Megas For All: V4! (Voting - Lickilicky, Togekiss, Dusknoir)

Would you guys be interested if I had MFA include Gen 8 mons when it comes out?

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Hey, no one's posted in like, 5 days. You said that voting would last 4 days, but I don't see an indicator that voting will end. Are we going to get more votes or is the next slate going to start?


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Azumarill: lyd, -Latios-, Anaconja
Granbull: lyd, -Latios-, Anaconja
Mr. Mime: lyd, -Latios-, Anaconja

Ability: Chlorophyll (Harvest) ----> Contrary
Typing: Grass/Psychic


HP: 95 ----> 95
Attack: 95 ----> 115 (+20)
Defense: 85 ----> 105 (+20)
Special Attack: 125 ----> 155 (+30)
Special Defense: 75 ----> 75
Speed: 55 ----> 85 (+30)
Base Stat Total: 530 ----> 630
Movepool Additions:
Description: Breaks defensive teams with Contrary Leaf Storm off 155 Special Attack. Synthesis and Giga Drain allow it to recover health, making it more difficult for defensive teams to stop. It also gets a decent Attack boost to KO Heatran with Stomping Tantrum. As powerful as it seems, it has no way of boosting its Speed, has 7 weaknesses, and its moves are walled by Pokemon like Mega Scizor and Ferrothorn.

Ability: Sturdy / Rock Head (Sand Veil) ----> Skill Link
Typing: Rock/Ice


HP: 80 ----> 80
Attack: 120 ----> 150 (+30)
Defense: 130 ----> 150 (+20)
Special Attack: 55 ----> 55
Special Defense: 65 ----> 65
Speed: 45 ----> 95 (+50)
Base Stat Total: 495 ----> 595
Movepool Additions: Icicle Spear, Ice Shard
Description: Rock/Ice may be the worst defensive typing in the game, but it's a damn good offensive one. Icicle Spear and Rock Blast are not only powerful, but they also break the opponent's Sashes and Substitutes. This gives Mega Golem an edge against dedicated leads and set up sweepers.

Ability: Intimidate / Anger Point (Sheer Force) ----> Reckless
Typing: Normal/Electric


HP: 75 ----> 75
Attack: 100 ----> 140 (+40)
Defense: 95 ----> 105 (+10)
Special Attack: 40 ----> 40
Special Defense: 70 ----> 100 (+30)
Speed: 110 ----> 130 (+20)
Base Stat Total: 490 ----> 590
Movepool Additions: Head Smash
Description: Reckless boosts its STABs Double-Edge and Wild Charge along with Head Smash for powerful coverage. Intimidate pre-mega helps it a lot on getting in the battlefield. As powerful it is, it quickly wears itself down due to the side effect of its STABs. Head Smash, though powerful, is also quite a redundant coverage along Wild Charge. It helps a lot against Mega Charizard X, though.
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: 75 → 75 (0)
Atk: 100 → 140 (+40)
Def: 95 → 105 (+10)
SpA: 40 → 50 (+10)
SpD: 70 → 90 (+20)
Spe: 110 → 130 (+20)

Anger Point/Intimidate/Sheer ForceDefiant

New Moves
: Superpower, Play Rough

  • Hits hard with 140 attack and is able to outspeed a good portion of the OU tier.
  • Solid 75/105/90 bulk for an offensive Pokemon
  • Superpower is powerful STAB but has more severe drawbacks than Close Combat. Play Rough allows Tauros to hit Fighting types and certain Pokemon that would counter it otherwise super effectively.
  • Defiant lets Tauros punish Intimidate, Defog and Sticky Web Users

+1 252 Atk Tauros Double-Edge vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Landorus-Therian: 337-397 (105.6 - 124.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252 Atk Tauros Play Rough vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Latias: 226-268 (75 - 89%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252 Atk Tauros Superpower vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Empoleon: 462-546 (124.1 - 146.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Possible Sets:

