How did you create your username?

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Mmmmm my username is has a long story ^.^

I played AomH for a couple of years, I was then called: Lokislord. I was ok with it (I was 11 >.<), but then I discovered a clan named the Zand clan. I wanted to join there, but it didn't work out with my fav. god by then: Loki. (You have to choose a god before you play the game, the gods effect what units you get, what upgrades, what minor gods (Basically gods who also effect your game, by adding 1/2 'monsters' and upgrades) and what civ. I tried every single sweeping god. But didn't worked out...

Then I found out that I was good with defending and using economy and slow proceeding to win the game. And one god/goddes particulary: Gaia, goddes of earth ^.^, so I was accepted in the Zand clan by beating 3 members of the zand clan. Now I had to choose a name...

Zand part was obvious. And I picked the Gaia part to honor how I won ^.^ so: Zandgaia it was!

And now I still use the name because I'll never forget that name, so if you want to know some account of mine: it's Zandgaia.

The X part was because Zandgaia was taken >.>
Me and my bro were thinking of a NetBattle name and he thought of Pharaoh(We're egyptian so yeah) and he stopped playing but I kept using it anyway.


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So long long ago (2006)... I was planning on making a new e-mail ID for myself since I didn't really like the old one. So I went to gmail and started thinking, I don't want to use my full name and I want to display my favourite sport- Football/Soccer. I'm a HUGE fan of Cristiano Ronaldo so i went with his first name and my first name so it became badalcristiano!
and I've stuck with that even on a pokemon website..
Well previous usernames I have had before this one were Blastoise Bomber and GreenSquirtle. A friend of mine here said Blastoise Bomber sounded to much like Brown Bomber, and name used on speeddemosarchive, so I went with GreenSquirtle. I wanted to think of a more original name from another video game I like; Dragon Warrior Monsters. I am not very good at creating usernames though, so it was tough. I like Watabou, and thought, what would he be like if Metal. Then the name Metabou popped in my head. I have used this username ever since. Some people call me Meta, because there are so many people with the username Meta.
DIABLO has always been my alter-ego so I went with that.Buuuuuut some other user already took the name (and he is an inactive user which pisses me off)
So to keep the DIABLO part I added a number-69-because it looks like the ying-yang sing.Don't get ideas here people, don't get ideas.
Pronunciation: RAHN-dum-ih-nay-tor. Not Rahn-DOM-ih-nay-tor. Get it right pl0x D:
If I dominate anything greater than a crumb of a gelatinous laser I'll be surprised. ...Gelatinous lasers are fail, just so you know. They don't make that awesome sound that lasers are supposed to make.

Um, yeah. Just from the above description, you can probably guess what my name derives from. That and lack of creativity.
I once played Transformers: Autobots throuth my ds on wi-fi after a month and a week I unlocked a form that was skydive and the ultra part is here because somebody had skydive althouth the second version was: Dj Skydive that was because I like hardstyle music and it is played by Djs but in runescape (lol) skydive and dj skydive were taken so I went with ultraskydive :D
My full name is João Pedro Guarnieri. I used to use jotapeg (Jota Pê is how we pronunciate J.P in portugese :D). But then I found there's a character in a famous (and really bad) soap opera. So I changed it do .JPG.
Mine comes from the fact that I'm a person that just can never be happy with what I am or what I have.

Although I've recently got so much better about that. My original username on here was "CuboneFan", that one was self-explanatory, am I right?
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