(Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

So earlier today I was thinking about how unforgiving Electro Ball's damage formula is, and thought "Gyro Ball is a good move, what if Electro Ball's damage was just the inverse of Gyro Ball?" but it turns out that in almost any given matchup one Pokemon's Electro Ball is stronger than the other Pokemon's Gyro Ball, so making Electro Ball the inverse of Gyro Ball would actually be a nerf.


This graph compares the base power of Gyro Ball and Electro Ball in a given matchup, Electro Ball in red and Gyro Ball in blue. The y-axis shows how strong the move is, while the x-axis shows how many times faster the faster Pokemon is than the slower Pokemon. Electro Ball consistently stays above Gyro Ball and maxes out at 4x faster, which Gyro Ball doesn't match until nearly 6x faster.

It frustrates me just how bad Electro Ball is. Even when it's copying the homework of an actually good move it still fucks up.
So, I ran some calcs, because I knew the move was bad. But I foolishly assumed it was bad because the meta is extremely fast, so if you can end up that much faster than your opponent, you've set up a win already.
Against a max-speed base-100, a Surge Surfer Raichu deals slightly more with TBolt than with Electro Ball. 80 power
At +1(Scarf) or if the opponent is -1(Sticky Web), you're still better off with Rising Voltage by a decent margin. 120 power
With the oppt paralyzed, if you're at +2(Agility), or if you're Scarfed and they're at -1, it finally does more than Rising Voltage. Which is a nice reward for this very silly situation. 150 power.
And that's a base 110 mon with an x2 speed ability against the baseline for the meta. You're not going to be faster than that.

But then I checked it against some walls, to see how it does against things like Blissey and Ferrothorn. I didn't realize the move maxes out at 150 power. Makes sense, I guess, in that they're averse to giving out moves more powerful than that, but Reversal et al hit 200 BP. Electro Ball sitting at 150, when Rising Voltage and Thunder are 140/120 with 100 accuracy with a slight bit of setup, is just sad.

You can't wallbreak with it because the ideal user is something built for speed and doesn't have enough hitting power to wallbreak even with 150 base power, but against speedy threats you're better off with TBolt under any reasonable circumstances. The math doesn't work out, I can't figure out where this is actually supposed to be used. Even in-game, TBolt is a much more reliable option for the big fights, which are the ones that matter.
TBF, Gyro Ball is also pretty bad on most users. Even something with base 60 Speed (such as Aegislash) as well as 0 IVs and a negative nature, your target needs at least 110 base Speed fully invested just to be equal to Iron Head.
0+ Atk Aegislash-Both Gyro Ball (79 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Gengar: 189-223 (72.4 - 85.4%)

For anything in the base 40 - 60 range, you're still whiffing against uninvested targets (i.e. most defensive Pokemon). Dhelmise has base 40 Speed and it still can't get to 80 BP against uninvested Mew.
0+ Atk Steelworker Dhelmise Gyro Ball (78 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Mew: 117-138 (34.3 - 40.4%)

The required difference is still so big that you need to be extremely slow for it to work well. Combined with the fact that it's only really good with STAB (or Steelworker), there's only a handful of Pokemon that can actually use it.

Of the above, it's only Bronzong, Ferrothorn, Forretress, Stakataka, Wormadam-Trash, and sometimes Steelix that use it. Melmetal would also use it if it didn't have Double Iron Bash. There's a Smogdex set with Gyro Ball Aegislash, but it has to hold an Iron Ball to make it effective.
6 viable users is still more than what Electro Ball has at the end of the day, but it's a pretty low number for a move with decent distribution. I guess it makes sense that it's easier to make a Pokemon that's several times slower than average than to make a Pokemon that's several times faster than average, given that almost always want higher Speed.

