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Let me add a couple of bizarre Fairy Tale Girl quotes to our collection:

"Shhh. Rest now and close your eyes… You won't ever need open them again…"
"Oh phooey! Don't you ever come back! If you do, we're gonna end you, mmkay?"
"I won't tell you how old I really am, but I can say I'm old enough to be your mother"
"Don't you worry your silly widdle head! I'll take away ALL your pain, mmkay?"
"All you have to do is ignore reality, and you can stay young forever, too."
"You think I'm just doin' this Fairy Tale Girl thing for funsies, do ya?! Get a taste of my power!"
"The fairies are whispering to me... "Fight!" "Win!" That's what they say! Hee hee hee..."
"Want to see the scary side of the Fairy Type? I'll show you!"

Something about them is quite unsettling.
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I'd take the deal personally, she won't go any lower.

And despite Gamefreak's best efforts to tone down the ORAS Dewford Trendy Saying, I still managed to break it.
"Man I just can't wait for the Bright Power party! We have to have a really splendid party!"
"Yes, even the TV news might come to report on the Bright Powder party. It's an event with a lot of history, after all."

"A life without Bright Powder parties is unthinkable!"

"Sludge Bomb is nice, but Pokemon that can use the move Bright Powder Party would be nice too!"

Arceus these kids need an intervention.
[Substitute for Quick Powder, Energy Powder, Ether, Big Mushroom, or Smoke Ball for similar results]
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On Route 11, east of Vermillion City, you find Gamer Dirk. When he challenges you, he says: "Fwahaha! I've never lost!"

If you rematch him with the V.S. seeker, he says "Fwahaha! I've never lost! ...And if I did, I've forgotten all about it!"

It's just funny to see little continuity jokes like that

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