spe (BST: 610)

Reasoning: Meet Artoria Alter, a version of Artoria who was corrupted by the Holy Grail's mud during the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/Stay Night. As far as Artoria Alter's stats go, it should immediately be clear that they're based on her base form. Specifically, she sacrifices some Special Defense and a lot of Speed for a boost in every other stat (Owing to the fact that her Magic Resistance goes down to B-rank from regular Artoria's A-Rank). Artoria Alter also cannot use Avalon nor Invisible Air, instead gaining a new move signature to her, Vortigern. Its Base Power is identical to Invisible Air's, but it gives up the SE effect against Dark-types to instead have a 30% chance to drop the enemy's defense. This is actually based on the Craft Essence gained for increasing Artoria Alter's Bond Level to 10 in Fate/Grand Order, which, when equipped to Artoria Alter, gives her a 30% chance to reduce the defense of any enemy she hits with an attack.

Artoria Alter's ability is based on the Mana Burst technique that Artoria makes usage of in Fate/Stay Night, which uses her magical energy to amplify her physical characteristics. While regular Artoria has to be more careful with her usage of it in Fate/Stay Night due to her unique circumstances (and the fact that Shirou is not a good Master), being tainted by the Grail also gave Artoria to its nigh-unlimited Mana supply, allowing Artoria Alter to keep it up basically 24/7, hence why it manifests as her hidden ability, providing a simple boost to her attack and defense.

Lastly, there's her Z-Move, Excalibur Morgan. Stat-wise, it's a slightly stronger Excalibur to make up for the lack of a bonus effect, and explained through Artoria Alter's vastly larger mana reserves. Normally, she would be able to spam this to her heart's content, but THAT wouldn't be balanced at all.

Pokémon: Eirin Yagokoro
Franchise/Origin: Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night
Type: Water/Poison
Ability: Healer/Hourai Immortal (HA)
Signature Ability: Hourai Immortal- Upon being switched out, the user heals 25% of their maximum hp and is cured of all status ailments. Basically Natural Cure and Regenerator condensed into one ability.
Notable moves: Peerless Patriot's Elixir, Spirit Shackle, Toxic, Recover, Snipe Shot, Sludge Bomb, Parting Shot, Toxic Spikes, Arrow Shot, Life Dew, Future Sight. DOES NOT get Protect or Detect!
Signature move: Peerless Patriot's Elixir: Poison-Type, Status, 10 PP. Can only be used on targets on the user's side of the field. Raises all of the target's stats by 1 stage, but gives them a counter of three turns (starting the turn after Peerless Patriot's Elixir is used). If the counter hits 0, the target is immediately forced to use Explosion. Explosion used in this way does typeless damage, and is calculated from the exploder's higher offensive stat. Using Peerless Patriot's Elixir on a target already counting down due to the effect of Peerless Patriot's Elixir will cause the counter to accelerate by one turn. This counter is removed upon switching out (unless the user is switched out due to the effects of Baton Pass or similar stat-passing).
Stats: 130 HP/75 Atk/120 Def/75 SpA/130 SpD/40 Spe (BST: 570)

Reasoning: Eirin Yagokoro is a Lunarian Hourai Immortal who faithfully serves her close friend, Kaguya Houraisan. She appears as one of the two final bosses of Imperishable Night. As the former brain of the moon, she is one of its most brilliant scientists and doctors. She is responsible for brewing the Hourai Elixir with assistance from Kaguya, and this act, combined with consuming the elixir, is what got them exiled from the moon to begin with.

Eirin's typing is not based on any particular trait in canon. What it is instead based on are the typing of Eirin Puppets in Touhou Puppet Play and Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, Touhou fangames styled after Pokemon (well, the former is a ROM hack). Specifically, it's based on the typing of HEirin in TPP, and the Normal and Assist Eirin styles in TPDP. Her abilities, though, are. Her first ability, Healer, references the fact that, well, she's a doctor, and her hidden ability, Hourai Immortal, is due to the fact that, while it's not explicitly mentioned, Eirin did drink the Hourai Elixir herself to ensure that she could stay with Kaguya, so she herself is an immortal. Unlike, say, Mokou, however, due to the fact that she's NOT constantly blowing herself up, her regeneration is best seen outside of battle, so therefore she has Natural Cure and Regenerator condensed into one ability.

Stat-wise, Eirin is a doctor, not a fighter, and thus doesn't have many offensive options, to go with her low offensive stats. Being a Hourai Immortal grants her great durability, though. Her Moveset takes a bit of explaining. Spirit Shackle is a double-reference. Effect-wise, it was chosen for its similarity to some of Eirin's spell cards, like her Astronomical Entombing, while the animation of the effect references that bow Eirin wields. The same goes for Snipe Shot. Parting Shot is referencing her tendency to dip in and out of battle during the final stage of Imperishable Night, Recover is standard fare for Hourai Immortals, and Sludge Bomb, Toxic Spikes, Toxic, Life Dew and her signature Peerless Patriot's Elixir are references to her nature as a pharmacist (which can create medicines to heal and strengthen or poisons to debilitate). Thing is, Peerless Patriot's Elixir actually... isn't a move Eirin uses in Touhou canon. It's actually a move used by her subordinate, Reisen Udongein Inaba. The drug itself was made by Eirin, though, so she should by all means have access to it. It behaves much like it does in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, with the one difference being that it sets the user on a timer.