Actually, I'm wondering if it's supposed to be used alongside pre-nerf Paralysis. If your base Speed is equal to or greater than that of a paralyzed target's base Speed, you're guaranteed to get max power due to the 1/4 multiplier. Which is "usable strategy for in-game" territory rather than "almost entirely pointless".
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Focus Sash + Submission Excadrill

giga brain play

I mean, it's not like Excadrill learns Brick Break or something guise??????

it's honestly hilarious considering how scary Excadrill is
There's a Forretress in Emerald's Battle Frontier like this which has a Focus Band that always seems to activate at the worst possible moment...

...and then it uses Double-Edge.
I'd argue Justy is worse because on top of Double Team, half his team is exploiting goddamn Sand Veil for MORE evasion AND putting your mons on chip damage from the Weather. Did you even have any Pokemon with Always-Hit moves by the time Pyrite or maybe Agate Village were done?
Not that I remember.

At least Gen 3 has that option. Gen 2? ThunderDance or Swift. That's about it. And Koga got a Gligar lol.

I remember trolling Justy with some Snatch mon stealing all the DTs. :totodiLUL:
It took foooooreeeeever tho. :regiF:
Foresight is one of those moves that the AI spams a lot in the early game even when it does nothing, like Water Sport and Mud Sport.
At least moves like Mud Sport and Water Sport fail when used while their effects are still active, unlike moves like Haze and Foresight. Even the weakest early-game trainers tend to avoid using moves that would explicitly 'fail', but this check doesn't include moves that can always successfully resolve with no effect. They'll happily spam moves like Splash, Follow Me, and pre-Gen 4 Charge (even without knowing an Electric attack).

I'm honestly not even sure if smarter trainers actually have checks that discourage using those moves or if they just generally don't have Pokemon that know them.
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might be just cause i've played the game like, 5+ times in two months but

you know what's hilarious in BW2

when you're on route 6 post five badges, you see Cobailion briefly, then it dashes off

Rood and that random Mistralton Cave guy of no significance comes up, speak about a bunch of crap, then Rood basically says Ghetsis's reach has grown further...


this is literally the first time in the game the player character Nate / Hilda is hearing about Ghetsis.

imagine it from their perspective.

"who even is this devil in music guy" - BW2 PC inner monologue (?)

THEN HE JUST SHOWS UP ENDGAME JUST TO BE THERE I GUESS (Ghetsis is the definition of shoehorned in BW2)

real talk: it's just another symptom that BW2's story is trash and should have starred N instead of being the standard Pokemon adventure as somecallmejohnny put it


Ranting & Raving!
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Huh, DrCoeloCephalo was banned. Funny, cause, spoilers, I decided this argument wasn't worth having (especially since I haven't played Yo-Kai Watch which they hinged a lot of their arguments on) so was going to say they "won" to just move on. Not completely of course, and had a few things to say about just the way they phrased things. Was thinking of putting in my counterarguments in anyway, but is anyone really interested? If so I'll add them in a later post, but for now I'll just move onto things that are more current and active.

Nope, Glacia isn't the worst not when the following exist:

Poison type user, literally only one offensive Poison move
(Koga's Johto Team)
More evasion strats (especially when the pool of Pokemon you get here feel weaker), so much fun to fight

Agatha, the RNG simulator:
(Agatha's Teams)


(related: why do so many things in Kanto have Sand-Attack?)


Also in terms of actual worst Elite Four member not counting RNG stuff...that's definitely any version of Bruno in Kanto. In HGSS Machamp can be mildly threatening but you seriously have to try to lose to Bruno in RBY.
Koga: TBF, Koga's strategy was always focused on Status Ailments, and not just Poison. So his team being more Toxic focused and ways to stall is completely in-character and wouldn't be a bad strategy... if he wasn't a Poison-type Specialist so easy to counter. Also the only odd mon there is Foreretress though I get why its there: it's to guarantee setup Poison Spikes. Then again, him replacing it with a Tentacruel could have helped his team synergy a bit (in addition to also learn Poison Spikes, if you're using a Ground-type than a Surfing Tentacruel would help with that problem (and in Gen IV learned a few Dark-type moves)).

