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Kyurem @ Life Orb
Naive or Timid / Pressure
98 Atk / 252 SpA / 160 Spe
~Hone Claws
~Draco Meteor / Outrage
~Stone Edge / Focus Blast

The idea of this Kyurem is to use Hone Claws to increase attack (Stone Edge) and accuracy, to ensure an accurate Draco Meteor, Blizzard, and Stone Edge. Outrage can be used over Draco Meteor to better benefit from the attack boost from Hone Claws, but with the cost of not being able to switch moves freely. Focus Blast can also be used to benefit from the accuracy increase, for a purely special set, but Stone Edge can better abuse the increase in attack. If not using Stone Edge, Timid is the nature of choice.

If I win, can Red receive my Pokemon? My Wi-Fi is currently down, so...
Ninetales@Leftovers/Air Balloon
Nature: Timid
Ability: Drought
Evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe or 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
-Power Trick

This is a fun set to work with, and believe me, it actually works :D Though you are walled by Heatran, it can screw over special attacker switch ins and ruins walls with Toxic and physical attackers with WoW
Hi I've got a decent gimic here

Tornados @ flying jewl
200 atk 52 sp atk 252 spd
focus blast

A stall breaker tornados. When I caught my tornados, I found out it had a horrid lonley nature, so decided to make a set. Acrbatics for flying physical STAB, Focus blast to break physicaly defensive steels, sub to ease prediction and to abuse prankster, and crunch because it was his best non-stab coverge move that wasn't fighting. hope you like this set

If I win I would like the secend latios and latias, and a jirachi with a carfull nature name PrinceofHax thanks!
MY time to shine XD lol I like this set really wel and it is beastly!

Scrafty @ leftovers
careful nature, shed skin
252hp/ 252 sp def/ 4 atk

bulk up
drain punch

first bulk up somethimes and start sweeping, it has max sp def so it can take like almost any hit 3 times or something or even more. when running low on health you use rest and with the high chance of wakening op the next turn due to shed skin, you can keep on sweeping or boost your atk and def even more, payback is for coverage and drain punch for healing off damage. this is my favorite pokemon and I really enjoy using it because it's such a beast. and if I win, i'd like that the jirachi is called by the name 'nyancat' for the lol and with jolly nature please :)
and I would love the second latios and the first latias
FC: 1120 0938 3683 awesome give away :o
Luvdisc @ Focus Sash
Swift Swim
252 Spe - 252 SpA - 4 Atk
-Aqua Jet
-Ice Beam

This set is SO for the lulz. Baton Pass some Speed boosts or something to it, and then start the Luvdisc Sweep. Sash + Flail. :)

EDIT: FC is in signature, and if I win, I'd like to get the Shiny Latias, Latios and a Timid Jirachi named WishMeLuck.
May this set be for double/triple battles?
Guard Split Shuckle
Shuckle @ Leftovers
4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpDef
- Guard Split
- Encore / Power Split
- Wrap / Earthquake / Gyro Ball
- Toxic

Your partner is Blissey, use Guard Share on she so she'll have amazing defence and die. The rest of moves are just fillers, but you may use something like Power Split, Encore or Toxic to cripple your opponent. Max EVs in both defences and Impish nature are for better Guard Split. You may run 0 Speed IVs if you are using trick room and 0 Att and SpAtt for better Power Split.

If you only want sets for single battles then:
Cotton Guard Ampharos!
Ampharos @ Leftovers
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpDef
- Cotton Guard
- Discharge / Thunder Wave
- Signal Beam / ThunderBolt
- Protect / Rest / Heal Bell

After 2 Cotton Guards you have +6 Def, so nothing will take you down in one hit. Discharge is main your main attack and it may paralyze your opponent which works perfect with Static. You may run T-Wave instead and then you can use TBolt, but without second attacking option (for example Signal Beam) you can't do anything against SubSeeders and ground types. Protect is for Leftovers stalling, rest is for recovery, heal bell is for healing status conditions. I think that running max SpDef is the best options, because after Cotton Guard you will still be vulnerable to Special Attacks.

These sets are 100% my idea :)

(sorry for my bad English, I'm from Poland)

My SS FC is 0775-6800-5575 and my White FC is 5286-1780-9987
Jirachi @ Expert Belt
Serene Grace
192 Atk / 64 SpA / 252 Speed
-Iron Head
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch
name: Substitute + Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Substitute
move 3: Surf
move 4: Ice Beam
item: Leftovers
nature: Modest
evs: 252 HP / 172 SpA / 84 Spe

wrecks if not prepared for, that's its function.
I'm really new to competitive battling, so this build might be super obvious, but I figured I'd give it a try. Hope I'm the first to come up with it!

Ferrothorn (Iron Barbs) @ Life Orb
Adamant / 252 Attack / 129 Def / 129 Sp. Def
Swords Dance
Leech Seed
(for a trick room team, replace Adamant with Brave, and Explosion with Gyro Ball).

