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What day should we fight the Ender Dragon?

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So I've been playing single player with the intent of just hanging around the Nether, so I built a portal even though I'm not prepared in terms of weapons and armor. Upon entering, I encountered:

Rest assured, it freaked me out. I probably patched something wrong, but all my netherrack looked like flowing water. As cool as it looked, I don't think I'll be keeping it.
so I'm playing the classic singleplayer mode, and I'm just trying to build myself a nice little brick house, haha.

aaah, I rarely ever spend money on video games, but with the capabilities this game has and the few videos I have spied on, I may have to splurge. the possibilities in this game are too endless for me to ignore, and the fact of the multiplayer mode makes me want to play even more, so I can show you guys what I create and perhaps add little details to your place or something, idk!!

i have a feeling i'm going to like it around here
I have a question. On my mac I tried to play the classic in-browser mode. I have the latest version of java but it barely ever connects and when it does the command that works is the destroy command. What should I do to fix this?

Bad Ass

Serious as a heart attack!!
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how hard is it to build buildings well

by that i mean....how difficult is it to plan the building and not fuck up while building
Well it depends on how much prior planning you do beforehand. If you just say something like "I want to build an underground base" things usually come out sorta sloppy (like with my old base. Floating cobblestone with torches everywhere). But if you go in with patterns and a certain type of building in mind (such as pillars, symmetrical torches, etc.) then it isn't too hard.. until a creeper gets inside. I don't think building is too hard, it's just staying on task and remembering to put smooth stone back when you find materials in the floor you were working on.
Most of the time, you wing it. If you have a general idea of what you want to build, and just go for it you begin to pick up how you want it to turn out as you go. For huge scale stuff, it's probably a good idea to get some plans drawn up in paint. I zoom in reallllllllly far and then use 1 pixel = 1 block and build a birds eye plan. For stuff like perfect circles or speheres, there are already paint "blueprints" out there that you can use as a template and go from there.

az was talking about this the other day on irc, trying to find some sort of 3D schematics program that we could relate to minecraft, but nothing really came up.

forks has gone away until the new year, but he kindly splashed out and bought a dedicated host server, on a 3 month contract. We now only have 15 slots instead of 20, but that can be changed if it proves to be an issue at the end of the 3 months. I don't think it will be an issue, but with the new lag free environment we may get more traffic.

We should have our old map back up by Monday, but until then we have a new world to play around in. There is still a minute possibility that we will have this world for a longer period of time (until forks gets back) so don't go over the top with stuff you might be stuck with for a bit.Also don't forget to join #smogcraft on synIRC!
how hard is it to build buildings well

by that i mean....how difficult is it to plan the building and not fuck up while building
With my latest project, Château de Chenonceau (warning, very big picture at the bottom in hide tags), I've whipped out a few sheets of graph paper and estimated dimensions (based on several given dimensions) in order to maximize the realism. I'm really going to enjoy having a brand-spanking-new castle in which to glorify myself with. It might be a giant waste of time in the long run, but I'm really going to love this for a while after I'm done with it. I've never put so much effort into anything really haha.

For a few houses I've built (as well as one my friend built, located in the same album on pb as that picture up there) I don't really plan them in advance. What I generally try and do is just have an idea to go off of and add things as I go. Build one room, add another if I know where I want it. Balconies, Glass floors, swimming pools, monster traps, anything I want I just build as I go. You shouldn't really fuck up as long as you keep consistent throughout. It's really the bigger projects you'll end up fucking if you don't think ahead.


Anyway, water-slide from earlier. I really got tired of that piece of shit water-slide. Like, my love for it went downhill when I discovered that the only way to safely make all the turns was for them to be 6/7 blocks wide. And I'd already built most of it to be 3/4 blocks wide. Therefore, fuck, I couldn't manage to steer through all the turns everytime and usually lost one or two, sometimes three boats. That can only lead to one plan of action: Give up, laugh, curse, take video, laugh, curse, delete world, laugh, curse. So here is a low-quality, shitty video that I managed to get for you guys in case you wanted to see me fail (:


You'll notice in the video that I did push my boat around; I was too pissed to take new videos for you guys, sorry :( Also I shouldn't have messed up at the end :( Anyway, I covered up all my cursing with Paralyzer so it's all good. And I guess it was still alright for what it was. Haven't seen any other non-linear water-slides on Youtube yet so I figure I did sort-of okay for having nothing to work off of. Mostly only saw ones that were 64ish high and went straight down to the ocean or went down into a small pool. I might mention I did make it through without breaking any boats one time, but fuck that was lucky as hell. Again, enjoy, and I look forward to maybe playing on the Smogon server but it doesn't sound fun there so I might not come !_!