All Out Attacker

Tauros @ Taurosite


252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe


Double Edge/Return
Stone Edge
Play Rough/Earthquake
Aw... my submissions didn't win... Well, I hope my slate suggestion gets accepted for the next on... :(

Ability: Chlorophyll / Harvest ----> Adaptability
Typing: Grass / Psychic


HP: 95 ----> 95
Attack: 95 ----> 85 (-10)
Defense: 85 ----> 85
Special Attack: 125 ----> 145 (+20)
Special Defense: 75 ----> 105 (+30)
Speed: 55 ----> 115 (+60)
Base Stat Total: 530 ----> 630
Movepool Additions: Calm Mind
Description: Psychotic Eggs? Look no further than Exeggutor-Mega! Its psychic powers have only been further enhanced by the effects of mega evolution, being able to fire off psychotic energy pulses so powerful that they can blow through even the thickest pieces of sheet metal! With its powerful offenses, great coverage, access to Calm Mind, and Adaptability-boosted STABs in Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, or Psychic this guy's ability to break defensive cores is not something to trifle with! However, while it may hit like a truck, its typing is not good defensively, cursing it with 7 weaknesses and a poor matchup versus most offense teams, not to mention that it suffers a lot from 4MSS, leaving it walled by Heatran or Ferrothorn depending on what it chooses to run.

Ability: Sturdy / Rock Head / Sand Veil ----> Sheer Force
Typing: Steel / Ground


HP: 80 ----> 80
Attack: 120 ----> 160 (+40)
Defense: 130 ----> 150 (+20)
Special Attack: 55 ----> 25 (-30)
Special Defense: 65 ----> 105 (+40)
Speed: 45 ----> 75 (+30)
Base Stat Total: 495 ----> 595
Movepool Additions: Nothing!
Description: An earthquake's coming... Mega Golem uses its huge weight to slam the ground and create earthquakes that can have magnitudes of up to 9.0 - all to amplify its already potent strength to absurd levels! With its high natural bulk, great typing, and its powerful offenses at the epicenter of the earthquake, once the ground starts shaking, your opponents will know it's too late to stop the earthquake. Well, unless you have an Ash-Greninja or Tapu Bulu in front of you or something.

Ability: Intimidate / Anger Point / Sheer Force ----> Mold Breaker
Typing: Normal / Fighting


HP: 75 ----> 75
Attack: 100 ----> 150 (+50)
Defense: 95 ----> 110 (+15)
Special Attack: 40 ----> 30 (-10)
Special Defense: 70 ----> 80 (+10)
Speed: 110 ----> 145 (+35)
Base Stat Total: 490 ----> 590
Movepool Additions: Close Combat, Taunt
Description: The best you can get in the stallbreaking department bar none for free! Normal / Fighting's wide neutral coverage in tandem with Tauros's high natural attack stat allows it to land many OHKOes and 2HKOes on common defensive staples, such as Chansey, while its high speed allows it to have a good matchup versus most offensive teams as well. Between its great physical bulk, high speed, and solid offenses, this mon can and will have a HUGE impact in the OverUsed meta. Good thing Magearna is already very popular otherwise this guy could be overbearing! The provided moves give it an actual Fighting-Type STAB and allow it to mess up setup sweepers such as Shift Gear Magearna and quite a bit of defensive pokemon, respectively.
Yay, you used my slate idea! :blobthumbsup:

Typing: Grass / Dark
Ability: Chlorophyll / Harvest ----> Sheer Force

HP: 95
Atk: 95 ----> 80 (-15)
Def: 85 ----> 115 (+30)
SpA: 125 ----> 175 (+50)
SpD: 75 ----> 100 (+20)
Spe: 55 -----> 70 (+15)
New Moves: Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot
Description: Ooooh, boy, get ready to dismantle defensive teams. Thanks to Exeggutor's potent offensive typing and ridiculous SpA, in combination with Nasty Plot and Sheer Force, Exeggutor can break even defensive pokes like Toxapex, Celesteela and Clefable. It also gives Trick Room teams a fantastic sweeper, and gives pokes like Mega Mawile and Mega Heracross more competition. However, its typing is horrid defensively, and its low speed in combination with its multiple weaknesses mean that it is revenge killed pretty easily, and specially defensive Heatran and Ferrothorn can take a hit and proceed to wall Eggy.

