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Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Calm (+SpD, -Atk), Hydration
252 HP, 4 Def, 252 SpD
~Acid Armor
~Aqua Ring

This set is meant to be used on a rain team, and preferably a team with Toxic Spikes. The idea is to come in on a special attacker (preferably something you resist) and force a switch. On the switch, it would be wise to double your Defense stat with Acid Armor, then eventually set up an Aqua Ring. If you know that you can survive another hit, go for a Scald to try for a burn. If not, use Rest to regain all of your HP back and any statuses that you might have gotten that turn. Here is the best part: Hydration. Hydration is Vaporeon's new Dream World ability; it will heal any status problems your Pokemon may have at the end of every turn whilst it is raining. This makes Vaporeon a great status absorber, and, will cure Rest's sleep. Therefore, you can continue to stall out the opponent with poison from toxic spikes (hopefully). If you are unable to get up some Toxic Spikes, you can still stall with burns from Scald.

For the record, this set has caused many of my opponents to rage forfeit on PO. Breakout game on ftw!

My HG FC: 3739 1742 5547
My White FC: 5286 1328 4448
liligant w/life orb ability:own tempo timid nature 252sp.att 252 speed
butterfly dance
petal dance
synthesis/hp fire 70
sleep powder/stun spore
Nice pokes there.
Superstall Blissey

Toxic/Seismic Toss

This set is a bit gimmicky, but it works pretty well for me on a stall team. Toxic Spikes support is nice since it frees us a moveslot, and with leech seed support you gain a Sub every two turns, The idea of this set is to send Blissy in on a special Attacker, Substitute,Wish, Protect, Repeat. Seismic toss keeps you from being taunt bait.
Of course Set Up sweepers will set up on you, so youll want to remove those first.
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Counter Surprise Support Chansey

Chansey @Evolite
Bold, Natural Cure
252def 252 sp.def 4 hp or 252 hp 252 def 4 sp. def
-Heal Bell/ Stealth Rock
-Toxic/Seismic toss

Chansey makes an excellent user of counter, moreso than her Big sister Blissey due to evolite making the physical attacks survivable. Chansey's huge hp and evolite boosted defense allows it to take (for example)Garchomp Outrages and KO back with counter. Counter makes this set stand out compared to other sets, but to get the full value out of Chansey is still a support role which she does wonderfully in. Wish and softboiled fill the necessary recovery requirements, with softboiled being the less risky option, and wish being useful to recover hp on the same turn as counter, as well as for team support (which it can heal most ghost partners to full hp.) Heal Bell and stealth rock are both great support moves, and their use depends on what you need. If status is a problem then heal bell will probably be the best. Toxic and seismic toss are for damage outside of counter, toxic gets walled by steels but can destroy anything else chansey walls, seismic toss helps rack up damage and discourages setting up, but is walled by ghosts.

This set can easily earn its worth, but it does have negatives. Using counter relies heavily on prediction, and if they see you have it the surprise is gone, and the mind games will become even worse if they don't just take the opportunity to set up. Using wish can also require heavy prediction, if pulled of chansey can heal back right after a counter KO, or it might just die before it gets healed. The set as a whole is vulnerable to steels, ghosts, physical set uppers, and 101 hp subs.

To get the best worth out of this set, play it normally, but when the opportunity arise get a surprise KO. Come in on choice moves or outrage, or types that recklessly attack chansey (fighting types in particular.) Aside from that, Chansey can still wall special attackers all day long, evolite gives her amazing bulk. 252 hp is recommended if you need help against physicals, 252 sp.def is recommended for in general multi-purpose use. Counter can be a double edged sword, and sometimes it will get chansey killed, but if it does work it can shift the moment of the battle back to your side.

Here are some calcs for 4hp/252def/252sp.def chansey

60.7% - 71.5% from Jolly choice band garchomp's outrage.
66.5% - 78.5% from adamant choice band garchomp's outrage.

Note I am only using this as an example because Outrage prevents switching, and is something very good that Chansey can reasonably beat with counter. Do not use against physical stat uppers at +2 or higher.
Gloom @ Eviolite
Naughty (+Atk, -SpD), Chlorophyll
72 HP, 188 Atk, 252 Spe
~Drain Punch
~Sleep Powder
~Leech Seed

This set is supposed to spread Leech Seed and take out an enemy by using Sleep Powder in the sun. I believe that I looked this set somewhere up and altered it. With good prediction this set works wonders.
Obviously not here for the giveaway, but I wanted to say you're awesome Elite.

