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Also I want to be very clear on this

No claims today

If we lynch correctly today then we go to 5t1s. Scum can’t counterclaim because there’s only one left and it’s not lylo so we get two conftown and we just win
I can agree on the post being over the top but that isn't super scum indicative so w/e
If you get directly to this quote, it shows Jay defending that quote, which got Duskfall reasonably in trouble in the first place :

Seems like if you have a complaint about balancing it would be made prior to game start, especially when you feel it's pro-scum. (Pro-scum rules are more likely to hinder than help you). The fact apricity has waited to voice this opinion gives me the vibe that he is trying to overly demonstrate how towny he is, which is a scum move.
... and the reason why :

Jesus Christ, chaos and venting escalated quickly in d1.

Asek, you'd be kind to announce dl early, I wasn't the only one you caught not voting.

Just before dl, I made my analysis of who are the scummiest people. It shouldn't be of any surprise that it was Duskfall:

The irony of that post is amazing. Just the fact that he accuses someone of being scum over an afterthought is a scum move in itself. He tried to make himself "seem" like town while making the scummove of blaming someone else not to be. Unreal. I'm surprised that no one except Apricity was close to make this noticed.

I want also to notice that the wrong people tasted the blade of the guillotine (or were close to). Metal Sonic and Apricity were the only ones to punish the useless pressure of CaffeineBoost (on the very first post of d1). For now, Duskfall98 the overdefensive and CaffeineBoost who can't decently start a game are respectively both of my mafia suspicions.

Honorable mention goes to ItzViper482 and Texas Cloverleaf that lynched FormerHope for no valuable, logical or shared reason... and quite at the same time.

P.S. : Sorry for not being active so much, I thought I could keep up well with the pace of the rest of the people here even with my extended working hours. I know doing that kind of a post after a certain absence will bring me nothing but hate. I just want you guys to know that I'm trying my best to make it through this game and make town win with the time and energy and logical abilities I have on my hands to do so. If you want to make me pay the price by lynching me or accusing me over anything, thank you for sharing the reason why to the thread and being open-minded enough to find who's being dishonest between the people bolded.

Thank you for understanding and being indulgent to my case.


We just might have our third scum, but Toni is still oddly silent.

Here's my suspicion list:

1. Duskfall (you're very dumb if you still didn't figure out why)
2. Jay
3. Toni

Unclassified : Everyone else (for now, you may speak up now if you have doubts)

Btw, I ended up searching for evidence about the Former Hope thing I kept bringing up. I found out that Former Hope looked quite confused about the guiltiness of people. Which is dumb especially since the game was just starting. So I understand that people disliked his questionable statements throughout d1. Mafia might have capitalized on either to get a safe kill and keep people out of their business (I highly doubt that since I'm still alive lol) or that they wanted to get the odd one out in order to avoid potential turbos (again to be doubted since noob mafia like this would never this far into the game lmao).

... so yeah, case closed for now since no theory can be proven factual about the reason of his kill...
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I'm fairly certain that at least one mafia voted for Moody yesterday (either Texas or Viper imo)

I have no issue with a Duskfall lynch but I need to hear more from them before I make a decision, this isn't as clear cut as yesterday's lynch if I'm being honest (although it comes pretty close)
I thought about a mafia lynch on Moody also, if it's the case, you'd be right to suspect those two since they are the latest lynchers by far. I think it's safe for me to say that you can take me out of this list since I hammered him.

Can you at least promise that you will lynch Duskfall at the end of the day if no one gets hammered sooner or that general suspicion doesn't shift on someone else on this day?
I thought about a mafia lynch on Moody also, if it's the case, you'd be right to suspect those two since they are the latest lynchers by far. I think it's safe for me to say that you can take me out of this list since I hammered him.

