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Resubbing Professor E.Gadd
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Pokemon: Professor E.Gadd
Origin: Luigi's mansion/Mario series
Abilities: Download, Steelworker
Type: Normal/Steel
Moves: Flash, Roar of time, Hydro Pump, Cleaning blast (see F.L.U D.D), Transform, Shift Gear, Gear Grind, Double Team, Teleport, Block, Trick-or-treat, Poltergust 3000, Flashlight Pulse (see Luigi), Steel Beam
Custom Move Description: Poltergust 3000: Steel Type, 90 Power, 100% accuracy, 16 PP, Steel Type, special attack. Has the benefit of also being super effective on ghost types.
Stats: 100/60/100/100/100/40 (500 BST)
Justification: I chose him for this, as he is a scientist, and somewhat of an engineer. His normal type comes from the fact he's just a regular, human scientist, while his steel type comes from him being obsessed with and known for inventions. His abilities come from him being an inventor alongside scientist. His moves come from his various inventions. Flash comes from the fact that in Luigi's mansion: Dark Moon, he made the new poltergust have the ability to flash bright lights, which also explains flashlight pulse. Roar of time comes from the fact in Mario and Luigi: Partners in time, he invented a time machine, and to make it even more fitting, it caused time holes that allow you to travel to any time Mario wants. Hydro Pump comes from F.L.U.D.D, which he invented, which also explains cleaning blast. He also invented a paintbrush that allows you to transform into other things, as seen by Bowser Jr, which explains transform. Shift Gear and Gear Grind come from the fact his much larger machines function via gears. Double Team comes from the fact he created a gooey clone of Luigi in Luigi's mansion 3. Teleport comes from various things, but two examples are him teleporting to Luigi at the end of Luigi's mansion: Dark moon, and he teleported people such as Luigi and toads to him in the same game, as well as objects to past time periods such as in Mario and Luigi: Partners in time to save Mario, Luigi, and the baby bros from a volcanic eruption. Block comes from the fact he often puts ghosts into capsules. Trick-or-treat comes from the fact he in Mario and Luigi: Superstar saga wears an outfit that transformed him into a ghost (which somehow scared Luigi). And lastly, his signature move: Poltergust 3000. It is an invention in the original Luigi's mansion, and though it is mostly used by Luigi, E.Gadd himself used it in the very beginning. I made it steel type as it is metal and stuff, and gave it the benefit of hitting ghosts super effectively, because it was made to capture ghosts. His poltergusts explain steel beam, as it is a gusty beam from them in which the poltergusts are made out of steel. Ah right stats. His 100/100/100 bulk comes from the fact that no matter how catastrophic of a deadly situation he's in, he manages to survive it. His mere 60 attack comes from him not really being much of a physical fighter at all. His 100 special attack comes from the fact any inventions he's used to fight (like the Poltergust 3000), they were specially based. His slow speed comes from him being slow due to his old age.

As well as make new submissions!
"Bleh heh heh! Bleck!"

Pokemon: Count Bleck
Origin: Super Paper Mario (part of the paper Mario series)
Type: Dark
Abilities: Levitate/Chaos heart barrier
Chaos heart barrier: Clone of the gen 7 version of disguise
Moves: Shadow Ball, Head Charge, Slow wave, dark rift, teleport
Slow wave: 8 PP, status move, ??? type, Makes anyone it hits have their speed reduced by 6 stages.
Dark rift: 16 PP, special, Dark Type, 120 power, 80 accuracy. No additional effect. Becomes the void when used as a Z move while holding the dark prognosticusium Z.
The void: 500 Power, special attack, dark typing. Takes 6 turns before it hits.
Stats: 150/72/64/130/64/120 (600 BST)
Reasoning: His dark typing comes from him being part of the tribe of darkness (before he killed everyone who was a part of it), and the fact he is described as "a dark figure who wants to destroy the world". His ability Levitate comes from that fact that's what he's always doing, while chaos heart barrier comes from the fact he's invincible with it, but the barrier is easily shattered by using the pure hearts. Shadow ball comes from the dark round globs he shoots in his battle, head charge comes from the fact he charges at you in his battle, slow wave comes from the fact he sometimes makes you much, much slower to make him harder to hit, dark rift comes from the fact he uses it to try to suck you in and his by far his strongest attack which explains the power, but it's also the easiest to dodge (unless under slow) as you can dodge it by simply running which explains the accuracy. Teleport comes from the fact he teleports to place to place. The void comes from the fact that he uses it to try to destroy the universe. The extreme power comes from the fact it's capable of destroying entire worlds and even the universe, while the 6 turn thing comes from the fact it took you to go through 6 worlds before it finally destroyed a world. The reason why the item that let's you used it is called the prognosticusium Z is because the dark prognosticus is the reason he wanted to use the void in the first place. His movepool as a whole is rather small, as his ways of attacking are. His HP, like dimentio, comes right from his boss battle. 72 attack comes from the fact he can cause some hurt by charging into you, but is generally about... The average damage of the game. 64 in both defenses comes from... Well dimentio had "multiples of 16" as a reasoning for his stats so why can't I use 64 considering it is one? 130 sp.attack comes from him being very powerful with his shadowy blasts, even OHKOing Mario at the very beginning, and he has an attack that does the most damage of any attack in the main game, with only Bowser's fire in the second battle doing the same, and only Shadoo and End Boss can do more damage but they're post game. His 120 speed comes from him being able to easily zoom around the place in his battle, and he can go from world to world with no issue. His entire BST was intended to be 600, as he's the main villain of the game (until dimentio took over that role at the end), just like bowser being the main villain of many Mario games, and he had a BST of 600, so I figured Count Black would as well.

"I'll flatten you!"

