Grammar-Prose Team Queue (Past Generations)

Updating this now.

EDIT: Okay, updated. Sorry for being mind-numbingly inactive; I thought I'd posted my LOA for family time, but apparently I didn't and left you all hanging. You have my apologies.
Ok, updated.

Because Jang and I recognize the sheer terror invoked by the wonderfully long UU queue, we're looking into finding some new members for the team by recruitment. If anyone reading this does checks regularly, thinks they qualify for the team, and hasn't already contacted/been contacted by Jang and myself, please send us a PM and we'll look into it.
Updated, and that's a good thing. We've got a lot to do anyway. It may be so bad that I'll have to put aside other website responsibilities and help burn through it myself.
I've updated the OP to split between "Active" members of GP and "Inactive" since I've noticed a lot of people PMing and otherwise trying to contact GP members that just aren't very active. I populated the list of active GPers by people who have done something GP-related in the past month.

Jang and I aren't really sure how we'll handle those who are inactive, mostly because it doesn't hurt the team to have more members that don't check frequently (if they even check just once, it helps us). We'll sort it out, though, and let you guys know as the decisions role out.



Was fun while it lasted
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Would just like to point out that I'm currently pretty inactive in terms of the GP team. I haven't actually checked anything in ages and don't have the time to spare to do anything of that sort at present. I thought I PMed bojangles about it, maybe not.

Would prefer to be labelled as inactive until I can get my life sorted out. Cheers.

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