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Lead Tentacruel

Tentacruel @ Expert Belt
Nature: Modest
Ability: Liquid Ooze
EVs: 36 HP/252 Def/220 SpAtk
-Acid Spray
-Giga Drain
-Hidden Power Fire/Ice Beam
Hey xElite. Nice Pokemon & Cool Giveaway Bro :).

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Scizor @ Liechi Berry
Swords Dance
Bullet Punch
Quick Attack

Basically, you SD as you get hit (or not), then Endure if the next hit would KO. You'll get the Liechi boost, then you start to "sweep". QA is for Electrics/Waters like Jolteon/Starmie.

Also, a set of mine that I absolutely loved using on PBR:

Steelix @ Custap Berry
Any ability
Gyro Ball

For this set, you Curse against things like Gyarados, and you Endure against things like Starmie. Endure allows Custap Berry to activate; which lets you to explode on anything that's on the field. If it's a Ghost, then that's what Gyro Ball is for. Priority is the only problem here, but most Pokés hate priority anyways.

Edit: Oh yeah, the FC.. It's 2150 7614 6512.
My all-time favorite set to use:
SweepThorn - Sassy Ferrothorn
252 HP 12 Atk 240 Spd

Gyro Ball
Leech Seed/Explosion
Power Whip

Everyone thinks that the opposing Ferrothorn is just the standard Spiker, but this one has a HUGE element of surprise with a large payoff. Even after 1 Curse, Gyro Ball is usually swinging for a full 150 BP STAB attack. He's best used against an opposing Ferrothorn, because this guy also wins the mirror. You NEVER die either, especially in rain, thanks to some amazing bulk. MVP!

Could I get this one please?? :DD

LATIAS ("Latias") (♀)
Timid | Levitate
31 | 31 | 30 | 30 | 31 | 30
Hidden Power: Fire 70

FC in sig
Swoobats are cool, even if they have lame names :)

Swoobat @ Leftovers
Timid - Unaware
Ev's: 252 hp / 4 def / 252 speed
- Swagger
- Thunder wave
- Substitute / Air Slash
- Roost / Air slash

With Unaware you can use Swagger while ignoring the opponents attack boost, but opponent still hitting himself hard thanks to the attack boost from swagger. Thunder wave for parafusion hax. When the opponent it busy hitting himself or getting parahax you can hide between a substitute.

You could replace substitute or Roost with Air slash if you don't want to be taunt-bait, it might also let you get some nice flinch hax. If you using air slash you might wanna invest in special attack instead as Swoobats defenses are crap anyway.

If you are very cool you can use a bold 252 def/252 spD evolite Woobat instead, it will loose lefties and have a lot worse speed but more bulk and you will get many girls if you use it!

I use this FC: 2794 9842 2660
Modest/4def/252 sp.att/252 speed
IV:20 HP
Torrent/Salac Berry
-Nasty Plot
-Ice Beam

The point is to set up 3 subs, then with 20 HP IVs and no HP EVs, it'll have 280 HP, so 3 substitutes will bring it to exactly 25% of it's health. That will activate the Salac Berry and Torrent at the same time. The water move is STAB, while Ice beam will hit dragon and grass types. That way, it's only stopped by water types and shedinjas. Use nasty plot when you get the chance, as it'll double it's attack.

Modest is because it needs the Sp.att boost, and it get's 451 speed without it.
Registeel @ Leftovers
Impish - Clear Body
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpeD
- Swagger
- Thunder Wave
- Iron Head
- Psych Up

You T-wave/Swagger/Iron Head to make the chances of them attacking low while copying the Attack Boosts from Swagger with Psych Up.

EDIT: Black FC is 0733 4286 4989


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Audino @ Leftovers
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
-Thunder Wave/Toxic
-Simple Beam/Heal Bell/Healing Wish
-[Blizzard/Fire blast/Thunder]/Substitute
This may be called gimmicky but I love Audino regardless. The main purpose of this set is to dish out has much status as possible then switch and heal or die trying. One thing you may wanna do when using this guy is take out the opponent's Conkeldurr.

252 HP and 252 Def allow Audino to take almost all STAB hits and most STAB Fight type attacks.
Most notably Adamant Scarf Terrakion Close Combat. It does 82.68% - 98.05% damage.
Bulk Up Conkeldurr Drain Punch does 44.63% - 52.68% damage, 82.68% - 97.32% damage when factoring in his Guts boost

Amnesia boosts SpD so that full investment can go into Def, allowing Audino to take quite a few hits. It only needs to take one to dole out status then switch out and heal.
Timid Specs Latios' Draco Meteor for example. With +2 SpD, Audino takes 47.56% - 55.85% damage making it a 2HKO with Leftovers. Timid Specs Keldeo Focus Blast does 81.22% - 95.85% damage. Modest Specs Chandelure Overheat w/ Sun deals 84.39% - 99.51%. Audino can then inflict the chosen status and switch.