Edit: Now that I've read Dans post, I remember a program that some people on YT were using to create 3D models which they built to scale to work off of. I'll go look through my history / search around for the videos and hopefully come up with the program for you guys! I hope I come through!

I seem to have a habit of finding insanely large caves. Yesterday I found a system that had a whopping two dungeons and nine diamonds to plunder. Just now I found six more in a giant series of caverns.

How do you guys avoid getting lost underground? Those last two caves, I had to dig my way out from the bottom of the world.

Edit: Oh, and I dropped by the online server. No one else was on, so I just explored what I could see on the map. I managed to kill a spider and put the string it dropped in someone's chest. If you find an extra string, Merry Christmas :3
How do you guys avoid getting lost underground? Those last two caves, I had to dig my way out from the bottom of the world.
I always put torches on the right side of walls. That way if I can't remember how to get back, I just turn around and keep the torches on my left side. If a cave is too big to light up the area completely, then I'll put torches on the floor so I don't get confused when I need to go back. Also, if an entrance to a tunnel or cave is rather small, I put a ton of torches around it to mark it.
How do you guys avoid getting lost underground? Those last two caves, I had to dig my way out from the bottom of the world.
Normally I've used compasses and hoped for the best, but next time I find a big cave system, I'm probably just gonna take redstone torches to use as markers. I don't use redstone anyway, and if you place them every time you come to a fork or large cavern it'd give you a nice indication of your way back.


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I always put torches on the right side of walls. That way if I can't remember how to get back, I just turn around and keep the torches on my left side. If a cave is too big to light up the area completely, then I'll put torches on the floor so I don't get confused when I need to go back. Also, if an entrance to a tunnel or cave is rather small, I put a ton of torches around it to mark it.
this is pretty smart, i'm going to adopt this as i too get lost underground a lot

unfortunately i seem to have the exact opposite tendency to rawbi; i am yet to find a single cave system
Notch's first minecraft related blog update of the year! And some pretty big news:

Notch's Blog said:
On Wednesday, we’ll have a strategy meeting of sorts and try to work out some vague plans and try to decide how to drive Minecraft beta development and try to define what the finished game will actually be. We won’t start work on modding or anything like that before then.
But! We (especially Jens) have added a bunch of new content to Minecraft that we want to get out asap, so there will be a content patch update next week with a whole pile of fun new toys, including a water mob and quite possibly paint if we can figure out how exactly it should work.
What could the water mob be? Friend or foe? :O My bet is on some sort of jelly fish that floats around, and stings you if you bump into it much like a cactus. They could have a similar design to ghasts as well. And the paint thing is intriguing, possible dyes so we can change the colour of the wool we get from sheep? That opens up so many more design ideas.. I can't wait !_!

and the main gate to a castle az and I have been working on!


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huuuuuuge post

i have some screens from the old smogon world (which we are still hoping to get back) that i will leave here, but be warned, these hide tags are big:

the infamous swag pad, rip

sunset over the old last stand beach


a failed project, but damn good fun planning it!

the moment we realised last stand beach had been griefed

the disaster, aftermath and clean up projects


and some shots from when dan and i were working on his castle:

this never stops being terrifying

i'm obviously dressed much more reasonably

re: rg -- must be the autumny look that got me, reminds me of oracle of ages/seasons back on the gbc

good shit!

anyway my internet connection has been temperamental so i have been playing singleplayer for the first time in a while!

i had kind of gotten jaded with my massive bridge (what's the point?) and my home was basically one big empty tower, so after my second mining shaft i decided to shake things up a bit, but in doing so i got myself killed. i realised at that point i had never actually made my spawn safe like i intended to (built my home on the other end of the island like a chumpsicle) so i set about doing that. i've got a building there now that extends underground and connects to all of my other points of interest on my home isle via a tunnel system, so i don't need to make any more desperate sprints through the night back home

unfortunately i didn't take any screens of this because i'm dumb! but what i also built in front of this house was a pier, so after stashing my shit i decided i was bored of the same few islands (and envious of people with big landmasses on their games) so i got myself a boat and hit the water

i took a compass to put my spawn behind me and sailed off into the sunset, literally, with the intention of sailing all night for distance's sake, and i didn't exactly want to shore up somewhere in the middle of the night with zombies and creepers a-go-go and nowhere to hide


as night fell i cruised into a snowy biome with a ton of icy glaciers and whatnot, and i pulled my boat close by some land to take a look at it because it was absolutely crammed full of creepers exclusively, and i also hadn't seen snow or ice in this game before!

