Grammar-Prose Team Queue (Past Generations)

Updated, but for the love of God please do not check anything not on the queue. I review everything before it goes on the queue for good reason, and there have been multiple instances where a GP team member has checked something that wasn't ready anyway and wasted their time. Please, please, please ask me to add it to the queue before you check it. There are dozens of other things you can check in the meantime while waiting for me to put it on the queue if it's ready; I'm not really that slow in either case.


oh my gosh you found me
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Hey R_D, just a heads up that Geodude and Teddiursa can be removed from the queue. Geodude was uploaded some time ago, and Teddiursa was moved to L/O for whatever reason.

Also, you have two Skitties in the OP, and one of them should be at least at +1.

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