International Wi-Fi Tournament - 2012 Spring Friendly - WON BY JIVETIME

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Another exciting Global Battle Union Wi-Fi Competition is on the way!

Start training for the 2012 Spring Friendly, the latest Wi-Fi Competition that will put your battling skills to the test! The Spring Friendly is open to players around the world, with the exception of Japan and South Korea. To participate, all you need is a copy of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version and a Pokémon Trainer Club account. The regulations for the tournament are virtually identical to live Video Game Championships tournaments, as well as the 2012 International Challenge.

Registration for the 2012 Spring Friendly begins on the Pokémon Global Link at 0:00:00 UTC on Wednesday, May 2nd, and goes on until 23:59:00 UTC on Wednesday, May 9th, unless the player cap is met before then. Space is limited for the 2012 Spring Friendly, so be sure to register as soon as possible. The tournament commences at 0:00:00 UTC on Thursday, May 10th. You'll have until 23:59:00 UTC on Monday, May 14th, to win as many battles as you can!
This is the same deal as the International Wi-Fi Tournament from about a month ago, minus the Japanese and South Korean players. For anyone participating in the upcoming National tournaments, this will serve as an excellent opportunity to practice before the respective events!

Competition Info on the Global Link website

Eiganjo has made a video playlist consisting of everyone's Battle Videos on YouTube, feel free check it out here!