i got a little close and my boat smashed on the ice, so there was a terrifying moment where i was skating around helplessly trying to avoid a creeper in the middle of the night atop an icy cold sea!

eventually the creeper blew a hole in the ice and it started flooding, so despite being in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night with monsters coming out of my ass i headed for land

no sooner had i chosen a cave opening to head for and light up with a few torches i took a long with me than a pair of skeletons hopped out firing arrows like crazy. i'm actually pretty sure they ended up fighting each other; i don't know if that is supposed to happen but one killed the other and then stopped firing and went back into the cave ?_?

anyway, with little choice i dug into a nearby hill, lit it up and made camp

i foresee the making of igloos and some leather armour to brave this cold and mysterious land :pirate:

more later!


Alas poor Yorick!
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Well with the old map on the new server I would like to take a moment for us to remember the temp map and the chaos it unfolded.

Later this floating island would get its water lake turned into lava, but it was fun.
kso, not sure if this was what you were looking for dan and friends but this is what i saw and remembered seeing! (which was not on yt like i thought, good my bro remembered! [what a minecraft junkie >___>])

i found it because my brother showed me this: http://picasaweb.google.com/eric.haines/MinecraftMultiplayer#5526756954569883634
(a teapot) to which i replied 'he said something about a program down here ?_?' to which he replied 'cool story bro'. thus i looked into it, finding the original blog of this guy here: http://crafthub.net/2010/10/22/convert-3d-models-to-use-in-minecraft/

which led me to the post here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=55910#p981947

and all in all gave me that program. i really haven't looked into it besides reading the tut and seeing the guys screenshots but it looks like what you want i hope! i think / am p. sure it builds blueprints for you to use. however if you were looking for something like building things with red ore dust stuff things idk :(

the guys homepage: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=55910#p981947

and finally, if i just used graph paper to draw up my own blueprints for my castle and this works better, imma cry. imma bawl my eyes out. figuratively, of course.

i'm going to probably try it tomorrow since i'm not planning on minecraft-ing tonight, so if anyone gives this a shot lemme know how it works!

shit just saw this (these) picture(s):



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Oh sweet ... a minecraft thread.
Heres something I was building a few months ago, when I was playing obsessively (old map gen, no biomes.)
It's called Django's Castle

I'll just link to the pics since they're insanely big.

Front (not the best pic...but the sun looks sweet)

Django station or mini queen st. The tracks lead to other bases. pretty neat, huh?!




Side view


Canal over a bottomless pit (/giant hole to bedrock)


Canal continues into a tunnel through a mountain leading to the open seas


Back view with my first base in the distance




Near the top of the pit


Locked basement with a hidden switch!!! (definitely not behind a painting)


bout 3/4 down the pit


Looking up from the bottom


Looking down on the canal over the pit ( glitched up and not showing water - how is this even possible.)


Furnace room or something


grandest of halls...unfinished though


Cove on the other side of the mountain and the sea


naturally occurring "airship rock" was my first base. i spent the whole first day trying to build a ladder up


And up on a mountain in the clouds somewhere, yoshimitsu's house.

wow that was alot
fuck, now i want to go and build more stuff. i finished my house + greenhouse a while back, but ive just had a pretty sweet idea and i wanna jump right back in :D

above post also made me want to go and install some texture packs. anyone got any reccommendations/places to look?

edit: found a sweet pack called the painterly pack, which stylises everything to look all pretty and rural, makes all the wood browner and the grass greener, and its all higher res. surprising how much a visual upgrade makes me want to play this game more. even this game, which kind of defies visual tradition i guess, but i kinda forget that my brain still wants to play things that look prettier, haha


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i just spent fucking ages building a pagoda which seemed like an awesome idea but after like 3 hours i realized it looks pretty shitty. mebbe take a picture when i boot it back up, kinda tired of building shit atm.

my current texture pack is Tronic, it's pretty wicked. Started a new world, found a nice bunch of diamonds, all is well. Currently building a glass mansion with rollercoaster access, I'll put a few pictures up when it nears completion.

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