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hey BUB nice to show your LACK OF YI KNOWLEDGE since meditate doesn't give you armor/mr anymore :^)
then i'm completely lost as to why you would take the 5% extra bonus armor / MR mastery

because i could understand if meditate gave you extra resists, but now that it's just flat damage reduction then that mastery is straight-up awful

also apparently i am the new ADC for gambit:

Master Yi gets a lot of free health from his numerous heals so any amount of armor from getting a Randuins Omen or a Banshee makes you a bit more slippery. By all means go Block + Unyielding. I used to use that and I liked it. It is the superior option if you think your jungle is going to be invaded and it has more consistency.

I just like Enchanted Armor since I think Yi fucks with those squishy AD teams really hard. Zed or Yasuo | ADC | Support | AD jungle squishy or top | filler. Get a Randuins Omen and just win.

Neither option is great which is one reason why a lot of good Yi players IE Cowsep and a bunch of Koreans like to go 21-0-9. http://www.lolpro.com/season-4/1506-mastery-calculator#3vTha8vdtzUw is more or less the standard benchmark to that style of Yi. Some people run Butcher or Feast. Some people don't run Phasewalker. Commando Yi runs Warlord with that but sometimes goes Enchanted Armor 21-9-0.

Slightly faster powerfarming and increased carrying capabilities with buff and summoner spell reduction. I think Juggernaut is too helpful on Yi, since it scales with Meditate and Dangerous Game and how balls deep he can be. 21-0-9 is very noticeably better if your team is doing well.

Edit:Cowsep seems to have a Warlord Yi page too. o_O
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Yasuo is maybe the only champion in the game I would considering Fury over Sorcery on. Move those points to Butcher+Feast and 2/4 Sorcery and that's the mastery build I'd use, with some discretionary points that could be moved around (like the Weaving masteries versus 2/3 Warlord). I almost always prefer to grab Summoner's Insight over sticking the nine in Defense. As a non-jungler, I'll usually end up 22/0/8 or 23/0/7 since Runic Affinity won't be much use and Culinary Master is shit.

Enchanted Armor is great overall but probably not for Yi. You only need one defensive item if you're running the usual Armor/MR runes for EA to pull its weight and it's amazing once you have multiple. On a champion that mostly itemizes damage and maybe picks up his first defensive item 25-30 minutes into the game as a third item, at the earliest, it's not helping much. It does nothing for too long before eventually becoming merely passable.
idk about all of you, but I seriously think Warwick jungle/top is definitely freelo right now. Good damage and amazing sustain makes it surprisingly effective at 1v1 duels and non-teamfight ganks.

Not to also mention W work very well with the popular hyper-carry ADCs flying around.
He has the same strengths and weaknesses he's always had - picking Lee Sin and Udyr into Warwick is definitely still freelo too, although they're nowhere near as prevalent as they were in s2 (and the art of actually watching the map is long dead in solo q jungling for some reason)


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Hi guys, I just transfer my account to NA, I used to play on EUW and LAN (Latinamerican North).

add me, SN: not real jc

or lemme know your SN and i'll add you :D so I'm trying to get Diamond ASAP, gl and i'll see you all in the fields of justice!
I actually enjoy playing Teemo
he's a fun champ I don't understand the hate, ppl either fuck him up or don't understand the matchups at all and get throttled and continue to whine about Teemo being annoying
i'm still pissed about CLG but i'm mainly just annoyed about worlds group drawings being done the way they are

i get why they're doing it but chinese regionals are done on the 8th, korean and gpl regionals are likely to be decided around the same time

no matter when you do the group draw, you're still going to be tight on time getting visas for everyone to go to the correct locations so you might as well do a 20 minute live ceremony as soon as chinese regionals are over

or at least invite independent journalists to the private drawing in a week so that we know there's nothing shady going on

this is a problem that also could have been entirely avoided by not having groups played in different countries - did nobody of riot think about that when they announced it?


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It seems like Rioters in general suffer from Chronic Brain Damage. The symptoms appear the instant they get hired and render everyone in the company unable to make rational, reasonable decisions in a timely manner.


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Worlds will never be legitimate until they make the draw open to all teams that enter it, get rid of the round robins and make it best of five, you lose and you're eliminated, tennis style.

The current format is just an exhibition for the teams that have done well in the LCS to play each other ten times a piece over the course of a month...there is absolutely no reason teams shouldn't have to play every other day against a team they have very little experience against or research on. Not only would this open the bracket and ensure that the best teams right now have a chance to win but it would also create many more compelling and interesting games/series. Most of the time the top seeds would win and face each other in the later stages anyway, but they would be well practiced and at the top of their game.

Also blind pick for game 5 seems like a no brainer I have no idea why the NA formats shy away from it, or if this worlds will use it.


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its pretty silly to think riot would rig the brackets just cause its not being drawn live, this reddit circle jerk is so dumb....they should just invite travis when they make the pools so people can stop bitching.

i would only be upset at riot if i was korean, since riot announced worlds would be there...then riot was like jk were having the majority of the games in another country

edit: oops almost forgot how bad riot screwed over gambit, ok maybe riot has been retarded this past year

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