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I have an idea for a theme for a wurmple joke analysis so if we are doing joke analysis' for the useless mons then I'll take Wurmple.

I'll take feebas too.
ShinyAzelf said:
Hi Rising_Dusk,

I posted a Weedle analysis, and Oglemi along with other people suggested to turn it into a joke analysis. May I, with your consent?


- ShinyAzelf

Rising_Dusk said:
There really are no policies on them right now, so far as I can tell. Don't do anything with your analysis yet. I'll figure out what the deal is and then PM you back again.
We'll see if we're allowed ;)


oh my gosh you found me
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Sledge has stated that he'll be absent for a few months, so I'm sure that his Bulbasaur and Skitty analyses are on the market.

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