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I don't think Mario has become less popular so much as the games have stagnated because of uninspired game design + Nintendo's desire to ruin Paper Mario.
well... that leads to fans jump ship slowly but surely. this year's cod doesn't have people excited.
atleast pokemon is consistent, especially gen 7 which so far has been far superior to what gen 6 offered.

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All the official reveal of the starters did for me was "they didn't get worse". Nothing's changed for me; not even Rowlet changing to a typing that isn't terrible is going to make me pick it; it's just probably the most mediocre thing I've ever seen. Meanwhile, Primarina and Incineroar are both too much of one thing (too feminine & too masculine, respectively). Incineroar especially reminds me of a wrestler, but unlike everyone else who sees it that way, I don't mean it in a good way. It reminds me specifically of some steroids-loaded WWE fake wrestler like Hulk Hogan. Before the leaks came out, I was sure nothing could possibly beat out BW's starters for worst ever, but these games have proven me wrong.

All of the Tapus are pretty cool though; Psychic Surge was well-needed considering how shit like Mega Kangaskhan and Prankster *insert status move here* have been so annoying. The signature Z-move seems mediocre at best; at this point, it's beginning to look like if you want to give your Z-Crystal to your Tapu, it may as well be the Fairy one (Fairium Z? Fairyium Z? idk) or the one of their respective primary typings.

Battle Tree is awesome; PWT was probably the best part of BW2 so of course I'm happy to be able to battle all these past characters in Battle Tree.
Battle Tree looks amazing. It reminds me quite a bit of the PWT from BW2, which was easily my favorite part of those games. The fact that you can battle with champions and rivals from previous games is also a huge plus.

Personally not a huge fan of Red and Blue's redesigns, but i'm sure they'll grow on me over time. I do like the poses they strike before initiated battle.
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There's one way Battle Tree could be even better - by allowing us to tag with QR shared teams.

(Hoping it is indeed the case)

By the way... the evolution is si... ren...

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Besides the joy of seeing old champions and rivals back, it's kind of cool to see Blue and Red together. Since when we last left the two, they never really seemed like friends at all. In RBY/FRLG Blue was pretty much a jerk from start to finish, and in GSC/HGSS while Blue got a bit better he still barely acknowledges Red and Red himself was being a creepy hermit on top of a mountain.

Now 20 years later they're finally all buddy-buddy (even if Red's face froze on "death glare." I blame the perma-hail on Mt. Silver). Guess it took a while but two childhood friends that became bitter rivals finally settled their differences to rekindle a friendship and take a vacation to Aloha.

And maybe co-sign an apartment, think about opening a joint bank account, maybe in a few years finally adopting a kid and OH GOD SOMEBODY STOP ME THIS FANFIC IS LITERALLY WRITING ITSELF I HAVE NO CONTROL!
I was trying to put on music in my car today from my phone and since I had earlier watched the trailer, it decided to start playing that again. And I just let it play, because somehow the music of Sun and Moon is compelling in a way that most generations' music have not been for me. One of the biggest draws of Sun and Moon is just how much thought they've put into the aesthetic and personality of these games. If this is the last trailer till the release, it was a nice and fitting one, especially with the introduction of Blue and beefcake Red. I never played the PWT because I barely touched the 5th generation games but it sounded like a cool concept and I'm glad they're reintroducing what will probably be a better version of it. It was a blast following the developments of these wacky and unpredictable games and I'm hoping they'll be the most fun I've had with Pokemon in nearly 10 years!
Yes, PWT is coming back! And there's a chance everyone important is in it! But... why is it giving me negative vibes?
Because it feels more like Mt battle from Colo , instead we have battle modes .

It doesn't feel like a PWT , it feels like a climb to the top challenge.
Other than trying to sink my latest ship, I wanted to comment on the finally confirmed Stage 3 Starters. While I always liked Decidueye (although the name is going to take some getting used to. I know it's deciduous and hawkeye/bullseye but...) this latest trailer really made me come around to Incineroar.

Mainly all that animation, the bombastic movements and cartoonish grins, he fully lives up to the heel wrestler that inspired the design and I love it. So while I was really on the fence about another biped fire type that is a fighting type in every thing but actual type, I'm actually happy with how he turned out.

Although the giant hands are going to take some getting used too. Maybe do a jazz hands pose? If you got it you might as well sell it.