(Purposefully made big as this thing is a literal giant)
Pokemon: Death Egg robot
Origin: Sonic 2 (part of the sonic series obviously)
Type: Steel
Ability: Full metal body, malfunctioning mode
Malfunctioning mode description: When the death egg robot is below half HP, it gains 2 stages of speed and all contact moves that hit this will result in the user of said contact move losing 1/8th of their HP.
Moves: Fly, Spiky Shield, Stomp, Egg Bomb, Electric Terrain, Prismatic Laser, Energy Ball, metal claw, shock wave, rock tomb, mega punch, fissure, double arm shot, arm extension claw
Double arm shot: Steel type clone of dragon darts that is a special attack.
Arm extension claw: Steel type, 90 power, 100% accuracy, 16 PP, physical, contact move. Super effective on ground types.
Stats: 120/130/100/110/100/15 (575 BST)
Reasoning: Steel type because it's a giant mech controlled by Dr.Eggman. Full metal body is... Well that's obvious, while malfunctioning mode comes from sonic 4 where after enough damage, it moves quite a bit faster and has an electrical field surrounding it. It's moves come from it's various boss battles, and... Man this explanation part is a long one. Fly comes from the fact in sonic 2, it flies then tries to land on you. Spiky shield comes from the fact it's spiky hands try to protect the rest of the robot. Stomp as it can do that to you in nearly very game. Egg bomb comes from the fact it shoots eggman like bombs at you if you're behind it in sonic 2, or randomly in sonic mania. Electric terrain is because... Well I already said why. Prismatic laser comes from the fact it can shoot lasers at you in later installments. Same goes for energy ball where it can shoot energy at you in later installments. Metal claw, shock wave, rock tomb and mega punch comes from sonic forces. Fissure comes from the fact in sonic 4, he pounds the ground to make it break as a last ditch effort to defeat you. Double arm shot comes from the fact it shoots it's arms at you in sonic 2, and arm extension claw comes from the fact it extends it's arms to attack you in sonic mania, with the effect coming from the fact it destroys the platforms that you jump onto that is part of the ground by doing this (though it can also do this by walking into them). Ah yeah, stats. I made them fitting for what death egg robot is portrayed as: Very powerful, but slow. 120 HP comes from it taking 12 hits to defeat in sonic 2. It's 130 attack comes from it being able to smash even the sturdiest things with little to no effort, like entire space stations. It's 100 defense and special defense come from the fact it's portrayed as very durable in the modern games. It's 110 special attack comes from the fact it's still known to be quite powerful with it's more specially based attacks, although not as much as it's raw attack power. Lastly, it's speed is because it is portrayed as very slow in pretty much every game it's in.

"The green thunder... Mr.L!"

Pokemon: Mr.L
Origin: Super paper mario
Type: Normal/Dark
Ability: Showoff (see Waluigi)
Moves: Bounce, Jump Kick, High Jump Kick, Sky Uppercut, Brick Break, Swagger, Taunt, Torment, Stomp, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Recover, Revenge, Payback, Super Jump
Super jump description: 85 power, 100% accuracy, flying type move that makes contact. Power is doubled if the user took no damage on the turn it uses this move.
Stats: Same as Luigi.
Reasoning: He's a normal/dark type because he's Luigi, who is just a normal plumber who can jump really hard that was mind controlled into serving Count Bleck. Any of the moves I don't offer an explanation for are variants of his two ways of attacking: Jumping and his super jump. Showoff, Swagger, Torment and Taunt come from him being a showoff, such as when he brags about his name being awesome, saying is fellow minions were junior minions compared to him, and the way he talks to peach if playing as her in the second battle against him. Recover comes from his shroom shakes. Revenge and Payback are from his vengeful nature, which you see when defeating him. And super jump is his most well known move. It's a flying type as it involves soaring really high, and it has that effect because it he hits you with it while soaring up, it does double the damage of his normal jumps. His stats are the same as Luigi's as he's Luigi but corrupted to serve Count Bleck.
"Come to me, metal bro!"

By having Mr.L equip the brobot head, what happens is it works like a primal reversion, where when Mr.L comes in, Mr.L becomes Brobot. Mr.L has to have it equipped to transform into Brobot (which means any other item and no brobot), as well as have Brobot's moves in his move set if it's equipped, and he cannot have any of his own moves in his moveset with it equipped minus taunt, swagger, and torment.
Pokemon: Brobot
Origin: Super Paper Mario
Type: Steel
Abilities: Flash Fire, Levitate
Moves: Pin Missile, Deploy Missiles (see Galleom) Prismatic Laser, Steel beam, crunch, Spacial Rend, Iron Head
Stats: 255/90/100/90/100/65 (700 BST)
Reasoning: Steel type comes from the fact it's a large mechanical robot. Flash fire comes from the fact it's defense is doubled against fire attacks, while Levitate is because it always does that. Pin Missile and deploy missiles comes from it shooting missiles, Prismatic laser and steel beam are from the lasers he shoots, crunch is because it sometimes tries to inhale you, chew on you, then spit you out. Spacial rend comes from the fact it can somehow rip holes between space and worlds to travel and can bring others into space. Lastly, iron head is because it sometimes tries to ram into you with its head. Ah yeah stats. 255 is it's HP in it's boss battle, 90 in both attacking stats is because it's decently strong for the game it's in, 100 bulk in both defenses is due to it taking many many shots to beat, and 65 speed comes from the fact it moves at... An average speed.
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Pokemon: The Devourer
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Strong Jaw
Signature Move: Flytrap Fangs
- Type: Grass
- Classification: Physical
- Power: 40
- Accuracy: 100
- PP: 15 (max 24)
- Effect: Biting move. Hits twice, and heals for 50% of the damage dealt for each hit.
Stats: 108/120/102/85/85/75 (Total: 575)
Notable Moves: Leaf Blade, Power Whip, Vine Whip, Gunk Shot, Poison Jab, Poison Fang, Cross Poison, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Sludge, Belch, Acid, Poison Gas, Toxic, Crunch, Bite, Jaw Lock, Earthquake, Stockpile, Spit Up, Swallow, Synthesis, Growth, Heavy Slam, Thrash, Outrage, Leech Life, Ingrain, Gastro Acid
Overview: The Devourer is a secret boss from Bug Fables, and is likely the most difficult boss for the point in the game you are able to take it on. It uses an assortment of Poison attacks, summons flytrap minions to bite you hard, and if it gets low on health, it pops one of your party members into the air so it can eat them and regain some HP. Its moves are somewhat based on the existing pitcher plant and flytrap Pokemon, and it overall has a decent assortment of strong moves to take advantage of. It also has solid stats for a Band set, with the only notable weakness about it being its mediocre Speed. But with Flytrap Fangs, you regain HP while you fight, meaning foes that can’t take you out quickly are going to have a tough time at keeping you down.
i don't think i'll finish a new sub on time so here's this big ol fuck again

Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair!
Crush the stars! Lay waste to care!