Typing: Rock / Ground
Ability: Rock Head / Sturdy / Sand Veil ----> Sap Sipper

HP: 80
Atk: 120 ---> 150 (+30)
Def: 130 ----> 160 (+30)
SpA: 55 ----> 40 (-15)
SpD: 65 -----> 100 (+35)
Spe: 45 ------> 65 (+20)
New Moves: Shell Smash, Knock Off
Description: Say hello to the newest Shell Smasher in OU. One of Golem's biggest weaknesses is now turned into an advantage due to Sap Sipper. Shell Smash allows Golem to boost its high attack to near unstoppable levels and overcome its low speed. Knock Off allows Golem to remove the items from pokes like Celesteela and Heatran, and it also does good damage after a boost. Believe it or not, many bulky pokes in OU are weak to EdgeQuake, such as Heatran, Jirachi, Zapdos, and Toxapex. However, do note that it can't hold an item such as White Herb, meaning its seemingly impressive bulk will be lowered, allowing many pokes to revenge kill it, which should be easy due to it still having a massive weakness to Water, as well as 5 other types.

Typing: Normal / Ground
Ability: Intimidate / Anger Point / Sheer Force ----> Ferocity (Stamina clone for Attack)

HP: 75
Atk: 100 ----> 140 (+40)
Def: 95 ---> 115 (+20)
SpA: 40 ----> 20 (-20)
SpD: 70 -----> 90 (+20)
Spe: 110 -----> 150 (+40)
New Moves: Knock Off, Flare Blitz
Description: Boy, yet another offensive threat to watch out for! Thanks to Ferocity, Tauros can come in on users of contact moves due to its decent bulk, like Choice Scarf Jirachi, Mega Scizor, and many U-turn and Knock Off users and get a free attack boost in the process, letting it dismantle defensive cores. Its blazing speed also makes it hard to revenge kill, as even slower Choice Scarf users like Magnezone can't outspend it if it runs max speed and a Jolly Nature. Normal / Ground is also a potent offensive typing, letting Tauros deal with pokes like Heatran, Magearna, Mega Diancie, and Toxapex. However, this typing also leaves it weak to common forms of priority in Aqua Jet, Mach Punch, and Ice Shard, meaning it can be revenge killed quite easily, and many contact moves are able to KO Tauros in one hit if they're strong enough, leaving it with no boost. Lastly, it has no other way to boost its attack, meaning it has to take lots of damage to be a potent force.
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Mega Exeggutor
Type: Grass/Psychic
Twist Chamber (On switch-in, this pokemon sets up Trick Room)
HP: 95
Atk: 95 => 115 (+20)
Def: 85 => 95 (+10)
SpA: 125 => 160 (+35)
SpD: 75 => 110 (+35)
Spe: 55
New Moves: Earth Power, Nasty Plot
Description: Powerful Special sweeper that can run a few mixed sets as well. Twist Chamber allows Eggy to outspeed most pokemon, while also giving Trick Room support to teammates. However, its terrible defensive typing and low speed outside of Twist Chamber really hurts it.

Mega Tauros
Type: Normal => Normal/Rock
Ability: Rock Head

HP: 75
Atk: 100 => 160 (+60)
Def: 95
SpA: 40
SpD: 70 => 80 (+10)
Spe: 110 => 140 (+30)

New Moves: Head Smash, Swords Dance
Description: Fast powerful physical attacker that can boost its attack to insane levels with Swords Dance.