Calm Mind would be useful only to improve the atrocity that is Audino's SpA stat. You cant take those hits that risk Life and Limb mentioned beforehand but you can take most regular non super boosted special hits. Blizzard, Fire Blast, and Thunder hit harder too. Netting you a few KOs you might not have had.

Guts Boost? I dont think so.
Hydration Rest Combo? GTFO!
Sand Rush? NO!!!!

Simple Beam is used on pokemon dependant on their ability like Sand Rush, Clorophyll, Swift Swim, and others along that line. It also takes care of Poison Heal and, my favorite ability to eliminate, Guts. As mentioned before Audino can take a burned Bulk Up Conkeldurr's Drain Punch and, if Audino is faster, can cancel the Guts boost making Drain punch do a measly 15.37% - 18.29% damage. Switch off the damage and bring out a special attacker has the opponent usually would either switch or take advantage of a boosted Bulk Up. It can also take a plethora of attacks from many others before Simple Beaming them free of their ability, usually forcing a switch soon.

Heal Bell heals ur team of all status effects which can be very useful. Eliminates Paralysis, Burn, Poison, the rare Sleep, and the even more rare dreaded Freeze statuses which are always a bother.
Healing Wish is a lot more gimmicky and mainly used on giving choiced partners a refresh. Audino can take a hit, inflict status, then off itself with Healing Wish allowing a crippled or weakened Choice user to be revitalized and back into prime sweeping form.

Blizzard/Fire blast/Thunder stops you from being Mean Look Taunt'd into oblivion while your Audino's out there looking like a fool "Struggle"ing to get its pants off the ground. For best results, use on pokemon 4X weak to ur choice. You essentially figure out whats a problem for your team and pick a move to help.

Ground types gettin on ur nerves? Certain Dragons draggin' you down? BLIZZARD THOSE HOES!!!! Audino at least 2HKO's all 4X weak to Ice except Dragonite
75% OHKO Offensive Gliscor
15% OHKO Scarf Landorus, 79% the others
41% OHKO Standard Jumpluff
46% OHKO Jolly Flygon

All those brand spanking new Bug-Steels walling e'rybody out there? Or maybe you happen across a pesky grass type? KILL 'EM WITH FIRE!!!!!! Audino at least 2HKO's all 4X weak to Fire but Ferrothorn (unless there's sunlight).
Guaranteed OHKO Leavanny
2HKO Tangrowth
87% OHKO Scizor
2HKO Special Wall Forretress
79% OHKO Physical Wall Forretress
2HKO Lilligant even after Quiver Dance
Rain may ruin this but...

My personal problem, and future weapon, is Starmie aka That Dastardly Bastard. Thunder is an overall good move that has fun ripping thgough Swift Swimmers and Rain teams. I'll skip the witty banter and go straight to the stats.
OHKO Cloyster after Shell Smash (Who's Thunder doesnt?)
2HKO Starmie
2HKO Gyrados
Sunshine cripples this option so pick your poison

Remember this though. AUDINO IS NOT AN ATTACKER!!!! Dont be disappointed by the results with no investment and below average attack stats. It's better than nothing. Who knows, you may even get a critical hit once in a while.

Subtitute is used on occasion. If your up against someone you know does little damage or underestimates Audino, use substitute when he switches out to a better attacker or keeps going doing paltry amounts of damage to help Audino last longer. It also prevents pesky statuses from whittling away ur HP.

I love Audino so this may be slightly too much detail but it isnt completely useless. On another note you can make a Double Screener out of it but that's saved for the Analysis.
Dugtrio (M) @ Expert Belt
Trait: Arena Trap
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Sucker Punch
- Memento

Arena Trap Dugtrio meant to revenge kill Pokemon like Heatran, weakened Tyranitar, etc. Expert Belt is there to feint a Choice Band. When your opponent sends in something like a Ferrothorn/Bronzong/Gliscor/Hippowdon (thinking they have a free turn since Dugtrio seems like it has a Choice item), that's when you use the surprise Memento, giving you a free setup with almost any Pokemon you want. My personal favourites are Belly Drum Darmanitan and Shell Smash Cloyster :p

My FC: 1721-3772-6216
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