Pokémon: Void Termina (Demon God)
Origin: Kirby: Star Allies
Type: Dark
Ability: Unaware / Iron Fist
Stats: 100/140/150/80/150/50 (670)
Stats (True Destroyer of Worlds): 100/180/150/120/150/70 (770)
(Transforms into his True Destroyer of Worlds form while holding the Jamba Heart.)
Notable Moves: Night Slash, Sacred Sword, Hammer Arm, Stomp, Earthquake, X-Scissor, Flare Blitz, Icicle Crash, Wild Charge, Strength Sap (does not get Return)
Reasoning: The first form of the final boss of Kirby: Star Allies. Dark-type because the form is officially named the "Demon God". Unaware because the following form's flavor text suggests this form may not even be sentient. Iron Fist and Hammer Arm because his main attack is punching the ground. Night Slash, Sacred Sword, and X-Scissor come from his sword attacks, while Flare Blitz, Icicle Crash, and Wild Charge come from his ability to infuse said swords with fire, ice and lightning. Stomp and Earthquake from his ability to cause shockwaves by stomping the ground. Strength Sap for reasons detailed with the next form. In Soul Melter EX, Void Termina is fought as a stronger form known as the "true destroyer of worlds".

Pokémon: Void Termina (First Core)
Origin: Kirby: Star Allies
Type: Poison
Ability: Cursed Body
Stats: 90/70/100/100/100/5 (465)
Notable Moves: Red Tears (see 0), Strength Sap, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball
Reasoning: Void Termina's heart, and the second form of him you fight. It's Poison-type for the same reason I made Red Tears, one of its attacks, Poison-type in the first place. Cursed Body because I couldn't think of anything better. Strength Sap because Void Termina was summoned by absorbing the power of the Cult of Jamba Heart's members (who you can see partially engulfed in this stage of the fight in Story Mode). Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball from its shadowy projectiles.

Pokémon: Void Termina (Angel)
Origin: Kirby: Star Allies
Type: Flying
Ability: Serene Grace
Stats: 100/140/130/100/130/90 (690)
Stats (True Destroyer of Worlds): 100/160/130/160/130/110 (790)
(Transforms into his True Destroyer of Worlds form while holding the Jamba Heart.)
Notable Moves: Brave Bird, Axe Strike (see Camilla), Night Slash, Earthquake, Arrow Shot (see Orion), Flare Blitz, Icicle Crash, Jamba Spear (see Zan Partizanne), Pin Missile, Oblivion Wing, Judgment, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon, Hyper Beam, Charge Beam (Does not get Return)
Reasoning: The third form of Void Termina that is fought. Flying because it's a winged creature that flies. Serene Grace because its official name is the "angel" form (check Serene Grace's Japanese name for more info). Brave Bird because it uses a divebombing attack. Axe Strike, Night Slash, and Earthquake from its axe attack. Arrow Shot, Flare Blitz, and Icicle Crash from its arrow attack. Jamba Spear and Pin Missile from the spear attack. Oblivion Wing, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon, Hyper Beam, and Charge Beam from the laser crown. (Oblivion Wing and Judgment are legendary signature moves, but with Void Termina being a god of destruction that has wings in this form I figured Oblivion Wing fit. Judgment is handled in more detail below.)

Pokémon: Void Termina (Final Core)
Origin: Kirby: Star Allies
Type: Water
Type (Void Soul): Water/Ghost
Ability: Protean
Ability (Void): Illuminate
Stats: 120/110/110/110/110/90 (650)
Stats (Void Soul): 120/140/130/140/130/90 (750)
Stats (Void): 120/160/140/170/140/100 (830)
(Void Termina's Final Core becomes Void Soul when holding the Soul Orb, and Void when holding the Shimmering Star.)
Notable Moves: Surf, Shooter Cutter (see Marx), Waterfall, Shadow Ball, Judgment, Flash Cannon, Hyper Beam, Charge Beam, Power Gem, Double-Edge, Spiky Shield, Attack Order, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Origin Pulse
Reasoning: The end of the Void Termina fight. Water because it summons minions that look similar to it and have the elemental properties of water, and resembles liquid at some points of the fight. Ghost because Soul. Protean because it's constantly changing its face, Void has Illuminate because it's really glowy and also balance reasons. Surf from it flooding the arena in its stronger forms. Shooter Cutter is an attack it uses in its stronger forms. Shadow Ball because it launches a lot of round projectiles in its opening barrage. It really loves to spam lasers, hence Judgment, Flash Cannon, Hyper Beam, Charge Beam, and Power Gem. Since Void is the origin of all things (...if you're playing the Japanese version) it gets to use the signature beam-spam of Pokémon's own creation deity. Double-Edge because of its tackles, Flare Blitz from the flaming version Void uses, Morning Sun because that attack is called "Deadly Sun" officially. Spiky Shield because of the attack where it becomes spiky. Attack Order because it can summon minions as well as brainwash your own allies - the attack it uses for the latter is also where it gets Dark Pulse and Psychic.
Same here, but I have a resubmission dump.