See, in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Reisen could use Peerless Patriot's Elixir multiple times. The first three doses were safe and grant Reisen all around stat boosts. Should Reisen take a fourth dose, though, she, well, explodes, dealing damage to herself and everybody nearby. This manifests itself in the time limit before the target goes boom, and can be accelerated by feeding them more doses of the elixir. Even ghosts are affected by the explosion, though (such as Yuyuko and Youmu), so the PPE explosion does Typeless damage. Eirin does not get Protect or Detect to balance this out- she can't just turn her teammate into a bomb (KILLER QUEEN: DAI ICHI NO BAKUDAN) through multiple uses of the move, and then nullify the damage she would take. I just thought I should emphasise that (and also make a JoJoke). Eirin is much more suited to Double Battles than Single Battles, though, as even with a boost (or even two) from her signature move, she won't hit very hard. With that being said, enemies will not take Eirin's Shady New Drug (without Snatch anyway) so only allies can be targeted with the move. The number of doses before Reisen explodes is where the time limit comes from.

Future Sight is a reference to the Ultramarine Orb Elixir from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, which has similar effects, granting the person who consumes something akin to future-vision. Again, it's not something she actually uses in canon (She instead administers it to the heroines, those being Reimu, Marisa, Reisen and Sanae), but she should, by all means, have access to it.

Pokémon: Shadow The Hedgehog
Franchise/Origin: Sonic The Hedgehog
Type (Regular): Electric/Dark
Type (Super): Electric/Flying
Ability: Air Shoes/Inhibitor Ring Removal (HA)
Signature Abilities: Air Shoes- Damage taken from Ground-type moves is reduced by 1/4.
Inhibitor Ring Removal: All of Shadow's moves deal 1.2x damage. However, his attacks deal 10% of his maximum HP as recoil damage. This ability cannot be changed or disabled. Stacks with Life Orb.
Notable moves: Sonic's moves (minus Flare Blitz and Waterfall), Teleport, Chaos Spear, Sucker Punch, Foul Play, Night Slash, Parting Shot, Volt Tackle, Chaos Blast, Dark Pulse, Blaze Kick, Attack Order, Signal Beam, Flash Cannon, Smart Strike.
Signature moves: Chaos Spear- Electric-type, 50 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Special. Hits twice. Ignores enemy stat boosts.
Chaos Blast: Fire-type, Base 120 BP, 80 Accuracy, 5 PP, Special. This move has 1.5x power when used by Shadow. In a Double Battle, hits all other active targets, including the user's teammate.
Stats: 80 HP/120 Atk/80 Def/120 SpA/70 SpD/150 Spe (BST: 620)

G-Max Move, Z-Move, Mega Evolution, etc.: Mega Evolves into Super Shadow w/Chaos Emeralds.

Stats (Super): 80 HP/150 Atk/110 Def/130 SpA/100 SpD/150 Spe (BST: 720)

Ability: Inhibitor Ring Removal, regardless of what his base form's ability is.

Reasoning: It should go without saying that here we have perhaps the most polarising character from the Sonic series. The Ultimate Life Form himself, Shadow The Hedgehog. Electric-typing is there mostly to link him to his first signature move, Chaos Spear. Chaos Spear's effects are particularly taken from its appearance in Sonic Chronicles, where he throws two spears of concentrated energy which pierce enemy defenses, and it's electric-typing because in multiple forms of Sonic media, it takes on appearance similar to a lightning bolt (In some forms of media it even appears to have electrical effects, like in Sonic '06). Super Form gains the flying typing in much the same way that Sonic's does. He sheds the Dark-typing from his base form because Super Forms are achieved using the positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds, which is very much antithetical to the Dark-type.

Speaking of the blue blur, Shadow's stats are fashioned much around Sonic's though he gains a lot more Special Attack and a bit more Attack at the cost of just a bit less speed: While Shadow is still insanely fast, he's not QUITE as fast as Sonic is. He is close, though. His Special Attack is especially notable, because it allows him to make usage of his special movepool, including his two signature moves, and this also affords him a bit extra BST.

Chaos Blast is his second signature move, releasing a massive explosion all around him, blowing up both friend and foe alike. Shadow also emulates getting STAB on it because it's one of his most-used moves. It also wouldn't make sense for it to be weaker than Chaos Spear due to this.

