Greetings, Smogonites!

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Hello fellow forum members!
As of 3 minutes ago, i have joined the ranks of pokemon players all over on what is known as smogon. I hope to be an active member and become a much better trainer, so I thought I would get my foot in the door by starting a friendly giveaway!
As we all know, the trainers can choose from 3 traditional pokemon when starting, but lets say you start in the dream world.I think you would be able to choose from

The Adorable Fire Type

Vulpix: NN Athena Timid ♀ Lv. 1
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
[Ember] [Fire Blast] [Flamethrower]

The temperamental water type

poliwag : Quiet Male Lv. 1
*swift swim
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EVs: none
[water sport] [scald] [ice beam]

The Versatile normal type (sorry,couldnt find a grass i liked :P)

evee : Timid male Lv. 1
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
[wish] [yawn] [curse] [stored power]

All non redis, OT Trishna, and i will give to people on the first and (if it exists) second page. Hope to see you again on the forums :)

If you posted on the first or second page, please send me a VM with FC and when you can pick up the pokemon

~Eternal Hero

Need to distribute


Prof. Elm
Pink Floyd
Papa Burgundy

uber effective
Aw man, you just had to choose three pokemon that I've always searched for, as I currently have weaker, female versions of the weather setters, I'm going to go for that beautiful Eevee.

Oh yeah, welcome to Smogon!
Welcome to smogon! You will definitely like it here. There is a wealth of knowledge, as well as a wealth of reputable people to trade with.

That said, I would like the Eevee. Seeing as how this is your first giveaway, I recommend you asking the winners to send you a VM (visitor's message) with their friend code in it when they want to pick up a pokemon. It's a system most giveaways use, and it runs pretty smoothly.
Thanks for all the welcomes guys
And M. Rock, thanks for filling me in =)
Ill edit that into the first post
Lp Fan,you can pick any one of the 3 pokemon for free!


Tastes Like Candy
Welcome to smogon darling! Not many people start like you so I believe you'll be a great member. I won't be taking any as I would like another person who might need it to have a chance :)
Thanks! Its nice to meet all of you :)
Since its great to get to know people, ill be subtracting my posts and those who didnt post for the giveaway so people can say hello and the same number of people may still partake in the giveaway
Welcome to Smogon!! I hope you have a great time here! As you can see, we are all friendly people so if you need anything just ask ^^. Anyways, do you mind if I take the vulpix? I need a new dreamworld parent! My fc is in my sig
I guess ill distribute the pokemon once the thread is over(48 hours?); btw guys the pokemon you recieve are clones hope that wont be a problem
Please post a VM; ill try to get everyone on the board but it will ensure i dont skip over anyone :D
Welcome to Smogon! It's really cool to see people be generous with stuff like givaways, especially right away!

I would like the Eevee, hopefully I can PM you with a time and such tomorrow.
Hello my friend! Welcome to smogon, I only got my ds browser to work posting so my post count is super low altho im a bit of a lurker. my fc is 5372- 2669 -0930 and I really wouldn't mind a DrizzToad spawn. And again, Welcome!!! :D
Hello there sir, and welcome to smogon! Awesome giveaway!

My friend code is 1292-3748-4749, and I'd be highly appreciative of a DrizzleToad, good sir. 8)
Hey Welcome to The Best Pokemon Community called Smogon. Feel free to vm me if you need any help. My name is Kevin Nice to Meet you

FC is 4814 2762 5175 poliwag would me nice
Hi there, I would love to have an Eevee please! I'll send a VM later with an FC so we can trade. Great choice of Pokemon.
I finally took the leap and created an account thanks to this giveaway. I would love an Eevee! I'll send you a VM tomorrow after I get home from work. Thanks for the giveaway.
Hi! Welcome to smogon!
I would like to participate on your giveaway? If there's still room for me that is.
I would like that Vulpix of yours if that's not much of a trouble :-)
Welcome to Smogon!

I would love to have the Poliwag, if still possible. If not for some reason, I'll take the Vulpix.

Hope you have a bright future here. It's a good community.
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