Mega Golem
Type: Rock/Ground => Steel/Ground
HP: 80
Atk: 120
Def: 130
SpA: 55
SpD: 65
New Moves: Drain Punch, Dragon Tail
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Ability: Chlorophyll / Harvest ----> Cornucopia (Poison Touch clone for Leech Seed)
Typing: Grass / Psychic


HP: 95 ----> 95
Attack: 95 ----> 145 (+ 50)
Defense: 85 ----> 95 (+ 10)
Special Attack: 125 ----> 135 (+ 10)
Special Defense: 75 ----> 95 (+ 20)
Speed: 55 ----> 65 (+ 10)
Base Stat Total: 530 ----> 630
Movepool Additions: Magical Leaf, Leaf Blade
Description: It's coconuts have sprouted, allowing it to spread Leech Seed and boosting it's stats. It can now go mixed and has an even higher Attack than special attack. It is still pretty slow, but has more bulk to help with that.

Ability: Sturdy / Rock Head / Sand Veil ----> Solid Rock
Typing: Rock


HP: 80 ----> 80
Attack: 120 ----> 140 (+ 20)
Defense: 130 ----> 170 (+ 40)
Special Attack: 55 ----> 55
Special Defense: 65 ----> 105 (+40)
Speed: 45 ----> 45
Base Stat Total: 495 ----> 595
Movepool Additions: Avalanche, Rock Wrecker
Description: It solidifies its shell, shedding it's weaknesses and bulking up. It also gains an attack boost to hit back hard. It is still slow though.

Ability: Intimidate / Anger Point / Sheer Force ----> Reckless
Typing: Normal


HP: 75 ----> 75
Attack: 100 ----> 140 (+ 40)
Defense: 95 ----> 115 (+ 20)
Special Attack: 40 ----> 40
Special Defense: 70 ----> 80 (+ 10)
Speed: 110 ----> 140 (+ 30)
Base Stat Total: 490 ----> 590
Movepool Additions: Head Smash, Megahorn
Description: Tauros gets more muscular, longer horns and a fluffiest mane. It is now even more vicious and it's boosted Double Edges and Head Smashes will hurt. Just give it a way to deal with Steel and remember that even with boosted speed Anne defences, it can easily wear itself out
I think I asked this earlier, but it's been over 4 days since submissions were supposed to end. Can voting start now? (Please, just be honest with your timeframes... - not an insult, but having to wait for a week to have voting start is annoying.)


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Ability: Sheer Force

HP: 95
Atk: 105 (+10)
Def: 105 (+20)
SpA: 155 (+30)
SpD: 110 (+35)
Spe: 60 (+5)

New Moves: Calm Mind, Dazzling Gleam

Flavor • Exeggutor's eggs become neon blue, green, and hot pink. Large aura emits from them, with even more aura rising from the top of Exeggutor-Mega. This aura would replace the leaves. It grows a long tail that holds another "aura egg" with x's for eyes.

Competitive: Exeggutor-Mega would function as a solid Offensive Trick Room (OTR) Pokemon. Strong Sheer Force Energy Balls and Psychics will heavily dent even resists. Mega Mawile, for example, has a 78.5% chance to fall prey to 2 of Exegg's STABs. Adding Earth Power or any real Fire coverage may be too much, so Dazzling Gleam and Calm Mind are the additions. Due to its poor defensive typing, Exeggutor-Mega would struggle to find opportunities to come in and set up Trick Room. Its low speed and reliance on TR would also lead to its downfall if no TR is available. Using pivots like Rotom or simply a full-fledged Trick Room build in tandem with hazard support would be best.


Ability: Ground Gobbler
(This Pokemon heals 1/4 of its max HP when hit by Ground moves; Ground immunity.)

HP: 80
Atk: 140 (+20)
Def: 182 (+52)
SpA: 55 (+0)
SpD: 85 (+20)
Spe: 53 (+8)

New Moves: Heat Crash, Will-O-Wisp
380 kg
(+80 kg)

Flavor • Golem's shell begins to crack and becomes overflown with molten lava. The lava leaves a small trail behind Golem-Mega, which absorbs any earth in sight. This, of course, is the inspiration for Ground Gobbler. Its fleshy-like areas become a more reddish tint. The palms of Golem's hands have a circle pattern containing lava. Its 53 base speed creates a unique base speed stat between Huntail and Gourgeist-Super, which is cool.