Shadow has demonstrated that he can do basically everything Sonic can, hence why he gets Sonic's ENTIRE moveset, minus the elemental shields. Yes, including Sacred Sword, because in Sonic and the Black Knight, Sir Lancelot (who is represented by Shadow) ALSO gets a sacred sword, and Shadow himself is playable in its multiplayer mode wielding that exact sword. He also gets a few moves of his own. Teleport is based on Chaos Control's usage to teleport, Sucker Punch, Foul Play and Parting Shot are based on Shadow having no qualms about fighting dirty. The rest of his moveset, except for Volt Tackle and Blaze Kick are based on weapons he can find and wield in his own game, Shadow The Hedgehog.

Speaking of, it's time to speak about his abilities. Shadow's default ability is based on his shoes, hover skates that let Shadow glide along the ground at speeds close to that of Sonic himself, and can even use them to temporarily hover in mid-air. This reduces Shadow's weakness to Ground-type moves, which would otherwise be his main weakness. They also sometimes appear to shoot jets of fire, which is where Blaze Kick comes from. His hidden ability (which transfers over to his Super Form), as well as Volt Tackle, is based on the Inhibitor Rings he wears around his wrists. By removing them, he can drastically ramp up his power, but this very quickly drains his stamina. Volt Tackle is based on a moment in Sonic '06 when he does this and plows through a horde of Mephiles clones while coated in Chaos Energy (alongside Rouge and Omega). This translates to a built-in, but slightly weaker Life Orb boost (Like the Full Power ability from Touhou Puppet Dance Performance).

...And then, of course, there's his Super Form, which should be self-explanatory, and the stat boosts are the EXACT same as Sonic's when he goes Super. The ability is based on when Shadow removed his Inhibitor Rings at the end of Sonic Adventure 2 to warp the Space Colony ARK back into orbit. Really, Super Shadow is perhaps the least complicated part of this submission.

Gravity Monkey

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From League of Legends

Abilities: Snow Veil / Friend Guard / Call of the Freljord*
Stats: 125 / 95 / 65 / 105 / 90 / 60 (BST: 540)
Notable Moves: Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Earthquake, Earth Power, Superpower, Crunch, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Hurricane, Drain Punch, Recover, Bulk Up, Icy Wind, Consume*, Biggest Snowball Ever!*
Call of the Freljord: Ability –– Power Spot clone
Consume: Move –– Ice | Physical | 75 BP | 100 Acc | Contact & Bite Move | Heals the user by 33% of their max health upon scoring a K.O.
Biggest Snowball Ever!: Move –– Ice | Special | 65 BP | 100 Acc | Hits 2 turns after the move was used, ala Future Sight. Target's speed falls by one stage.

Reasoning: Its Ice type because what else could it be. Usually builds a lot of HP and MR in game so lot of HP and SpD. Usually scales in AP, but like, come on, this thing is so bulky it has to have a usable attack. Snow Veil because he's a jungler which are sneaky and also snow lol, Friend Guard cause its two friends and Call of the Freljord is approx what it does in game (without the boost on Nunu himself). Gave it some of the moves it has in game, Snowball works like that because you have to channel it in game and everything. Blizzard and Hurricane for Absolute Zero, and I guess you could argue that both Icy Wind and Icicle Spears work as Snowball Barrage replacements. Also has Recover and Drain Punch cause it heals often and other generic "Big Guy" moves. Some fang moves as well cause it bites.

BST: 525
Attacking Moves:Drain punch, Close combat, Mach punch, Fire punch, Flare blitz, Thunder punch, Ice punch, Zen headbutt, Meteor mash, Throat chop, Knock off, Wood hammer, Retaliate, Facade
Status Moves: Bulk up, Milk drink, Swords dance, Wish, Yawn, Universal Moves (tect, sub...)
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BST: 525
Attacking Moves:Drain punch, Close combat, Mach punch, Fire punch, Flare blitz, Thunder punch, Ice punch, Zen headbutt, Meteor mash, Throat chop, Knock off, Wood hammer, Retaliate, Facade
Status Moves: Bulk up, Milk drink, Swords dance, Wish, Yawn, Universal Moves (tect, sub...)

BST: 525
Attacking moves:
Psychic, Psyshock, Stored power, Mystical fire, Fire blast, Thunderbolt, Ice beam, Aura sphere, Flash cannon, Moonblast, Dazzling gleam, Leaf storm, Reatliate, Facade
Status moves: Calm mind, Milk drink, Nasty plot, Wish, Yawn, Universal Moves (tect, sub...)
we already have a toriel
Resubbing the first entry I did

“I'm going to stop you, Brother. As your sister, it's my duty...”

