New Name and Profile Change Requests (Yet Again) [READ THE OP]

yo I would like to change my name to just "Ele", and the reason behind it is really simple: I have been using this name for almost 15 years now (even for some real life instances) and the whole "dnb" part is basically a gerne-based add-on and has nothing to do with the name itself (not quite sure if this counts as "distracting text" or not tho)


this is taken:

Screenshot 2023-03-31 173442.png

yh gg then
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Requesting a name change to Noelle.

Reason: Everyone who knows me refers to me by my real name, not NotlPrimRose. I recently came out as trans and changed my name to Noelle. NotlPrimRose is also associated with a period in my life that i don't really enjoy looking back on, so a name change would be much appreciated :D

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Requesting name change to MCX

Till this date nobody calls me me 'Mini Charizard X' and rather everyone calls me mini(rarely) or mcx(usually). It would be convenient and I don't really know what was I thinking while keeping my current name back in 2021.

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frickEDmt --> Lime

I do not fulfill either of the requirements but having this name leads to a lot of inconvenience. Everyone knows me by the name Lime and having this weird ass name makes it hard. I am also going to play in BLT so it will be more problem. I hope a exception can be made.

Thank You!

nope sorry
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formerly RubMeWong
RubMeWong --> RankleFrank
I just hit the 3-year mark and want to match my Showdown and Discord Name.

Thank you in advance!

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F1shingRod --> pp

I have not used the showdown acc F1shingRod for many years now, and everyone who has met me through showdown or discord knows me as pp, and I'd like my name to be consistent here too. I don't believe the name pp is taken, but if I some how failed to find the user with this name, pp's splash town is an acceptable 2nd choice.

done, going with 2nd choice for name value reasons--mari
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Hi for some reason, my birthdate says October 28, 2006 instead of October 28, 2009. Can someone fix this please?

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Requesting name change to Cyber. If not available Cyberaccount (cyberacc) also works and is my Pokemon Showdown handle. If THAT isn't available, Cyberquark also works.


To be perfectly blunt the account name is probably not even allowed by Smogon current standards and most people would just be confused if I kept using this account over the handle more people recognize me with. Plus the whole user history almost reflects as a dinosaur fossil of the community the site used to foster back in the day which while funny is probably not appreciated if I am to post more serious messages and threads for the future.

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As a member of PS! Staff, I was wondering if I can get my username shortened from kennukem ---> kenn. The account has 0 messages and hasn't been on in over 10 years so I hope this is okay.

we already have a badged user named ken, are you sure about this?

EDIT: Yes I am!
I am very sure about this! Thanks in advance! :D

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Requesting namechange to Chromate, it’s my name on showdown now because UT bullied me I just think it’s a less basic name and a couple people have been using chromate as my nickname for a while now
Sidenote: I was wondering if it’s possible to transfer ladder records on PS over from my old name?

did, it's possible yea, feel free to pm me the ps names in question -lily
Requesting profile unlock

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Requesting a name change to Nyx

The accounts been inactive since 2011 and I believe I hit the requirements to claim it. Am getting frustrated by people confusing me with autumn and I’ve been going by the name in the Draft Discord for ~2 months now. Have a couple other reasons for wanting a name change but I’d rather not disclose those publicly, am willing to DM if it’s needed. Thanks in advance!

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this would technically count as a second name change (the first one was a one letter change) but is it possible to shorten my username to Clas? I have owned the account on PS! for a while now and wholly intend to swap if/when my Smogon username changes for purely consistency reasons (fwiw i am active on that account, as shown by the disgusting number of vgc reg c games the past 2-3w, even with my week's absence + room activity), but have used this over Clastia for at least 6 months on Discord, if not longer. also the full spelling is kinda cringe still ngl but not as bad as clasmia lmao. I am aware that this would be my last name change ever and am completely comfortable with this.

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Hey, i would like to change my username to Zoyotte

The reason is that it's my username everywhere but i used Bhalal here and on PS! cuz i forgor what was the password of the Zoyotte PS! Account, (also i'm the owner of the account Zoyotte, i created when i started to use smogon but i forgor that i didnt has the username Zoyotte in PS! so i took Bhalal instead of and never touched the PS! account Zoyotte after that)

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requesting to namechange to "Hacker". the reason is that im looking to be consistent in my identity in the communities i take part in as well as some people i know from this website choose to call me hacker. also being called DOOR MONEY is kinda weird. for whats its worth i also own the "Hacker" account on PS. i also acknowledge that if i get the account i will not be able to namechange again

the "Hacker" smogon account exists but has not been logged into since 2011 and it has no visible posts

my original name change post:

requesting unlock

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Hi, could I change names from IGottaStick -> CHOPSTlCKS

spelt with capital CHOPSTCKS and a lower case L

I haven’t used this name in 5+ years and stopped using it due to targeted harassment from a few individuals in another community (although I doubt those people will track me down on smogon on after all this time, using it still brings back uncomfortable memories.)

If you’re wondering why I’m requesting this, I recently got back into Pokémon and started playing a lot of NU and wanted to join the NU discord and to do so, I need to verify an account on Smogon

happy to change you to another variant of chopsticks but i cannot give you a name that requires a case converting tool to read properly sorry
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hi, I'd like to change my username to 691.
I've used this name for over 5 years in smogon(longer in showdown) but this username was selected casually.
now I wanna to change it to a more neat one, as 691 has the same pronunciation as my name in real life.
I will appreciate it

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Hello, I have a question:
in the rules it says
- removal of numbers or other distracting text (e.g. tennisace0227 -> tennisace) will not count as a name change

So if I want to have my numbers removed, do I have to ask here for it or how should I do it ?
Thanks for the answer.

just means that it won't go on record as the one change you're allowed, done--mari
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