The basic idea is to have a super tough starter that creates a strong board position (via Spikes/Leech Seed), builds up strength with Swords Dance, then sacrifices itself (via Explosion) to set up a double-strength Retaliate. The damage from Iron Barbs is pretty substantial, so that plus the Explosion should make a significant dent -- and the longer the opponent stays on the defensive, the more layers of Spikes you can lay down.

I'd replace the Leech Seed with Gravity, but I don't think it's possible to get them both on together, barring some cross-gen breeding shenanigans.
PM'd, FC is in sig.

Edit: Forgot to mention in my PM, could you please name the Jirachi "WishMaker"? Thanks.

Edit2: 'k I effed up, the third Latias and Latios, Timid Jirachi with the above name, and I still need to get a FC for SS.
This is my first thought of set and it's definitely for fun ^^

Pokémon: Durant
Name: Stall-pass-ant

Nature: Impish (+Def, -Sp. Atk)
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Spe

Move 1: Baton Pass
Move 2: Toxic
Move 3: Thunder Wave
Move 4: Protect

Held Item: Leftovers

Commentary: I kinda like stalling and I kinda like Durant because at first it looks like you don't have anything to fear of this crazy little bug. However, it has such a versatile move pool, it's crazy! Durant kinda has a lack of coverage, no matter what moves you throw in it, there will always be a type to resist it. So this time we won't directly attack the opponent. Whenever you come across a physical attacker who can't hit hard enough toxic it and protect/ t-wave stall. Your leftovers will recover you and hopefully the Poké will die or switch out on a turn you're t-waving. When you have paralyzed a Pokémon, baton pass to another teammate to abuse this lower speed stat ^^ You could also just baton pass when you've toxic'd someone since chances are highly that they'll switch when noticing they can't harm you ^^ Have fun =D

Note: Please do not use this Pokémon against any special attacker XD


Name: Tamara
White FC: 4684 7982 2679
Keeping in theme with the thread, I'll post my signature Latias set. Bear in mind that it is meant to be run in the rain, though I will post alternate moves as well.

Nature: Bold
180hp 128Def 200 Spe (Probably could have better, more precise EVs but it works well enough)
-Reflect Type
-Calm Mind
-Thunder/Dragon Pulse

Basically, anyone who runs rain knows how irritating all those bug/steels can be + good old ferro. With some prediction, this set allows you to copy that deadly Scizor's typing before it can bug bite/uturn/bullet punch you to death and leave you with only one 2x weakness to begin calm-minding with. Similar idea with ferro, who will often be switched in expecting a powerful dragon attack. Little do they realise you are about to become immune to leech seed AND toxic... all the while you are stacking up calm minds. By the time the opponent has realised what has happened, it is usually too late for them. You can then blast away with a rain boosted surf and 100% accurate thunder.

I'll probably take them on White which is FC: 3954 6567 093, howver if I do win I may update with my Platinum code in order to get moves like Iron Head and Trick.

Maractus @ Leftovers
252 HP, 6 Sp.Atk, 252 Sp.Def
Nature: Calm
Ability: Water Absorb/Storm Drain
~Leech Seed
~Giga Drain/HP Fire
~Cotton Guard
~Sunny Day

Having problems with rain teams? Sick this Maractus out on the competition and clear the skies with precious sun! Can survive weak Ice Beams from those pesky Choice Specs Politoeds and attack back with Giga Drain! Cotton Guard allows you to stall physical attackers and sap away at their health with Leech Seed. Hidden Power Fire is there if you hate Ferrothorn that much.

I'd like the first Latias and Latios, and I'll take a Careful Jirachi I guess.
Hi! :)

I PM'd you a moveset the other day, but I forgot to post my fc here. I'll be using my Diamond version fc if I win: 5114 4096 8242
Thank you!
Luvdisc @ Focus Sash
Swift Swim
252 Spe - 252 SpA - 4 Atk
-Aqua Jet
-Ice Beam

This set is SO for the lulz. Baton Pass some Speed boosts or something to it, and then start the Luvdisc Sweep. Sash + Flail. :)

EDIT: FC is in signature, and if I win, I'd like to get the Shiny Latias, Latios and a Timid Jirachi named WishMeLuck.
trol by priority moves XD lol
I'll give it a shot
Unchill Bro
Slowbro@leftovers Regenerator
252HP 210Def 48SpAtk (0Atk and speed IVs)
Fire Blast
Slack Off

Intended for WiFi OU. Slack Off for consistent healing. Yawn prevents Reuniclus, and the dragons from setting up on you as well as providing hazard damage. Surf for consistent damage as well as dealing with excadrill and gliscor two currently very popular pokemon. Fire Blast is the crux of this set allowing you to give unsuspecting ferrothorn, forretress, skarmory, and espically scizor (all common switchins) a nasty surprise. The 0 attack IV lowers comfusion damage from machamp switchins and the 0 speed allows the bro to out speed nearly everything should the enemy use trick room and to insure conckledur can't payback you.

Edit: Can I have the third latias?Third Latios? And a timid jirachi? FCs in sig
Awesome giveaway btw :D
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