Competitive: Golem-Mega would function best as a good check to Landorus, Heatran, and other Pokemon carrying Ground-type attacks. It still fears Rock-type moves, which can be carried by Garchomp and the aforementioned Landorus. Golem is still extremely vulnerable on the specially defensive side, though investment can make up for it. Upon mega evolving, Golem-Mega loses its immunity to Electric-type moves and becomes weak to Stealth Rock. Heat Crash is a unique move option that would heavily damage lighter targets.


Ability: Mold Breaker

HP: 75
Atk: 145 (+45)
Def: 120 (+25)
SpA: 50 (+10)
SpD: 70 (+0)
Spe: 130 (+20)

New Moves: Quick Attack, Swords Dance

Flavor • Tauros-Mega has 5 horns (2 on each side and one in the middle). Its brown "mane" becomes purple, and Tauros' body in general gains a purplish tint. The mane becomes slightly more wild as well. It gains a red cape to symbolize bullfighting.

Competitive: With Intimidate before mega evolving, Tauros-Mega can find set up opportunities against physical attackers. Its high speed tier is excellent, coupled with a high attack stat and Swords Dance, makes Tauros-M a potent cleaner. Double-Edge may prove to be more valuable, having a high chance of OHKO'ing Clefable, Gliscor, Rotom, etc. at +2. No coverage to target Pokemon like Celesteela, Scizor, or Skarmory is annoying. Poor special bulk leaves Tauros-Mega weary to Greninja's Water Shuriken and Scarfers. Tauros will ignore Unaware, Sturdy, Disguise, etc.

using old format because this is quicker (tho the table i used looks nicer to me)
Tauros: WTCO, Demon Dragon, superstrike66
Golem: Latios, Demon Dragon, Sereg
Exeggutor: SteelixPrismGX, Demon Dragon, MegaFlareon
EDIT: slightly changed vote order
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Tauros: Demon Dragon (Hey, that guy suggested the slate, so I'm respecting him), SteelixPrismGX, -Latios-
Golem: Demon Dragon (You read me there, I'm not saying this again), -Latios-, MegaFlareon
Exeggutor: Demon Dragon, SteelixPrismGX, Sereg
Executor: SteelixPrismGX, MegaFlareon, Latios
Golem: MegaFlareon, SteelixPrismGX, Latios

Tauros: Demon Dragon, WTCO, MegaFlareon
Hey, Heavyweapons Mann, I think it's been 4 days since voting started. Can you start up the new slate? Or at least give people time to put their votes in. Also, I would like to introduce a new "thing" to this Pet Mod: a leaderboard. Here's how it would go:

Mega Recruit (No winning submissions)*

Mega Cadet (1-4 winning submissions)

Mega Hotshot (5-8 winning submissions)

Mega Apprentice (9-12 winning submissions)

Mega Ace (13-16 winning submissions)

Mega Master (14-17 winning submissions)

Overlord of Mega Evolution (18+ winning submissions)

*Users must have made at least one submission for the selected slate in order to make it to the rank of "Mega Recruit".
SteelixPrismGx wins Exeggutor, and DemonDragon wins Golem and Tauros. Next slate.


Any ability level is allowed, as they're reliant on level 5 abilities. 3 new moves for Wobbuffet and 2 new moves for the rest. Optimize them for Ubers if you want to make them around trapping, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they're still counterable if you go that route.


: 35 → 35 (0)
Atk: 100 → 120 (+20)
Def: 50 → 40 (-10)
SpA: 50 → 90 (+40)
SpD: 70 → 50 (-20)
Spe: 120 → 190 (+70)

Sand Veil/Arena Trap/Sand ForceArena Trap

Moves: Spikes, Taunt
  • Absurd 190 speed allows Dugtrio to outspeed Choice Scarf, positive nature base 95 Pokemon if running Adamant or 110 base Pokemon if running Jolly. This allows Dugtrio to comfortably run an Adamant nature and thus get a significant power boost
  • Spikes and Taunt added to its moveset allow Dugtrio to run nearly unparalleled suicide lead set. Unless it's going up a Prankster Taunt user, it's guaranteed to get up at least one layer of hazards.
  • Absolutely dreadful bulk means Dugtrio can be taken out by anything that can take a hit or priority.