As for Primarina, while I don't hate her I just think she's okay.
I really think that going full Leanan Sidhe with the Selkie was a mistake I must admit I got BTFO hard on my stance that dragon ghost and fairy would never be used as secondary type for base fully evolved starters . Type chart be dammed , water fairy is one of the most insidious types for an offensive pivot and ghost grass is glorious on its ability to pivot in on common coverage choices, dark fire, just like a theoretical fire rock , is a glorious neutral stab combination on anything faster than base speed 90 , I honestly feel that if Luchalitten gets base 90 speed he is already set for a Godlike wallbreaker , especially with Lariat being a stab chip away.

I love cartoony designs so Luchalitten was always OK in my book , not great just OK, seeing the model in animation made me love him almost as hard as moondoge, I guess I could do a 90s cartoon run with Tsareena, Luchalitten , Lurantis, Sam the Toucan, Moondoge and Garfield . . .All of these look like something you could just slap a hat or an open jacket and it could have been part of a 90s cartoon lineup.

I honestly think that will be my team, I intended to use Faticate , but Garfield is such a big part of any Latinoamerican kid that grew on the 90s that he is impossible to ignore.
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There is one problem I have with Inciniroar. The name sounds too much like Pyroar and IMO it should have been Tigroast( mainly so I could say boi I'm bout to Tigroast)
There is one problem I have with Inciniroar. The name sounds too much like Pyroar and IMO it should have been Tigroast( mainly so I could say boi I'm bout to Tigroast)
And Emboar, another bipedal Fire starter. Inciniroar's cry also sounds very similar to Emboar to me.

Anyway, the new trailer was definitely the best one yet. The starters all look well-animated, which goes a long way to making me warm up to them. The Mt. Battle-style facility is also seems pretty cool, and being able to battle and team up with champions from generations past will be awesome too. The redesigns of Blue and especially Red will require getting used to, but I'll warm up to it eventually.

Alola Persian is still fugly, but Fur Coat and the retaining of Technician does grant it a lot of promise, provided the stats are in the right place. It's pretty much guaranteed that Meowth will still get Bite; it makes sense even moreso now than before. If Alola Meowth learns Bite around the same level as normal Meowth does in Gen VI, we can pretty much cheese the early half of the game with STAB Technician Bite, since it's highly suggested that Meowth is catchable early in SuMo.
People are saying Rowlet 3 will get Keen Eye, Tinted Lens or Sniper but What if Rowlet 3 (cant spell its real name) get Aerialate as its Hidden ability to reflect on its Flying roots?
My... the name Decidueye is... even weirder than when we thought of Entermaid before. At least Ashirene/Primarina actually sounds very well.

Finally, it is truly confirmed once and for all.
S/M is looking to be my favorite set of games since the gen 2 games (remakes). When I found out that the developers thought the original gen 2 games were going to be the last Pokemon games, it made a lot of sense. You could tell that they put in a lot of effort to make it really special for that reason. While S/M won't be the last Pokemon games, you can tell that they've put a lot of effort b/c it's Pokemon's 20th anniversary. This game is giving everything I want and everything I didn't know I wanted.

My other thoughts:
*Deciduoeye: Name aside, it's just amazing. It looks fantastic in motion, especially when it uses its signature move. I just love the way it draws and shoots its arrows. The typing was unexpected but it just makes this pokemon more amazing. No 4x ice weakness and it won't have as much trouble with steel types as many other grass types do. The best grass starter line ever.

*Primarina: Also looks great in motion, especially when it stands up and attacks. I loved the way the hair stands up. They've mentioned how this starter line uses water balloons offensively so hopefully it can be incorporated more into its animations. They sort of did that with Sparkling Aria but I hope there's more than that.

*Tapus: easily the best legendary group in a while. I love their design and concept. The descriptions for the newly revealed Tapus is what's really intrigued me about them. Bulu's plant manipulation, Lele's scales, and Fini's fog were interesting to read about and I hope that aspect of them is explored more in the games.

*I loved the idea of seeing the start-up of a region's Pokemon League when it was first mentioned in the Chinese leaks and I'm glad it's finally been confirmed. I hope that instead of challenging a champion, the player gets to be the champion and has to take on challengers and defend his/her title instead.

*Battle Tree: One of the best things about gen 2 and BW2 was seeing an update on characters we were previously introduced to. It's great to see an older Red and Blue making an appearance. Although Red's updated look could have been better. I think it's the hair and shirt. His hair should have been sleeker and maybe they should have given him a cool vest. That said, he does look better in motion before and during battle.
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