Pokémon: Olivia
Origin: Paper Mario: The Origami King
Type: Fairy
Ability: Magic Circle - When using a Fire-, Water-, Ice-, or Ground-type move, Olivia can adapt that move's type as a secondary typing until she uses another move.
Notable moves: Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower, Flame Charge, Ice Beam, Icicle Crash, Earth Power, Earthquake, Surf, Liquidation, Protect, Work Up, Play Rough
Signature move: Reinforce - A Fairy-type move that sharply raises Olivia's Defense and Sp. Def.
Z-Move: Reinforced Origami Hammer - A 240 Base Power Fairy Z-Move. Requires the move Play Rough and the Olivium Z.
Stats: 90/70/85/90/95/115 (BST of 535)

Reasoning: Okay, this is gonna get spoilery. Olivia is pure Fairy because towards the end of the game, her brother remarks "I made you too perfect. Too pure." Dazzling Gleam also falls in line with this. Magic Circle is a reference to the Magic Circle mechanic from the game, and Flamethrower/Flame Charge, Ice Beam/Icicle Crash, Earth Power/Earthquake, and Surf/Liquidation reference the Vellumental bosses (which she masters the Bibliofolds of near the end). Protect is there because she helps protect the Mushroom Kingdom, Work Up is there because she gets quite literally worked up over her brother's villainous schemes, and Play Rough is there because she is proven to be able to use physical combat when she helps Mario beat the living daylights out of Olly. Reinforced Origami Hammer is also there for the same reason as Play Rough. Reinforce is there because origami can be re-folded and renewed.

And new entry, because I want to.

"I have chortles!"

Pokémon: Fawful
Origin: Mario & Luigi series
Type: Dark/Grass
Ability: I Have Fury! - When hit by a critical hit, his Special Attack maxes out. (variant of Anger Point)
Notable moves: Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Nasty Plot, Fly, Strength Sap
Signature move: Vacuum Helmet - A Steel-type variant of Strength Sap that drains Special Attack.
Z-Move: Beanish Ascension - A Steel-type Z-Move that drastically lowers the foe's Attack to sharply raise Fawful's Special Attack. Requires the move Vacuum Helmet and the Fawfulium Z.
Stats: 90/90/70/115/95/85 (BST of 535)

Reasoning: Fawful is a Dark/Grass-type, as he's evil, as well as being a living bean person. His ability comes from his famous quote, "I have fury!". Giga Drain, Fly and Energy Ball come from how he fights, Nasty Plot just fits him honestly, Strength Sap and Vacuum Helmet reference the vacuum aspect of his headgear, and Beanish Ascension subtly references how he was able to turn the tide on Bowser when he returned in Bowser's Inside Story.

Pokemon: Water Vellumental
Type: Water/Dragon
Ability: Storm Drain
Signature Move: Wash Away
- Type: Water
- Classification: Status
- Accuracy: --
- PP: 20 (max 32)
- Effect: Targets the whole field, including the user. Removes hazards, screens, terrain effects, and semi-trapping effects.
Stats: 108/95/82/110/100/85 (Total: 580)
Notable Moveset: Hydro Pump, Surf, Scald, Water Spout, Water Pulse, Water Gun, Aqua Tail, Waterfall, Liquidation, Flip Turn, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Breath, Twister, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Dragon Rush, Bite, Crunch, Hurricane, Gust, Wing Attack, Dual Wingbeat, Fly, Dragon Rage, Whirlpool, Slash, Dragon Dance, Aqua Ring, Roost, Soak, Stockpile, Spit Up, Swallow, Roar, Whirlwind, Mist, Water Sport
Overview: The Water Vellumental is one of the Vellumental bosses in Paper Mario: the Origami King. As a Vellumental, it has powerful techniques and near complete control of its element, and it takes the form of a dragon, thus its typing is rather cut and dry. It absorbs water to unleash its most devastating attack, which is why it has Storm Drain, and during the battle, it wipes the field clean of the panels Mario moves with water tornadoes, which is where its signature move Wash Away comes from. Its stat total mirrors that of a member of a legendary trio, due to the Vellumentals being essentially that within Origami King. The various things it does in battle inspire its notable moves, including water attacks and manipulation, bites, wing strikes, tail attacks, and whirlpools. Some moves were added due to virtue of similar real Pokemon getting those moves, Slash was added due to paper cuts, and Roost was added since it lands during the fight to rest after its big attack.


