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What day should we fight the Ender Dragon?

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well, the server is up and running with the latest update. unfortunately the new version is slow and buggy and constantly disconnects some players, so we'll have to wait for the bugfix (hopefully tomorrow) before functionality is fully restored. sorry for the inconvenience! seems i picked the worst possible time to publicize the server. x _x
rocket grunt. in the nether with no weapons -______________-
come on now.
anyways i haven't really seen any changes with the beta other than when you highlight an item in your chest it tells you what the item is.

Rocket Grunt

✁ - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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bro honestly i had no idea what the hell i was going to do there
but the fishing rod can reflect back fireballs at the ghasts :C
its fun they go pssssaaaaabwahbweewww
deletion edit about lag:


lag'll be patched tomorrow apparently this is a universal problem so if it hasn't hit you (yet, maybe) feel lucky cos i envy you :(

in other news i'm in love with minecraft


Thanks for the advice. I'll test it out tonight or tomorrow depending on how lazy / unlazy i feel! thanks again

god damn all my lag went away randomly? lol i don't even know
i spent today building a sweet art deco kinda house. it's pretty huge, and each floor (3 atm) get a little wider as it goes up, so it looks pretty sweet :D ill edit some pics in soon.

ive built a little spiral mineshaft going down right into the bedrock for when i want to start looking for better materials, and im currently in the process of building a huge fucking tower which is going right into the sky, connected to my main building by a glass tube which you can see out of on all sides. i broke through the clouds a little while ago, now i just want to see how high i can get :>

after the towers finished ill start decorating the inside a bit more, and maybe start a greenhouse for growing reeds. i saw a p awesome video where a guy did that, and i want to make bookshelves and paintings and shit

goddamn i love minecraft :D
Hey there,

so. my brother plays minecraft all the time so i decided to get into it. so i have it and it lags ultra badly. i can't do anything. at all. i mean i can do it but it lags it make me want to shoot someone. i don't have a bad computer (i play other games (battlefield mostly)) i just can't figure it out. my brother said he had lag for a bit but it went away after one day. i built a shelter and camped for an entire day and night and the lag is still here.

any help is welcome! :) i'm gonna go search their forums in the meantime!
Well, a quick fix is always dropping your render distance (also known as fog) by pressing the f key. That usually fixes it for anyone who can't play it properly due to lag with their computer, but I'm gonna assume that since you have no problems with BC2, it's not your computer.

Generally, when Notch does an update, the game gets a bit glitchy and laggy (I didn't think lag would affect single player, but I wouldn't know). It's only a matter of time before he posts a proper bug fix that'll hopefully catch most of this lag.

tl;dr I get this lag too, but I play on multiplayer. So try pressing f for render distance, or just wait a little bit.


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i tried the free version, which i didn't realise was so heavily stunted and was impressed, but not blown away

since then i've stumbled upon playthroughs on yt (specifically davidr64yt's) and have fallen in love. i'm going to flounder around hopelessly for my first day and try to get the bare bones nailed down, and then i hope you minecraft vets will welcome me to build shitty little shacks on your server beside your massive fire pits and castles of doom

i took a few screenshots :)

here is my house from the outside:

the inside of the three floors:

and then the tower i just finished building:

Holy crap, Stoo! That's gorgeous! Ahhh, I can't wait till I can build things that nice (: I love the view from the back. Honestly that's one of the prettier things I've seen in Minecraft. Beautiful timing for a beautiful picture.

All I've got right now is my (currently one-week) shelter that I've been living in as I continue to learn to play the game (on peaceful xD). Hoping to get good enough to build something monumental before the end of Winter Break.


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oh wow stoo, that's beautiful

that's the sort of shit i keep thinking about whilst i struggle to maintain my shitty shack

days are trips out to stock up on lumber and sand, and nights are spent inside the spiral staircase i started inside my own home that descends into the beginnings of a mine

i actually find the game genuinely pretty terrifying, so i'm hoping i can build tunnels, walls, airbridges, anything to get me away from zombies at night
Notch updated this morning:

Notch said:
Updated Client and Server to Beta 1.1_01

1.1 contained an additional bug fix I forgot about:
* Fixed “fancy” characters not working in the game by detaching font resources from the code.
1.1 contained a bug where no text worked anywhere in the game because the newly made font.txt didn’t make it into package when building..
This has been fixed in 1.1_01, and it affects both client and server.
Groan, hang on..
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Updated Client and Server to Beta 1.1

The server update isn’t mandatory, but it’s HIGHLY recommended
* Rewrote Leaf Decay for the seventeenth time, and as a result..
* .. fixed HUGE fps drops in single player
* .. fixed players getting spammed with data and getting disconnected in SMP
* .. felt like a sexy programming god
* Fixed the item dupe bug in SMP
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Stuff seems a lot less laggy, especially on Single Player which is great news!
Now that the server isn't plagued with disconnect errors, I can show you guys something cool I found while exploring a few weeks ago on the server I host.



Alas poor Yorick!
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Well I've been having fun with this game in general. On the smogon server I have built a floating island, which one can get to by swimming up a waterfall. I'll post some pictures one it turns day and my grass starts growing.
Smogon server is awesome. Especially New Deweysburg ... whoever made that is just awesome, I loved it. Great place to spawn at haha.

Also I liked Az's humble abode xD I might join you guys after I get some more experience with the game. Seems fun based on who I saw playing (Xaqwais and someone I think!)
It seems we've had our first griefers, which is extremely disappointing but I guess to be expected. That's what we get for trying to get a few more players.
Man this game is a timesink, I spend 15 hours over the last two days on this mess. However the server my friend was hosting decided to nuke our world and we can't find a way to restore it. On the bright side I have incentive to check out the Smogon server now.

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