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What day should we fight the Ender Dragon?

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home sweet home...
the spires are each in a 5x5 pit that goes down about 8 blocks.

for finding diamonds, it's all about covering a lot of ground. I build a series of hallways at every level of the staircase below 16. 20 out from the staircase, 16 right and left, and then 16 block hallways off of that, 2 blocks apart. one mine might yield about 5 diamonds, but provides more coal, iron, and redstone (cobblestone, too, obviously) than you'll ever want.
Nice Flounder, I'd replace the fire with water though, and have a little run off to somewhere inside your castle. That way you can stand at the top of the tower, mobs will swarm around the bottom, drown, and their items flow down into your collection! I made a couple of water traps around my sphere tower thing to collect items:



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Beta is being released on the 20th for 14.95 EUR. If you buy the Alpha for $9.95, you will get the beta + full release + all expansions free. If you get the beta, you will get the beta + full release but need to pay for expansions most likely.

So buy the Alpha now.

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dudes i just bought the game ... i have no idea what im doing haha
just going over some stuff in the wiki so i can eventually build my castle fortress and whatnot
also i punched a spider to death!
Rocket Grunt that's to be expected, though I'm glad you enjoyed your spider punching.

What I'd suggest is watching the first couple episodes of a Let's Play on Youtube. I'd suggest Seananners as its how Minecraft caught my attention, and it does do a good job of teaching and entertaining at the same time. The Wiki and the official forums will do a good job of helping you in any other aspects.

Edit: It'd be pretty cool if we could get a Smogon server going. But I'm all talk no walk, as I can't and don't have the means to put up a server.
i'd be happy to host, or at least try to. i've been running a server for a while just for myself and a couple friends and i think it's been running pretty smoothly despite my computer's shabbiness. :v
will be buying this for myself as a christmas present over the weekend, and just want to say that i fully support a smogon server and cant wait to start pickaxeing things with you dudes :)
Minecraft is an incredible game that had me hooked for weeks. I came in before all these new features though. Incredible how popular it has gotten!
I love this game as well, I heard about it several months before actually trying it, but once I did I was hooked. I even bought the Alpha, and I rarely buy (or play, for that matter) computer games.

I even have a server that I host for a few people. A word of warning for anyone that is running or wants to run their own server: Do not let your laptop's battery die/computer's power supply get disconnected while the server is up. Bad things will happen.
I have just purchased the game after watching all of seananners' videos, it looks extremely awesome! Right before the deadline too lol. Of course I'm going to be away until Christmas, but I'll be sure to start when I get back.


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I built the Eye of Sauron in my game, Dan Dan, you cold probably ass to me to build something on the smogon server.
vonFiedler, I built one of those too! I wish I could post pics for you, but that server went down before I was able to get screen shots, unfortunately. It wasn't too impressive, as I ran out of room, since I forgot to find a plot of land that started around sea level. Oh well, it was mainly practice to help me with building circles.

The only remotely okay thing I've built is this, but I don't think Minecraft pixel art takes skill, other than how fast you make it. (unless you use shadows to make more colors, that's amazing.)
the server is now open to the general public on a trial basis. if griefing becomes problematic we may have to be more selective about who gets in, but for the time being the doors are wide open. here is the ip: [removed]

if you catch anyone griefing, please notify me (CactusMaster) or dan dan (Porydan2) as soon as possible. if you can't find us in-game we're also available on irc at #smogcraft and, failing that, here on the forum by pm.
been playing survival all day, having a blast :D

i managed to get a little two story house up after a couple hours, now im trying to decide what i want to do next. any ideas?
as of about 5 minutes ago, Minecraft entered Beta testing! Updates, taken from Notch's Blog:
Notch said:
* Working server-side inventory! Finally! (And as a result of that, a whole pile of bugs and issues got fixed)
* Made SMP servers save chunks way less often in most cases. Chunks don’t resave if they got saved in the last 30 seconds
* Moving too far away from a container, or having it blow up, closes the inventory screen
* Fixed /kill
* Introduced leaf decay again. It acts differently from before
* You can now throw eggs
* On a whim, added super exclusive clan cloaks for Mojang Employees
* .. and something else, which is even more rare.
It's worth noting that if you update, you won't be able to access the SMP server until forks updates it server-side.

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yeah betaaaaaa
i heard rumors of flying pigs and dragons??
i am not sure how valid this information is however
though i did find something like two seconds ago and would like to share with you gentlemen

Make sure that obsidian doesn't drop in the lava below! Good to see you're carrying a bucket of water... I hate falling in lava deep underground with 5 diamonds.

and I don't think any new mobs have been added... yet:

Notch said:
Minor patch 1.0_01. More bugfixes tomorrow.

Client 1.0_01 is up, fixing a double chest issue and a rare crash on load level bug.
There’s a serious problem getting the client started for some people (especially Mac OSX?). I’ve also heard about weird item duplication bugs with dropped items, and a severe performance reduction.
It’s 7:40 PM here, but I will work on these bugs tomorrow.
I’m also hoping to be able to squeeze in some fun for xmas.. Perhaps a new mob?
found a bunch of natural obsidian under my house a few weeks ago, made my day. Mining "wild" obsidian is stupidly dangerous and quite time-consuming, but hopefully worth it in the end.
and thank god my stockpile of eggs finally has a use.

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