Can you at least promise that you will lynch Duskfall at the end of the day if no one gets hammered sooner or that general suspicion doesn't shift on someone else on this day?
Unless something better comes up then I will be lynching Duskfall at the end of the day. I don't want to turbo this lynch though, not yet at least.
hey remember when I said that Caffeine was town
and literally every player said Caffeine was scum
but nobody actually cared enough to explain why
and then I decided to just let it fucking happen
oh and who would have guessed
he flipped town
more posts soon(ish)
So Duskfall, still want to go after the person who hammered the first scum to die in the game?

Well, that person is coming after you : Vote Duskfall

The three person who didn't vote Moody on d3 are the following : Duskfall, Jay and Toni. We are assured that two of those three are scum. Since no one looks interested to dig into Former Hope's case, I may have to do it myself. Then we will be able to have a better aim at next scum(s). But for now, Duskfall remains the safest lynch.
First just want to clarify, we can be pretty sure that at least one mafia voted moody, otherwise it would be making it far to easy for us to narrow down who scum is. If we only had absolutely 3 suspects we could just vote them all off over the next 3 days with no reads, so this isnt right in my opinion.
I've been telling people about him since d1, I cannot believe no one listened until now.

Btw Duskfall, if you're mafia, you're terrible at it. I've heard of a website called Showdown that could get you improved rapidly with the game, maybe going here would step you up in games like this (friendly advice)
Thanks but I'm not mafia so unhelpful hahah. Anyways changing my read on wawman to neutral, mostly because I just think he hasn't read everything and is under informed. His only reason for me to be guilty is my page 2 actions which I have spoke about and the fact I didn't vote for moody. I mean sorry? I didn't know he was mafia lol.

Ok next up, Apricity I am gonna move to neutral now. Although the way he acts makes me think he is scum, he really helped pave the way for the moody lynch. Will probably move him town sided soon, just don't want to make the immediate clear jump.

Texas I am leaning town, because although he has not been incredibly active he has good reason (holiday). When he has been round, his discussion has contributed a lot and he has been really intuitive I think.

Whydon I think is town but I am not as sure on this one, he has not done anything which indicates scum to me so I am just rolling with him being a good guy I guess. Also he made an early read on moody.

Jay I am neutral on because he hasn't been involved in a terrible amount of discussion but he has contributed a bit so not super suspecting him.

Toni I am leaning scum on. When he has been around he acted a bit shadey and while this alone wouldn't be enough to make me say scum, the way rag played before me gives me the feel they are indeed mafia. So he is one of my reads.

Final one and one I am now most sure of is viper. I have isolated his posts to try find his reads and I kid you not, I am stuggling to find one situation where he has given any form of reasoning for a vote. I will give you some examples:

Town read - nothing solid yet !_!
town lean - Texas Cloverleaf (little weird recently tho) / ChangedWawmen / Whydon
another weird inbetween zone - Jay (FT) Flush
null - ToniTheTourGuide
scum lean -apricity
weird inbetween zone - Duskfall98
Scum read - MoodyCloud

i like your reasoning on moody (which ive explained) and i think scum you is bussing dusk or you are town and dusk is scum therefore your reasoning makes sense either way (even tho iirc it has a few flaws that i can point out later if you want me to go back and read it)
^Manages to read everyone with 0 decription why here.

part 1

2.5 options
1) your bussing dusk your behavior is the same as last game when you were trying to bus fh lol
2) dusk is scum
2.5) dusk is strange town

i only gave that one a 2.5 on the list cause im p sure its the first 2 therefor i like this lynch and im looking at you hal

part 2 soon ill have to read more for that one cause i dont remember much about that
I think this is honestly the closest he comes to any form of formulated opinion, and it's not an opinion he is just listing possibilities. I mean viper as a response to this could you please just quote a post where you give some kind of thought out, established reasoning to your vote.
Just in case you missed it and it can change your mind into the right choice ;;;
If I was mafia (I'm not) and 2/3 of us were lead suspects.... Why in the world would moody ever ever ever make a connection. That's just asking for us to be chained out in the case? It was almost certain one of us were going soon we would never have made a strong link like that if we were both mafia.

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