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What day should we fight the Ender Dragon?

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Thanks for the input peers, design 4 it is.

(also it would be neat if you made a minecart loop to shoot from)
I was loosely considering a Saddled Pig range but that's a MUCH better idea. I'll definitely add that at some point

Been working with the backstage mechanics, since the best way to dislodge arrows without obstructing the target is with sticky pistons. Going to be a hell of a project, here's some screenshots of it all:

All of the red wool is just filler, I'll likely use cobblestone in the real build.

I'm having a slight engineering problem though, any help would be appreciated (whatever help you can offer from screenshots anyways). I'll elaborate in the hide tags.

So I got the design and right amount of repeaters in the right spots to have all pistons to extend simultaneously, but they don't all retract simultaneously; the second row of pistons lags behind.

It does retract, it's just a moment behind the rest. I've narrowed it down to a problem with the top row, because when I disconnect that then the second row goes in fine. It's clearly not a significant problem that hinders the whole contraption, but it does bug me because it's a pretty obvious flaw. It must be how I have it engineered, something with my top row connections is making it also interact with the second row.

Here's some more pictures without obstructions:

To better illustrate where I'm talking about, the top row is in White, and the second row is in Blue. I added the third row in purple for several reasons. There are sticky pistons behind each of the blocks.

I have the top row set up with just simple Redstone running across a level row of blocks.

I have the second row set up with a repeater connected to each piston. I have it this way because it also operates the third (Purple) row without having to wire a whole lot more.

I tried hooking up the top row with repeaters as well but that led to bigger problems than this. Don't know what else to try besides that. Any suggestions?

EDIT: 2 hours and 3 complete redesigns later and I got it to move completely in-sync. Gonna suck to recreate that mess on the server, but at least I've got the framework in place. Here's more relevant pictures that those above.

......... Thread is dead.

I'm afraid that all I wanted for Christmas was to play some minecraft on smogon. 2 weeks of glorious freedom. and 1 week is already gone with no play. We need a saviour.
We'll fix the server when we can guys. I know it sucks that we lost a lot of time for people's Winter Break, but that's how it is. I'm sure it's not easy for Ben to just drop anything that was going on for him this Christmas and mess around with an unresponsive server.

We'll get it up when we can! In the meantime maybe drop by IRC and we can organize more and more Smogcraft runs in hardcore survival servers? Could be really fun!
Personally I still don't see the allure of perma death, but meh...guess I'll just design more in creative for stuff to build on live.
Well, since I don't have much to do in my spare time, I guess I'll just go onto creative mode and set fire to everything with a bucket of lava. So far, I've covered 4 hills with lava. And one of the mountains was hollowed out with tnt! Now I'm tired.....
Maybe this was discussed on IRC, but has anybody tried Minicraft yet? Notch made it during the recent Ludum Dare competition, basically it's a game similar to Minecraft but with a top-down Zelda-esque perspective. I'm not finding it all that appealing atm, especially in comparison to the full Minecraft, but figured we could at least talk about something in the server downtime.

I've done very little atm, but it takes some effort to really get anywhere at the beginning. I've only managed to get some stone tools built so I can chop trees quicker, fight off monsters (because there's no night/day cycle, monsters are always present), and mine rock, which housed a dungeon. I couldn't explore the dungeon because it was dark though, probably have to construct a lantern first.

EDIT: And I lost. Didn't realize swimming used energy and your health drops when you run out. Couldn't get to land in time :(
Meh...it's kinda...eh. Didn't care for it, would've been better if they used E and R instead of X and C, much more accessible with using WASD for movement.
Is it healthy to run both 32 and 64 I get little to no lag now of far on a huge-ass server.
The game won't use both; if you have both it should default to 64-bit (assuming you have a 64-bit OS). It shouldn't affect server lag either, "lag" being things like skipping steps or blocks regenerating a second after you destroy them.

It certainly does help with rendering blocks though, so you can set your distance to far and fancy. My performance shot up considerably after downloading Java 64-bit.
I saw rocket grunt's awesome art and decided to try to do my own.

I'm still working on it, but I think it looks decent.

EDIT: More progress

MORE EDIT: I think it looks good now, please post suggestions to make it look better.

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