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I'd like to ask that the two articles I listed in my last post (the RBY Tips and Tricks and the Emerald Location Guide) have their titles changed to show the number of GP checks they still need. I know they're already on the list in the OP, but making the threads' titles show that they're ready for GP checks as well couldn't hurt.
Okay, as this hasn't been updated in a while, I decided to go through the last 2 or 3 pages and upate a version here. I hope a mod can edit the OP, this will do for the time being :) Hope this is helpful for GP people ^^
And for the archives:

Thanks Colonel_M
for editing this into the OP


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Forgot to post this earlier, but I think Parasect (Update) and Plusle (Update) should be ready for GP checks. However, since Plusle was so similar to Minun, I copied Minun's analysis when it had two GP checks, and changed it slightly so it would fit Plusle (they have basically the same sets, typing, movepools, etc, so I doubt this would be a problem). Because of this, could Plusle only need one GP check, or would it still need two?

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