Possible Sets:


Dugtrio @ Dugtrite

Arena Trap

252 Atk/4 SpD/252 Spe


Stone Edge
Sucker Punch
Taunt/Memento/Stealth Rock


Dugtrio @ Dugtrite

Arena Trap

252 Atk/4 SpD/252 Spe


Taunt/Stone Edge
Stealth Rock/Sucker Punch
Spikes/Sucker Punch/Memento



: 70 → 70 (0)
Atk: 55 → 65 (+10)
Def: 95 → 110 (+15)
SpA: 95 → 145 (+50)
SpD: 110 → 125 (+15)
Spe: 65 → 75 (+10)

Frisk/Competitive/Shadow TagCompetitive

Moves: Nasty Plot, Focus Blast

  • Good bulk and high special attack.
  • Gets dark typing because, while not overly malicious, it is “dressed” in almost all black and learns a wide variety of dark type moves.
  • Since Shadow Tag is banned in all metas except for Ubers, Competitive is the ability of choice, allowing Gothitelle to punish Intimidate and Defog users and opposing Sticky Web teams.
  • Nasty Plot allows Gothitelle to setup on walls while Focus Blast allows it to hit opposing dark types, steel types, etc.
  • Speed is below average and Gothitelle lacks recovery. Combine that with a bad defensive typing and it becomes very easy to wear down.

Possible Sets:

Nasty Plot Sweeper

Gothitelle @ Gothitellite


4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe


Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse
Focus Blast


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Ability: Arena Trap

HP: 35
Atk: 155 (+55)
Def: 60 (+10)
SpA: 50 (+0)
SpD: 85 (+15)
Spe: 140 (+20)

New Moves: Knock Off, Explosion

Competitive • Dugtrio-Mega would be able to trap slower opponents in Ubers. Unfortunately, it fails to OHKO a lot (even with Adamant!) that it hits super effectively. Explosion would definitely be vital to make up for its inability to hit Pokemon like Xerneas or Primal Kyogre hard with Earthquake. Even its new coverage option, Knock Off, does pitiful damage to a Pokemon like Giratina-O. Stone Edge would be able to hit Ho-Oh or Yveltal, but it fails to OHKO the latter. Overall, Gengar-Mega would be the better trapper by far.


Ability: Shadow Tag

HP: 190
Atk: 33 (+0)
Def: 100 (+42)
SpA: 33 (+0)
SpD: 100 (+42)
Spe: 49 (+16)

New Moves: Metal Burst, Confide, Protect

Competitive • 190/100/100 bulk is absolutely crazy, and it allows Mega Wobbuffet to have a better time vs. Geomancy Xerneas. I added Metal Burst because it's essentially acting like Counter and Mirror Coat in one (albeit returning less damage). Confide is unlikely to see usage, though Protect could be a neat option to scout against a Scarfer. Only a psychopath would give a Mega Wobbuffet real moves like Toxic or Recover, so please refrain from doing so. That would NOT be balanced, I promise.


Ability: Shadow Tag

HP: 70
Atk: 55
Def: 130 (+35)
SpA: 108 (+13)
SpD: 150 (+40)
Spe: 77 (+12)

New Moves: Moonblast, Draining Kiss

Competitive • This thing would probably be a notable trapper with its 70/130/150 bulk. To balance it, I added a Fairy-typing to let a Pokemon like Dusk-Mane Necrozma or Scizor-Mega have a fair match-up. Some of the main issues are that regular Gothitelle may have a place over its mega due to the ability to run Leftovers. My brain was saying Topsy Turvy to beat Xerneas but I am not Satan and I am making these megas with extreme caution.