Pokémon: Revenant Grace
Type: Ghost/Steel
Ability: Guardian Spirit - When the user takes direct damage, its Soul Smash, Soul Blaster, or Soul Cannon (randomly chosen per occasion) regains 1 PP if it can.
Signature Moves
  • Soul Smash - Ghost, Physical, 75 BP, 100% Acc, 20 PP
  • Soul Blaster - Ghost, Physical, 75 BP, 100% Acc, 15 PP | Hits all adjacent foes.
  • Soul Cannon - Ghost, Physical, 110 BP, 85% Acc, 5 PP
  • Possession - Ghost, Other, 5 PP | The user's soul leaves its body to possess another. | The user switches out. It and its replacement are cured of status conditions, and its replacement is affected by Safeguard and Trick-or-Treat, which both wear off at the same time: in five turns or if the replacement switches out.
  • Possessed - Ghost, Other, 10 PP | A portion of the target's soul is transferred to the user. | Deals half the target's remaining HP in damage. The user regains HP equal to the damage dealt. Also cures status conditions of the target and user.
Other Moves: Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Smart Strike, Body Press, Brick Break, Low Kick, Low Sweep, Rock Smash, Mega Punch, Strength, Foul Play, Knock Off, Night Slash, Feint Attack, Stomping Tantrum, Night Shade, Protect, Taunt, Torment, Block
Stats: 120/80/120/50/120/50 | 540 BST
Reasoning: Revenant, holder of the Guardian asterisk, is a juvenile spirit (Ghost) who uses a suit of armor (Steel) as a physical form. His signature moves are Guardian skills, and his Ability is the specialty of the job. Other moves are extrapolated as capabilities of a walking suit of armor with a ghastly soul and the motivation to stop at nothing in the name of his blood-stained father.

Pokémon: Kragg (Rivals of Aether)
Type: Rock/Grass
Ability: Solid Rock / Control Earth*
*terrain counterpart of Cloud Nine
Moves: Stone Edge, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Wall Run**, Earth Pillar***, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Megahorn, High Jump Kick, Close Combat, Superpower, Low Kick, Accelerock, Sucker Punch, U-turn, Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Smart Strike, Sky Uppercut, Body Press, Seismic Toss, Circle Throw, Brick Break, Low Sweep, Bulldoze, Trop Kick, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Steamroller, Rock Throw, Rollout, Reversal, Ancient Power, Energy Ball, Nature Power, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Synthesis, Wide Guard
**Rock, Physical, 70 BP, 100% Acc, 15 PP | The user curls up into a ball and performs a rolling technique intended to scale walls. | Becomes Grass-type if the target is weaker to Grass than to Rock. Causes the user to switch out. | Z-Move: 140 BP Continental Crush
***Rock, Physical, 100 BP, 95% Acc, 5 PP | The user jumps above the target and creates a pillar of earth beneath its feet. | Has a 50% chance to raise both defenses by 1 stage each. Cannot be used under Gravity. | Z-Move: 180 BP Continental Crush
Stats: 100/99/120/55/85/76 | 535 BST
Reasoning: "RIVALS OF AETHER is an indie fighting game set in a world where civilizations wage war by summoning the power of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth." - official website
Kragg is known as "The Earth's Bastion." He controls the earth and defends the Aetherian Forest, thus Rock/Grass. He's classified as a Wall Runner, sporting a massive body but being able to roll around at high speeds. His movepool and Abilities are extrapolated from his profile.

Pokémon: Histoire
Type: Flying/Grass
Ability: Chronicle - The user's moves have perfect accuracy after three turns (à la Slow Start).
Moves: Wings of Light*, Universe**, Hurricane, Air Slash, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Wring Out, Hydro Pump, Power Gem, Dazzling Gleam, Psyshock, Grass Knot, Hidden Power, Sludge Bomb, Recover, Wish, Work Up, Teleport
*Flying, Special, 100 BP, 85% acc, 10 PP | Z-Move: 180 BP Supersonic Skystrike
**Grass, Special, 120 BP, 85% acc, 10 PP | Z-Move: 190 BP Bloom Doom
Z-Move: Tome of Histoire - Grass, Special, 210 BP | Item: Neptunium Z | Move: Universe
Stats: 80/80/70/150/100/100 | 580 BST
Reasoning: Planeptune's Oracle, a sort of mentor to the higher-ups of her nation. She flies around atop a book that is an extension of her being, and books come from trees, hence Flying/Grass. In combat, she specializes as a magic attacker and partly as a supporter. Since Neptunia does not have Abilities per se, Histoire's "Ability" is inspired by the motif of her powers taking three of a certain unit of time.

Pokémon: Mega Man-EXE
Type: Normal
Ability: RKS System / Double Soul*
*Illusion variant: Upon switching in, the user gains a secondary type to match the primary type of the Pokémon in the last slot of the user's party (if applicable, and only if the type differs from the user's primary type). This effect lasts five turns or until the user switches out.
Signature Move: Charged EXE Buster - Normal, Special, 90 BP, 100% Acc, 15 BP | Changes type based on the user's secondary (or only) type.
Other Moves: Assist, all TM/HM/TR/Tutor moves from GSC onward
Z-Move: Program Advance - Normal, Other | The user uses its entire moveset (except Assist) in one turn. | Base: Assist | Z-Crystal: Megamanium Z
Stats: 82/109/89/125/95/100 | 600 BST (-20 HP, +10 Atk, +5 SpD, +5 Spe)
Reasoning: Mega Man Battle Network originated in 2001, between Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire. Bobsican recently said that one of the only good reasons for a Mew-like movepool is "there being something like TMs in-universe," and I'd say that Battle Chips fit the bill. MegaMan.EXE is a human reincarnated as data, thus pure Normal (thanks, Porygon). RKS System translates from Style Change, a mechanic in Battle Network 3 (which may have originated earlier, I dunno; I've only played 3-5). Double Soul, introduced in BN4, is similar to Style Change, except it's a temporary fusion with a specific NetNavi. A Program Advance occurs when certain Battle Chips are loaded in a certain order (e.g. Sword + Wide Sword + Long Sword = Life Sword). Assist is based on a variety of Battle Chip that can call upon another Navi.

Congratulations to Pika Xreme, Mygavolt and Cookie Butter for winning with Void Termina, MegaMan.EXE and Naraku.