Pokemon: Kabbu
Type: Bug
Abilities: Sturdy/Battle Armor/Justified
By holding the Badge Equipper, Kabbu is poisoned the first turn he’s on the field, and while poisoned, nullifies damage from Poison and Bad Poison, passively raises both defenses by one stage, and heals you for 1/16 of your max health each turn.
Stats: 100/117/95/68/95/85 (Total: 560)
Notable Moves: Megahorn, X-Scissor, Bug Buzz, Taunt, Follow Me, Seismic Toss, Drill Run, Dig, Rock Smash, Brick Break, Double Edge, Retaliate, Rock Throw, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, U-Turn, Turn Relay (see Vi), Ally Switch, Bulk Up, Detect, Knock Off, Body Press, Spiky Shield, First Impression
Overview: Kabbu is another character from Bug Fables. He’s inspiring, strong willed, and determined to help anyone he can. He’s the tank of the team, capable of taking large amounts of punishment and delivering large amounts back. But he can also function as a wall if you allocate certain things to him, and all in all, Kabbu provides a defensive backbone to the team. Here, Kabbu uses his unique movepool to support the team both offensively and defensively. Kabbu can throw out powerful First Impressions, Megahorns, Drill Runs, Stone Edges, and U-Turns with his respectable Attack stat, but he’s also able to set up Stealth Rock or hit foes with Knock Off. His signature ability, provided by the Badge Equipper key item, is Poison Defender, which turns Kabbu’s decent defensive stats into very potent ones. But keep in mind, Kabbu has no access to standard recovery, and his defensive typing is certainly subpar. Despite his flaws, his reliable nature translates over well.
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Pokémon: Peezer
Origin: Kirby's Dream Land
Type: Electric
Ability: Shell Armor
Stats: 30/40/100/50/100/5 (325)
Notable Moves: Protect, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Thunder Wave, Crabhammer
Reasoning: beam crab!!! beam, crab. crab, beam! beam! crab. beamcrab! beam crab!!! It uses the same beams as Waddle Doos and Kracko, which are established as Electric in later games. It can't be inhaled unless it's firing its beam, or a short time before or afterwards. Is crab, so it gets Crabhammer, but since it doesn't really attack with anything other than beams it doesn't get other claw moves.
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"Kill them... kill them all!"

Pokémon: Alma Wade
Type: Psychic/Ghost
Ability: Unstable/Sturdy
H. Ability: Shadow Tag
Moves: Phantom Force, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Psyshock, Skill Swap, Psycho Shift, Topsy-Turvy, Recover, Will o Wisp, Scary Face, Mean Look, Curse, Moonblast, Moonlight, Giga Drain, Fiery Dance, Eruption, Heat Wave, Fire Blast, Inferno, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Sludge Bomb.
Signature move: Almaverse: Sets up the Almaverse for 5 turns. In the Alamverse:
  • At the end of each turn, each adjacent sleeping opponent takes damage equal to ⅕ of its maximum HP.
  • Boosts the power of Psychic type moves by 50%.
  • Immunities are canceled.
  • Burn damage is doubled.
  • Prevents healing moves.
Stats: 150/25/50/165/135/105

Reasoning: Ghost/Psychic as Alma is a super powerful Psychic that died and became a mental projection into the real world. Technically speaking, Alma is not a ghost - she is a mental projection of her own mind that exists on the physical and spiritual planes, but she was based on Sadako and acts like a ghost, so close enough. Unstable comes from the complete insanity given by her tragic backstory of experiments and forced pregnancies. Sturdy comes from her determination which is also the reason for her large HP. She literally refused to die for six days without life support, and when she finally did, it didn't stop her from trying to get revenge. Shadow Tag comes from her constant attempts to trap and… force herself on you in the second game. Movepool is mostly Ghost and Psychic attacks. Scary Face is for obvious reasons, Fire moves are from her pyromania. Stats are heavily skewed toward the Special side. She can cause untold amounts of damage with her mind, but her physical body is incredibly weak, being dead and rotting and all. The Almaverse is an entirely separate reality that formed in Alma's mind during her incarceration. Here, it is designed to do what it did in the game. Make everything hurt more.


Pokémon: Springtrap
Type: Dark/Steel
Ability: Magnet Pull/Child Killer - NFE Pokemon takes double damage.
H. Ability: Undead - Sturdy + STAB on ghost moves
Moves: Return, Facade, Quick Attack, Fake Out, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Swords Dance, Swagger, Taunt, Torment, Dark Pulse, Snatch, Snarl, Knock Off, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Recover, Nasty Plot, Will-o-Wisp, Pursuit, Iron Defense, Hone Claws, Smart Strike, Drain Punch.
Signature move: Jump Scare | Dark | Physical | 90 Power | 85% Accuracy | 15PP | Deals double damage to opponents switching out.
Stats: 145/105/90/45/90/110
Reasoning: Springtrap's typing is reminiscent of his child murderer persona and his cyborg body. His abilities are also reminiscent of this. Magnet Pull allows Springtrap to lure and trap steel types, his modus operandi for killing kids in the games. Child Killer is the obvious one. Undead is because he got crushed by the suit, yet still kept on with his murderous scumbag ways. Jump Scare is another obvious one. The FNAF games live and die on their Jump Scares. His stats reflect his strength as an animatronic and abnormal speed. He's also fairly bulky and has a large HP count to reflect his toughness. He gets crushed in his own suit Iron Maiden style and shut behind a door for 30 years and starts killing the instant he gets out. Fazbear Fright burns to the ground and he survived. It took getting stuck inside a burning building for a second time to finally kill him, and FNAF VR implied even that didn't stick entirely.