:blobshrug: this is one weird slate idk how I feel about it... i don't want to make the megas shit and i don't want them to be broken, but it's hard to find a middle ground thanks to their cancer abilities

Ability: Sand Veil / Arena Trap (Sand Force) ----> Adaptability
Typing: Ground/Rock


HP: 35 ----> 35
Attack: 100 ----> 140 (+40)
Defense: 60 ----> 80 (+20)
Special Attack: 50 ----> 50
Special Defense: 70 ----> 70
Speed: 120 ----> 160 (+40)
Base Stat Total: 425 ----> 525
Movepool Additions: Wild Charge
Description: Dugtrio that is balanced enough for OU while not being crap. Ground/Rock typing pairs incredibly well with Adaptability thanks to its near unresisted coverage and high-powered STABs. Wild Charge hits its would-be counters such as Celesteela and Skarmory. It still has its fair share of counters such as Ferrothorn and multiple forms of priority though its high power and speed as well as an excellent offensive typing makes it a contender for an OU Mega pick.

Ability: Frisk / Shadow Tag (Competitive) ----> Analytic
Typing: Psychic


HP: 70 ----> 70
Attack: 55 ----> 65 (+10)
Defense: 95 ----> 135 (+40)
Special Attack: 95 ----> 135 (+40)
Special Defense: 110 ----> 120 (+10)
Speed: 65 ----> 65
Base Stat Total: 490 ----> 590
Movepool Additions: Moonlight
Description: Gothitelle can analyze the future. It can also sweep teams with Calm Mind along woth Moonlight to keep it healthy. Analytic boosts its moves thanks to its low Speed and Gothitelle also boasts a good Special movepool including Thundebolt and Energy Ball.

Ability: Shadow Tag (Telepathy) ----> Innards Out
Typing: Psychic


HP: 190 ----> 190
Attack: 33 ----> 33
Defense: 58 ---->78 (+20)
Special Attack: 33 ----> 33
Special Defense: 58 ----> 78 (+20)
Speed: 33 ----> 93 (+60)
Base Stat Total: ~ ----> ~
Movepool Additions: Final Gambit
Description: Base 190 HP means that its Final Gambit will almost always KO the opponent, making its sacrifice very much worth it. Huge Speed boost allows it to hit its Final Gambit before losing HP. Innards Out punishes fast wallbreakers that avoid Final Gambit.
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Type: Ground
Ability: Regenerator

HP: 35
Atk: 120 (+ 20)
Def: 90 (+ 40)
SpA: 50 (+ 0)
SpD: 110 (+ 40)
Spe: 120 (+ 0)

New Moves: Shore Up, U-Turn

Description: Dugtrio grows more heads, becoming a hydra mole. Now it has nine heads that regenerate if you cut them off. It can now.act as a fast, aggressive pivot that can heal off the damage it takes from switching.

Type: Psychic/Dark
Ability: Fur Coat

HP: 70
Atk: 55 (+ 0)
Def: 105 (+ 10)
SpA: 145 (+ 50)
SpD: 150 (+ 40)
Spe: 65 (+ 0)

New Moves: Hex, Moonblast

Description: Gothitelle has embraced her goth nature to become Dark typed. In addition, her outfit is no so over the top with ribbons, lace and frills, it acts as armour. She gets a big boost in defenses and special attack, making her a slow, bulky special attacker.

Type: Psychic
Ability: Aftermath

HP: 190
Atk: 33 (+ 0)
Def: 108 (+ 50)
SpA: 33 (+ 0)
SpD: 108 (+ 50)
Spe: 33 (+ 0)

New Moves: Metal Burst, Endeavour, Endure

Description: Still the ultimate counter attacker. It inflates to gain even more bulk and when it pops, you too will hurt
(Why does everyone keep on butchering my name?)
These megas are supposed to be built for OU, not Ubers...