Agatha: Poor Agatha was given the short end of the stick in so many ways:
  • There being one Ghost-type family.

  • Unlike Lance who could BS with other draconic-looking Pokemon, Agatha had to settle with "Spoopy Halloween Grandma" by having a bat and snake on her team.

  • Ghost didn't have a hard hitting move to rely upon (and even if it did, both Ghost and Poison were Physical Moves meaning they would be going off Gengar's weaker offense stat)

  • Because she's a secondary Poison-type specialist due to her additional Pokemon choices, they had to make her different from Koga in some way; so while Koga focused on Poison status they had Agatha focus on Sleep status.
Nothing really that could have helped, though I may have given her different Types than two more Poison, like maybe a Fearow and a Pinsir (or a Parasect to help with Sleep).

Sand-Attack Distribution: Sand-Attack is wide spread due to it just being your ordering your Pokemon to grab a handful/fling a batch of sand or dirt or dust or whatever fine particle substance they can get in reach and aim it toward the opponent's eyes to temporarily blind them. While I guess for a Ground- or Rock-type they can create the material, for other Pokemon it's more of an improvised attack.

Bruno: If you take them lightly the Hitmons might take you by surprise, otherwise, yeah, we don't talk about Bruno. :wo:

Yeah idk I might end up watching the other trailers like the day prior to release to hype myself up even more for the games or just continue ignoring and go in completely blind. Haven’t decided yet.
Hmm, well if you don't mind a suggestion, I think this trailer alone will be enough to excite someone into wanting to check out the game. Won't spoil what it is, all I'll say it shows the player what "options" they have to what they can and want to do.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasnt there one of the interviews regarding SM development, where the original plan was to actually not have the megas in the game at all (so basically, the mechanic was never meant to be available in future gens), and it was only changed later in the development?
All I could find was this Eurogamer article where they talked with Masuda about Z-Moves creation and Mega Evolutions being downplayed. It doesn't sound like they were going to remove it, but it was definitely something they were setting in the back of their mind.

Maybe it either was after having to find a way to include Mega Evos or when thinking of the new super mechanic for Gen 8 did they realize that they can't keep carrying over the old super mechanics without making the game utter chaos. But at the time of making of Sun & Moon, they just thought "we'll just include Mega Evos as a post game bonus".

The important part here is that Let's Go is noncanon.
Citation needed.
Well, a major issue with Let's Go is that it placed Red & Blue's journey before the events of Gen I (where they didn't even get Pokedexes, just notebooks), and in their place is Chase/Elaine and Trace who get the Pokedexes, defeat Team Rocket, and become Champions. Not sure if there's anything else, and they haven't said anything about it, but I don't think GF would want to displace Red & Blue in the official timeline. If anything, if they do ever introduce at least Trace, I can see them coming up an alternate history for him where he became Champion of the Indigo League sometime recently (hence they can also keep him at his current age upon re-introduction into the franchise).

Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee repeated what FRLG did and going as far as making cross-gen evos and pre-evos not coded in the game at all, and the only new additions are the Meltan line.
ALSO Let's Go does include Alolan Forms and Mega Evos, which is pretty significant as it adds just enough variety to post game battles for important NPCs! Also Let's Go does update the important NPCs teams, trying to give them more variety.

Which is a stark comparison to BDSP where not only is it just the Pokemon from Gen I-IV with no new forms from future games, but also keeps the teams for all trainers as they were in Diamond & Pearl. Not even ORAS was that picky when it too chose to be based off the vanilla versions and not the enhanced version (and ORAS still through in references to Emerald whereas BDSP went out of its way to remove any reference to Platinum (such as removing a silhouette of Charon from a box background and replacing it with a generic grunt).

Oh, and Let's Go and ORAS gave the important NPCs new/updated designs; BDSP instead wanted to go backwards by trying to emulate the chibi overworld.

To be fair Brave Bird is kind of a weird move cause its name doesn't really make much sense in first place.

