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Speaking of me, I'd like to do this right this time and reserve Lileep.

Since blara wants some one more experienced to do Lileep I'll take Mincinno. There's not much I can do for it, but since no one else seems to want it, hullah.

Approved (Elevator Music)


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It's not that I think you guys aren't good enough. I just really don't want to give Pokemon so incredibly important to the metagame such as Lileep to someone writing their first analysis. I'd rather someone who's written at least a couple tackle those guys, since they are that crucial to the tier.


The professor?
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Damn, I wanted Vullaby ><

Anyway, I just need one more check on Lickitung before I can start writing up. I'm going away next week though so I'll get that done next weekend.
Can I reserve Frillish once Lickitung is done?
I don't really think Scraggy needs a full update. The on-site set looks pretty solid and it didn't really get anything else notably worth an update.

Also, could I reserve Natu? I was told that Chinchou's revamp was to be done by someone with more experience, and Natu got some interesting things according to the QC list. Maybe an Sub + 3 attacks set?

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