This slate's bonus is for any characters who have had the pleasure of gracing an arcade cabinet. There have been many arcade ports and spin offs of well known and modern franchises, such as Mario Kart GP, as well as many arcade classics for bonus character this slate.

As always submissions for the current slate close in one week.
Have fun!​
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Pokémon: Morrigan Aensland
Franchise: Darkstalkers

Ability: Levitate | Cute Charm | [HA] Steelworker
Moves: Astral Vision, Crunch, Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Pursuit, Knock Off, Moonblast, Play Rough, Draining Kiss, Deploy Missiles (see Galleom), Steel Wing, Bullet Punch, Smart Strike, Fly, Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Leech Life, X-Scissor, U-turn, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Shadow Punch, Night Shade, Psycho Cut, Extrasensory, Dream Eater, Drain Punch, Brick Break, Drill Run, Giga Drain, Flame Charge, Fireball (see Bowser), Hone Claws, Lovely Kiss, Roost, Will-O-Wisp, Spikes, Swords Dance, Sweet Kiss
Stats: 82 HP/112 Atk/82 Def/112 SpA/82 SpD/100 Spe (570 BST)

Astral Vision |
| 8 PP | Gives the user a Parental Bond effect for 3 turns.

Morrigan Aensland @ Life Orb
Ability: Steelworker
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Deploy Missiles
- Knock Off
- Drill Run
- Astral Vision / Swords Dance / Hone Claws
Reasoning: Morrigan is a succubus who feeds on life energy and souls. Her signature attack is Soul Fist, a soul fireball. A powerful attack she uses is Finishing Shower, that involves missiles. With Astral Vision, she creates a copy of herself that can copy her attacks. She can create metal weapons like spears, claws and drills, and turn her body parts into them. She can fly with her wings, which also transform.
Hmmm... I know!

Here's an alternate form of Artoria.

Pokémon: **Artoria-Alter** (She's one of the playable servants in Fate/Grand Order Arcade).
Transforms from Artoria through usage of Grail's Corruption. Unlike regular Artoria, CANNOT use Avalon. Loses Invisible Air upon switching to Alter form.
Franchise/Origin: Fate/Stay Night
Type: Steel/Dark
Ability: Saber Class/Unlimited Mana Burst (HA)
Signature Ability: Unlimited Mana Burst: The user's Attack and Defense are increased by 1.2x.
Notable moves: Artoria's moveset minus Invisible Air, Vortigern, Night Slash.
Signature move: Vortigern- Dark-type, Physical, 90 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Boosted by Saber Class. 30% chance to reduce the target's Defense by 1 stage.
G-Max Move, Z-Move, Mega Evolution, etc.: Excalibur Morgan, Sword of Promised Victory- Dark-type, 230 BP, Special. Boosted by Saber Class. Physical if Atk>SpA. Upgraded from Artoria-Alter's Vortigern with Altorium Z.
Stats: 100 HP/120 Atk/110 Def/150 SpA/90 SpD/40 Spe (BST: 610)

Reasoning: Meet Artoria Alter, a version of Artoria who was corrupted by the Holy Grail's mud during the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/Stay Night. She gets the slate bonus due to being playable in Fate/Grand Order Arcade (Separate from her regular form, who is ALSO playable in Fate/Grand Order Arcade). As far as Artoria Alter's stats go, it should immediately be clear that they're based on her base form. Specifically, she sacrifices some Special Defense and a lot of Speed for a boost in every other stat (Owing to the fact that her Magic Resistance goes down to B-rank from regular Artoria's A-Rank). Artoria Alter also cannot use Avalon nor Invisible Air, instead gaining a new move signature to her, Vortigern. Its Base Power is identical to Invisible Air's, but it gives up the SE effect against Dark-types to instead have a 30% chance to drop the enemy's defense. This is actually based on the Craft Essence gained for increasing Artoria Alter's Bond Level to 10 in Fate/Grand Order, which, when equipped to Artoria Alter, gives her a 30% chance to reduce the defense of any enemy she hits with an attack.

Artoria Alter's ability is based on the Mana Burst technique that Artoria makes usage of in Fate/Stay Night, which uses her magical energy to amplify her physical characteristics. While regular Artoria has to be more careful with her usage of it in Fate/Stay Night due to her unique circumstances (and the fact that Shirou is not a good Master), being tainted by the Grail also gave Artoria to its nigh-unlimited Mana supply, allowing Artoria Alter to keep it up basically 24/7, hence why it manifests as her hidden ability, providing a simple boost to her attack and defense.

Lastly, there's her Z-Move, Excalibur Morgan. Stat-wise, it's a slightly stronger Excalibur to make up for the lack of a bonus effect, and explained through Artoria Alter's vastly larger Mana reserves. Normally, she would be able to spam this to her heart's content, but THAT wouldn't be balanced at all.

But I'm not done yet! We've got ONE Wild Card, so how about another?

"People can do it. As long as they can open their eyes and look around, they'll see it. They'll see the truth!"

Pokémon: **Yu Narukami** (Persona 4: Arena was first released for Japanese arcades, and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle would later also get an arcade release, and Yu stars in both)
Franchise/Origin: Persona 4
Type: Electric (Base)
Electric/Normal (Ultimate Awakening)
Ability: Justified/Mold Breaker/Persona Change (HA)/Truth Seeker (Ultimate Awakening)
Signature Ability: Truth Seeker- User's moves ignore type-based immunities and the effects of abilities. Damage taken from Fighting-type moves is halved. User's attacks are special or physical depending on the higher attack stat. Automatically dispels Illusions. Cannot be disabled.
Notable moves: Joker's moveset minus Sucker Punch and Baton Pass, plus Judgment (there's a reason for this) and Zing Zap, Counter, Mirror Coat, Reflect and Light Screen.
G-Max Move, Z-Move, Mega Evolution, etc.: Undergoes Ultimate Awakening (Essentially an Ultra Burst) with IzanaginoOkamiumZ while knowing the move Judgment. His own appearance does not change, but his Ultimate Persona, Izanagi-no-Okami, manifests behind him:

Signature Z-Move: Myriad Truths- Normal-Type, Base 75 Power, Special. Hits 3 times. Always does neutral damage. Upgrades from Yu's Judgment with IzanaginoOkamium Z after undergoing Ultimate Awakening.

