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Poor Pidgeot doesn't have it's coverage fixed.
Heat Wave —> Fire Blast would allow Pidgeot to get the 130 BP perfect accuracy Blue Flare, so I guess that's ok.
Twister —> Dragon Pulse —> Draco Meteor would allow it to have another strong move, but it's just that.
pidgeot also gets mud slap so it does get earth power

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M-Pinsir gets Aerilate Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Megahorn and Diamond Storm. Pretty solid.
Meloetta gets STAB Psystrike, Aura Sphere, Boomburst and Extreme Speed, and also Spore, Coil, Geomancy and Serene Grace Seed Flare. A huge improvement that allows it to be more versatile.
Keldeo gets Quiver Dance, Geomancy, Boomburst, Water Spout and Steam Eruption. A simple, yet strong upgrade. No Aura Sphere, but Secret Sword is more useful for it.
pidgeot also gets mud slap so it does get earth power
Oh, cool.
I'm currently working on a new layout for offensive moves that categorizes moves by type and that I think is much more clear and concise. So far, I've done the Pre-Gen III physical types, and I should finish the Special types soon. Also, I'm considering doing the same for defensive moves by primary effect. Check the OP for more info.


Even pendulums swing both ways
Also, be sure to add back the setup moves upgrades, such as dragon dance or agility -> Shift gear, unless you are planning on changing that.
That is not hard to fix for a mode honestly, the thing that makes it for only that Pokemon can be easily removed.
I always wanted something controlled like this to give some dated Pokemon some new skills. Looking forward to it.

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