Es the Italian for it is "balde ali" which would translate to Proud Wings.

I have no clue what the other languages refer for but I think there's just some weird naming shenenigans with the actual original names also being strange and alternating between "brave bird onslaught" and "divine bird"
Could it have to do with Brave Bird being a derivative of Sky Attack, which in Japan was called "God Bird"? Note both moves have the same animation except different colors.

Speaking of move names, does anyone else dislike the name of Return?
Yeah, like a personal reason I don't like it is because when I hear "return" I think of the trainer recalling their Pokemon. I would have gone with something like "Requite" (like "requited love" or "requite one's love").
Game Freak listen if you genuinely care so little then please just commission Bandai or Square or ILCA or whoever the fuck to do FF Pixel Remasters but for Gens 1-5.


I already made a post along this wavelength like a year ago where I said it was my biggest problem with the current state of Pokemon. I stand by that opinion and if anything it's only gotten worse. Pokemon has reached the age where a bunch of the marketing, merchandise and tie-ins now more than ever emphasize the overall legacy of the series rather than any one specific region or generation, and yet they refuse to open up that legacy to new players.
Reposting this here:
Switch cartridges can hold 32 Gigabytes.

Gen I games were 11 MB.
Gen II games were 16 MB.
Gen III games were 64 MB.
Gen IV games were 128 MB.
Gen V games were 512 MB.
Gen VI games were 1.7 GB.
Gen VII games were 3.2 GB.

They could easily put all past generation games into one cart, or rather two carts:

Crimson Pack: Red (+ Yellow), Gold (+ Crystal), Ruby (+ Emerald), FireRed, Diamond (+ Platinum), HeartGold, Black, Black 2, X, OmegaRuby, Sun, Ultra Sun
Turquoise Pack: Blue (+ Yellow), Silver (+ Crystal), Sapphire (+ Emerald), LeafGreen, Pearl (+ Platinum), SoulSilver, White, White 2, Y, AlphaSapphire, Moon, Ultra Moon

If my math is right, that'll make each 11.3 GB each. Now that technically means they can actually put ALL games into one cart (22.6 GB), but knowing GF they'd probably want to keep the archaic two version design (though at least both packs would have the third/enhanced version so people wouldn't miss much).
Toxic/Flame/Light Orb, when Flung, inflicts the target with Toxic Poison/Burn/Paralysis.

...The Light Ball should paralyze the holder.
I mean, it won't affect Pikachu, so it could still power-up Pikachu while Paralyzing other Pokemon that can be Paralyzed. :pika:

why does Weaville not have tough claws?
Or at the very least Sniper or Super Luck.

1. Why does Snorlax not have slack off?

2. Why is Sunflora not fire/grass type?
1. Slack Off implies the Pokemon took a quick nap or just lazed about to heal some of its HP. Snorlax does not simply "nap" or "laze" about, its either awake (to binge) or in a deep sleep (to gain energy for its next binge).

2. Because sunflowers aren't made of burning gas, they're just a big flower that tracks the sun's light.

I want special tough claws, guts, huge power, iron fist, moxie, strong jaw, justified
Or, for at least Guts, Huge Power, Moxie, Justified, as well as a few other moves: instead of increasing a specific stat, make it so it increases the highest offense stat (or let us choose whether it increases Atk or SpA)! Tough Claws, Iron Fist, and Strong Jaw I get (and can get a single Special equivalent, we'll call it "Amplify", flat 1.3x increase to all Special Moves).
Even the weakest early-game trainers tend to avoid using moves that would explicitly 'fail', but this check doesn't include moves that can always successfully resolve with no effect.
Oh gosh, you reminded me of how in Temtem's postgame content, every AI-controlled Loali uses Photosynthesis on the first turn. Which replenishes stamina. Which they haven't used yet. It's hilarious.

Or at the very least Sniper
Eh, Sniper mainly belongs to Pokémon that use projectiles (and Drapion for some reason).

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