Stats: Base- 100 HP/90 Atk/90 Def/90 SpA/90 SpD/90 Spe (BST: 550)
Ultimate Awakening - 100 HP/120 Atk/100 Def/120 SpA/100 SpD/110 Spe (BST: 650)

Reasoning: To celebrate P4G's release to Steam, here's the Wild Card who came before Joker. Yu Narukami, the main protagonist of Persona 4 and its spinoffs. He also fits with the slate theme thanks to Persona 4 Arena and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle having arcade releases. Yu's typing, just like Joker, equates to his starting Persona. In this case, Izanagi, which grants him potent lightning-based abilities (even moreso in the anime adaptation). Justified comes from Yu's strong sense of justice, Mold Breaker comes from breaking through deception to reach out to the truth, even if that truth hurts, and Persona Change comes because he's a Wild Card just like Joker. This is also where most of his moveset comes from, though he doesn't get Sucker Punch like Joker does (Night Slash and Dark Pulse stay however as Magatsu-Izanagi is a Persona Yu has access to), because Yu doesn't fight dirty. He does get Zing Zap for a physical Electric STAB in case he for some reason doesn't use Persona Change OR Ultimate Awakening.

Yu's stats are a bit more rounded than Joker's- He's got slightly better bulk at the cost of slightly less offensive presence.

The main difference between Yu and Joker's moveset is the appearance of Judgment in Yu's, which, when combined with IzanaginoOkamium Z, allows Yu to manifest his ultimate Persona, Izanagi-no-Okami (This is in fact why Judgment is in Yu's moveset). Izanagi-no-Okami's ability is based on Yu as he is in the finale of Persona 4, no longer needing the glasses to see through the fog of the TV World. This lets him ignore type-based immunities (as well as abilities, inherited from Mold Breaker), and also automatically lets him catch any pesky Zoroarks trying to fool him through illusions. He can see the truth, so that just plain won't work. Izanagi-no-Okami has no weaknesses as far as Personae go, and him gaining more weaknesses wouldn't really make sense, so Truth Seeker also shuts off the one weakness Yu would gain from manifesting him.

Last but most certainly not least is Izanagi-no-Okami's signature attack, which manifests as a Z-Move. Myriad Truths is the move with which Yu finishes off Izanami, the big bad of Persona 4, and it also appears as Yu's instant kill in Persona 4 Arena and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, but the move's effects actually come from the DLC of Persona 5 Royal which had Izanagi-no-Okami as a summonable Persona, in which it dealt three hits of heavy Almighty Damage. Almighty attacks in the Persona series are unresistable but will never hit any weaknesses, so it made sense to make it always hit for neutral damage when it hits, and for it to hit three times (The original usage of Myriad Truths at the end of Persona 4 also hit three times, so this is consistent).

Lastly, the extra moves that aren't Judgment or Zing Zap. Counter, Mirror Coat, Reflect and Light Screen are based on the spells Tetrakarn and Makarakarn, which protect against physical and magical attacks respectively. In hindsight, I'm not entirely sure why I didn't put them on Joker when I first submitted him.
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Before there was Heroes of Waterdeep, before there was Baldurs Gate, there was Shadow Over Mystara. The second Dungeons and Dragons arcade game, and since these are game only characters I'm gonna submit one of them.

Pokémon: Lucia
Franchise/Origin: Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara
Type: Fighting/Fairy
Ability: Naturalist/Insomnia/Technician
Naturalist-Grass type Steelworker
Notable moves: Magic Missile, Invisibility, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Agility, Blizzard, Hail, Polymorph Others, Hurricane, Power Gem, Rock Slide, Earth Power, Magical Leaf, Leaf Shield, Razor Leaf, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Calm Mind, Aerial Ace, Slash, Dazzling Gleam, Sunny Day, Morning Sun, Jump Kick, High Jump Kick, Sacred Sword, Acrobatics, any other sword move really
Signature move:
Magic Missile|Special|Base Power 15|Max PP 32|Accuracy: Never Misses|Fairy Type|Hits up to 5 times.
Invisibility|Status|Max PP 32|Accuracy: Used on the user|Fairy Type|Raises the users' evasion by two stages.*
Polymorph Others|Status|Max PP 32|Accuracy: Used on allies of the user|Fairy Type|Gives a substitute for an ally.
Stats: 60/110/75/110/90/130 [BST 575]

Reasoning: Alright so here we have Lucia an elf. Notice I didn't say her class, that's because the edition of D&D when this game came out had other races be classes. All of her moves are based on the spells and techniques that she can do in game, with the additions of calm mind because of something applied in later editions to elves, and dazzling gleam + the sun moves because of what kind of elf she would be in the modern editions. Alright so in 5e, the current edition of D&D, high elves are divided into Sun Elves and Moon Elves. Moon Elves tend to have purple skin and dark hair while Sun Elves are mildly tan white people with blonde hair and pointy ears. This doesn't really effect anything more than their appearance, but I figured some flavor moves couldn't hurt. Likewise Calm Mind and Insomnia come from the modern editions as well. You see elves don't sleep, but instead go into a trance for four hours and are partially aware of what goes on around them during this trance. Naturalist comes from her ability to control leaves and her bio states that she is a guardian of the forest. Technician mainly comes in from the fact that her character is the most jack of all tradesy in the game being the main spellsword option for those who want some fireballs with their stabby tool of murder. Also I find it fitting that I took leaf shield from Woodman because Shadow Over Mystara was developed by Capcom, not really a part of the reasoning just a neat tidbit.

*Note I know this is not a legal move but it's more there for flavor than actual combat usage.