Pokémon: Baldi
Type: Normal
Ability: Anger Point/Speed Boost
H. Ability: I Hear you! - Anytime a Sound move is used with Baldi on the field, Baldi locks on to the user and cannot miss them until either switch out. However, sound attacks directed at him deal 1.5x damage.
Moves: Return, Facade, Quick Attack, Fake Out, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Swords Dance, Knock Off, Acrobatics, Barrage, Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, Boomburst, U-Turn, Lunge, Beat Up, Taunt, Glare, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Protect
Stats: 90/135/105/60/105/105
Reasoning: Normal because he's just a violent math teacher from a kindergarten game. Anger Point because he gets angry every time a child gets a math problem wrong. Speed Boost because he gets faster and faster with every incorrect answer. He is very good at hunting by hearing and will know whenever the player makes noise. This also means, unfortunately for Baldi, that he can't deal well with loud and constant noise. He also has two instant kill moves because he kills you instantly when he gets you.

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Pokémon: Saki Kurokoma
Franchise/Origin: Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Typing: Flying
Ability: Competitive / Unmatched Legs - 2x power on leg moves.
Leg moves: Every move with "Kick" in their name, Triple Axel, Low Sweep, Stomp
Moves: High Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Mega Kick, High Horsepower, Fly, Double Wingbeat, Wild Charge, Feather Dance, Roost, Agility, Bulk Up, Double Team, Beat Up, Helping Hand, Follow Me, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, Meteor Beam, Explosion, Swift
Stats: 64/150/60/60/60/136 (530)

252+ Atk Choice Band Slaking Mega Kick vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Manaphy: 376-444 (93.3 - 110.1%) -- 62.5% chance to OHKO
252+ Atk Pure Power Medicham-Mega High Jump Kick vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Manaphy: 388-457 (96.2 - 113.3%) -- 75% chance to OHKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Reckless Mienshao High Jump Kick vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Manaphy: 408-480 (101.2 - 119.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Guts Conkeldurr Low Kick (120 BP) vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Manaphy: 510-601 (126.5 - 149.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Unmatched Legs Saki Kurokoma High Jump Kick vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Manaphy: 518-610 (128.5 - 151.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Pokémon: Katsuragi
Typing: Normal/Dragon
Ability: Prankster / Unburden
Physical: Return/Frustration, Quick Attack, Dragon Hammer, Outrage, Dragon Tail, High Jump Kick, Rapid Spin, Acrobatics, Smart Strike, Drill Run
Special: Draco Meteor, Hurricane, Focus Blast, Aura Sphere
Status: Attract, Dragon Dance, Charm, Torment, Taunt
For Flavor: Revenge, Mega Kick, Stomp, Rolling Kick, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Dual Chop, Gyro Ball, Dragon Breath, Twister
Stats: 85/105/75/85/65/85 (500)

Form: Katsuragi-Shinobi Transformation (works like Ultra Necrozma, must be holding Katsuragi's Ninja Art Scroll and can use Z-Move after transforming) (HP increase works like Complete Zygarde)
Ability: Dragon Rebellion (Scrappy clone for Dragon-type)
Stats: 105/115/80/105/80/115 (600)
Z-Move: Dead Screw Dragon (200 BP | Dragon | upgraded from Dragon Hammer | No additional effect.)

  • Katsuragi is a Shinobi in training, studying at Hanzo National Academy.
  • Katsuragi's Dragon type comes from her guardian beast, a Dragon that she utilizes in her attacks. She is a normal student girl (as normal as ninjas can be) and doesn't always materialize her dragon, so she also gets Normal type.
  • Unburden is based on Frantic mode, a mechanic in all Senran Kagura games where a character strips most of their clothes and gains more power and speed. Pransker is based on Katsuragi's comic relief moments where she harasses her classmates.
  • Katsuragi's moves often rely on kicking, but she can also utilize aura attacks and can manifest a dragon. Her weaponized boots also produce wind for certain attacks, such as her Tornado Spindle.
  • Shinobi Transformation comes from another mechanic in Senran Kagura games, where a character gains a boost in attack and speed, but keeps their clothes. In certain games, characters recover HP when transforming. Only transformed characters can use their Secret Ninja Arts. Dead Screw Dragon is Katsuragi's strongest Secret Ninja Art.
  • Dragon Rebellion is the name of Katsuragi's transforming boots, which are her main weapons. Wouldn't make much sense for mechanical iron greaves to not be able to hit Fairies, even if they have a dragon aura in them.
Sample Sets:
Katsuragi @ Katsuragi's Scroll
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Dance
- High Jump Kick
- Taunt / Return
- Dragon Hammer
Pokémon: Red Bloon
Typing: Normal/Flying
Ability: Regenerator / Camouflaged / Levitate
Moves: Round, Minimize, Bounce, Splash, Gust, Bide, Stockpile, Spit Up, Rapid Spin, Memento, Explosion, Last Resort, U-Turn
Signature Move: Bloon Exit - Physical | Normal | 100% Acc. | 5 PP | Target takes damage equal to the user's HP at the time of use. If this move is successful, the user switches out.
Stats: 1/30/30/30/30/30