Ability: Arena Trap / Sand Veil / Sand Force ----> Adaptability
Typing: Ground / Fighting


HP: 35 ----> 35
Attack: 100 ----> 145 (+45)
Defense: 50 ----> 85 (+35)
Special Attack: 50 ----> 20 (-30)
Special Defense: 70 ----> 95 (+25)
Speed: 120 ----> 145 (+25)
Base Stat Total: 425 ----> 525
Movepool Additions: Spikes, Close Combat
Description: Just because you don't have arms doesn't mean you can't pack a big punch - and that's what Mega Dugtrio is showing to the world. Its teamwork skills have improved so much fights between which head gets to eat first don't even happen; contributing to its sheer strength - its headbutts are so strong that even one headbutt can smash even the thickest types of dirt and rock! Thanks to its powerful offenses, great speed tier, a potent STAB combo in Ground / Fighting, and Adaptability-boosted STABs in Earthquake and Close Combat, being able to turn even the bulkiest defensive cores or most powerful offensive cores into mush is not a trait any opponent to underestimate! While this does sound appealing, though, even with the stat increases in defenses, Dugtrio's bulk is still quite bad, leaving it vulnerable to strong super effective and neutral hits, although priority moves aren't as big of an issue (well, unless you're facing Ash-Greninja), not to mention that its defensive typing curses it with weaknesses to common offensive types in Water, Fairy, Psychic, and Flying, limiting it to Hyper Offense builds due to the poor defensive utility Mega Dugtrio's typing carries.

Ability: Shadow Tag / Telepathy ----> Magic Guard
Typing: Psychic


HP: 190 ----> 190
Attack: 33 ----> 3 (-30)
Defense: 58 ----> 98 (+40)
Special Attack: 33 ----> 73 (+40)
Special Defense: 58 ----> 118 (+60)
Speed: 33 ----> 13 (-20)
Base Stat Total: 405 ----> 505
Movepool Additions: Recover, Will-O-Wisp, Seismic Toss
Description: Feel a mysterious psychic chill run down your spine? That's Mega Wobbuffet behind you - and just know that your attacks will do nothing to it, while it slowly breaks you mentally. Its tail has taken up its entire body, giving it huge amounts of mental strength, allowing it to take massive amounts of abuse, even to its tail, and then break its attackers down on the inside. As a result of all this, is has also gained the ability to regenerate body parts which have been cut off or have fallen off via natural causes, turning this guy into an nigh-indestructible punching bag that can also destroy foes with its sheer mental strength! Even better, the ability to not care about residual damage thanks to having Magic Guard! >:)

Ability: Shadow Tag / Frisk / Competitive ----> Shadow Tag
Typing: Psychic


HP: 70 ----> 70
Attack: 55 ----> 25 (-30)
Defense: 95 ----> 120 (+25)
Special Attack: 95 ----> 145 (+50)
Special Defense: 110 ----> 150 (+40)
Speed: 65 ----> 80 (+15)
Base Stat Total: 490 ----> 590
Movepool Additions: Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere (Focus Blast was far too unreliable for me thanks to its accuracy.)
Description: Thought Gothitelle was already quite scary as a trapper? Well, multiply that by 10 and you get this. Its psychic powers have been enhanced massively by mega evolution, in fact, so much, it can actually use the placement and movement of stars in the night sky to rain down beams of concentrated psychic energy on its opponent! Thanks to its sheer offenses, great bulk, decent coverage, and access to Calm Mind and Nasty Plot (boosting x2!), with Shadow Tag the cherry on the milkshake, look at the stars... as you will need it. As powerful as all this seems, though, Gothitelle's speed and typing are both quite subpar, cursing it with weaknesses to common pokemon in Marshadow, Mega Gengar, and Yveltal, somewhat undermining its great bulk on both sides, and giving it a bit of a sticky matchup versus most offensive teams given the fact they usually tend to run these pokemon.

Also Heavyweapons Mann, can you please update the spreadsheet of all of these custom megas? The spreadsheet should represent the winning megas for Exeggutor, Golem, and Tauros, in addition to all the other custom megas that were made in past slates.
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