Cookie Butter

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Pokémon: Bonanza Bros.
Franchise/Origin: Bonanza Bros.
Type: Dark
Ability: Technician / Infiltrator / Emergency Exit
Moves: Thief, Snatch, Beat Up, Sucker Punch, Foul Play, Skitter Smack, Stomping Tantrum, U-Turn, Bounce, Shadow Sneak, Pay Day, Nasty Plot, Rollout, Taunt, Bomb Throw and Bomb Blast (See Pandora)
Signature moves:
Neutralizer Gun - 50 BP, 15 PP, Steel, Physical, Non-Contact, Ballistic. 100% chance to confuse target.
Smack Door - 90 BP, 15 PP, Normal*, Physical. x1.5 power if there is a screen on either side of the field. *Either Grass or Steel damage, depending on IVs.
G-Max Move: G-Max Bomb Rush - Same as Gigantamax Meowth's G-Max Gold Rush, but Dark-type.
Stats: 80/110/70/50/70/80 (460)

Pokémon: Bonanza Bros.-Western
Franchise/Origin: Bonanza Bros.
Type: Normal
Regional Variation: Bonanza Bros.
Ability: Technician / Infiltrator / Stakeout
Moves, Signature moves: Same as above plus Hold Back, minus Nasty Plot
G-Max Move: G-Max Gold Rush (Same as Gigantamax Meowth)
Stats: 80/110/70/50/70/80 (460)

Reasoning: Bonanza Bros. do things.
Old resub because why not:

Pokémon: Shuten-douji (Fate/Grand Order)

Ability: Alcoholic Fruit/Oni Kind Demon/Tangled Feet
Signature Abilities
Alcoholic Fruit: On switch-in, lowers the target's evasiveness by 2 stages. Can poison foes regardless of type.
Oni Kind Demon: Increases Attack and the power of Fire-type moves by 20%. Stacks.
Poison Sake, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Petal Dance
Flare Blitz, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Rush, Gunk Shot, Shadow Bone, Bonemerang
Nasty Plot, Dragon Dance, Teeter Dance, Toxic
Signature Move:
Poison Sake:
, 95 BP, 100% Accuracy, 10 PP. 30% chance to badly poison the target.
Signature Z-Move:
Multitude of Colors - Providential Oni Poison - Upgraded from Poison Sake with Onipoisonium-Z. 200 BP,
. 100% chance of badly poisoning the opposing Pokémon. 15% chance to inflict Taunt, Torment, confusion, to lower opponent's chance for a critical hit by 1, to lower each of the opponent's stats by 1 (including evasion and accuracy) and to remove opponent's ability. Each effect is calculated separately, including stat drops.
Stats: 120 HP/110 Atk/70 Def/120 SpA/80 SpD/90 Spe (BST: 590)
  • Typing: Shuten-douji is a one-of-a-kind oni descended from the legendary dragon Yamata-no-Orochi. Both in game and in lore, she has the Dragon trait. She also loves to drink literal poison, and uses said poison to attack. In Fate/Grand Order, she's basicallt THE poison party member and actually the only character that increases damage taken from poison.
  • Abilities:
    • Alcoholic Fruit: One of Shuten-douji's skills. "Target can be made drunk through a tone of voice, a sigh, or even just a gaze, that possesses the fragrance of a fruit's melting tipsiness." Basically can make anyone and everyone drunk with a sweet scent of fruit, so the effects of Corrosion and Sweet Scent were added.
    • Oni Kind Demon: Another one of Shuten-douji's skills. "A Skill that represents the superpower as well as the demonic nature of an Oni. A mixed Skill of Natural Monster, Monstrous Strength, Charisma, Mana Burst, etc. The version of Mana Burst depends on the user, but it is usually 'Heat' " Basically, in lore, it is a combination of skills that increase raw strenght and ability to release fire with magical energy. So, naturally, Attack and Fire moves are increased in power. In game, it also increases attack.
  • Moves:
    • Her signature move is based on the divine oni-poison sake, a poison made by the Japanese gods to kill oni, but Shuten ended up liking it and drinking it as an alcoholic beverage. Because it is divine, I gave it somewhat of a legendary signature move BP.
    • The rest seems pretty self-explanatory for a magical dragon beast to get most of those moves. Petal Dance because she is heavily associated with fruits and sweet scents. Nasty Plot is because she has the Chaotic Evil alignment in Fate/Grand Order, and in her legend plotted to take over a city. Also, Shuten is a bone collector. She even has the ability to magically take away bones from others' bodies, instantly killing them. That's why she gets Bone moves.

  • Z-Move: Shuten-douji's strongest move, her Noble Phantasm. It is the attack with the most amount of debuffs in her game, so naturally I tried to replicate that. She has effects like poisoning foes, but also reducing attack, reducing, defense and even Skill Seal, which is the Pokémon equivalent of preventing abilities and moves alike. In Fate/Grand Order, they're all guaranteed to hit but don't have high multipliers. Since Pokémon stat boosts (and stat downs) have set multipliers, I had to balanced it in a way that it's not guaranteed.
  • Stats: Shuten has the Battle Continuation skill, meaning she has the ability to survive for a long time, that's why she has high HP. She's one of the strongest Servants in lore, so her BST is high. In-game she has one of the highest attacking stats, but the weak Assassin-class multiplies her attack by x0.9 making her above average but not insanely strong, so I gave her just that.