Blue Bloon - 2/40/40/40/40/40 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Levitate
Green Bloon - 3/50/50/50/50/50 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Levitate
Yellow Bloon - 4/60/60/60/60/100 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Levitate
Pink Bloon - 5/70/70/70/70/110 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Levitate
Black Bloon - 11/75/75/75/75/50 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Black Coat
White Bloon - 11/75/75/75/75/60 Regenerator / Camouflaged / White Coat
Purple Bloon - 11/75/75/75/75/95 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Purple Coat
Lead Bloon - 23/80/80/80/80/30 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Fortified, Steel/Flying
Zebra Bloon - 23/80/80/80/80/50 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Zebra Coat
Rainbow Bloon - 47/85/85/85/85/70 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Fortified
Ceramic Bloon - 104/90/90/90/90/80 Regenerator / Camouflaged / Fortified, Ground/Flying

Camouflaged - Shield Dust clone
Black Coat - Damp and Bulletproof combined
White Coat - Immune to Ice
Purple Coat - Immune to Fire and Electric
Zebra Coat - Black Coat and White Coat combined
Fortified - Multiscale clone

Bloon evolves into MOAB. MOAB and forms are probably all Ubers.

Pokémon: MOAB
Typing: Normal/Flying
Ability: Levitate / Fortified
Moves: All of Bloons' moves + Slam, Body Slam, Heavy Slam, Fly
Signature Move: Bloon Exit - Physical | Normal | 100% Acc. | 5 PP | Target takes damage equal to the user's HP at the time of use. If this move is successful, the user switches out.
Stats: 200/90/90/90/90/30

BFB - 220/90/90/90/90/10 Levitate / Fortified
ZOMG - 250/100/100/100/100/5 Levitate / Fortified
DDT - 210/80/80/80/80/90 Camouflaged / Black Coat / Levitate, Steel/Flying

Reasoning: Bloons are the eternal enemies of Monkeys in the Bloons series. You end up popping millions of them, this is no exageration.
Bloons come in all shapes and sizes, I simply had to put them all in the sub.
The abilities are based on different types of Bloons (regular, Heart, Camo and Fortified). Regular has no special effect, so I gave them Levitate. Heart recovers its layers that were popped, this is Regenerator. Camo can only be hit by certain monkeys, so I copied Shield Dust. Fortified has a first layer that's tougher to pop, so I copied Multiscale.
Other "signature" abilities are based on each of the bloons' quirks. Black bloons are immune to explosions, white bloons are immune to ice and freeze, zebra bloon combines those effects, purple bloons are immune to energy (magic bolts, lasers and plasma). Lead bloons are actually made of lead, and ceramic bloons are actually made of ceramic, so they get type changes. DDT has the properties of Black, Lead and Camo bloons combined.
Their HP is based on Red Bloon Equivalent, or RBE for short. A Red Bloon has 1 layer, so it can only take one hit. That's 1 RBE. A Ceramic has 109 RBE, so I gave it 109 HP. Etc. (MOABs break the stat cap so I had to nerf them.)
Their Speed is based on their in-game speed but multiplied by 10.
The damage you take in the Bloons games depends directly on the HP of the Bloons that escape, this is represented by their signature move.