  1. Nickscor - Nejiki from California, USA
  2. soul_survivor
  3. Danish555
  4. TrollFreak
  5. Plusle - ED from the United Kingdom
  6. El Scorcho
  7. PaperGlaceon
  8. Ditto
  9. Synre
  10. ncsbert - Bert from Georgia, USA
  11. PungentFruit - Mario* from Pennsylvania, USA
  12. aqualta
  13. Superpokemon67 - Jon from Pennsylvania, USA
  14. pokemaster649 - alec from California, USA
  15. R Inanimate - Kanade from British Colombia, Canada
  16. Smith
  17. LudiImpact - Priten from New Jersey, USA
  18. Roz
  19. Aiya
  20. Solace
  21. Deitylight
  22. Biosci - William from Hawaii, USA
  23. Cybertron - MrZheng from New York, USA
  24. ---Babbytron
  25. KiwiDawg7
  26. Dimsun - Dim from North Carolina, USA
  27. GARCHOMPZILLA - caleb from New York, USA
  28. Expert Evan - goatee from Connecticut, USA
    ---Expert Evan - ee from Connecticut, USA
  29. TheMantyke - Roarke from Georgia, USA
  30. MavsObbession - CA from Texas, USA
  31. mrbopper - Groose from Texas, USA
  32. Ravix
  33. Arcticblast
  34. Fishy - Raow
  35. Texas Cloverleaf
  36. Dozz - Dozz from East of England, United Kingdom
  37. TheGr8 - Tom from Connecticut, USA
  38. hockeyguy605 - Eric from Pennsylvania, USA
  39. lolfailsnail
  40. NidokingKing - Aaron from California, USA
  41. NixHex
  42. ---Stephanie
  43. Cereza - Grace from Honduras
  44. Chaos Element: X
  45. CakesOfSpan - Span from North Carolina, USA
  46. Osirus182
  47. Matty85
  48. _AlexiS_
  49. lolnub - lolnub from The Netherlands
  50. Tan - Ryan from Texas, USA
  51. Skyshayde - Sky from Texas, USA
  52. Ignitrua - Gen'ei
  53. Eraddd
  54. Quintus
  55. dingram
  56. Rukario - RAYAD
  57. xXxChampionxXx
  58. LR2K
  59. Tenodera
  60. Xui - Xui from North Carolina, USA
  61. NidoRich
  62. Teya Tsuki
  63. ZachDro - ZachDro from Wisconsin, USA
  64. Darkhallway
  65. bearsfan092 - Bears from Illinois, USA
  66. Cassie
  67. Eiganjo
  68. The Knights of Wario Land - Ryan from Pennsylvania, USA
  69. Hozu
  70. Age of Kings
  71. ShortsTheory - Nic from Karnataka, India
  72. SuperCharizardMaster
  73. Justicized - Sparkz from Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany
  74. pokemonrocks777
  75. d.hgss
  76. N8thePWNr
  77. zero2exe
  78. OVERGRO - OVERGRO from Ontario, Canada
  79. Ekaru - Nathan from Minnesota, USA
  80. Fantom0
  81. Volcarona
  82. PokeKid5
  83. ---BabbyKid5
  84. Hank409
  85. fuel
  86. doctorboyfriend
  87. LPFan - Aaron from Texas, USA
  88. mattj - mattj from Missouri, USA
  89. ---Dave
  90. Chilebowl
  91. JiveTime
  92. llRyuu
  93. Baz Anderson
  94. xXSewadleXx
  95. TheCalmSnivy - TCSnivy
  96. Sapphire Birch - CSmugs from New York, USA
  97. Otterz
  98. Drifblim - Chuppa from New York, USA
  99. GhostGator
  100. Havak - Havak from North West United Kingdom
  101. Chidori - Chidori from Manitoba, Canada
  102. SacredMiKeY - Aegina from West Virginia, USA
  103. masterarab - ARMAN
  104. homerjunior - Dale from Vic, Australia
  105. jaamoon - Jessica from Mexico
  106. Maski - Maski from Arizona, USA
  107. Redtype - Alice from Poland
    ---Redtype - Anabel from Poland
  108. kingofkongs - DiddyK. from California, USA
  109. Unreality - Aaron from Massachusetts, USA
  110. Stormfront - STORM
  111. Backwater Rifle
  112. Tombstoner - TS from Massachusetts, USA
  113. pwrtoppl
  114. Gonzo - Gonzo from Lesser Poland, Poland
  115. JRank - JRank from Arkansas
  116. ---JRank's dad - JRank from Arkansas
  117. Togedelques - RED
  118. TheAshAttacks - ASH from Colorado, USA
  119. MigaMan - Miga from Texas, USA
  120. Econymous - Amadeus
  121. Alch1e
  122. Eikahe
  123. Missingno. Master
  124. Massi
  125. pokemonwargeneral
  126. soon
  127. Enfusion
  128. The Last Sheikah - Cow Fan
  129. bellanko
  130. Picollo
  131. BraindeadPrimeape
  132. Deku La Situacion
  133. Aaron101
  134. honchkro13
  135. mightyjabba - Jabba from British Columbia, Canada
  136. Carl
  137. Aura Rayquaza - Taran
  138. arbitraryletters - Sam from New York, USA
  139. GSXR
  140. Chinese Dood
  141. ---Sally
  142. 7014gree - 7014*
  143. ButtonBasher - Brendan from Queensland, Australia
  144. WarioAkuma - BADHAIR
  145. supersaiyan
  146. XSoulX
  147. Billa
  148. Cheezotron - CheeZ from Sweden
  149. Maunzi - Stef from Germany
  150. DaFlo
  151. Pokerus
  152. cartercr - Craig from Iowa, United States
  153. Wolfey
  154. Human - Enosh
  155. Huy
  156. Synre
aaah and so another dc fest will begin. This'll be good practice for U.S, and Canadian nationals. I'll actually participate in thhis one gl to all.


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I still don't understand why you guys get disconnected on so much. I only had like 2 disconnects in 150 matches.
I still don't understand why you guys get disconnected on so much. I only had like 2 disconnects in 150 matches.
You're just lucky, that's all.:nerd: I don't get how that's possible though, considering I ended with 7 DCs out of 43 battles.

Despite the disconnects, it's still good practice for any live tournaments; ie. Nationals.
combination of my internets and apparently accidentally playing like a huge jerk hasnt worked very well for my DC rate but third times the charm right

or maybe ill get a dq hat trick

whatever its still nice to play mons and chat with people i guess

R Inanimate

It's Lunatic Time
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A bit sooner than expected. I suppose I'm not allowed to impulsively use my Japanese game for the tourney this time. Haven't been screwed by D/C yet, but who knows when that will change. Let's see if I can get past 7th place this time.

Looks like I'll have to scrap up a new team on short notice though.

R Inanimate

It's Lunatic Time
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I'll play too, but I think the no Japanese and Korean players is kinda sad.
Well, the Japanese have their nationals qualifying Wi-Fi tourney coming up, so they're kind of occupied. Not sure about the Korean players though.
I guess this will be a good time to practice that new team I made the other month, I'm in I guess whether people d.c on me or not.
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