Pokémon: Aircraft Carrier Princess
Franchise/Origin: Kantai Collection
Type: Steel/Dark
Ability: Flash Fire / Long Reach / Weak Armor
Notable moves: Bite, Crunch, Fire Fang, Dive, Surf, Whirlwind, Liquidation, Fire Blast, Egg Bomb, Seed Bomb, Explosion, Self-Destruct, Smack Down, Knock Off, Iron Defense, Taunt, Roar, Outrage, Thrash, Rage, Bide, Revenge, Night Daze, Night Shade, Flash Cannon, Attack Order, Defend Order, Heal Order, Infestation, Dragon Pulse, Deploy Missiles (See Galleom), Bomb Throw and Bomb Blast (See Pandora), Carnage (See Urdnot Wrex), Rocket and Homing Missile (See Austin Carter)
Stats: 100/90/100/90/100/90 (570)

  • Type: Steel should be obvious, she's a goddamn warship. Dark because she's an Abyssal Fleet Vessel. Firstly, Abyssals come from the bottom of the ocean, which is pitch black. Secondly, she and other Abyssals are evil, wanting to sink and burn regular ships. Thirdly, Abyssals are all Demons, with Princess-type Abyssals also being called War Demon-types.
  • Abilities: Flash Fire is Received Fire in Japanese. This works both ways, Abyssal Fleet Vessels were previously regular ships who received (enemy) fire, sunk and then became that way. It also works in the literal sense, as you can see the Aircraft Carrier Princess has a giant fire-breathing metallic mouth. Long Reach because she attacks with missiles and bombs. Weak Armor because her initial appearance had her with damaged clothes and equipment, and well, she's a sunken ship full of cracks.
  • Stats: I just divided her Firepower stat by her Armor stat, it turns out her Armor is x0.9 her Firepower, so I used that for Attack and Defense. She's also classified as a "Very Fast" Ship thus 90 Speed. She's one of the strongest ships, though not quite the strongest.
  • Moves: Bite moves come from her giant metal mouth thing. Water moves come from being a boat, and being found on water in-game. Bomb, explosion and fire moves come from her armament. 'Rage' moves (from Taunt to Revenge) come from her dialogue and the fact Abyssals want to sink and burn ships (this reasoning also applies to Carnage). Smack Down comes from Anti-Aerial armament. Night Daze and Night Shade both because of the same reasons she's Dark type and because 90% of her armament is called "Abyssal Night ___." Order moves come from ordering around lesser Abyssal Fleet Vessels and her own live armament.
  • It's actually pretty hard to give Pokemon moves to a sunken anthropomorphized boat. So I reused some custom moves. You might be asking yourself why so many reused custom moves were needed, that's because she has 6 different types of missiles and bombers, that's the number of moves I reused.
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There is currently a balancing slate happening in the Crossover Chaos Discord. If you have any changes or additions you would like to see, please join in the discussion here.

"I really love bananas!"
Pokémon: AiAi
Franchise: Super Monkey Ball
Type: Normal
Ability: Overcoat / Filter
Notable moves: Rollout, Mega Punch, Ice Ball, Mega Kick, Agility, Banana Toss, Rapid Spin, Meteor Mash, Brutal Swing, Superpower, Teleport, Withdraw, Defense Curl, Ice Beam, Magnet Rise, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Deploy Missiles (From Galleom), Bomb Blast, Bomb Throw (Both from Pandora), Iron Defense
Stats: 50/90/130/50/130/80 [BST 530]

Reasoning: AiAi's just a monkey who really likes bananas, so hello mono Normal typing. He gets Overcoat, Filter, and his very high bulk because of his ball, since though you can fall off the stage, once he's in the ball, you cannot hurt him, PERIOD. This is just how durable he and the other playable characters are when in the balls. Though I didn't go overkill because again, I'm not willing to push that far into the mid-500s due to him being just a monkey. Defense Curl, Rollout, and Ice Ball because he rolls around, Withdraw because of his shell, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, and Superpower because he actually appears in Sonic Riders as a Power character. He has Agility because moving him about to roll his ball accelerates him. Rapid Spin because he's in a ball. A good amount of the other moves are based off of side-modes in the sub-games (Mega Punch and Meteor Mash tie into Comet Punch, his KO move from Super Monkey Ball 3D's Monkey Fight where Meteor Mash's JP name is Comet Punch, Ice Beam and Ice Ball because in Monkey Race you can turn other balls into ice cubes, Agility from a speed boosting item, Banana Toss because Banana Peel and he really likes bananas, Brutal Swing because a spinning punch is a power-up in GCN Monkey Fight, Teleport is from Monkey Hop and he also seemingly does this to get to the next stage, plus reasons explained later, Deploy Missiles because an item in GCN Monkey Race allows you to explode everyone in front of you to keep them from moving, letting you overtake them, and Bomb Blast/Throw because bowling ball bombs are used in that same game.) Additionally, Magnet Rise, Flame Charge and Flare Blitz, and Agility can tie into chants from Super Monkey Ball Adventure, those being Hoverball, Woodball, and Speedyball respectively. (Woodball is slower but floats on water and can light on fire, allowing you to beat some of the enemies with their own attacks.) Additionally, teleporting chants are used as fast travel in that game, so Teleport draws from that. Mega Punch is also Boxingball. There's an easy opportunity for Growth via Scalarball and the growth power-up in Monkey Race but I'd rather not with those shenanigans; He's already quite bulky and isn't slow at all.
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too bad there's no evil version of monty python's king arthur who's in an arcade game that toadbrigade could sub

Pokémon: **Metal Sonic** (boss fight in Sonic the Fighters, an arcade game)
Origin: Sonic CD
Type: Steel
Ability: Trace
Stats: identical to Sonic's
Notable Moves: Extreme Speed, Iron Head, Wild Charge, Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Mimic, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Deploy Missiles (see Galleom), Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Icicle Crash, Flamethrower, Rapid Spin
Reasoning: Sonic's most famous robot doppelganger, though far from his only one. As his name might suggest, Metal Sonic is made of metal and was designed as Sonic's equal in every way, hence the Steel-type, stats, and Extreme Speed. In Sonic Heroes he copies the lifeform data of a bunch of other characters who aren't Sonic hence Trace and Mimic. Iron Head's a pretty basic STAB and I'm pretty sure his head is as metallic as the rest of him. Wild Charge from the V. Maximum Overdrive - Rapid Spin is from the version used in Sonic Generations. Flash Cannon and Steel Beam from his big ol' laser from Knuckles' Chaotix and Sonic Mania. The rest of his moves are based on Sonic Heroes.
KirbyRider's AiAi with the crazy long hide tag
Neosonic97's reach out to the truth (Yu Narukami)
Cookie Butter's evil boat (Aircraft Carrier Princess)

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