Pokémon: Beowulf (Fate/Grand Order)
Type: Fighting
Ability: Sturdy/Super Luck/Dragon Steak
Signature Ability
Dragon Steak: This Pokemon is immune to Dragon-type moves, deals double damage to Dragon-type foes and restores 1/4 of its maximum HP, rounded down, when hit by a Dragon-type move.
Close Combat, Hammer Arm, Secret Sword, Sacred Sword, Cross Chop, Dual Chop, Night Slash, Slash, Outrage, Thrash, Mega Punch, Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Sucker Punch, Power-up Punch, Smart Strike, Double Iron Bash
Status: Laser Focus, Focus Energy, Swords Dance
Signature Items:
Hrunting: If held by Beowulf, his critical hit damage is increased by 50%. Allows Beowulf to use its signature Z-move.
Naegling: If held by Beowulf, his Fighting-type moves become strong against Fairy-types. Allows Beowulf to use its signature Z-move.
Signature Z-Move:
Grendel Buster-Primal Conflict: Upgraded from Close Combat with Hrunting or Naegling. 200 BP, Fighting-type, Physical. Increases Beowulf's Attack by 2, but destroys Beowulf's item.Stats: 120 HP/130 Atk/70 Def/50 SpA/70 SpD/110 Spe (BST: 570)
  • Typing: Fighting type because he is a honorable hero of old. He also loves to get into fights, and is most known for defeating monsters BAREHANDED (in the Fate interpretation he punches things really hard after his swords break).
  • Abilities:
    • Sturdy: Beowulf has the "Battle Continuation" Skill which does the same exact thing as Guts.
    • Super Luck: Beowulf has the "Instinct" Skill (which can be upgraded to the "Inspired Hero" Skill) which gives him Critical Stars. In FGO, the game where Beowulf originates from, Critical Stars are needed to perform Critical Hits, the Skill gives Stars so it increases Critical Hit chance... so Super Luck is pretty close.
    • Dragon Steak: In Fate, Beowulf hunted dragons for fun and for food when he was alive. It is said that he killed hundreds of them. He loves to eat dragon steaks and even gives one to the game's protagonist as a gift. The ability effects represent eating (immunity + HP recovery) and represent hunting (increased damage).
  • Items:
    • Hrunting: One of Beowulf's swords. Called the "Hound of the Red Plains." In Fate lore, it can smell the opponent's blood and "launch the most optimal slash with a mere ordinary swing." I'd say the most optimal attack is a pseudo-Sniper boosted critical hit.
    • Naegling: One of Beowulf's swords. Called the "Iron Hammer Snake Smash." It is actually a giant club made of steel, "a sword with a fundamental purpose of smashing targets in close range, and it is equivalent to having no cutting ability." It gives Beowulf's Fighting-type moves the effectiveness of Steel-type moves (Fighting is already super-effective on Rock and Ice, so the item makes it SE against Fairy.)
  • Moves: In order:
    • status moves related to "performing the most advantageous attack," ties into his Instict skill and Hrunting.
    • slashing moves and moves related to swords for obvious reasons.
    • blunt moves using his sword-hammer-club thing.
    • barehanded moves for obvious reasons.
    • moves related to going out of control, due to Beowulf being a Berserker-class Servant and having a low level Mad Enhancement skill, meaning he can get out of control when fighting sometimes.

  • Z-Move: Beowulf's true Noble Phantasm, his strongest attack that he can only use after destroying his own swords. It is based on the legend about him defeating Grendel and his mother, two giant monsters, barehanded after his swords broke. In Fate/Grand Order, it is impossible for this move to miss. Good thing Z-Moves don't miss. In lore, he gains a massive power boost and "this Noble Phantasm temporarily revives the amazing power he had in life" so I decided that it should increase his Attack.
  • Stats: Beowulf has the Battle Continuation skill, meaning he has the ability to survive for a long time, that's why he has high HP. As for Attack, he has Mad Enhancement and Berserk skills that both increase damage. In game, they increase Buster damage, which are usually Physical attacks. He is also part of the Berserker class, which means more increased damage, but he has disadvantage against other classes in-game (but not in lore), so I gave him mediocre defenses.

Pokémon: Urumi Ushizaki
Typing: Water / Rock
Ability: Pressur
Signature Item: Heavy Stone Baby (If the holder is Urumi Ushizaki, can use Drowning in the Sanzu. If not, holder is grounded and Speed halved.) Fling power: 130
Z-Move: Drowning in the Sanzu (160 BP | Water | must know Dive | Inflicts Drown condition.)
Drown: A Pokemon inflicted with this condition takes damage equal to N/12 of its max HP every turn, where N starts at 1 and increases by 1 every turn. Prevents the target from switching for five turns. Water-types are immune. The effect ends if either the user or the target leaves the field.
Stats: 95/105/105/40/75/100 (520)
Physical: Stone Edge, Smack Down, Dive, Liquidation, Megahorn, Leech Life, Horn Leech, Sucker Punch, Knock Off, Fling
Special: Infestation
Status: Trick, Stealth Rock, Rock Polish, Milk Drink, Protect
For Flavor: Whirlpool, Ancient Power, Smack Down, Rollout, Rock Blast, Horn Attack, Shadow Sneak
Reasoning: Urumi Ushizaki is a river-dwelling cow-spider youkai. She gives her stone baby to oblivious passerbies, only to weigh them down with her weight-increasing powers. She then emerges out of the river to attack. Her spells are based on the stone baby and drowning, which translates to Rock-type and Water-type. Some Bug-type moves were also given due to her being part spider, and cow-related moves in Milk Drink and Horn Attack as well. In current times, she is forbidden from attacking humans, so she now domesticates giant extinct fish instead, thus Ancient Power. The Dark-type moves, Trick & Shadow Sneak are because she is a youkai that tricks people, gives them a bad thing to hold, sneaks in and attacks them.
Sample Set:
Urumi Ushizaki (F) @ Heavy Stone Baby
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Milk Drink
- Dive
- Leech Life / Stone Edge
- Trick / Stone Edge

Urumi Ushizaki (F) @ Choice Band
Ability: Weight Surge
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stone Edge
- Megahorn
- Liquidation
- Trick / Knock Off

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